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David Damore @Admore Detroit, MI, USA

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This is going to take a while. http://t.co/KLbPbPXGz9What is your busyness capacity? Maxed out? How productive is that busyness?Just heard a real life Pinterest purchase story. Saw it on Pinterest, followed the link, real product shipped to home.
My silly hotel hack: Creamer container turned into iPhone charger cable holder. #GeekontheGo http://t.co/dTOMwO5WoH
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Just saw a dude rocking an old school Walkman cassette player on his belt.
@BenedictEvans A cash register in every pocket.
Great looking moon low in the eastern sky right now.@JimGaffigan Just keep saying “Good morning” . *Maybe someone will get you something to eat. Saw your video yesterday. ;)First time I’ve seen this. http://t.co/Hsatd98UKa
The Activity feed in TweetDeck seems very interesting. http://t.co/WoBSDw876jFinally got the Mac App Store version of Tweet Deck to work. This looks interesting.
“Dash Button responds only to your first press until your order is delivered.”
@thenerdyteacher Could see you and @mrmccarroll having group events together. *Diffusion of ideas.@thenerdyteacher Very interesting. Are you and GPN sharing tips, tricks and insights for better 3D printing? #GPSplusGPN *Two schools combo.
Very interesting Monday Note this week. #AirBnB
Wikipedia: Pony Express https://t.co/ccSAncm73S“During its 18 months of operation, it reduced the time for messages to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to about 10 days.”
Just read in the Wall Street Journal that Michael Graves has passed. 1934-2015. *D5 of today’s edition. http://t.co/Z6f61vYwp2
“You are #1 in the queue. Your estimated wait time is about a minute. Prefer not to wait? Click here to leave us a message.”Wikipedia: “Arthur Constantin Krebs” https://t.co/GkPj0Jr7RQ“In 1906 Krebs traveled to the United States of America to plead in the Selden Case, associated with Henry Ford.”“In 1902 Krebs invented the automatic diaphragm carburettor which gave cars continuous power during acceleration …”“He transformed the Panhard et Levassor Company into one of the largest and most profitable automobile manufacturers before World War I.”@msquinn 29 episodes appear in my recommended episode feed. *Based on Twitter people who use Overcast too. http://t.co/R8iCp4J9yy@msquinn Have you tried the Overcast podcast app? There are recommended episodes in there. *Might match what you are looking for.
It’s a time-share, but for transportation. *An idea …Scripting: “What is lock-out?” http://t.co/ZRmxnq1oZS *Interesting read@asymco Might this be luxury? *High Status Brand (HSB) http://t.co/LDjYYyS4GG
Rethinking leads to new opportunities.
CES C = Customers E = Employees S = SocietyWho are the High Quality iOS app developers? #HQDevelopers *Not looking for app titles. Developer or company name please. Thank you.“You share that with the developer and with others. It’s the nonpayment part of the customers job in this relationship.”On apps. http://t.co/c5GvGBHeVURT: @robbnotes: From Dead-End Job to Uber Billionaire: Meet Ryan Graves http://t.co/8Vegwchvn5“… he spent evenings and weekends pretending to work at Foursquare, and signed up 30 customers.”
“The Mille Mitten is an invite-only, 1,000+ mile road rally that laps the state of Michigan in three days.” *Interesting
@MikeDriehorst May I suggest a brisk walk for self-energization?@marcoarment Well, if you were lacking a topic for ATP this week, you just found one.@OvercastFM Affirmative. Update found. @marcoarment http://t.co/V1fjWYVrSH
“Be the sponge, not the rock” http://t.co/zin30Gs6SZ by @Jason *An open mind can tease out and create opportunity.
@marcoarment Just took a look. Overcast “Smart Speed” has saved me 41 hours beyond speed adjustments. Blown away, that it is so much.
@DavePeckens Interesting read. Thanks for sharing Dave.
Terms of Service = 16,000+ words. At 300 words per minute that’s 50+ minutes to read.“Tech isn't going to fix your problem, communication is.” Seth Godin http://t.co/xM59zg2Ghu@EconTalker Cool. Thanks for the response.If a podcast has voting for the best episodes from the past year, should there be a way to download and listen to those in a bundle?@EconTalker Did voting for favorite episodes from last year conclude? If yes, where can I see the results?@BenedictEvans @bgurley Perhaps a missed opportunity opens time and resources for a greater opportunity? Is there some mutual exclusivity?
@msuster Who-ah! Sweet slow-mo in that video.“How to bring vision back to your sophomore startup” http://t.co/l2vTRFWVIS“If you present your business as small, you can’t expect the people who want to go big to join you on your adventure.” @jason@Jason Uh oh! → “The founder in this case stopped trying to think big because he was so obsessed with making his initial vision work.”@Jason Whooooo-ah!@JimGaffigan It looks like you are hoarding those fries. Perhaps @jeanniegaffigan would enjoy a few? ;)@Jason Are those speakers being recorded for folks not able to be at the conference? *Can I pay to see/hear “Pick 3 for $5”?@DanielleMorrill What was the trajectory path of firms with that scenario in the past? What percent go on to success? how many crash & burn?
@mruffi You get another in March.
@lizgannes Been enjoying the first few parts so far. Looking forward to the ones I haven’t read yet.
Your cascading problems are there to help you grow empathy for those less fortunate than you.
@NickTimiraos Is there a way to see that map over time? Perhaps with a slider control?@DanielleMorrill Context. That’s the word that stood out. *how to really understand customers & their (unmet) needs… http://t.co/TzXbGaxrbt
@automatic Was looking at my dashboard earlier. Is paying X$ more for a closer place to live worth it? Think Automatic make the math easier.What if the @wirecutter had stores? Radio Shack sized stores with the best of the best? *Dreaming of easier shopping.How valuable is proximity to opportunity? What is the cost of the commute? Maybe @automatic can help in the analysis.@rycaut I’ll try it soon. Thanks for sharing. @StarbucksWould you mind holding that tweet for a second. You folks are positing so much great stuff. Hard to keep up. ;)@rycaut So, you recommend that drink in that size? If so, I promise to try it. @Starbucks@davewiner Is it possible that your thoughts, ideas and inspiration has created/generated a billion $, for other people? *Real impact IMHO.As people meet more people from other places and cultures, will that REALLY bring us together for improve understanding?Thinking it will become more common to do short trips to places you want to explore. *So many cool people and places to visit.Are you using AirBnB rentals as a way to visit more places for just a taste?@alexbeaton The real message behind my reply was that your picture post drove traffic to their WEBSITE. *Thanks for sharing @elatlboy@rycaut When you say short, do you mean cup size or something else? Might try this drink on your recommendation. @Starbucks@alexbeaton Just visited the Houndstooth Coffee website http://t.co/jNVyfBejcW *Appears they are not active on Twitter anymore. @elatlboy@vforrestal Caring and attention to detail seem to be weak traits in more people than in the past. *That’s how I see things.@SaraMurray Saw that in the paper earlier today. Wonder if they saw that themselves in the WSJ or if staffers brought it to their attention.Apple market research was conducted about 90 days since purchase.Apple market research contained nearly 50 screens of questions. *Didn’t know Apple did market research like this.@DanielleMorrill “PopMaker: a PopClip extension generator” http://t.co/HL1IvlgaL3 *Used it to create a custom search on CrunchBase@DanielleMorrill Take a look at the PopClip app. It’s must have for a Mac.
“Stop Feeling Guilty for Charging for Your Time” by @noahkagan (Email Newsletter) *AWESOME read. *Folks, look for it yourself.@DanielleMorrill TextExpander and 1Password.
“Engines Exposed” January 10 - March 15, 2015 http://t.co/0egzDYgNPR *Need to plan a visit to The Henry Ford STAT!@marcoarment Would it be possible for #Overcast to automatically create a Day One entry when an episode is completed? *Yes, I’d pay $5 more.
“After filling out this form, you will receive an email from Google containing your License Key for Google Earth Pro.”Google Earth Pro now free? http://t.co/X7NbPEox6r
Retweeted by David Damore“Google Earth Pro includes access to demographics, parcel data and daily traffic counts for the United States.” *Interesting.
@monkbent Listening to your conversation with John @Gruber right now. 3:49:52 AM@gruber Google search for ‘gruber’ *FYI: it appears I was logged in. *Listening to the show now. → 3:41:33 AM http://t.co/NK3orgXcYI
@JimGaffigan How do I get these people to come to a roadside tent where I dispense advice for $? Call it Whole Foods Advice for the Mind? ;)What preferences do you have that hold you back from making changes because you cannot imagine doing "it" any other way?“Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age.“ *circa 2000. What I've Learned: Andy Grove“As a middle manager, of any sort, you are in effect a chief executive of an organization yourself.” #HOM83
@Jason Just started to follow @armandobiondi after seeing a comment from him in the “@launchticker's Top 20 Stories Of The Week '15, No. 4”Smile: “Yosemite, TextExpander Helper, and Accessibility Permission” http://t.co/Gu7zChUYlMStratechery: “The End of Trickle-Down Technology” http://t.co/tdAzeMUlvp *Interesting read from a few days ago.
@cwood The DTS could only be unlocked in the summer after school is finally out of session. *Maybe I am rambling here. Cheers.@cwood Maybe there could be a special countdown for kids in Summer, 'Days 'till School [DTS]. Make the most of your summer.'@cwood Seriously, there should be millions of school kids with a countdown to midterms, finals and the end of the school year.@cwood A tweet like that might just get my mom on Numerous! *Not sure why more people don't see how awesome it is.
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