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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@undeux @EightyTwoLA SWEET.
@Eriisuchan She didn't take it today because she needs it with a meal and wasn't allowed to eat this morning. Tomorrow she'll get it.But I also have her all of your hugs and kisses, so I think that helped too. 😉I think Riley was just super freaked out because of the anesthesia and moving around a lot on the way home. She's calm and sleeping now. :-)Riley had to get an infected root from a broken molar surgically removed today. Poor old girl is not a happy pup today. :-(@arch_upj Hells yes!Dear dude who parked next to me- Seriously. You had one job. http://t.co/NHpVHMHnkB@zoecello Wow. That's a whole new level of horrible right there.LA! Tonight I host a comedy punslam with judges @AnneWheaton, @tonythaxton, & @JennaBusch! ACTUAL HUMAN MONEY PRIZE! http://t.co/EEmUj23ZQf
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@DrewCurtis I would have preferred to tweet about it in my own words. I didn't know it didn't give that option. S'all good!HAHAHAHAHA! “@ossiangrr: @AnneWheaton They should call that stuff "Downey Jr" because it's like an iron, man.”(I blame the Downy fumes)HA! Know I CARE. Obviously, I don't even care enough to properly tweet about it.Spraying my shirt with Downy wrinkle release spray while wearing the shirt because I want people to know but HAHA no, not really.@TheDecoySnpr HA!!<---#oldladytweetI got tickets to see Neil Diamond and now that company sends me emails of "you may also like this" to see Paul Anka and Barry Manilow. HA!Whoa. Sorry about the "you should donate" automated tweet that went out after my donation. I'm not the boss of you. Carry on.Just made a donation to Drew Curtis for Governor and you should too. We need more Citizen Candidates! https://t.co/WQNAbQgcFzZombie Peeps attack the Easter Bunny. https://t.co/9d1ZCOQ2E6
Sometimes I sit through infomercials and I'm all "FUCK YEAH I WANT SOLAR PANELS" and then my dogs judge my yelling with disapproving looks.@jlbconfusedman EEEEE!!WHAT. “@Quoylette: @AnneWheaton @bonniegrrl Have Y'all seen this from @BabyAnimalPics ? http://t.co/lVz9RjDEvd@PallasLove It's this! http://t.co/V58oFuykQkMade a tasty dinner & I'm having a yummy glass of wine to go w/ it. Only one glass though. I don't want to overdo it. http://t.co/PdrhpuuYbpEEEEEEE!! “@MeetAnimals: A group of bunnies is called a fluffle. http://t.co/GzO5nb7kz7@KenPlume SWEET. I can't wait to go!!@seattlegeekly @bonniegrrl If that's upstairs at Ground Kontrol in Portland, that was me!@Glorious_Dawn Ain't that the truth. ;-)I am the biggest sucker when it comes to this face. Yes, I caved and gave him a piece of the banana I… https://t.co/Pkz0OViC3E@akafrancie Beautiful. :-)@neiltyson It's all the [sunglasses] dead lifting they do at the gym. #YEEEAAAHH@Infinitenix @wilw EEEEE!!
@kmcgivney Mmm......@nickoho Yummy! Thanks!@ItsAFez66 Let me know if it works out for you!@ItsAFez66 I ordered from http://t.co/XxMjdRw3a9. They have window boxes and all kinds of different size planters!@GordLacey Of course!@ItsAFez66 I ordered tall, cedar garden boxes for our patio. Keeps the dogs out of the plants and doesn't take up much room!@bookoisseur I love growing cherry tomatoes & basil & plucking one of each off the plants, all warm from the sun & eating them together.Oh, and Cuban mint because HELLO, mojitos in summer, baby!!Heirloom tomatoes, romaine, spinach, Serrano and jalapeño peppers, basil, cilantro and a bunch of strawberries. EAT ALL THE THINGS!Travel and stifling heat prevented me from starting sooner (and from seeds) but I planted a small garden today! OH BOY!!@MelanieABennett We are out of control!!I'm considering eating a yogurt that expired 2 days ago. The secret is out. I'm a girl who likes the adrenaline rush of living on the edge.@dicarl1974 And ALL the sweaty feet. GROSS.Just spotted a 17 year old girl wearing the 80s Jelly shoes and the 90's mom jeans I used to wear and realized OMG VINTAGE CLOTHES TO TEENS.@tadrow I have fallen asleep during an MRI before because that sound, as loud as it is, is like rhythmic white noise.@BadAstronomer DOH.I wonder if they'll let me bring my phone in for my MRI so I can tweet the experience. #TweetsFromTheTube@AllyB298 They totally know. ;-)Sunday morning lineup. http://t.co/gfif6kfNHv@W9steve I know. What am I supposed to say? "Thanks, that's awesome!" Um...no.People be fucked up, yo.Before you tell a complete stranger about the disturbing, graphic sex dream you have about them, just know that's how you get blocked.@DOCSideways @bonniegrrl HA!!
I met a customer @emeraldcitycon (in a rad costume ) who says @wilw & @AnneWheaton have died of dysentery. #fyi http://t.co/VK8P8fOO1k
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@Kev_not_Kev @wilw HAHAHA!!@KenPlume @WaltDisneyWorld HOLY CRAP!! I love Trader Sam's at Disneyland. I cannot WAIT to check out the one at Disneyworld!@BadAstronomer What an asshole.@KenPlume I love that place!@leebennett Something like that. ;-)I avoided traveling on the wing of plane when I found ear bud headphones in my purse. LISTEN TO ALL THE MUSIC AND NONE OF THE GUM CHEWING.BURBANK I AM IN YOU! *oontz oontz oontz*Now she's moved on to popping her gum multiple times per chew. I FORGOT MY EARPLUGS. If you need me, I'll be on the wing.*this close*I am so tempted to mom this woman next to me on the plane w/ a Kleenex in my hand, demanding she spit her gum into it to stop the smacking.🎶Spider-Bunny, Spider-Bunny. Does whatever a Spider-Bunny does.🎶 http://t.co/RoGlUhKWy0@applextree It's crazy how fast she's growing.@JDMcIntyre I hear ya. I can't even handle how cute she is!Time for me to go home. I'm going to miss Lucy's puppy breath! http://t.co/whW3ZdDYUF@TimProbable I love that!@CinemaLowdown @emeraldcitycon SWEET.
@MsPaulineMac She is snoring so loud and keeps tucking herself under my chin. She's the best. :-)I love that Lucy remembers me when I visit. She loves her family but my time with her feels special… https://t.co/YhD4evQG0hLove is in the air on the @geekandsundry twitch stream @wilw @annewheaton 💕❤️ #fluxx #Gathhttp://t.co/gXJzPgmQP9 http://t.co/naAD2Vx1q7
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@wee_angus HA! Woops.@JazzyWendyB So much puppy breath. It's the BEST. :-)@deanspenguin YAY!!@joshuamneff IT'S CRAZY!I am SO EXCITED to be part of PUNDAMONIUM this Tuesday in Los Angeles! Hope to see you there!! http://t.co/jFdjM2xFSULove this little girl. So glad I get to visit her and watch her grow up. https://t.co/zKqtphR7l1@Theremina EEEEE!!!@hollyamos22 HAHAHAHAHA!@Theremina SO MUCH BUTTS. (_l_)@peppermintesse WORD.@hollyamos22 It's the little things that I find so amusing. ;-)I am so gross.NO MYSTERY, BABY. Here's a breathing while putting my phone in my mouth to take a picture of my CARROT ORANGE molar. http://t.co/6YagFSPE1u@SlackerSteve I'll try that. Thanks!@KellyDaBunny Don't eat carrots!!That crown is like, Circus Peanut orange. Thank jeebs it's in the back. #girlytweetI had a temporary crown put on a molar this week and I just ate carrots that turned it COMPLETELY ORANGE OH GOD THE HORROR.@AshleyEsqueda She is so damn cute, I can't even stand it."Happy Friday! Time to celebrate! And YOU get a cigar bone and YOU get a cigar bone and YOU" http://t.co/0krbaorPGP
@tara The best things in life are free. :-)A reality show for people who make trousers called "So You Think You Can Pants."@LunaWheaton @wilw I just like that someone decided this needed to be translated. FAVORITE. http://t.co/S4Me5qTtJHYAY!!! “@DerrtyGopher: . @AnneWheaton @wilw remember this? Well we are getting married tomorrow! Thanks guys!! http://t.co/MQfFOg3daq@mikeyface @RobThomas I don't know how I missed it but I've never seen Veronica Mars. Guess I should fix that.
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