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Mom, Grandmom, Canadian, Entrepreneur, Honourary Captain Royal Canadian Navy, Dragon. Living my life like its the only one I have.

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@marayna aww and wow. All at once!@ArleneDickinson PLEASE HELP SAVE THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BR. 255 (Riverside)!! please share! http://t.co/UGbfKeoHNQ
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@Ciocia yes meant public broadcaster models can work not PBS specifically. Sorry wasn't clear.I love the #CBC. But IMHO its not b/c of govt that it's having to cut/change. PBS models can work. CBC local/ntl news matters to us all.Never ever be envious of someone else's success. It unfairly minimalizes their efforts and it fairly marginalizes you.Reading abt the #Germanwings crash. Horrific that someone would do that intentionally. Prayers to all who lost innocent family and friends.Check out @periscopeco. Cool new app that lets you follow live broadcasts from people around the world. Loving it.@strombo @ArleneDickinson @cameron_tiff @NicholasMe @IamDeepaMehta welcome to Periscope it's now live to public - you can tweet your stream
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Please take 1 second to RT this picture of missing Amina Lawal (19). Contact @TorontoPolice with tips. #HelpFindAmina http://t.co/ki9AHWwc9n
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonA reminder to look up more often from our phones and see the beauty that surrounds us. http://t.co/DRDIsDSMAk"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThe better world we want is waiting for us. Right now. @Malala #educationforall http://t.co/V4JytwbWxV
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonMT @CBCAlerts: StatsCan says 8% of Cdn households cldnt afford necessary quantity, quality food. #Nunavut's rate 36.7% was highest.” #failCan Taking the Road Less Travelled Make a Difference? http://t.co/DpD3TQciznBest wishes to @Vijs_restaurant as he leaves @cbcdragon to expand his food empire. (Do I still have to wait in line??!!) Xo.Best of luck to Joe Mimram, @MicheleRomanow, @manjitminhas the newest Dragons on @cbcdragon. Looking forward to watching all of you.“Every day is a blank page.” How Canadian businesswoman @ArleneDickinson’s hopeful philosophy took her to the top: http://t.co/JFHAYkx6fK
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The best social sharing site ever? @periscopeco Instagram, Snapchat and DM rolled into one. Watch for it.Trying out beta version of @periscopeco Love this!If charities were truly part of biz models instead of biz donating to charities everyone would win. #future #sustainable #triplebottomlineNature http://t.co/I04AuGTkDNHow #entrepreneurs can use Google Analytics for their #smallbiz http://t.co/1Vcd7Zjasz“You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” Les Brown
Evening at the lake. http://t.co/VyDe7ArT8JExactly. 😄 http://t.co/zXI3wkkamI
If you do the very best you can then what any one else thinks of your effort is irrelevant.#WorldWaterDay Keep it clean would ya. http://t.co/vu1Xd2SjDUIKEA named their rainbow pillow case Putin I love them so much http://t.co/7k3lAUGbpi
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@kirstinestewart @periscopeco Very cool. I want to try this.
Canadian made #Seagull #guitar. #Sweet http://t.co/mHZz4jIEWcGorgeous Gibson Guitars. The sound of music. http://t.co/8nKOQwQ6MZ
MT "@kirstinestewart: @TwitterCanada has a very cool job opening-Head of Communications" Must be able to write 140 character media releasesIt's Friday. It's the first day of Spring. @WilliamShatner tweeted me back. This day goes in the "life is good" column.@WilliamShatner thanks. If I can help donate an item from a Canadian Dragon Pls let me know.@WilliamShatner. Where is the auction? Is there a link? Thanks from a big Canadian fan of yours.On @WardandAl... entrepreneur, best-selling author and @cbcdragon television personality @ArleneDickinson is on the phone right now! Ch.167!
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHappy Spring everyone! 😊🌱🌼💃 http://t.co/HMtwBRoc4t
Hi-rise mirror. http://t.co/w2PiPaAfh1“@ThislsAmazing: 60s Fashion http://t.co/B0gf2kXz6X” ❤️Would wear them all todayMalcolm Gladwell on entrepreneurs' surprising source of courage @grahamwinfrey http://t.co/UP6UB9QtfH http://t.co/baAWEPtONY
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonCongrats to my partners @OMGscandy on their launch in @SamsClub!! Selling across USA! #dragonsdenpartners #success http://t.co/sPxCWpxvET.@ArleneDickinson 5-year-old ‘bubble boy’ asks people to wear yellow for him for one day - March 27th https://t.co/Y3YZUuxMLs
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@nofreefood I am not involved with them but thanks for the heads up.@nofreefood nope I am not.@JustPea hope you enjoy it!' It's great with a meal!Looking for cool gadgets for the office? Here's my Office Space A-List via @YouInc http://t.co/6DqVe45Jg4
.@ArleneDickinson's priceless reaction after @Vijs_restaurant makes on offer on Date-Mate. #cbcdragonsden http://t.co/NUg6Udp32O
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@aniabasak love to. Please call me at my office with deets“@jbristowBGM: @kirstinestewart @ArleneDickinson Thank you!" Proud of you Julie!Really wanted this one! Sorry @JTreliving & @wealthy_barber! @MenopodCool #cbcdragonsdenClever solution for an age old problem, brilliant idea. @MenopodCool #cbcdragonsdenIf I’m setting up a hotel for fruit flies to check into, I’d rather they not check out. #cbcdragonsdenThe packaging is the 1st thing that could use an overhaul. We do tend to judge books by their covers. @papachocolatmmm #cbcdragonsdenIf you live in Calgary and you love chocolate, you have to know who @papachocolatmmm is. #cbcdragonsdenCould be something in the app idea, a little astrology tool to play around with while commuting maybe? #cbcdragonsdenAnyone out there find a partner based on your signs? Are you compatible? #cbcdragonsdenCan’t help but wonder if the stars have already decided whether or not there’s a deal here. #cbcdragonsdenI think his intentions are in the right place – but if wants the book to sell, he needs proof it works. #cbcdragonsdenCharming father-daughter duo. They decided to keep it in the family after all, and they’ve done great with it. @quikpod #cbcdragonsden4 really different offers on the table for @thesportscreen. Who would you partner with? #cbcdragonsdenI really like how they’re marketing this. Show up in a truck and start playing – very Canadian. @thesportscreen #cbcdragonsdenIt’s #cbcdragonsden time! Hope you’re watching with us tonight!WATCH: The Dragons are quizzed about host @DianneBuckner and the @wealthy_barber gets snubbed! http://t.co/U9TsTVoJYP #cbcdragonsden
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonWe're proud to show off a few new summer images shot by @rothandramberg for @TourismCalgary. http://t.co/hsUC2t3Pev http://t.co/cPyZmasvZm
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHow to keep your relationships authentic in the world of #socialmedia http://t.co/SNiEue5b84. Via @YouIncThe last few weeks have literally flown by. Working on a fantastic project. Love the high of bringing an idea to life. #staytuned"For myself I am an optimist it does not seem to be much use being anything else." -- Winston Churchill. @GreatestQuotesDear Starbucks. By calling the youth you want to hire "disenfranchised and disconnected" you "disenfranchised and disconnected" from them.Big Congrats to Joe Mimran - the new Dragon on @cbcdragon. Good luck in the chair - hope to see you in the middle one :)Here's the link to This Hour Has 22 Minutes :). Thx for giving me a good laugh at myself! http://t.co/1ZKFDXH8ws http://t.co/zntbtysAIo
Never ever thought I'd see Cathy Jones spoofing me on one of my fav shows @22_Minutes!! Too funny Cathy-and hair is getting more red btw :)@themusefind just have them direct to my voice mail tomorrow.@themusefind @harleyf AND he's incredibly smart. Feel free to call my yyc office abt accelerators.See me waving in the reflection? #calgary #downtown #madeyoulook #32floorview http://t.co/EQ3CE7cNrFSinead O'Connor to stop singing Nothing Compares 2 U in live performances Here's a vid of her soulful version ❤️ http://t.co/fMJyW6kjoN v11 Words to Avoid Using on #SocialMedia and What to Say Instead. http://t.co/sks2RJAUCh. Via @YouIncIf a poor, unknown man posted nude pics of his wife on social media sites it would get a whole diff reaction. #smh #irefusetohashtaghisname
Farewell Winter. 'Til we meet again. http://t.co/eUBUmNj4oo@EstherThePig and just who could blame a girl for that!? #piedoover #onemoreslice@RollingInIt yeah maybe it was just this Monday for me :)Do you ever wish you could have a Monday to do all over again? Me either.Do you have what it takes to make it big? These are the top traits of famous #entrepreneurs http://t.co/qIuqqGr3Pj http://t.co/Uwl9LKHv29MT @sampjacobs:1/85 people can correctly draw Apple logo from memory http://t.co/dVromT1E0t What really matters is that 85 of them know it@Startup_Canada most welcome. Its a fantastic site for start-ups in Canada. @YouInc focuses on early stage.Together we are even better :))A Networking Paradigm Shift: Focus on Giving, not Taking. http://t.co/OfXbbcKu5V Via @YouIncStarted to use Pinterest to track pics. I'm abt 100 yrs behind catching on to it. User name adickinson0200. So also 200 adickinsons behind.
@JonGauthier @jessicaalba @Honest yes. And love what this company and their philosophy is all about.“@AnnTran_: Cool! Long exposure shot of an airplane taking off http://t.co/hyZxg7uDgM via @WorldAndScience @lcepparo” Very cool!Love the fact there is a great company called The Honest Company. Kinda also hate the fact an honest company is seen as brave and unique.@cfattyp @WBrettWilson try Brett ;) Go to @Startup_Canada's site. Tons of advice there for how to get an idea off the ground & good luck.If you're an entrepreneur looking for a community of support, stories and lessons pls participate on my social site http://t.co/EvmtAFuGNDSunday Sundae. http://t.co/5LEzwSklq7“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson
Weekend breakfast feast with friends. #fresh http://t.co/7SIKOlu2Vs“@ImKatrinaWu: Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein! #PiDay2015 #MATH #physics #YouAreTheFuture http://t.co/q0a7khBluQ” A Special #PiDay2015Top content for #entrepreneurs from around the web; http://t.co/u4IoJflzCu Join my social site http://t.co/EvmtAFuGND for free today!“@Inc: How You Can Benefit from Jeff Bezos' Sleeping Habits @jboitnott http://t.co/BpVP0EpLzr” Ironic-reading this at 5am #insomnia
Spring thaw. http://t.co/b63OR4x7fmSpring thaw. Sunset. https://t.co/DKa9pNOM5MTake a look at what happened to sales when #TheDress & #Cronut went viral http://t.co/2wwwiii7qA Via my social site http://t.co/W8CmTl4hkb
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