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Covering Congress has, admittedly, ruined my sense of humor. But this @jonathanweisman lede made me laugh out loud. http://t.co/EyU1nFOa1uAnother day on the Hill, another MENSA test…@reidepstein @arappeport Verdict: Not half bad. And agree: TJ’s frozen Indian food is pretty good.
When preparing a Trader Joe's frozen buffet meal (for one), is it acceptable to pair Palak Paneer... w tamales? Or too much fusion?!@blakehounshell If you mean the Judy Blume classic, then yes...Grandson’s Jigsaw Puzzle Strategy Fucking Pathetic http://t.co/x86G3cwMQS http://t.co/rO9NsjwSGZ
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@ChrisPKenny Double meatballs, please.@NYTnickc And, equally crucial, "Italian."The Longworth Cafeteria special this week is the "Gourmet Italian Meatball Panini." That is all.Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer has been making the rounds. But apology tour it is not. W/ @juliehdavis: http://t.co/KDoB7UFkJc@MEPFuller SO good.@MEPFuller That is a fantastic PSA. I just DVRed. Thank you.
And so it begins… RT @nytpolitics: Second Day as a Candidate, Cruz Jabs at Bush Over Immigration http://t.co/Fy6hI1xRKZ@jackhealyNYT @maggieNYT SCOTUS StubHub! A v good — v niche — idea...From Bushworld to 2016 dreams, @maggieNYT and I look at Ted Cruz, an ambitious upstart: http://t.co/cyhifeetyG
RT @maggieNYT: W/ @AshleyRParker, Ted Cruz as the smartest guy in the room, circa 2000 to now. http://t.co/TbFQT8gRYcFrom Bushworld conservative to Tea Party firebrand: The evolution of Ted Cruz. W/ @maggieNYT. http://t.co/ueom6Jg5sDThis is kind of amazing: Ted Cruz speech lines on Tinder. http://t.co/6D9rZOB4b8WANT RT @seungminkim: I totally am, now. RT @nahaltoosi: Imagine having a hot fudge sundae ...Ted Cruz’s base, he hopes: Born again Christians, Values Voters, Evangelicals.
RT @gabrielsherman: This is impressive reporting from @mikiebarb inside Bush effort to hold Florida http://t.co/XvULMGKrJq
@Timodc @mikiebarb V secretive indeed, then!Dimes are funny. They're so small!
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerJeb Bush's has a secret plan to win Florida — "Operation Homeland Security" — and @mikiebarb has the scoop: http://t.co/UyewIZuPhH
Not quite the right takeaway MT @TheFix: "I prob should have been more rigid and more scripted than I was." —Romney. http://t.co/d3txoRPxL3@llerer I know! The irony! His struggle is my struggle. I actually like it, but it's just so long.Yesterday's epiphany today: Life is too short for book clubs.
👋👍🔥💃👠🎉🎊🎈RT @DavidChalian: So excited to welcome @SaraMurray to @CNNPolitics. Our 2016 team just got that much better!@arappeport Both the dinner — and even the dinner’s soundtrack — were worth it. **Despite initial vacillating panic…@JimMerrillNH I was in 6th grade. Makes me feel… similar.Things I learned last night: “Whoomp There It Is” came out in 1994. Not sure how I feel about that.
RT @davidjoachim: "Suddenly, it hit me: I hate Sheryl Sandberg." http://t.co/qNbqhNPhdD by @brooks_rosaYour Rep. Schock recap, w bonus Carson the Downton butler and chiseled torso references: http://t.co/lGkztkanym
At 6 pm, we can all agree that Team Politico (@JakeSherman, @apalmerdc, @BresPolitico) did, in fact, win the day. http://t.co/tmaYOjFiQi@katiepack Yes. Fair.@katiepack I am pretty sure members of Congress are NOT subject to FOIA…Lead of the day, by @jestei: "An amazing thing about Congress: Things can always get worse." re sex trafficking bill http://t.co/HGUJNnf39R
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@VincentMorris Avoiding Budget Week...|LIVE NOW| St. Patty's Parade prep in NYC. #meerkat http://t.co/rOPV4XIy1w|LIVE NOW| St. Patty's Parade prep in NYC. #meerkat http://t.co/X6DDTo9a5q@seungminkim Those are pretty amazing shoes.@NYTnickc 44th and 7th! Serial puker, northbound?@michaelroston No. But sadly, I had the same thought/query.SPOTTED, at 10:15 am in Times Square: The first St. Patty's Day puke of the morning. Huzzah!
@elisefoley @EricM_Katz @Tinder Or the first lawmaker who cheats on a spouse on Grindr...Something to look forward to... MT @EricM_Katz: Can't wait to hear about first lawmaker who met spouse on @Tinder http://t.co/3b4DvUW8IQHow did @RepRubenGallego meet his wife? She bid $44 for him in a fraternity date auction. http://t.co/3b4DvUW8IQFrom meeting his wife at frat date auction ($44!) to Air Force One…Talking w @RepRubenGallego: http://t.co/3b4DvUW8IQ@CoachDaveMorris Ha! Unclear…Check out this @WarOnTheRocks crowdfunder project: https://t.co/WHPjVtXRKp
Heading to my first Ides of March wedding. Mazel tov, Dan and Emily! http://t.co/4i3ojULW2F
Corner. 14th and S. Washington, DC. #latergram https://t.co/AOmVOaRCNr
@juliemason @reidepstein And, if you're @jmartNYT, BBQ.“Or she—she was always afraid of public speaking, this is why she became a writer!” Perfect, from @nplusonemag.@NYTnickc @derekwillis @arappeport @ajchavar @jeremybowers #DamnYouJennifer@NYTnickc @derekwillis @arappeport @ajchavar @jeremybowers We need our own sub hashtag. #FoodClubMishaps #WhatWereNotEating@jeremybowers @arappeport My recipe had THREE ingredients! Four if you count saffron threads. WHAT HAPPENED?!So my failed NYT Food Club offering -- Indian rice pudding that never quite turned to pudding -- turns out to be a great conversation piece.Yoga morning Fridays. (Moon, U St.) Cc: @streitfeldcnn https://t.co/yrfduVdIVhRT @Devingo913: Christian Laettner on being the subject of a documentary called "I Hate Christian Laettner." http://t.co/80VlAXjtDwLove this @lahagenNJ lede: http://t.co/vk562pQuKA http://t.co/WH6FivHrem
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@reidepstein @juliemason Momo! I want to go to there...
@amygdudley @timkaine True! I asked him — and he’s my kicker.Outlook grim for AUMF: http://t.co/44FbmptFqlOH in the Senate Press Gallery: “Some things turn men on. Some things turn women on. And chores are not one of those things."
@shushwalshe Yes, that surprised me too. When I looked it up, it’s from a blended family, including her second husband’s kids.And in less than 140 characters! RT @BCAppelbaum: Free life advice: Don't pay $92,933 to go to journalism school. http://t.co/ApcV5UblDX@mimisheraton @jestei I’m doing the NYT #1000foods food club. Any (easy!) suggestions for a new chef?More @SenRandPaul: “The letter was to Iran, but it should have been CCed to the White House."Sen Rand Paul to Obama: "I signed the letter to Iran, but the message I was sending was to you."@cliffordlevy Thanks… @jestei and I had 50/50 odds on whether NYT Style would allow “emoji” to slip into a lede...@jdelreal Thanks!"Of course I email — I’m modern, I’m contemporary, I’m hot, I’m hip," says @SenatorBarb. http://t.co/x5eUCYTQreThe Senate's Flip Phone Caucus: Technological Luddites or the ultimate status symbol? http://t.co/x5eUCYTQre
@ChrisPKenny I fear we have now devolved into parodies of ourselves. But yes, got that email too, and already linked the two. #duh@ChrisPKenny I don’t like where they source their oranges. Prefer the M.E. Swing version. Two percent. Half caf.@ChrisPKenny Orange mocha frappachino!CC: Andrew Lerner’s basement; all my high school friends, ever MT @NYDailyNews: "Zoolander 2" is happening. http://t.co/felZEjSLao@nickconfessore And calls you "Nicky," w such confident familiarity...@pkcapitol I would enjoy a letter — from Cotton or anyone else — expelling all of that… to me!
MT @mkraju: NEWS: Reid met w feds on Menendez as Dem leaders now grapple with fallout of NJ Dem. w/@BresPolitico http://t.co/AkhQqDDfuj“She made one statement in Beijing that wasn’t very profound — that women are human beings.” By @amychozick http://t.co/hmqQNrV8HNThe GOP doesn't have "218 votes to determine a bathroom break over here," says @RepCharlieDent: http://t.co/uhFx35G0fE
RT 21 Photographers Doing Whatever It Takes to Get the... http://t.co/cR7FaffDCy http://t.co/UauzrTgLHQ
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerToday's WaPo A1: Deep look at Scott Walker's worldview and his crash course on foreign policy, with @costareports http://t.co/GrqxcW9Jol
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
In sit-down w NYT, Pelosi says she’s trying to persuade Chris Van Hollen not to run for MD Senate: http://t.co/U7WbICaA0F@JohnGHendy @nytimes @mattfleg All the good ones, anyway...
Truth RT @maggieNYT: @MichaelSSchmidt has a good tick-tock of State Dept. efforts to get the Clinton emails. http://t.co/hawiGOR1zBRT @HolmesJosh: I just watched a guy in a suit and tie order a fireball shot stone sober at BWI. #cancelledflight
NOTED MT @JohnCornyn: Put me down as skeptical: Bulletproof coffee — brew laden w butter & oils —as latest health fad http://t.co/GcDZjIFZFPRepublican outrage over DHS ends with a whimper of capitulation: http://t.co/fV6GEKKm76
Somewhere, somehow, a tiny family is kidnapping an NBA player for their annual reenactment of Gulliver's Travels.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBREAKING: House passes clean DHS funding bill. Now headed to Obama's desk. http://t.co/fV6GEKsKIwGOP leadership — Boehner, McCarthy, Scalise — all voted in favor of clean Dept of Homeland Security funding bill.BREAKING: House passes clean DHS bill, 257 to 167.In an unusual move, Boehner votes for clean DHS funding bill. Speakers don't vote routinely
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerRepublican reaction to the clean DHS bill was "as if we were talking about renaming a post office.” http://t.co/fV6GEKKm76RT @jonward11: this @michael_steel quote blew my mind - you win flack of the week! http://t.co/RlsHMTxmqg http://t.co/MG5EYtyOtHWhat a difference a week makes: Boehner to put a clean DHS bill on the floor as early as today.Looks like the House will vote on a clean DHS bill today.
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