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BaileyCon @BailofRights Des Moines, IA

Iowanian. Nurse. I like to sing and play guitar. Sometimes I've got opinions, and sometimes I just don't give a crap. You'll know, either way.

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@ddfissell I appreciate the offer to pay me but I'm just not interested. I am not good at delivering someone else's parody songs.@ddfissell with what?
My amusing thoughts on the #BadBlood music video, and confusion at Lena Dunham's role ---> http://t.co/dj0MHXGSfhTook a nap. Dreamt I had cake. Woke up....there is no cake. #GoodbyeCruelWorld
One pantsuit, two pantsuits, red pantsuit, blue pantsuit #HillaryChildrensBooks
Recording spoof :D
Hate being the first to wake up when staying at a hotel with people.... so boredddd!!!
Just finished writing another political spoof, this time of an Ariana Grande song. ๐Ÿ˜‚ get ready for a lot more #bailofrights awkwardness!!
Spoof writing 2015.....has commenced! ๐Ÿ˜‚
Watching Interstellar..... This is actually a pretty solid movie!!Good morning, and Happy Mothers Day. Gals, you have one of the two most important professions ever! ๐Ÿ’•
I know I'm super late to the party, but American Sniper was fantastic. Wow.***Finally*** watching American Sniper! http://t.co/g6TZ1QVGFvThanks to all who offered prayers for my grandma &family. She sadly passed away yesterday morning. She was a sweet lady, & is sorely missed.
Just had the night from hell. who wants to come give me a scalp massage?@Bleeever thank you :-)
Got my first ever manicure yesterday!! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’… http://t.co/LJnEmsf5ZS
Happy #NursesWeek to my fellow RNs :)I will be going on my first ever adventure to a nail salon later today....I'm excited! #manicure #nailsalonvirgin
Grandma went to hospice ๐Ÿ˜ž she's very confused. Glad my dad & his siblings are there with her. Still asking for prayers for Gma & family, plzSpot on! Damn. --> Community: Can We Guess Your Age Based On What You Hate The Most? http://t.co/XmLITq8XNc via @buzzfeedersJust bought my ticket for #80-35 to see @Weezer!!!!!! I have been wanting to see them for YEARS!! I'm so excited it hurts!!
I'm the #illest, yo! But fo reals... I'm ill. sooo if someone could fetch me some books, 7up, saltines, and do my laundry, that'd be coo. ๐Ÿ˜ทAs long as I live in Iowa and work at Mercy, I will never have a normal sleep schedule. Neh. Ver.Fun skyping with with @BeccaJLower and @IJReviewEditor tonight! We talked weed. Good times :P
Feel like youtubing today. Not sure what to film...currently accepting dares....Go!Yer just a buncha whoores.
@TimGamble thank you!! Doing better last I heard :-)Asking for prayers for my 96 yr old g'ma!! Fell, broke her hip &pelvis. Had surgery ystrday, & is in lots of pain. Not doing well 2day... ๐Ÿ˜”
@e2pilot nah just the plain skin colored!i've put bandaids on myself so many times the past week you'd think I was a 7 yr old.
I don't know what's going on but I have just done a crap ton of sleeping the past few days.Good morning. What's the latest in #Baltimore?My search history ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚ http://t.co/tQnEubeNIhWhat's a fun android app for me to download??I've inadvertantly adopted a biphasic sleep pattern.Bread apparently makes me go crazy.I've never had a real celebrity crush before....but um I'm pretty sure I'd be the perfect wife for Frankie Muniz. Just. Saying.@angelaisms I'm sure you look beautiful! But I'm glad you found something that works for you.@angelaisms nice!!!! I actually haven't used it in forever@michaelparks11 wellllll shoot. This could become an expensive hobby@michaelparks11 *confused*@for_richer lol nice@michaelparks11 ummm I don't even know yet.@lembas_n_coffee I'm gonna have to look into it.Baltimore rioters taught those elderly folks a lesson by burning down their new affordable housing and senior center.
Retweeted by BaileyConOn a lighter note, I want to start playing SIMS. Never played it before.My sentiments exactly. Couldn't have said it better. http://t.co/claLLKJzN1 via @scrowderThis is why I wish I had cable....I'd like to have a few decent news stations. But ya know. Money.A week from now, the people burning down Baltimore will be demanding you pay to rebuild Baltimore.
Retweeted by BaileyConI just dont understand wht people think they're accomplishing by burning down businesses and beating the shit out of people. #BaltimoreRiotsJust now reading about the #BaltimoreRiots because I slept all day.....horrifying.
@oawdixon yeah ya totally can!Ive been sleeping far, far too much lately. ๐Ÿ˜ดHello Young People, I'm Hillary Clinton: https://t.co/H1wZft8kEn lmao...this is pretty funnyI can't get away from stories about LGBT shit. Getting old.John stamos is everywhereI hate the impersonal DMs along the lines of, "thanks for the follow, now check out my website!" It reads like you might be a pompous ass.Looking to make a video today. Any suggestions??@TheNamesShaun Thanks for the follow :) Checked out your youtube channel...I dig it!@BigRMV no no. ew. noCoffee and cottage cheese. Might be the weirdest breakfast I've ever had...@oawdixon Yup yup! :D@oawdixon been going alright. Enjoying my day off :)@JDtheBard Lol. I forgive you. I haven't really been tweeting in a long time anyway. You haven't missed anything :-P@oawdixon How's it goin, Osei??@ReviewDadMedia :-( Poor girl. Praying she starts feeling better.Said the guy who's avi is a cartoon wearing a headset... https://t.co/rQo9CZ74fI@oawdixon Hey later!@ReviewDadMedia I couldn't be happier for you :-p How's Faith doing since she got home??@ReviewDadMedia Tim!! Is the world a little brighter for you now that loud music co-worker is gone??Morning, suckers!@BOOB_level thanks for the advice :-p@rowangingeraven ionno.@bourbonblondie lol well okay then!@bourbonblondie lol thanks. some of it is pretty mind numbing, though :pshould i go back to making political bloggy type videos, or stick to music? I don't know what to do with my youtube channel anymore@bourbonblondie well yeah, mostly just song covers n other dumb stuff. it's all here: https://t.co/keejp0PZ7y@lheal that's a damn steal @HarrietBaldwin @rachelveronica@bourbonblondie nice! I did too, even though I worked last night.@bourbonblondie :-P how are you?@bourbonblondie I'm driving me to drink too!Gonna go play with more sharp things. BRB.In other news, I almost want to hire someone to design my website/blog@lheal dude yes!! Why don't I have superglue!?! #fail @HarrietBaldwin @rachelveronica@rachelveronica @BailofRights She's a nurse and A WOMAN. Probably stitch it up, spit on it and make a sammich.
Retweeted by BaileyCon@rachelveronica @HarrietBaldwin i have alcohol swabs, gauze &antibiotic ointment. If I thought it was anything worse, I'd #ER it fa sho. #RN@rachelveronica lol no no, it's okay. it didn't cut that far enough through, it was just a bleedy part of my hand. hurt though lol.@AmericnElephant It's not so bad enough to stop me from going back to making my sammich. So.@AmericnElephant no, but it still looks nasty.@BOOB_level good thing I have alcohol swabs in my purse, and I purchased antibiotic ointment just yesterday. Because I'm a clod.Just sawed my damn hand with a bread knife!!! Like, a for reals serrated bread knife. Blood everywhere.@priestsforlife have you seen this? https://t.co/3pDV3cLphU Presbyterian pastor "hearts planned parenthood"@BOOB_level oh i haven't heard about that one... @TexasorBusted@TexasorBusted @BOOB_level Ahh yes. I find that hilariousMaybe ask the "pastor" if he agrees with the reasons Maggie Sanger started PP to start with? #JustaThought https://t.co/4AQQhcI12z
Retweeted by BaileyCon@BOOB_level That's a great question.I want to go back to the days of tweet-bombing liberal celebrities until they block me. #thegoodolddays@BOOB_level @TexasorBusted right now I'm angry abt this pastor who "hearts" #plannedparenthood https://t.co/3pDV3cLphU IDK how to tackle it.we need to #fixtwitter
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