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Iowanian. Nurse. I like to sing and play guitar. Sometimes I've got opinions, and sometimes I just don't give a crap. You'll know, either way.

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LOVE this: Are you REALLY pro-choice? This flowchart may SHOCK YOU! via @BovineRight@JPrice02 omg hahahaAs soon as the software upgrade for android allowed me to change the "OK google now" voice activator phrase, mine is now, "Listen up bitch."@cbutler2100 haha nope! he hasn't bugged me in a long time.
Kiss of Death Alert: Eric Cantor will endorse Jeb Bush on Thurs. evening and will be named co-chair of his VA operation.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellI will not waste my time arguing with anyone who can't handle me calling them names for funsies. Grow a pair.@fmapE No, I've done MUCH more embarassing things as a nurse! Haven't had to show up to the ER for any of them yet though. *crosses fingers*@fmapE Weird! That's exactly what I said when I scraped my contacts off my eyeballs with my stupid long girly nails!#Protip: If you're going to wear contacts, for the love of Pete, keep your nails short. Your corneas will thank you.@AmeliaHammy Ooh that's a fun twitter goal: Get somebody famous to block you. Bug @theRealRoseanne, she'll totally do it!!@NormaConnors @fiverrules @lheal @RBPundit @CNN Kay.@NormaConnors @fiverrules @lheal @RBPundit @CNN If Trump is the answer, somebody asked a stupid question.@T_A_Whitney well of course, I completely agree.@BOOB_level hah, thanks homie :)@T_A_Whitney Thanks. Hardly qualifies as a blog. But it was worth getting off my chest.Check out my new blog post - he IS right, every once in awhile :p Haha thank you! @e2pilot@e2pilot thanks Hammy!mic check one twooo. er somethin. new video!
@oawdixon bruh, for realssJust saw a youtube ad of Hillary Clinton saying its ridiculous how much $$ CEOs make...LOL Show us your bank acct, Hillary!Its fall weather. Know what that puts me in the mood to do? Dye my hair ๐Ÿ˜
Why do girls wear make up and perfume? Cause we're ugly and smelly, that's why.#matchcon Donald Trump is as serious as a candidate as a trash dump, I'm sure he smells like on too.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellThat Vice-president thing was a b*itch. #RejectedBidenSlogansJoe will stand up for the handicapped... due to his recent discovery that they can't stand up themselves! #RejectedBidenSlogansI'm a big f*cking deal! #RejectedBidenSlogansThere are things in this campaign we all regret #RejectedBidenSlogans
Retweeted by BaileyConnellYou're racist if you don't vote for me cause I was Obama's VP! (I can piggy-back off Obama's campaign, right?) #RejectedBidenSlogansI want to go back to Chicago :-(Stopping for lunch at Worlds Largest Truck stop on the way home from #Bustedcon๐Ÿ˜ Yep. Iowa boasts some pretty weird shit.
.@MatchConBitch Alan Colmes as President, and Chris "Tingles" Matthews as Veep. #MatchCon
Retweeted by BaileyConnellDonald Trump is so dense, he entered the presidential race only to try to get the endorsement of ____ #MatchCon
Retweeted by BaileyConnell.@MatchConBitch Hair Club For Men. (He is not just a president, he's also a client) #MatchCon
Retweeted by BaileyConnellKyle Becker @kylenabecker If Marco Rubio were an NFL quarterback, he would be _____. #MatchCon
Retweeted by BaileyConnell#matchcon Trump would ask Biden advice about hair style.
Retweeted by BaileyConnell#MatchCon Live! Tune in here:
Retweeted by BaileyConnell
Time for #bustycon!!!! Er #BUSTEDcon.... #matchcon LIVE!!
@garysteveneaton @Cubs @mchastain81 woops must have defaulted to that handleAt my first @Cubs game! I bet @TwitmoChastain is jealous... #wrigley
Nothing like a little heavy metal to get you pumped up for your day (night)!
Not sure what just happened.
obsessed with this song right now! #NowPlaying Kiss You Slow by Andy Grammer โ™ซ
@RachelCohen12 it can be reversed in a sense, yes. But it's much more complicated. You can't completely undo the damage.
@oawdixon yeah, haha, that's how I usually feelGod. Is. Good.Just spent two days (16+ hrs!) w/ someone, talking, getting to know them, listening to music, joking around, & even praying with them...WOW.No matter how little sleep I get. My internal clock is set for 5am.
@boob_level can't wait to see people reply to this thinking he's serious. I know they're out there... That's too bad. I've always liked her. We'll see. I have to wonder if Trump deserves it--he IS kind of antagonistic himself.@mygrove Well I don't like Trump. But I have to agree w/ what he said about the Mexican gov. probably sending over all their criminalsI've started watching the #GOPdebates on youtube. i'm about 1/4 way through. I gonna hate Megyn Kelly by the end or something?I just had to.... ah didn't catch that part. Honest mistake. Didn't read all of the bottom part.@TheistAmNot doesn't offend me, just saddens me. That is quite literally, by *SCIENTIFIC* definition, a human being. Read a biology book LolWow! easiest way to piss off a bunch of baby genocide aiding ignoramuses is to use one of their own terms against them. This is rich!!!@GrnEyedMandy Oh. Mmk. Well you're not even adorable. So, I guess I'm ahead!! #winningI'm officially calling pro-choicers "science deniers." #prolife #GOPDebate
Aaaand he ghosted on me. ๐Ÿ˜‘ So. Damn. Tired of it.@brodigan I willingly and gladly take all the blames!!! @dubsmashapp
Yeah boiiii! haha nice :-) I'm still in telemetry.@craigcarroll great! Still loving it so far, thanks for asking! How have you been?@craigcarroll right?! I should know better.Omg I'm seeing donuts everywhere! If I can get thru today without eating a donut it will be a successful day.May have eaten my weeks ration of peanut butter in the past 24 Hrs.... possible I ate my weeks worth of calories in peanut butter, really.@xRazorsEdgex already did that :-/I don't know what to do with the rest of my day.@SaveUSA2014 lmao!! @TimGamble@TimGamble well yes, exactly@TimGamble its not even that it will return! They still actually have diabetes, its just being controlled through a more strict diet.If your doctor told you you are "no longer diabetic" you should find yourself a new doc, STAT.Not to diminish anyone's accomplishment of getting off their diabetes meds &lowering blood sugar thru diet (cause that's AMAZING!) BUT...
I am generally a very happy person. But I need a day to lay around, watch chick flicks, be angry at the world, and bawl my eyes out.
Uploaded another cover! If you like it, Please share and subscribe :) Thanks! another cover! This is Air by Shawn Mendes. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up & share! kadavra!! I'm addicted.
Hermione! ok I lied. breakfast better than you.
So its real hot out.
@aurora_g96 thank you!@tphil88 thanks :-)A tale of two tweets...
Retweeted by BaileyConnellOn a happy note, I'm at my lowest weight since last year. 3 more pounds, I'll be at my lowest since college!!If you care more about a dead lion than the HUMAN BABIES #PlannedParenthood is SLAUGHTERING & SELLING, it's time to reevaluate your sad life
I am shaking with anger and tears in my eyes at the end of this video. #DefundPlannedParenthood ALREADY!!!
@UCCowboy kindaMy options for the night are: 1: Eat my feelings. 2: Drink my feelings. 3: Drink my feelings in Nyquil. Decisions, decisions...Sometimes, I really effin hate texting ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ต
@DavidJBohm no. Actually bout started my condo on fire...and he stuck around! Apparently he's into pyros or something ๐Ÿ˜œSpeechless. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ’•@TheBrandonMorse Ooh there's an idea!--Err, I mean, YOU CHAUVINIST MALE PIG!!Cooking dinner for a boy tonight...I am nervous. What if my cooking sucks? What was I thinking? OMG what do I wear?!!?@FunkynFortunate lol no....but I really should have an emergency wine stash in my room!Bedroom doorknob is broken, and I'm trapped in here...fortunately I didn't leave my phone in another room, and I have an attached bathroom.Iowa Gov Branstad Orders Review to Ensure Planned Parenthood is De-funded @iowartl @bailofrights @iowagoper @sbalist
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I just painted my nails last night and I already want to paint them a different color. Its 5freaking30 in the morning. I have a problem.
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