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#New #Model on @Customs4U hype! @natashaflirt has arrived! Go order something right now!'ve just uploaded a new video to @Customs4u! - Worship My nylons - #clips #fetish
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Retweeted by Customs4U.comWe are shooting in Europe the next three months! Let us know who you want to see in our shows. #Europe #PornStars
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Retweeted by Customs4U.comA dude just biked past, meowing as loud as he could... #SoThatHappenedThe crop broke after this was taken- I'd put it over the whipping bench & thrashed it very hard. Such pleasure.
Retweeted by Customs4U.comThis is a seriously cool car! True, unless it's bulletproof glass then lets just hope he's one the 1st floor!@TheEdenGreen You're doing loads better than a lot of people! Especially one guy with only a window to his left!Lets just say that my headphones aren't going to protect me much...I'm fucked. You? shit sold on eBay includes a cereal shaped like the state Illinois... People are odd... wanted to get a custom video from superstar @TERA1PATRICK? Order one for the weekend!
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Wednesday is almost here, it's time to start peaking out of the blanket and look forward to the #Weekend! have a blog where we post about sexy and not so sexy things! Curious? Check it out! @Customs4U I love it My Babe Danielle I love you.
Retweeted by Customs4U.comI will be Making more #SmokingFetish Videos seeing they are Loved so Much. If your interest in a Custom contact me on @Customs4U pls.
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Retweeted by Customs4U.com few pics from @Vanessa_joybear with @CarlyRaeSummers and @Ava_Austen hot 3 some
Retweeted by Customs4U.comEverything you need to know about hair down there -
Retweeted by Customs4U.comNeed to call someone to help you with your perverted thoughts? Why not try @TheAshGraham? She'll get you right off!! Really?! You're saying that not all women on Ashley Madison were real persons??? got soap in my eyes in the shower when I heard a crash and started looking for monsters through the suds. #soapmonster #eyedrops #scared
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Retweeted by Customs4U.comHonestly some mossy rocks have more personality than these guys. And a mossy rock never begged to see my ass without tipping.
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Retweeted by Robot hid in the cellar with Justin Bieber, we're taking him to the vet to put him down, but the office is now rocking VNV!
PSA: Your day will improve drastically if you buy something through @Delivery_Code for someone you wish to make happy! #WishlistYou know what you should do? You should buy a custom video off of @rebeccalovexxx! learn very quickly how to use your email after an unfortunate reply all. #HowTo #Email like a pro.@Devious_Muscle Robot is now playing Erasure - Love to hate you... loudly.Lets do some alternative porn, I'm thinking #CarPorn with this hot #Lamborghini Fap, fap, vroom!@ScCatt78 @Miss_Hamilton22 I try to skip 1-5 and go straight for 6 as soon as I wake up.The six stages of Monday: 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance 6. Intoxication@Devious_Muscle We're thinking of buying this cd for him: I'll break the news to our office robot that he may no longer be allowed to tweet.... I hope he'll be ok.@Devious_Muscle lay off the cat memes. Umm oh dam you look strong. Please don't f with cat memes. Ty
Retweeted by I think we read the same article, which is why I was curious what people thought. :)@Customs4U girl promos and job opportunities 😏 love all about the company!
Retweeted by a recent study discovered there's an indifference to brands on social media,ppl want to socialize. IMO both bullshit & cat memes
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Retweeted by Customs4U.comWes Craven has died, many nights were spent in terror thanks to him. #RIP #Model on @Customs4u hype! Check out @Mz_Penelope, hotter than most!
Today's @Delivery_Code recommendation is @goddesssaffron Do your part, buy her something nice! @Kristi_Lovett Here is the correct link: #findom #loser buy whole movie @Customs4U @tonybobo3 @DrRichardRotten @pops131 @WomenSuperior @RTpigg
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About to head out with my motherducking posse to rock the Kazbah. Quack motherduckers, quack! Yup, that is for sure sexy!@Customs4U @BareFemaleFeet This is mine favorite photo for #SexySaturday
Retweeted by @joe_buddy50 @beefybonds @SEXOTuits @Brazzersyemen @Porn_Film_Stars @sapindu80 @morganmmaria @Doversjc
Retweeted by @JeanaTaboo @beefybonds @SEXOTuits @Porn_Film_Stars @alice69marie @Doversjc @EL_FATHER_69 @SexyCulos
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@sophiedee @Customs4U I love you Sophie and I have toke you
Retweeted by Customs4U.comDo you have a favourite model that isn't @Customs4U yet? Let them know that you want to order a custom video from them!#PSA This tweet contains nothing of value. Move along, nothing to see here.Did you know that @AvaAddams has a #Wishlist on @Delivery_Code ? Why not buy her something nice this weekend? is here, and what better way to start it than with @tconradx hope you haven't forgotten about the platypus. #SpreadingEvil hype! @MissTrustDotCom Make sure to order something so she feels welcome! :)
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