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@xoClaireRobbins TWEET OF THE YEAR.
I've heard enough airhorns in the past 20min to last me 9 lives. (,-.-,)I will be djing from the @ItsaSafehouse DJ booth immediately following this packed Kid Ink show. Stick around and turnip with me.@tittahbyte I almost didn't hear this tweet lolDAME IS ON NBA JAM INFINITE TURBO CHEAT CODE STATUS RN. #nba@BillSimmons LOLPopovich just announced tomorrow's Spurs starting 5 in Dallas - it's Aron Baynes, JR Reid, Larry Kenon, Sean Elliott, and Danny Trejo.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSJames Johnson on his dunk over Drummond: "That was nasty, right? I cocked that joint back and banged on him."
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSL0RD HAVETH ALL THE MERCY! http://t.co/jpo50PmPyoIF DAME FLUSHED THAT, I WOULD HAVE STORMED THE COURT... LIKE CAUGHT A FLIGHT TO SAN ANTONIO, RENTED A CAR & BROKE SPEED LIMITS...DANNY GREEN IS AN IRL BOBBLEHEAD.@DeePhunk @BigJacks extremely overlooked member of the Hieroglyphics.@BigJacks @DeePhunk let's also not forget the Domino remix of Extra Prolific's "Brown Sugar"....https://t.co/eR6iT3HKz0Photo: FUN FACT: If I am singing karaoke, you are gonna get either: 1) overboard Broadway voice, 2)... http://t.co/TMfLgr0ZI8Photo: IT SHOULD BE A CRIME 2 B THIS HANDSOME… #25toLIFE 📷 @heenz @vforvincent http://t.co/1vDBYgHtkH
"I GOT MY CIRCLE WITH MEEEEEE..."#NP MARK RONSON f MYSTIKAL "feel right"#NP THE FLAVR BLUE "we can go blind (STEED LORD rmx)"#NP KEHLANI "antisummerluv"@BigJacks DON RAY. STANDING IN THE RAIN.Incredible, new untitled Kendrick Lamar track performed live on the Colbert Report: https://t.co/ZeXiMLGxWg.Note to Club Owners...Strobe lights are played out & not cool! They only work in haunted houses! 😳
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@MainCourseMedia gets all the props this this FREE Holiday 2014 Zip Pack! GET THAT! Much heat to haz! http://t.co/KaFkTrGrP1Rihanna as creative director anything is pretty funny to me.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@makanaalia BTW you should come home for this: http://t.co/CMQd37IdQB@makanaalia its STILL HAUNTING ME! AND JESSICA CHASTAIN... PLEASE AND THANK YOU"You're Feliz Navi Dead to me"
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSWell that's a wrap. RT @HOT97: Bobby Shmurda & GS9 Allegedly Caught With $52k Worth Of Crack & More
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSwonder if the NYPD has info on Bobby selling crack since the 5th grade?
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSIf you were looking for somewhere to dance tonight (THURS 12/18), then definitely come thru to The… http://t.co/2LNrjVYJty@SERPDOT YOU GET A LIFETIME PASS FOR LIFE FOR POSTING THIS BRUH.
@theDYNAMICS Save For Instagram@kutcorners RIGHT?!! Symphonic Zelda Vibes!!#NP MAX B "paperwork"https://t.co/bK1C1fDg6z #JMRepel #WET@CraigSJ "hey let's put this atomic bomb, some C4 & 2 sticks of dynamite in this here Nike shoebox and see if it doesn't blow up..." (,-.-,)@FrankTheButcher the cameo by the mayor at the end of the video is legit.New song + video from PRhyme: https://t.co/zvNabFlI2a. "PRhyme Time" directed by the homie @FrankTheButcher. Bangin'!@kutcorners while you're out here, buddy: http://t.co/CMQd37IdQB
@hippieturtles *slap slap pound*@softest_hard YERP@IsisTaylor Homeland, Newsroom, Bob's Burgers, Peaky Blinders (with subtitles on)...Rome Fortune "5 Second Rule" is hilariously awesome.The drums on "1000 Deaths" >@flyingcoffin make your hair watch pr0n.@kristiesagara OMG@djfive HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROSKI! SALUTE!@kristiesagara your friend is a good dancer. Not talking about @jeffmon BTW.WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO? #AskACopWHERE'S THE BEEF? #AskACop@cnn don’t shoot me for asking this, ok…but what’s the number for 911? #askacop
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@pharoahemonch Simon says...call your mum.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@prometheusbrown SINIGANGSIGNS!!!!! "RT @kristiesagara: IN was crazy. Cc: @DJDELVE http://t.co/c7ahoWiY49"@jeffmon YEAH MON
This @DJ_Marvel × @kutcorners remix of "Dope Walk" is gonna get played tonight fo sho! #IN #DoneAndDusted@kristiesagara got it#IN (MON 12/15) w/ DJ DELVE & the young g0d SSSOLUTION at Lulu's Waikiki / 10P-2A / 21+ Contact me for… http://t.co/ahRYaEAeUOD'ANGELO "BACK TO THE FUTURE PT.1" is FIRE!!!This new D'Angelo album is everything I want to hear in a 2014 D'Angelo album.@nicoleforever sorry. last second decisionBob's Burgers S3 Ep2@jaykack @MYKExKNOWS some of the greatest writing ever. And can I haz Emily Mortimer?YOU WEREN'T LION!! "RT @ThatsEarth: This is what lions look like in the rain http://t.co/qqpdfAWeen"If you go see "Exodus", def watch it in 3D, but also def overlook the odd jumps in time, but it'll be more forgivable in 3D.
@BigJacks oh for sure. Paramont.I may or may not be the first one to mix Violent Femmes out of Donnis but I definitely played that tonight. #gonedaddygone.@BigJacks requests? More like "garbled demands" (,-.-,)Everybody got requests for the DJ but nobody has manners.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: OLD LOVE / NEW LOVE Twin Shadow at The Republik. 12/12/14 http://t.co/5glUSDWAZBPhoto: Items we #found when the lights came up tonight… http://t.co/gRVx6kLX7X@docadam that happened here last week Saturday and I wanted to incinerate the lot of 'em.@susiebaik me? Sometimes a striped shirt. Never a "cubt" LOL@susiebaik so angryBTW my guy @jcabarteja got @TheManifest all the way LIFTED RN! #SUPERHANDSOMEwhat's the most complicated rap verse you can recite from memory at anytime?
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@softest_hard WHOA DERE.thank u to anyone making youtubes of my tracks or edits, that is cool to me https://t.co/gS4x907MZv
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@SERPDOT one of the realest tweets evar.@SERPDOT itvwas just weird to see the places he was performing vs his fame in the 90s
@SERPDOT he has a documentary out now. Its like bittersweet.The bol @Steve1der "Oochie Wallie" remix never not bangin' in di clurb.DPC SET FOR THE NON-BELIEVERS! "RT @ty_boe: My dude @DJDELVE is laying down hawt takes"Last night, my night, ended with @paquimania spinning Frankie Knuckles "The Whistle Song" and it was outstanding.DANCE PARTY VIBES TONIGHT (SAT 12/13) at themanifest w/ DJs DELVE, JON C & SSSolution from 10P-2A. No… http://t.co/QXqu6YOCUTCoach Kenny Niumatalolo with the win in the Army vs Navy game. #hawaiiV cool art show tonight at Clips. @whereszen @contrastmag gets gold stars for putting this together. http://t.co/kQMwRjDVoT
This girl in front of me smells like taco shells.This Twin Shadow concert is super good but the bassist looks like Dana Carvey in Master Of Disguise.@stillillpdx @JubileeDJ @BODYHIGH YEAH I GET IT!!Hennessey really paid to lead EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK with this NaS ad tho (,-.-,)a lot of dogs have rly good instagrams
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENScan't listen to 2014 rap with 1995 ears on.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: TRI-FECTA. 1/2lb ahi limu poke, pork lau lau & 2 scoops rice from Ruger Market is pretty much my... http://t.co/xyUPtOSvr4@djneilarmstrong sorry yo. The guys are back now.Photo: FREE TWIN SHADOW show at @jointherepublik tonight? YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU! http://t.co/T054EMBnuahttps://t.co/4i36r6P5l3 STAR SLINGER f REGGIE B "dumbin'" (DELVE1 extended edit)https://t.co/i6D0y0LS8r M.I.A. "bingo" (DELVE1 edit)
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