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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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The loss of friends/family always seems to make what you thought was so important at the time suddenly pale in comparison@IvanTheK Ivan...@georgepearkes I got in trouble from someone on Twitter for tweeting about the AUD@The_Analyst fundamentals matter of course, but it's a growth story so I'm guessing bulls are eyeing '16 and further profitability etc@The_Analyst you quoted a multiple based on '14 numbers & I don't think any investor really cares about '14...agree?@The_Analyst what could '16 EBITDA be? Don't you think trailing numbers for a growth stock is somewhat irrelevant?@eljefeasu @rich_rudolph me too 😂$V is such a great stock & companyGiven extraordinary rate of S&P 500 buybacks & their impact, the question isn't why is VC $ running so high--it's why is VC running so low.
Retweeted by David Schawel@CAVandy @georgepearkes lolol@Hooper_Quant did you see that @Bill_Veeck is on here?@Hooper_Quant lolYellen: I'll hike when I want to"exporters...are choosing not to convert their dollar receipts to renminbi as they once did" http://t.co/ugLy6JserF
Retweeted by David SchawelAny cash repatriation bill is just the federal government giving tens of billions away to Silicon Valley multi-billionaires.
Retweeted by David Schawel47% of U.S. households say they spend all of their income, go into debt or dip into savings to meet their annual expenses - Fed survey@treehcapital lol!!@Morgan_03 @NHLBlackhawks I'm impressed though - you typically only talk hockey once the playoffs have started@Morgan_03 you're mean!Doves & hawks both have frustration that various data points on inflation (PCE), unemployment (U3), & wages (AHE) don't tell the full storyIf I never heard about $YHOO stock again I wouldn't lose any sleep@enlundm @naufalsanaullah @boes_ nice!@naufalsanaullah @boes_ @DavidSchawel I've written extensively on this, see e.g. https://t.co/ffQVbGUXXa http://t.co/6q5s3QWsHN
Retweeted by David Schawel@michaelsantoli @naufalsanaullah interesting that both came to the same conclusion which hadn't really been talked aboutHmmmm cc: @naufalsanaullah http://t.co/k3LXAN6v6P'Bloodbath:' IBM workers report job cuts are underway :: The Skinny at WRAL TechWire http://t.co/zECii8jHPF
@GoodmanESPN man, you can't resist huh?@MarkYusko I'm more jaded, pathetic to be down that much in the first place!The best idea in a long time: Covering parking lots with solar panels http://t.co/gAlrmHnLXz http://t.co/C3ifJjRhZo
Retweeted by David Schawel@Dutch_Book Fed not hiking in June doesn't mean go buy EDM5 at 99.65 - should look appealing to sell given your opinion@JHILLMacro that is possible but not my bet as of today@JHILLMacro Fed moves towards market@MarkYusko @michaelmcevilly what does that say about his other assistants?Jeffrey Gundlach: Fed Is on the Brink of Making a Big Mistake. There's no fundamental reason to raise rates. http://t.co/OZWgjRPhrr
Retweeted by David Schawel@abelisted @MacroHedge fighting words!@Dutch_Book It's a good thing there's a liquid $ED market to make these bets@HFMLarryBird https://t.co/TeGcFhXqCg@pmarca @bhorowitz MCD might be struggling but he was a great CEO imo@gavparks you trolling @given2tweet ?Contents of Abraham Lincoln's pockets at moment of his assassination, not shown to public for 111 years: #LOC http://t.co/V9b502eKcr
Retweeted by David SchawelWhat an impact oil has had on India- from current account deficit to likely surplus in '15, big reserve accumulation& big inflation slowdown@JodyShenn I think only people outside the industry are surprised@given2tweet the good ole CL / SRPT barbell@Bill_Veeck I grew up going to old comiskey as a kid! Big Sox fan!@michaelafulton yummmm@HumbleBioTrader I'm with you@TheStalwart think they'll hold off w RoW issues & market's inflation expectations - risk/reward of hiking given this is poor@HumbleBioTrader complacency in what?@tracyalloway who is underwriting it? I want to read the prospectus!Here's background on why this P2P Prosper securitisation is a big deal. ALso, as previously reported, it's by BK: http://t.co/2UP1ie4zIf
Retweeted by David Schawel@gordonbeckham glad you're back on the sox! Great news@michaelmcevilly @michaelsantoli doesn't mean I'll be right!@michaelsantoli I see his point but don't agree - inflicting tightening just to have room to ease later seems perverse@IvanTheK which side do you fall on?I've got a bill of goods I'd like to sell to the June Fed hike crowdthis @DavidSchawel tweet also very prescient (over 70bps ago on the 10yr) https://t.co/vJT0SEwb7E
Retweeted by David SchawelFED path increasingly tethered to inflation vs labor. And it’s the inflation data and forecast where FED has been most consistently wrong.
Retweeted by David SchawelFeels like Fed moving closer to the market than the other way around@IvanTheK are congrats in order?@georgepearkes Curling, skiing, ice fishing, hockey game, and tim hortons, Typical weekend?@georgepearkes that looks awesomeInteresting how critics of sovereign bonds & AAPL have related arguments: how big can the company get / how low can yields actually go@17thStCap It's hard enough knowing what's on a US bank's books w a stable currency & govt. Those were never a slam dunk despite popularity@DividendMaster lol@mark_dow @IvanTheK man, that plane one from @Hooper_Quant was greatI could be wrong, but I doubt there's access to quality deals here https://t.co/h5VEaOFRSwIt’s a pleasure to watch the reasoning of @M_C_Klein meander towards a conclusion, in this terrific post on US debt: http://t.co/ExSMP4oOPU
Retweeted by David SchawelECB QE by the numbers http://t.co/uIK9KQhYNOYesterday, the 119 S&P 500 companies that had reported had YOY EPS of -1.0%. Today, including $AAPL, 146 companies have EPS growth of 3.5%.
Retweeted by David Schawel@TheStalwart love to know how they draw the line@auaurelija could also call it a success - but the same thing applies, you never know
@davealevine good stuff, good thoughts@_oldmangloom he's the worst@davealevine Ok if they lack meaning then how are you positioning for it? Not sure how actionable that view is. Hold cash?@davealevine no, people should have skepticism over it - but doesn't mean they'll be right ! I don't know right now.@AdvisoryA I'm staying away from those SFR deals fwiw@davealevine I think whether or not the low inflation expectations were seeing now are transitory or notThe North Carolina Way - http://t.co/98jtQf2NFI "“Really, the women own every single link in the food chain in NC" http://t.co/6K44haRaqp@ericjackson really? Seems like a very popular & widely held stock from what I read@PortlandCTA ha! it's something I'm thinking about but don't proclaim to know the answer@katearoni2 better to be subtweeted about than nothing at all@Morgan_03 it's a good writeup@Morgan_03 love when you blog@CrookedCapital pro Marshawn & anti Levine? Man! Total contrarian!“I looked him in the eye and said, ‘I don’t have any income.’ ” And then she got a $30k loan for a '11 BMW. http://t.co/u00V3VkYdR
Retweeted by David SchawelYahoo Would Rather Not Pay Taxes on Its Alibaba Shares http://t.co/bQcbh8W9iN Nobody better at explaining this stuff than @matt_levine@zatapatique which direction?@LJKawa haWhat's the most important theme in the market that you can't get wrong right now?$SGD and $CNY devaluations indicate that recent USD strength becoming intolerable for Asian countries quasi-pegged to the USD
Retweeted by David Schawel@Claudia_Sahm mom?7-day life of proposal to eliminate 529 tax breaks is instructive for anyone who thinks you could touch the mortgage interest deduction
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK they're going to spin off their bonds into an investment company@shaneferro those two statements are related!$178bil in cash for $AAPL - they are about to launch QE4 in the UST market@PiaCatton @NickTimiraos Zegna was hurt by the CHF appreciation ironicallyThe core business could probably take out $1bn of costs w/o much revenue loss. Instead she's adding costs w/ minimal revenues $yhoo
Retweeted by David Schawel@IvanTheK what's your guess?@IvanTheK you just brought back some LIFO memoriesBFW 12:43 *JPMORGAN SAID TO REAP UP TO $300M GAIN ON SWISS FRANC TURMOIL
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