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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@BeverleyMaxwe15 @EDinCali @RfWheels3015 The Club Of Rome wants America, Canada and Mexico to be super nation # 1.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @RfWheels3015 Have same problem in Australia. We have a great Prime Minister who is fixing the problem. Close your borders.
Retweeted by Ed ‘Climate change’ worries Obama, pope more than ISIS http://t.co/B7XB3UVAWg via @worldnetdailyHow I Zapped a Whole Foods Cashier Over Minimum Wage Policy http://t.co/k04jgUUgxSThere so many more important issues~Ted Cruz smacks down pro-’gay’ TV reporter http://t.co/TxuxBMtCiW via @worldnetdaily@prfekrdumbrella hi Melody...😊Clinton Foundation Donors Are Having a Bad Week http://t.co/2nhAUb2dj2You can give a chimpanzee a laptop and he'll likely just throw it around....but give him a loaded AK 47 set on full auto.....
@LitaZahn the trouble with being fantastic? Opposites attract@EDinCali yup. + only talked about the "55K pages" of emails ... leaving the actual number of emails a mystery. She's queen of obfuscation.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Hillary's emails being printed also keeps them from being searchable for key words. On this stuff, she's smart
Retweeted by Ed Two California men charged with trying to join ISIS http://t.co/okZcR6v0Ti via @WSJ @EDinCali @hipEchik @BettinaVLA
Retweeted by Ed Kirsten Powers on the War Against Free Speech and Why Most on the Left Don’t Get It http://t.co/vBtGO2kjTP via @genevievewood @DailySignalEPA power grab looks like Obamacare redux http://t.co/ufb95T2hPd via @DCExaminerAs they should be-Bernie Goldberg: GOP Candidates Are Afraid of the Organized Christian Right https://t.co/uo2Widjq5wThanks to obama and prison system-Pew Survey: Islam Had Highest Growth Rate of Any Religion in the U.S. https://t.co/onoeqPIi9HTruth blurts out-Warren: Trade Pact Is Secret Because if Details Were Made Public, It Would Be Opposed https://t.co/ryahfPbdscWhy wait for your 72 virgins? Kimmel Narrates al Qaeda Job Application Questions https://t.co/2oErCd3Y24On the road to 3rd world socialist perdition-Donald Trump: “This Country Is a Hell Hole” http://t.co/lnOwPqv7xh via @joewmillerAmericans are sick and tired of being a welfare state for immigrants. Come here and contribute, don't drain us #tcotArizona Slashes Welfare Lifetime Limit from 24 Months to 1 Year [+video] http://t.co/deVVeDAKNA via @joewmillerLeftist feminization of America-Boy Scouts of America Bans Water Gun Fights; ‘Pointing a Firearm’ Is Not Kind http://t.co/Vs9rzbin1x10 Hard Truths About Pope Francis, Mid-East Christians and the Palestinians [+video] http://t.co/ApTKpiRnDm via @joewmillerBobby Jindal on Religious Liberty Order: ‘Don’t Waste Your Time Trying to Bully Me in Louisiana’ http://t.co/z3V6PTFCIW @DailySignalIf Elected, This Repub Promises To Do Something BIG To Americans Thinking Of Joining ISIS http://t.co/9krFbSUFuKNYT: Hillary e-mails included contradiction of early talking points on Benghazi - Hot Air http://t.co/bPD7vnA2K2Clinton AIDS charity was shut down in Massachusetts http://t.co/cidIOdYle6 via @worldnetdailyBeck Says This News Report 'Must End the Hope of Any Presidency for Hillary Cli... http://t.co/sd5VETKPWS via @theblazeThug Tells Whites: Bow Down to Blacks, You’re All Gonna Die http://t.co/XEhne1JqGq via @conservativebytVideo: Iowa Dems can’t name a Hillary accomplishment either - Hot Air http://t.co/XpEg1BALcuObama Seeks to End Immigration Enforcement by Local Cops – http://t.co/lQPRCoe8Vm@karenpiscopo1 @stickggs Or no raises for congress/president until they balance the budget
@EDinCali @karenpiscopo1 Tell him to get it from the fed govt employees who owe $1.7BB in back taxes! Or find it in govt wasteful programs!
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@Manderskat We should just moooove on@EDinCali we're all sexists for keeping it alive! Can't we all just get along? IT'S NOT FAIR!!! 😂
Retweeted by Ed As soon as you balance our budget-Rep. Hastings Demands Pay Raise for Himself, Other Members of Congress https://t.co/OQk78CLcxZTime for Iraqi's to deploy Stalin blocking units-WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: The Iraqi Army Collapses If You Say ‘Boo’ https://t.co/tg1JM8ZblgROFLOL!!!!-Hillary on Emails: I Want Them out as Soon as They Can Get Out’ https://t.co/9QUyedMNTnJoshing "Josh" "Earnest"-W.H.: ‘Overall,’ Strategy Against ISIS Has Been a ‘Success’ https://t.co/3K2s9HsSYLDown and Dirty-Heilemann: The Clintons ‘Like People Who Work in the Dark,’ Like Sid Blumenthal https://t.co/kv5IBsKbVYHillary didn't give the emails she didn't delete to us....She printed them on paper, sometimes both sides of the paper to make it confusingBecause it is a flagrant violation-NBC: GOP Refuses To Let ‘Politically Toxic Issue’ of Hillary’s Email To Rest https://t.co/k6jKTFCtRnFACT: Pay For Play-Fox News: Bill Clinton’s Speaking Fees Doubled While Hillary Was Sec. of State https://t.co/0H1AMKtN7FBingo! Where's the MSM Outrage? Lindsey Graham: We Would Not Accept Dick Cheney Deleting Emails Like Hillary Did https://t.co/MOzd6jX3yCFallon: Bill and Hillary’s Marriage Is Like Being ‘Friends Without Benefits’ https://t.co/TJ2p1JJBSITop Democrat Sounds Alarm Over Obama Administration’s Delusional Rhetoric on ISIS http://t.co/MSNwFEJhsc via @joewmillerFmr. CIA Head On Hillary Private Email Server: Foreign Intelligence Services Have Everything http://t.co/ueBlwGJCWILets call it like it is, the party has been hijacked-Democrats’ ‘Progressive Agenda’ is Outright Communism http://t.co/Z6Wl6UdngNHere they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever http://t.co/1QemeDMS3t via @worldnetdailyObama/Sharpton at work. https://t.co/FI9oDJaeMz
Retweeted by Ed 13 years behind bars, this lion tastes freedom for the 1st time- ... https://t.co/jShln6m0do via @YouTubeChicago Way at the Reins of Washington-Feds Have No Idea If $4 Billion Farmers Program Does Anything http://t.co/mj4hhkJV7KMurder and crime rate skyrocket in Baltimore as police muzzled/bullied by politiciansWhen did the Benghazi attack planning begin? | American Action News https://t.co/cxXlDfcxpR via @sharethisDo Bears Defecate In The Woods?-BREAKING: Is the State Department colluding with Hillary? https://t.co/msVAohODBw via @sharethisApple/Tree-Insiders Just Revealed Some Pretty Nasty Accusations Against Chelsea Clinton http://t.co/l3SRb9ELiV
Employees Are Fleeing The Clinton Foundation Because Chelsea Is So Awful, Report Says http://t.co/BbYepsLr5v via @dailycaller9 protestors shot possibly by police in Waco Texas #livesmatter...protestors referred to as thugsNo hablamos "Clinton" aqui... https://t.co/fSgKV6Ah7u
Retweeted by Ed Spanish-Language News Network Failed to Disclose Clinton Donation, Lobbying Expenditures http://t.co/neubYxRaCT
Religion of Peace: ‘Our Goal Is Killing Obama and the Worshipers of the Cross’: Islamic State http://t.co/pAon59UeDS #tcot #Caliphate
Retweeted by Ed Libya #fruiitofobamaRamadi #fruitofobamaRemember this election cycle-Voting for the lesser of 2 evils, leads to the evil of two lessersYou have to catch her 1st-Rand on Jeb’s Iraq War Answer: ‘Same Question Ought To Be Asked of Hillary’ https://t.co/WYLHmzfgMPEthically Challenged Feinstein: Giving Trade Authority to Obama Is Extraordinarily Important https://t.co/pTzoDhIpvZWhat Is This Strange Sound From the Sky? Noise Heard Across Globe for a DECADE – Nobody Has a Good Explanation http://t.co/R09SxPkIYeThe Amtrak Crash: Why the FBI Lied and Why It Is No Freak Accident Lending the Possibility of a Terror Attack http://t.co/SseC1No7DC@EDinCali @hokijamoki out of all the charities in the world, why wld any1 donate to Clinton foundation unless they wntd a form of kickback!
Retweeted by Ed @SmillingHK @JoeWMiller You have a point there...But as someone familiar w aviation, it can be said too many systems are automatedThis election cycle...Lets balance the tables, no more George Stephanopolous or Candy Crowley moderators-This time Mark Levin/Sean HannityYES! WORTH REMINDING THEM: In 2013, the RNC Said Mark Levin Should Moderate a GOP Debate http://t.co/CtVMrjHLni via @joewmillerTo making room for Fauxcahantas -Asian Groups File Lawsuit Against Harvard For Discriminatory Racial Quotas http://t.co/lDh4sOqiDrMore corruption/lies-Closest Adviser to Hillary Clinton is a “Brazenly Dishonest Cover-up Specialist” http://t.co/9xRn77tCF2 via @joewmillerClinton Foundation Donors Include Newsmax, Fox News Personalities, Many Other “Conservatives,” Media Groups http://t.co/fytcWf8DpACanary in the mineshaft-Feds Say That Banned Researcher Commandeered a United Airlines Jet http://t.co/yRxDAqmz9H via @joewmillerPower by bureaucracy, not by our elected legislators-The Government’s New Power Grab http://t.co/UD4jF3HZPY via @darenbakst @DailySignalStench of clinton Corruption-Hillary Clinton Personally Took Money from Companies that Sought to Influence Her – http://t.co/X21PLI40oK
10 Amazing Things Recently Found from WWII - ODDEE http://t.co/5VTizLkYeY
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Nice way to put it. Wouldn't it be great if MSM grilled Dems even 1/3 as much as they grill Republlicans?
Retweeted by Ed Its not just George stephanopolous who donates to Clinton's...let's see the rest of the msm media come clean#ChrisWallace embraced his inner democrat when he pounded Marco on the hypothetical Iraq war gotcha question...Marco handled it well #tcot@michaelcrowley @JTTriguero #fruitofobamaFYI when you dine on your next salmon fillet~Commercial fishing still most dangerous US job, AK salmon http://t.co/cCfi6MkIeYNurses, which 2 best friends would you take on your weekend spa getaway? #nurselife #vacation https://t.co/urrZouqvyA
Retweeted by Ed The grifter apple tree Al Sharpton’s Kid Sues NYC for $5 Million For Sprained Ankle http://t.co/SkVkSsTfHo via @RealJTP@Oracl3 I think it will be hard fought to game 7@Oracl3 what's the odds on Houston vs GS?@Oracl3 :)@Oracl3 perhaps they are still mourning loss of Donald sterlingI'm dazzled by the Rockets red glare #houston@GailJaz @ThePatriot143 he will dance at the pleasure of his puppeteers... Until he becomes too much of a distraction to their messageMao tried his version of common core in China...and 40 million died...people are NOT shaped with cookie cuttersGeorge Stephanopoulos' Twitter Explodes with Calls for Resignation #YesPlease http://t.co/2sDA5g7RR8 http://t.co/vVmE34zM37
Retweeted by Ed This is the reality of health care. "You ain't seen nothin yet." Enlist at http://t.co/WG8xVIFdVZ. http://t.co/dxQTHy8tZ2
Retweeted by Ed The lie that cops are killing blacks is false and it needs to stop. #BlackLivesMatter @peddoc63 @TheRevAl http://t.co/T5H3MXim4k
Retweeted by Ed @littlebytesnews Too many automated/fly by wire systems in todays cockpit...less real pilotage, more like gamingInstecticide Phobias by the loony left http://t.co/HhDfC40nPj via @wordpressdotcom
Retweeted by Ed @cliff_tones Music producer with the Underground Royalty Beats&Studio time available!!! #7s#Hillary2016 http://t.co/gWlw0UjuAn
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