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L George @LLLGeorge North Bend, WA

Scientist by training, mom & wife by choice; I only houseclean at gunpoint. Fascinated & repulsed by politics. Proud liberal. Nature freak.

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Embrace reason. Shun rage. Respect diversity. Oppose injustice. Just some of the things he taught us, and continues to teach. #LLAP
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Giuliana Rancic issues on-air apology for comments about Zendaya: http://t.co/YXGochxdQC http://t.co/jQI3FzLsPS
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If you missed it: Harvard climate change "debunker" Wei-Hock Soon was secretly paid $1.2M by fossil fuel industry. http://t.co/Y6Yk6OP2mH
Retweeted by L GeorgeFormer CBS Correspondent Takes Apart Bill O'Reilly's Argentina Story http://t.co/pHsVyFQftk //Pretty devastating interview here.
Retweeted by L GeorgeMy favorite note from management when I worked in Classic Rock radio was, "Please stop making fun of the music on-air."
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@markgbaxter @doc_becca I couldn't agree more!!!!We don't need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training. http://t.co/Et9s7Zohae
Retweeted by L GeorgeWhat Bill O'Reilly has done, in ripping into Brian Williams for "dishonesty about war coverage" then it turns out he was too, is a hot mess.
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@Only4RM @LLLGeorge @Salon med schools have course requirements. They don't always require a degree. So if u don't have your PE req yr OK
Retweeted by L GeorgeHOW does Rand Paul attend and graduate Medical School at Duke w/o an undergraduate degree? Anyone? Press? Yoohoo! @Salon
Retweeted by L GeorgeRand Paul caught lying about his college record. Did NOT graduate from Baylor. No undergrad degree. http://t.co/V8OAuY9bZw via @Salon
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe horror of the human destruction caused by the INSTITUTION of slavery is as ignored as its lasting effects. Family killing for 400 years
Retweeted by L GeorgeCelebrity Jeopardy was about hope.
Retweeted by L GeorgeEffort today to abolish the death penalty in Washington. @MariaKIRO7 has details now live on @KIRO7Seattle
Retweeted by L GeorgeToddlers Killed More Americans Than Terrorists Did This Year http://t.co/j7domXkL0R http://t.co/nkR6dtjYX6
Retweeted by L GeorgeRT @jonward11: Jeb Bush actively exploring becoming own man
Retweeted by L George@GardenerMiss Maybe that's a reflection of how old our kids are. My boys are nearly 13 and 17...they are exhausting me. ;-)Seawater Science-Model Ocean Currents in the Kitchen http://t.co/23k85Yb6od Great demo! Add icecubes w food-dye 4glacier melt #climatechange
Retweeted by L George@GardenerMiss I feel older this year than I ever have...my eyes are going...but I'm feeling wiser...much wiser...@GardenerMiss You aren't old...you're wise!! ;-)Son was in gunfight when Las Vegas mom was shot in head after road-rage incident http://t.co/4sYqOjQnCW http://t.co/tQBYhfBS9B
Retweeted by L George@GardenerMiss Anne- I'm struggling w/ insomnia right now and I really miss coffee...I'm 50. How about you?@Spectricide The drama in my family will die with my mother...I love her but she sucks the energy from my sister and me.@dpleasant I have two sons ages 12 and 16. I'm not letting them go die in a war started by petty bullies and greedy bastards.@ShaunKing FYI-typo in linked article: "St. Louis police vocally encouraged each other to turn *of* their cameras". Replace 'of' w/ 'off'.Here is J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI memo instructing to “Do something about #MalcolmX” #CNN http://t.co/eLbFkMARlo
Retweeted by L George@dpleasant I'm not holding my breath...Moving. @tanehisicoates will be teaching the rest of @carr2n's journalism classes at BU. Carr mentored T. when he was student at Howard.
Retweeted by L George@dvnix That's not too much for a girl to want, is it...? ;-)@dvnix So unfair...it seems like I can either be depressed or anxious these days. I'm just looking for a little damn balance!! ;-)@Spectricide I hope you aren't anticipating any family drama...that's so hard to deal w/ in addition to mourning...@Spectricide Where ya headed?@Spectricide Take care and my thoughts are with you and your family. Is your #MemorialRoadTrip a short drive or a long drive?@Spectricide Steve...I am so sorry about your mom. I've been off Twitter for a while...was this sudden? Or had she been ill?No country in the world has a lower life expectancy than 200 years ago http://t.co/TKLjt8Hy2H http://t.co/Uq5Ro4ZtjV
Retweeted by L George@dvnix Me too. Have you slept yet? I haven't... :-(While dying, she was hounded by insurance company Her son vowed to fight for people like her Be proud, Barack Obama http://t.co/M58Y4UV0xW
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Kate Brown to become Oregon’s next governor and nation’s first openly bisexual governor. http://t.co/cnsyPjRRdn http://t.co/iYRzJeajnJ
Retweeted by L George'When I grow up I'm gonna meet someone cool, get married, live in a big white house and do awesome things' :-) http://t.co/vacZq1M0qx
Retweeted by L George@InternetEh Your husbandry skills are impeccable... ;-)
With Ore. governor's resignation, Kate Brown to become America's 1st openly bisexual governor http://t.co/joS4VSZBhH http://t.co/v8D9z3Gutk
Retweeted by L GeorgeMajority of counties in Alabama now issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Still some holdouts though. http://t.co/iJSEHwQfI1
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@mirahwood Good point. I have to go now. But know that people are listening to you. @SamHarrisOrg@mirahwood I couldn't agree more. My heart aches for those families. It must be heart-rending to live through that as family & friends.@mirahwood I think the President is waiting for more data before he comments.@mirahwood But I want the concept of a hate crime to mean something very specific. If it's applied to everything, then it means nothing.@mirahwood It feels personal to you because of who the victim is. I get that.@mirahwood Unfortunately there are vicious murders all over our country because of our fucked up culture.@mirahwood It's a process, not a switch. And I believe very strongly that Barack Obama has done much to move toward a better future.@mirahwood I know and I am so sorry. I'm trying to teach my boys to be better and point that out to anyone who will listen.@mirahwood I know some will argue that hate itself shows some mental illness.@mirahwood I think it's worth waiting to get the data to see if he was mentally ill.@mirahwood What is the the line of distinction between the actions driven by thoughtful hate vs the insane actions of the mentally ill?@mirahwood One senseless death at the hands of a hateful and likely insane man is too many, but I'm not sure if the president should respondBREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin announces a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine midnight Saturday
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.@BarackObama says he would "love to see" a constitutional remedy to big money in politics #GetMoneyOut http://t.co/3S2rL0oTBG
Retweeted by L GeorgeIf you want to blame anyone, blame politicians elected on hate platforms, the media feeding them, & gun policy that arms deluded extremists.
Retweeted by L GeorgeMost echinacea supplements "contain mostly rice and buttercup DNA, if they contained any plant material at all" http://t.co/lSilbVe0mo
Retweeted by L GeorgeImagine if a movie called Muslim Sniper had been in the theaters and then a Muslim shot three people. #ChapelHillShooting
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It seems that American police may have killed more civilians than Egyptian police in January, 2015 http://t.co/hFtwXNgElD
Retweeted by L GeorgeBoth liberals and conservatives have anti-science biases, study finds http://t.co/UnkwdBHbed
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Black girls in New York schools were expelled 53 times more than white girls: Researchers http://t.co/RHGNk4miBI
Retweeted by L George#CAA #Ascot We have located the 6yo girl taken from Ascot earlier tonight. She is safe & well. Thanks for your assistance. #alert
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@GardenerMiss Your option isn't criticizing you for staying awake all night though... :-)St Louis Police Union Spokesman Threatens Police Slowdown by @goldietaylor http://t.co/7rJEcOq4uJ #FixThePolice #p2 http://t.co/zskYiqjmyS
Retweeted by L George@InternetEh Always...I haven't been to sleep yet...I'm fucked tomorrow/today...@GardenerMiss Lay in bed and listen to her husband grumble about her not being asleep at 4 in the morning...??? That's what I'm doing... :-(#ISIS executes #Kurdish journalist Muhanad Akidi today. Lets show him the same love we showed for Western journalists http://t.co/CxmHWXprkt
Retweeted by L GeorgeYou know you are a scientist when you look at these seats and admire the colours, but wonder about the error bars. http://t.co/P5OOSkBNPd
Retweeted by L GeorgeThis person sent a video outlining his plan to kill me tonight. Hope Massachusetts Law Enforcement will act quickly. http://t.co/eV5JVOqVc9
Retweeted by L GeorgeWorst Christmas tree ever (at the dog park). http://t.co/WxioCBgNoU
Retweeted by L George@JennyPentland I probably have a better chance of getting the fucking Internet to clean the damn garage, so I'm cool with that...Seen the new group DM feature? You can create your own little secretive gossip clique - I mean forum for critical analysis - that's private.
Retweeted by L George@GardenerMiss WHAT are you doing walking around outside in the middle of the night in early February?? ;-)
Breaking: Brian Williams is "taking himself off" of @NBCNightlyNews "for the next several days," 2 NBC sources tell CNN.
Retweeted by L George@Adenovir Sweetie...I LOVE your new Twitter handle... 💉💉💉NBC News anchor #BrianWilliams and the science of #memory http://t.co/DGHPp0Gdyw
Retweeted by L George@PaulRieckhoff in different ways when we face a society that turns its back on us. Again, thanks for the chat. I admire your work. (4/4)@PaulRieckhoff woman's eyes and from her perspective. I think vets who struggle would be well-served by understanding we all suffer (3/?)@PaulRieckhoff that continues to this day. And 'Wild' is one of the first movies to truly look at a life experience through a... (2/?)@PaulRieckhoff One thing I would ask in return. Urge your vet friends to go see 'Selma' and 'Wild'. Selma shines a light on a struggle (1/?)@HisFeministMama @tigerljily @Nordstrom EWEWEWEW. Creepy and offensive on anybody younger than 16-18.@PaulRieckhoff @AmericanSniper Thanks for the reply.@PaulRieckhoff My initial gut reaction was I don't want to reward irrational war policy by seeing @AmericanSniper. I'll give it more thoughtWow. @googlemaps has made their iPhone app useless by replacing the map with a photo of the store, making map totally inaccessible.
Retweeted by L George@Dr24hours @googlemaps The new Google Maps is fucking loathsome. I want the old one back!! Useless while driving now.@PaulRieckhoff Is my anger unreasonable or misplaced? I value your perspective. @AmericanSniper@PaulRieckhoff Paul, I haven't seen the movie because of my anger towards those that got us in it in the first place. @AmericanSniper@dvnix @JenKirkman 'Sensitive Broken Types' is the name of my combo grrrrl band--literary circle--mommy and me playgroup...Coffee shops. Early Leonard Cohen might be too much on a Saturday morning for your more sensitive broken types. Maybe play some Salt N Pepa.
Retweeted by L George@DrJenGunter She doesn't need to resort to petty and defensive remarks to defend her position. (2/2)@DrJenGunter When a person is confident about a position, and confident that they have the best available data at that time... 1/2For the record I don't feel like I've been the victim of libel, but I do feel all rural docs were insulted!
Retweeted by L GeorgeDruze citizen of Israel - who serves in the army - beaten up in nightclub for speaking Arabic http://t.co/a6T30rg0rL http://t.co/skNz0gDGlV
Retweeted by L GeorgeSwoon. RT @HuffingtonPost Manatee party shuts down Florida refuge in the best way possible http://t.co/ZWq3B4yAbL http://t.co/bP5drJm3lz
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@stevesilberman Thanks for sharing!!Vivian Vance, who went on to play Ethyl Mertz, was a knockout in 1932. http://t.co/QBe0e5odbh
Retweeted by L GeorgeScooby Doo http://t.co/0iQJyBLRmu
Retweeted by L GeorgeDo you love him Loretta? Ma, I love him awful. Oh god that's too bad. #TweetingMoonstruckIn time you will see that this is the best thing. In time you'll drop dead and I'll come to your funeral in a red dress. #TweetingMoonstruck
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