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JEWSNEWS » Muslims Everywhere Are Pissed After Lowes Makes Huge Statement Against Islam http://t.co/Rr1qC8Ucqv #tcot #ccotObama's Massive Land Grab Has Alaska Furious: 'We Will Fight Back' | http://t.co/QX2kmS0Hy9 #tcot #ccotAl Qaeda Agent Floated in Swap for US Prisoners? Obama's Legacy Takes Scary Turn | http://t.co/TDIvibLOAE #tcot #ccotGOP’s Top 10: Introducing the Fox News First 2016 Power Index | http://t.co/7dp090CMXX #tcot #ccot
Christian ex-fire chief fires back at Atlanta mayor, files discrimination complaint | http://t.co/5VsR2FaA8T
Retweeted by Jackie YatesAl Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World http://t.co/hCwzHbcYA5 -Wonder what his cut would be- #tcot #ccot» BREAKING: US Pacific Fleet Commander Drops Bombshell About Obama and Muslim Brotherhood http://t.co/GA7NhkUx7n #tcot #ccot
'Repeal every word': Potential GOP 2016 rivals hammer ObamaCare, IRS at Iowa summit | http://t.co/F3V3wrSsp6 #tcot #ccot
‘There will be a price’: Obama team reportedly fuming over Netanyahu visit | http://t.co/pYQGibhzgl #tcot #ccotAnd They’re Off: Republicans descend on Iowa summit, with 2016 in the air | http://t.co/iAGbNWxMIG #tcot #ccotGovernment Coverups Behind Islamic Invasion of America http://t.co/5lgR937hp2 via @po_st
Retweeted by Jackie YatesOne of Pelosi’s favorite Dem congressmen has deep ties to suspect Muslim groups http://t.co/FAHLqToUh7 via @BizPacReview CAIR $ recipiant
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSaudi holdings in U.S. = $800 Billion—as of 2006! - http://t.co/PcpLwYg9tg via @frLarousse2 @pissedlizard @Pudingtane @DrMartyFox @peddoc63
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWe're not going to stand by and allow you to kill human babies! We will end #abortion! http://t.co/wJjXdeVoLZ
Retweeted by Jackie YatesYou can't be in hatred and in faith. To love is a command, not an option.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#CCOT CHRISTIAN KIDS BEHEADED FOR REFUSING TO CONVERT TO ISLAM http://t.co/IfHIdLnSgx #Democrats #Liberals #college http://t.co/N4kh6xJT18
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRT @PatDollard: Report: ISIS Kills Japanese Hostages, Video “Being Sent To Production” http://t.co/Np1YbqQNAV #tcot #pjnet #gop
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
OBAMA VIOLATES AGREEMENT WITH ISRAEL AND BEGINS TRAINING PALESTINIAN http://t.co/2S94xmRz6O training-palestinian-armed-guards/ #tcot #ccot
Dems change tune after mocking GOP for ‘drill, baby, drill’ http://t.co/rEqTGsxU91 #FNPolitics
Retweeted by Jackie YatesTapper Keeps Hammering Obama: French President Was First to Visit U.S. After 9/11 http://t.co/Jf6zvD4BBp (VIDEO) http://t.co/ogbw225zr4
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Carry: Dish Has Lost 90,000 Subs from Fox News Blackout | Multichannel: http://t.co/hME70HO7sk #tcot #ccotWatch us live on the web right NOW! Go to http://t.co/57hKHT7JbS click on Overtime tab. Join our live chat @OutnumberedFNC Take that @dish !
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@Palmer4Alabama You rock! Thanks for upholding the Constitution and withholding consent from the tyrants. You and 24 others are the A Team!
Retweeted by Jackie YatesNo Tears for Harvard, One of the ‘Least-Sympathetic-Victims-of-Obamacare’ http://t.co/f60na3u5E6
Retweeted by Jackie Yates>114th #CONGRESS >STOP OBAMA #CongressDoYourJob PROSECUTE TYRANNY & TREASON http://t.co/1XEJdoXZj4 #SecureTheBorder #BenghaziGate #2A
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama: "The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam." http://t.co/mwuWJkrfz3
Retweeted by Jackie Yates> .@DLoesch was on FIRE on her show today and she was SPOT ON (as usual). http://t.co/pnOHfRDR7Y #ParisShooting #tcot #teaparty .@KLSouth
Retweeted by Jackie YatesPaul Krugman calls for DEATH PANELS to Cut Health Care Costs. Sara Palin was crucified for warning about in 2008 http://t.co/REzlhtnITy
Retweeted by Jackie YatesDoes that mean you'll release the Khalidi Tape? RT @latimes: Editorial: Paris terrorists aimed at freedom of expression, we must defend it.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHemmer to Earnest: Who Is Pres Obama Speaking for With #Keystone Veto Threat?: 68% of USA says #TimeToBuild: #NYsen http://t.co/yFpDMD9exe
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFacebook of Demons http://t.co/c0hBfB293o My podcast on how spiritual beings misrepresent themselves and manipulate the unwary #UFO #ghost
Retweeted by Jackie YatesHoward Dean: Don't Call Paris Attackers 'Muslim Terrorists' | http://t.co/CiWAbOEorC Really? How blind do u have to be? #tcot #ccotWhite House Struggles to Answer Questions About Harvard Faculty Outrage Over ObamaCare | http://t.co/5M73kZWogN #tcot #ccotA Bitter Lesson In Paris-The Limits Of Appeasement In The War on Terror | http://t.co/Xm1DuwEixd #tcot #ccotJournalist's message to Paris terrorists: Nothing short of killing me will ever shut me up | http://t.co/k1DN7mSvU2 #tcot #ccot
GOP Reps Who Voted Against Boehner Kicked Off Rules Committee http://t.co/FCAZIkwtfc #tcot #ccot» UN preparing to flood America with muslim immigrants, will cost American taxpayer billions of dollars http://t.co/ldK6LeuQAW #tcot #ccot
Report: Pope's Actions Pitting Catholic Church Against GOP http://t.co/PaOahnNAP1 via @Newsmax_Media #ccot #tcotObama Told This Admiral Not To Give Out Bibles, His Response Is Glorious http://t.co/d4qKveoVEA #ccot #tcot
Take action now to #RemoveBoehner http://t.co/iAnouSou1i http://t.co/JAyjWOramV
Retweeted by Jackie YatesLondon – Euro Falls To 9-year Low http://t.co/4uy2QgNWbM via @Vos Iz Neias
Retweeted by Jackie Yates"Outstanding! Let’s all congratulate the GOP. They managed to throw away the most remarkable…" Bourgeois Bob http://t.co/JqlgNMqjpm #tcot» Marine’s Go Silent When Obama Walks In, But When Bush Does The Whole Room Erupts http://t.co/BtWPwrXiVd #tcot #ccot» Jews Are a ‘Race,’ Genes Reveal http://t.co/gDWhJLp4hn #tcot #ccot» Fallen US Marine’s Father returns Obama’s Condolence Letter with an Incredible Rebuke http://t.co/qKxmKPdAe6 #tcot #ccot
'Father of American Medicine' pleaded for Bible in schools #TCOT http://t.co/iNn53ElLP2
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#WH Correspondents 202-266-7453, @NBC 212-664-3720, @ABC 212-456-7777 @CBS 212-975-3247. Tell them the #Silence is #Deafening #Benhgazi
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@sirtatters @RepByrne #FireBoehner #FireMcConnell #Gowdy4Speaker @TGowdySC Understand let BO #ShutDownGovt #PowerOfPurse done 18x prior !!
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@sirtatters @jstines3 @RepMullin Jesus had Judas, Washington had Benedict Arnold, we have John #Boehner a traitorous phony if there ever was
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@RepRibble The #GOP victory is meaningless if #Boehner is Speaker. Vote to #FireBoehner. #PJNET http://t.co/DjHaTWQTTw
Retweeted by Jackie Yates#Shirat_Devorah Signs of the Moshiach: Rabbi Mizrachi supplies evidence of the current day sig... http://t.co/M8hP8McpA5 #Torah #Judaism
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGOP Prepares Keystone Blitz http://t.co/NGWjpXARzN #tcot #ccotHuckabee Leaving Fox News: 'I Cannot Bring Myself to Rule Out Another Presidential Run ... Stay Tuned' http://t.co/HvPmWwDjHx #tcot #ccot
"The State of Israel is a nation of laws with a moral army that upholds international law..." Bibi
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGot Cancer ? Democrats Say Die Nation's elite cancer hospitals offlimits under #ACA http://t.co/KIl7WBMRAl #1a http://t.co/pJBlMNTc7Z
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@dish #Don'tDropFoxNews I can't, won't, and don't watch CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, etc. I've been patient but this is getting ridiculous..@DISH is threatening to block FOXNews. Don’t take away the #1 rated cable news channel in America. #DontBlockFOXNews http://t.co/vVZE4Rw629Fox News: We don't know when we will be back on Dish Network http://t.co/UTH7rkbhnN via @aldotcom #tcot #ccotBlack sheriff has stunning advice for protesters http://t.co/WGt1URb7mb via @worldnetdaily #tcot #ccotNetanyahu re-elected as party leader http://t.co/27UCaEMYqC via @worldnetdaily #ccot #tcotObama Term Countdown http://t.co/xoNrqNz1yt #tcot #ccot
#AmericaInFiveWords Where the Dead Miraculously Vote
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWe shall NOT stand down. #AmericaInFiveWords
Retweeted by Jackie YatesVery ironic you live in one of the only countries that allows you to bash it with no repercussions. #AmericaInFiveWords
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
10 Modern Judgements Against Those Who Mistreated Israel via http://t.co/zCZmM5LZcT http://t.co/zCZmM5LZcT #ccot #tcot
There's a big coal giveaway in #Cromnibus http://t.co/TogbVcg4UM via @motherjones #tcot #ccotI believe this is a big wet kiss to the @USChamber by @SpeakerBoehner! Despicable! #CRomnibus @HUMBLEBRU8 @IngrahamAngle @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Jackie YatesEstablishment GOP just funded Obamacare & Amnesty, how pitiful is that? #CRomnibus
Retweeted by Jackie YatesRT @WashingtonDCTea: Benedict Boehner whipping Democrat votes... #CRomnibus http://t.co/n1znEEeP5N #NewSpeaker2015 #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Jackie YatesNames of those that should be @GOP new Conservative leadership ⏩ #CRomnibus MT @HolmesSimons: @JerzyLuv2A @ScotsFyre http://t.co/lWtbvfV9qo
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThis is (I think) the roll call for #CRomnibus. Dem Yes votes in Italics. http://t.co/mjHF4gt94u / @DownWithTyranny
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
JEWSNEWS » Obama Threatens to Punish Israel for Building in Jerusalem, While Easing Sanctions on Iran http://t.co/woMOvnN2Ve
» The PM of Israel with a message to his American friends…citizens, not government obviously http://t.co/nVSufRyDsr #ccot #tcot
Colorado School Changes Pledge to One Nation Under ‘Allah’? http://t.co/3QHGEjXokm #tcot
I never ever thought I would reach the point where Biden would be a appealing president if something happened 2 Obama, but I've reached it.
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhy didn't Obama pass #immigration reform 08'-10' Had Super Majority:Its not @GOP's Fault nothing was Done: #TCOT http://t.co/mMVwVmuqWL
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
Upset Mom Finds Herself Contacting the News After Reading the Answers on Her So... http://t.co/sdGj2cq8zz via @theblaze #tcot #ccot
This is the world we live in: #Christian couple burned alive by #muslim mob over a book. http://t.co/LRcYYYeDMm http://t.co/USPDqq7O7H
Retweeted by Jackie Yates
If this isn’t liberal logic in a nutshell, I don’t know what is! | Young Conservatives http://t.co/lVBSuRnJAs via @po_st
Hey @BarackObama @WhiteHouse Our patience ran out in about 2010. Deal with it. http://t.co/1Qx41maKNk
Retweeted by Jackie YatesMore proof liberals are nasty hate spewing humans #faobobindc He insults 3 states and 1.2 billion #Christians http://t.co/Zo9COF4E52
Retweeted by Jackie YatesWhat Nancy Pelosi Just Said About Why Democrats Got Demolished Echoes Liberal Media Lunacy http://t.co/BeHwr5PfHx via @po_st
90-Year-Old WWII Vet Arrested for Feeding Homeless People http://t.co/8YuVO72gvz via @po_st #tcot #ccotA month after declaring at #UNGA that he's eager for peace,Abu Mazen's incitement leads to 5 terror attacks+numerous riots in Jerusalem.
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@PistevoGa Here is why Dems got an Epic Smackdown Last Night. #ObamaPresser http://t.co/U9T4bR1PV8
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama "hears" 2/3's of people who didn't vote. Do you think he hears the 92 million people who have dropped out of workforce? #election2014
Retweeted by Jackie YatesObama Will Seek Criminal Charges Against Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden If He Speaks to Fox News http://t.co/ad45dla88J
Retweeted by Jackie YatesNow, may foolishly imagined Utopian dreams of the egalitarian state be forever driven into the dust, in America. #Election2014 @SovCam #tcot
Retweeted by Jackie YatesSeriously... We Do!!!🇺🇸 http://t.co/UTXTYcTW3p via RavenMad73 @RebelMouse via @RebelMouse http://t.co/gq4ZILlzFx
Retweeted by Jackie YatesGlenn Beck Warns GOP: Obama Is Going To Get More Radical http://t.co/9QjFTFbdRD #tcot #UniteBlue #p2
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThe Polls Were Skewed Toward Democrats | FiveThirtyEight - http://t.co/9eETGkPvwg
Retweeted by Jackie Yates28 Dem Senators that voted FOR Obamacare in 2008 are now GONE.That's the price u pay when you pass laws you know the ppl don't want. #FACT
Retweeted by Jackie Yates5 Hilariously Stupid Reactions By Liberals In The Media After Last Night's GOP Tidal Wave | MRCTV http://t.co/C3DE9FmGCl
Retweeted by Jackie YatesThis One Particular GOP Win Stunned MSNBC: 'Unbelievable', 'Blow For Obama'#.VFp4k4vF-Do http://t.co/QpRwEm2JrZ #tcot #ccot
Voting Machine Caught on Camera Casting Ballot for Democrat when Selecting Republican http://t.co/zBdGITdrSx #tcot #ccot
#FF 🎃👀👺👽👻 @MamawJack @SallyluvsLA @CoconutHealth @CancunSkye @CassidyLindgren @GodsJoy2012 @WorldXplorers @haadeh @fishingkorea
Retweeted by Jackie Yates@MamawJack Another Dem use of threats & unspoken use of force to create fear. Dem against freedom for the ppl, think tyrant/dictator
Retweeted by Jackie YatesFamily Spokesman Says Mexican Judge Orders Jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi Freed... | http://t.co/NrZtwi8oV6 #tcot #ccotFOX NEWS POLL: Senate Race Tightens, Rivals Separated By 1 Point In Key States | http://t.co/nbDQeLkms0 #tcot #ccot
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