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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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This was @GeorgeTakei, @tellyleung and me at Greene Space last night. Enjoy! is out!!! than 10 hours of sleep last night. Let's hope for more of that please!!!@kleyrinine Since a bunch of you call me Mommy, I guess it's okay!@RobChien She knows now!!!@RobChien You have fans, Hon!!!My goodness. @katieroseclarke, oh my goodness.
This month's Lifestyle Asia!!! Dawn Zulueta and yours truly are the cover girls!!! Hahahahaha! Thanks, Hon!
So happy that @RobChien has become more active on Twitter. Storm his profile and get him more followers!!!@Gerard_Salonga Di ba?!?!? #BingBongMadeMeCryIt seems there are people who create Twitter accounts just to tell me how OA I am. But, when you think about it, who's actually more OA?@perry_cute Salamat sa tag ha? Mute kita, wait lang.Safe and sound in New York. And oh goodness, it's hot!!! #ItsCoolerInManila
@MissLeaBabes Short for Abuela (Lola sa Kastila).Yes, @kusieho deserves credit for the cut. But for the style and execution, Angel Jamelarin is the person responsible. Inspired by Miley.Stolen from @kusieho. This is the edgiest hairstyle I've ever donned, and certainly the most fun. I'm… just got on the plane and already my mother has made friends. How on earth does she do it?!?…, @ElementsCamp!!! So many of our TVOP Season 2 artists were campers too! minutes from drop-off to lounge. Why can't all airports be like this?Oh! I got the fan gifts! All of them! Thank you!!! Will take what I can, but the rest will remain at home.Proud. So proud to be singing this. Oh she'll be a star, no matter what. You don't have to win to have a stellar career. It's the career everyone should aim for.Dearest @YengPLUGGEDin and Jonathan, grabe ang kantang ginawa niyo!!! Maraming salamat sa tiwala na ibinigay niyo sa aming mga coaches!I really should wash my hair now, but I'm still loving my do!!!
@isabelxlea She wanted to get her hair cut the same way!!!Nakakatuwang isispin na may isang batang tindera ng bananacue ang magbabago ang buhay. God is good!
Retweeted by Lea SalongaKapamilya! The Grand Champion of The Voice Kids Season 2! Congratulations Elha! #TVK2Finale
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@kyra_le_rose Of course! Ayokong umalis!@AJ_cent It is. And I don't really know enough to make and give an opinion. Need to study muna.@ruthcoleen__ They're okay. They're kids. And their careers have just begun.@steverogers890 Already thinking of what he can record!!! Now we can create his brand right.@TimmyPavino For as long as TVOP will have me, I plan to stay around.@IambabySphinx I hope so too! But I'll always be happy and supportive of all coaches and artists whatever happens.Thank you all for your incredible support this season!!! Please stay with us as we continue helping make dreams come true. Salamat po! Done!I shall continue to be present on Twitter and Facebook for interesting conversations on art and music, RH, LGBT, and whatever!Meanwhile, I shall be home packing for my trip tomorrow to New York. I ask for prayers and good wishes for a safe journey and a solid run!And now, the rest of all our kids' journeys begin. Let's continue to support them as they navigate this craziness show business! 5/?Congratulations to all at Team Voice for all the hard work you put in from Blinds to our Finale. It's such a privilege working with you. 3/?Congratulations to Elha Nympha on an amazing ride, and to her coach and guide through her journey, Bamboo! This is only the beginning. 2/?What a fantastic, amazing, wonderful season. It makes coming back to The Voice something to look forward to. You can bet I'll be back. 1/?KEEP VOTING!!! Voting lines haven't closed yet!!!!!! #tvk2finale@ruthcoleen__ Kids. The sked is easier for those of us with families, hehehe. And they're super kwela!@MissLeaBabes Collaboration lahat. Minsan nasa song list na ng artist, minsan hindi.If I may ask you Twitterers, alin ang mas gusto niyo sa 2016: Kids or Regular Season? #CuriousLangLast day in Manila...Tonight the TVK coaches will perform an original composition by @YengPLUGGEDin and #JonathanManalo titled Sariling Awit Natin. #TVK2FinaleWhatever happens on Sunday, I shall leave for New York with happy memories of an amazing #TVK2 season, and look forward to Blinds in 2016.
Stealing this from @kusieho. Thanks for the haircut!!! JUST HIT 3 MILLION FOLLOWERS!!! WOW!!!@ReybertSevilla Her voice isn't as high as Elha's so I need to be very careful with assigning songs. And age appropriate material is hard.@ReybertSevilla Wait lang. Tomorrow her big ballad is huge. This is a marathon, not a sprint.@iamjyrrah Not until she's at least 16. Read the lyrics.@EiziaLove Voting closes at midnight. There's lots of time.@LeaAddictAko @AndyAlegre All solos. No more duets.Stages 1 and 2 of the #TVK2Finale are done. Stage 3, the toughest stage, is tomorrow night. Big ballads, you guys! And they have huge ones!@dessrejeline_ Yes. Use the same sim to vote.@AndyAlegre Wait lang. We have big ballads tomorrow. You'll need to fasten your seatbelt then. They're both singing big songs.I voted tonight and confirmation came in. No problems!!! #TVK2FinaleATTENTION: all your votes are getting through even w/o confirmation. One vote per sim per night! You NEED to vote both nights! #TVK2Finale@AndyAlegre Wait ka lang diyan. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. And it's hard picking a song for an 8 year old.@LeaAddictAko Either that or have no participation at all. I think she would've preferred being part of the night.Oh yeah, I got a haircut! Sarap! Tipid pa sa shampoo at conditioner!!!Okay... voting scheme is ONE VOTE PER SIM PER NIGHT!!! #TVK2FinaleThe Voice Kids Top 4, Season 1 and 2!!! #TVK2Finale All coaches will perform on Sunday, and will be commenting on both days.@msgillianD Nike Flyknit Free 4.0.@DeltaGoodrem It's the #TVK2Finale for us tonight and tomorrow!!! Enjoy your Finale as well!!!Uhmm....... uh oh.
@iLoveMsLeaS0110 No adults. Only Lyca, Darren, JK, Darlene.@jerika_estrada Ha? Ano'ng nangyari?@SarahGIsMyLife Not today. She'll be in her chair tomorrow and Sunday.@mgrp25 Yes. Season 1 Top 4 with Season 2 Top 4.@mgrp25 Nope. Opening last kasama ng kids.All singers rejoice!!! Read this!!! Only on Sunday.@CDLeaThel Collaboration with guest artist also. We all worked together to pick the right song.@iheartLeaS Hindi. Bunutan sa mga bata.Oh, to the fans of Season 1's Top 4, manood kayo. They'll be performing with this season's Top 4! #TVK2Finale@CDLeaThel I don't know yet. Will find out tomorrow.@mhegzstellar Nope. We have celebs performing tomorrow with the kids. Coaches perform on Sunday.Just finished rehearsals for #TVK2Finale. Our Top 4 are bringing their A game to the competition!!! This is so exciting!!! Abangan!!!@joeb_04 What do you mean? I don't understand the question.@itsmePanchang Hindi. They're just very bright.Now rehearsing the kids' upbeat numbers. Oh goodness, everyone is BRINGING IT!!! #TVK2Finale@lizzzuy I worked with Vince yesterday!!! But I didn't recognize him. Iba kasi ang look from the billboard. He was my posing coach, hehehe.@vince_uy Ay potek, it's you I worked with yesterday!!! I wasn't able to gush about that Bench billboard of love!!! Argh!!!@yowraineee That should be "losing one's virginity as a teenager."@yowraineee oh wait! There's something missing from that tweet!!!@yowraineee Oh yes.@chicprotagonist Haaaay mali!!!@AicaDioquino The comments however are worth it.@crystal74463 We have rehearsals today so I'll know in a few hours.@MsJrgyy I will not place my religious and personal beliefs on another person. At that point, all one can advise is protection.I like this one. Losing one's virginity is not a source of pride. It only means you have zero self-control and zero self-respectTranslation: don't trade a good future for temporary pleasure. Ang mga bata ngayon dapat malaman na hindi basta basta ang pakikipagtalik, they need to know and understand the consequence.
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@dessrejeline_ How do we prevent this from happening?@donnababes04 Make no mistake. Ginusto nila.
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