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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman looking for her last muse: artist, writer, musician, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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A message from BB King http://t.co/WEYnnxEPkH#Republican Jesus http://t.co/hodafB3UxZMT @YardrepShortbus This: http://t.co/FA6SXhV6LB@YardrepShortbus amazing@RCdeWinter Hi RC nice 2 see u on my feed. #LongXNoTweet. shit gets 2 boring when #LWwarriorsLikeU dont tweet. LOL http://t.co/2BQ8xvdjjh
Retweeted by RC deWinter@YardrepShortbus thanks sweetie…life is chaotic and demanding, but I get to jump on occasionally. Hope you’re well.@thegregjackson @Kimberly_Canete @Astorix23 @pppatticake @jojokejohn @milesjreed @MikeLoBurgio lol!@lkkash hi Lori, thanks for sharing the art, have a lovely SundayA pictorial history of mankind http://t.co/nTxW5YsQIjIn 24 Hours Bernie #Sanders Raised More Money Than Rand #Paul, Marco #Rubio, and Ted #Cruz via @politicususa http://t.co/9wrg7me8AUDon't miss thIs! Useful for explaining him to #RWNJ as well as kids: How to talk to your kids about Bernie #Sanders https://t.co/VAWbA3KCJ2Best-selling crime writer Ruth #Rendell has died http://t.co/5MLJwbpF5rPlease RETWEET poor little Markie in NYC. Poor sweetie is running out of time. Plz RT. Thanks. http://t.co/g0bznPrWA4 http://t.co/uW8DNzq9k5
Retweeted by RC deWinter@forestnettle @Margaretherapy ^5
@Matts20cents lol@RCdeWinter @Valerie0714 We need to send a message to the GOP that "Business" doesn't need a 6:45 AM BJ from them every morning.
Retweeted by RC deWinter@RCdeWinter I see that look when Obama looks sad, he reflects all of us yet; #NoBSwithBernie #vote for progress.TYVM! http://t.co/eP1jsurVP3
Retweeted by RC deWinter@RCdeWinter @Valerie0714 Large corporations are sure as hell making more than the people, yet they whine & cry like spoiled brats.
Retweeted by RC deWinter@ME_XoP true enoughIndeed, alas... http://t.co/uHEu6N03uq@wildthing404 sweet dreams@wildthing404 xoxoxo sissy … life continues crazy@MannasNathan busy & crazy@Aerdog @JoeKoffee Thanks for sharing the snippet@Northquahog48 you bet@AnitaStewart thank you Anita@christe4 ;-)@83Celt backatcha, tweetheart! XOwords in the ether evaporate meaningless wisps of smoke in a wildfire of empty posturing ~ RC deWinteryou deny i am a witch what fools you mortals be i am ripe for burning ~ RC deWinterI hope so https://t.co/ysZTnZ5BlaSome tweets were destined to be retweeted over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over! https://t.co/d8kBV7nptI
Retweeted by RC deWinter@fullofbalogna wishing you the same#JustDoIt http://t.co/Czv9TZte5QHonesty can be painful, but it's always better than bullshit. ~ RC deWinterTruth http://t.co/9BMJzT9d8PTHIS is what's wrong with Amerika! #EndCorporateWelfare #inequality #EnoughIsEnough http://t.co/fRQdSyye1h"The Gift" The package that you sent arrived today... http://t.co/RNeIThh3kq #poetry #SupportTheArts http://t.co/H7HHMWH9dDAs I always say... http://t.co/mT6O6Rq3soYou bet! http://t.co/fWpITVPksDAnd way too many of them are sitting in the halls of Congress http://t.co/GO2fzpetVv #YouCantFixStupidLegalize it & tax it already…the deficit will disappear #pot http://t.co/eOFIc0lEcDLet's do it! RT it! http://t.co/7EGBcZkLhrMy two cents http://t.co/BXjkqDCDGqHand these out to your RWNJ friends and family. http://t.co/izQgh3IfTvAnybody else have a problem with this? http://t.co/oI3QjpxqyCTruth...but the last should be first. http://t.co/VeL7b2z4x6A recent study found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.It's always preferable to be strong. Someone who fears your strength doesn't deserve your love. http://t.co/Yi9Bx0za1vI languish, waiting for both... http://t.co/TGSKPq4d0dLaugh, dammit, it’s funny! http://t.co/eqibeXdU6QNerd humor strikes again! http://t.co/leFSV96kfKThere is no such thing as an overdose... http://t.co/54LIUp0pS2A life without passion is a life wasted. Live passionately! http://t.co/dA1JhHlI64@EnsorceledBill ;-) wishing you a lovely eveningNew #ACLU Cellphone App Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters - available for #CA, #MO & #NE http://t.co/6zx3WLcu5pWe ARE becoming Nazi-fied: #Texas #GOP Introduces Bill to Make Recording #Police Illegal http://t.co/Owg3VTjTMg@DuaneRoset lol@DuaneRoset I do tweet politics, but I refuse to fight about it@DuaneRoset ah well... I'm not here to disagree and argue with people, I'm here to enjoy myself@BennieDanson @noticiasypunto Thanks for sharing the poem, I appreciate it.NASA May Have Accidentally Discovered Faster-Than-Light Travel http://t.co/mlSejXzbpNLMFAO! http://t.co/g370bTCB00✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ Love & magick to all who have FF'd, RT'd or otherwise been kind to me. I appreciate YOU.Did you know the government has reserved the right to cut cell phone service at its discretion? READ THIS: http://t.co/ioOBT0sTF1@DuaneRoset let's not discuss politics or Israel *grin*@RCdeWinter Over the years, I've found it's never too early for alcohol. Look for me on that bench I'll be the one holding a brown bag!😎
Retweeted by RC deWinterCall your Representative and tell them to vote NO on HR2048, it renews Section 215 of the Patriot Act! #sunset215 https://t.co/ABOitPDCFl
Retweeted by RC deWinterCore Jazz: Recent Links to stories about the #jazz greats, 30 April 2015 http://t.co/BPLBFqE4ckThis is just a bit alarming...like YEAH! Court mulls revealing secret US government plan to cut cell phone service http://t.co/ioOBT0sTF1Wisdom from the First Lady of Jazz http://t.co/PWQ7RrW69vYep, and every penny in profit squeezed out by #BigPharma http://t.co/7R5kjqn8wBTruth http://t.co/9BMJzT9d8PBe a REAL patriot: Tell Congress: Don’t reauthorize the #PatriotAct Please sign & share, TY http://t.co/2SXta3JmwkIt’s not easy to sever a human spine. Here’s why. via @NewsHour #FreddieGray http://t.co/MEBjEySYQa
LMFAO! http://t.co/g370bTCB00As it should be: Freddie Gray’s death ruled a homicide http://t.co/SfmUgvUl8K#Baltimore police arrest the man who filmed the Freddie Gray arrest. http://t.co/EisypGHwbfAnother great gone: Ben E R&B legend Ben E. King dies at 76 #StandByMe http://t.co/Hg0pJatLPSNASA May Have Accidentally Discovered Faster-Than-Light Travel http://t.co/mlSejXzbpN
@MannasNathan waving hi"the merwoman speaks" twilight descends as i sit on the green spring lawn where once...http://t.co/Mm6uCijQKz #poetry #SupportTheArtsWhat does this tell you? In 4 Years #Baltimore Paid $5.7 Million to Settle #Police Brutality Lawsuits http://t.co/9fOrN9CZnQ@RCdeWinter yvw. Dunno if you saw my latest watercolor painting? http://t.co/Tol0UQ7Ycy
Retweeted by RC deWinter@brokenwing2005 very nice monochromesBright #Beltane blessings to my #pagan brothers and sisters http://t.co/j4ykdoA4nzif this is true for you as well, come sit next to me on this bench... http://t.co/8011keJTk2More douchebaggery, but what can you expect from a douchebag? http://t.co/tW6kesSwXhUh, yeah... http://t.co/qgJ3tTnCAe@brokenwing2005 waving hi, good to see you, thank you for sharing the snippets@olson_hill hi Sandy, greetings from the East Coast, thanks for sharing the poetry, good to see you.#WiseWomenWarriors @howcrazy @_Woman_health @MusicAsMetaphor @LeeHillerLondon @ArtistRebeccaLS @VictoryArts @barbieinoz @msbuttafly112Bright #Beltane blessings to my #pagan brothers and sisters! http://t.co/j4ykdoA4nz
Bright #Beltane blessings to my #pagan brothers and sisters! http://t.co/j4ykdoA4nzGet a little background: The brutality of police culture in #Baltimore https://t.co/7DQX1WcYcSThank you https://t.co/a0n0bPds3k@EilidhRae_ Thank you for sharing the snippet, I appreciate it
I wouldn't be surprised if this really happened http://t.co/RctAlAPGSJ@GregMercer1 @Mozi_N I wish I knew@EnsorceledBill most kind of you, Bill. Merci
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