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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 Kitchen Cabinet Likes a wee whisky now and again Contact: weenippy@rmccormack.com

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@mh_harrison @blenheimforge isn’t Fire great?@IanCrofton ah but does your Auntie?@LBABooks ha ha ha! Worse, I’ll send my Auntie. You wouldn’t like my Auntie. She can curdle milk with a look.My, the Spanish know how to design book covers. https://t.co/vyD2YENBRw@csleight @BBCOutofDoors @euanmcilwraith @markstephen60 you are LEAVING?? 😨@miss_jordi @SabrinaGhayour oh you lucky woman.So the papers have served on Carmicheal. . .@themisswhisky that’s practically a cocktailIf you're in Oxford next Thursday eve, I'm talking about the British volunteers in the #InternationalBrigades during the #SpanishCivilWar.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackTo combat the NY Times all-white summer reading list, I'm putting together a list of books by non-white authors for a blog. Suggest shit.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@KitchenBee @DianaHenryFood I make a lovely cherry and whisky fool. Am still trying to make in a microwave without it curdling.Only a few years ago David Cameron was expressing "frustration" at BBC screening a Panorama investigation into FIFA corruption.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@donalde my God she knows you well. Happy Birthday x@SouthLondonGirl I don’t know, but @RichardBaxell might. (Spanish exiles in WW2 French resistance. Books?)@SouthLondonGirl yes all Republican exiles. They were hoping democracy would extend to Spain after the war.@jimwaterson @JamieRoss7 I await his romp around Scottish Field and the Sunday Post with anticipation.@jayrayner1 ach but you are providing us all with such entertainment.@ginandting really???@jayrayner1 I am actually crying with laughter.@mcalpena u los de pates la Piarra? 🎶🎵🎶@Juliapleonard @lickedspoon or give her a few weeks@VONmarketing but it is tempting@Juliapleonard was lovely to see you last night, albeit briefly. We must convene another time with that @lickedspoon@joshspero and if a play, a pie and a pint is on at Oran Mor that can be good (but not always as plays change every week)@joshspero Crabshak has much better price/quality seafood than here. Voltaire and Roseau is the messiest 2nd hand bookshop in the world.@TuTall El. Un pop-up@siepert btw do you know that @BELSAZARBaden are here in UK? The rosé is just amazing.The Spanish for pop-up is pop-up.#ShekuBayoh petition picking up steam. Demand justice, demand answers. No more racist and sanist murders by police: https://t.co/HIFKE3L7c7
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackIf Shekuh Boyah had died in US police custody rather than Scottish, do you think the case would be getting more UK media attention?@How_Upsetting @ScotAFed that is definitely the reason'Radical' land reforms in Scotland are nothing of the sort http://t.co/NH093ef4Mg By me, for the @ConversationUK #landreform
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Sathnam Oh Sathnam. No. No.Joyce McMillan, one of Scotland’s best political commentors. http://t.co/JUjRfbIwxG@BBCOutofDoors btw your last episode is a bit jumpy on iPlaer in the last 15 minutes or so. Cuts in and out randomly.@iskandarv it might not make Radio Scotland Out of Doors, but I am sure it counts.@9600 I think this is parallel life. So actual peace promoter.Out of Doors has interviewed Gordon Brown who is a kayaker. Earlier it was land reformer David Cameron. What does Tony Blair do?@PeatWorrier @loveandgarbage 😂😂😂😂😂@AamerAnwar gotta love football.@loveandgarbage @peatworrier Gentlemen, tell me about Richard Keen QCMartin Wolf on new Right To Buy http://t.co/JoFNRXoi3w "handing over huge amounts of public money to people who win housing musical chairs"
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@TaffGT @RevRichardColes do you know there’s a Barbara Cartland restaurant near what was her hunting lodge in Scotland?@RevRichardColes WHERE did you discover that?@Really_Hungry one of the results of #indyref seems to be more people being involved in local stuff. Land reform has taken off big time.@Really_Hungry this is why the programme is so interesting. Land reform will happen. It’s here.@Really_Hungry he’s thick as mince.The spokesman is from Liverpool, the boss of the community land project is Welsh. https://t.co/vl9nlzWDir@Really_Hungry it’s only absent landlords that come up with that nonsense.@joshspero in terms of mentees getting written pieces into newspapers or getting University places? I’ve seen quite a lot.@_David_Patrick_ yupI love that the spokesman for the community land buy out on South Uist is a Scouser.The chair of Community Land Scotland is called David Cameron. 😳Really really interesting programme on land reform in Scotland. http://t.co/w1g0uLJoZo@TrishDeseine that would be nice.@GreavsieE17 ah.@McMoop @DrAnnieGray @JLewisland yeah but it’s proper Victorian influence.@GreavsieE17 what for?GastroSalon returns to @stokeylitfest on Sunday 7th June with @zoesqwilliams @nikeshshukla and Andi Oliver. https://t.co/e76T34tz3YI am so glad that I didn't see this https://t.co/Zk5t821DSe@sturdyAlex ISIS are in Afghanistan? What does the Mail know and we don't?@jammach this isn't going to last long.@DrAnnieGray so there’s a dish @mcmoop’s new gaffe that would make you so happy. Fish and hot cucumber and sultanas.@DawnHFoster it might mean that the cows are drunk.@MatofKilburnia @petefrasermusic OBVIOUSLY the latter Mat.A view from one of Scotland's loneliest "A" roads, on the sublime island of Jura. More: http://t.co/8Lj2IFF50w http://t.co/EQjZqP4Yb3
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@MatofKilburnia @petefrasermusic she was part of that better together letter by the son in law of the Duke of Westminster@PeatWorrier @disabilitydiva yes it is a massive factor to consider.You’d go out for a drink with Tommy. You’d pour one over Liam.Families have been friends for so long. Although reminding my Father he is practically related to Liam Fox by marriage is fun.It turns out that I know @TommySheppard’s sister-in-law. This is WAY better than my Dad’s wife being almost related to Liam Fox as their@emmizzykay nope. Not feeling the love.@MalcolmCombe how to pronounce scone@disabilitydiva @PeatWorrier ah l see. It is such a difficult topic for most people. It seems for politicians too.@mickynoname1 Well they want Scottish Indepence. As far as they are concerned the union has finished. They may not be wrong. Goodnight@emmizzykay I hate you.@disabilitydiva @PeatWorrier that is surprising as the motion was tabled by Greens.@disabilitydiva needed me to make decisions.@mickynoname1 SF?@disabilitydiva and it has really made me think. It is such a difficult topic. And I don't know what I'd do if my parents (who are immortal)@disabilitydiva I think one of the issues is we don't actually want to deal with it. Lawyer @PeatWorrier has written about it recently@lickedspoon I am thinking I should do a new language@mickynoname1 I am not saying you have to agree with their point, but they feel it and express it very clearly.@mickynoname1 do you know what their point is?@mickynoname1 but SNP are the only people with electoral reform of Westminster as a policy. UKIP doesn't have it@mickynoname1 surely even if Scotland is the only place to want to stay in EU, their point still stands@disabilitydiva you don't agree with it? (Am not being hostile, my attitude is to hide under my bed with a comic until it disappears)@lickedspoon no. But I might learn how to speak German. So swings and roundabouts@mickynoname1 they do. Thing is SNP stood in 59 seats. UKIP in 650. Problem is FPTP@cllrbutlin why do you think that they are irrelevant? #bbcqtIt's worrying that we can't talk of assisted-suicide without resorting to emotionalism and me-too-ism. No robust arguments offered. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@lickedspoon and that's not whisky@lickedspoon no. I only have vermouth@PatrickStrud No. No. No. He's like a cult leader.This is an epic disaster.@tomsdinner @McMoop @chefcalum @TheCanonbury @cornishgrill @ElyseLi1 it turned out to be . . .I have no whisky in the house.
So the @mcmoop takeover of @TheCanonbury will be something else. It's quite amazing already.@ruth_wishart @TommySheppard it was excellentNorn Irish born and bred former Labour councillor, comedy club owner, now SNP MP @TommySheppard’s maiden speech https://t.co/o7bAgVm3Ga
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