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#muslim #isis #Islamophobia? I think the word you're searching for is #Islamorealism http://t.co/NyihT8Bqyu http://t.co/gFjOVkqPxt
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyFilling up with gasoline at $2.15 a gallon. Who's heard of that while #Obama's President?Still trying to decide whether @Salon is a parody account.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIf Paramount is really blocking the showing of Team America it is a stunning act of cowardice -reinforces the need for the U.S. Govt to act
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ufcpride40 Looking forward to getting to know you a little!“@ufcpride40: TRUTH! #Tcot #2a #molonlabe #teaparty #rednationrising http://t.co/9KvYARR4BWPicture on left: Brave men who fought against tyranny Picture on right: The gook that scares pussy democrats & #Sony http://t.co/R9ignHRRWi
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny I have to turn off the tv when she is on. Her voice is as abrasive as Harry Reid's and that says a lot.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny
“Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.” ~John Adams http://t.co/17POCmsn6RHas the @WhiteHouse announced a new hashtag for #NorthKorea yet? Asking for a friend. #TheInterview http://t.co/GQNCjoFpwiWhat Sony should do is broadcast #TheInterview into North Korea
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe can only keep our mouths shut for so long. #homosexual #gay #queer http://t.co/gWTNMfjYFWMarquette University: If you oppose gay marriage - keep your mouth shut -- or else. http://t.co/NtUrKBwSwA
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@kmfisher1 Don't worry - we can borrow it! @SenTedCruz@SenTedCruz @ResistTyranny this will cost us billions of dollars in aid money we do not have
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyDemocrats: The New Stupid Party http://t.co/9S0ry59pKB
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIf North Korea can do this to a major movie studio, they can do it to a government that loses emails and can't launch a web site.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThis is yet another manifestation of the failures of the Obama, Clinton, Kerry foreign policy. http://t.co/oxGpTEZoTy
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt’s a consistent pattern. First Russia, then Iran, now Cuba. Obama’s deal will be remembered as a tragic mistake. http://t.co/SrfUa6Vr8B
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ThomasStahley @ResistTyranny @PhxKen @AZWS Everything we conservatives warned about back in 2008 came true. Where is our apologies?
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyGerman researchers discover a flaw that could let anyone listen to your cell calls. http://t.co/wkgAycfYHN Anyone. #tcot #ocra
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny.@BarackObama If you have a minute, could you remove the "kick me" sign you taped to America's back? #Thanks
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyDUMB AND DUMBER! MOOCH AND HOOCH! When you never have done the pledge of allegiance, you don't know what to do!!!!! http://t.co/bPozy0qEsD
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@PhxKen @AZWS I've lost friends a girl friend and a job all for saying this back in 08... http://t.co/uzDAXApO1u
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThis is why..... http://t.co/hDPQhZJgYz
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant Have a female first lady http://t.co/fqSFluOOf5
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @JudicialWatch @TheDemocrats http://t.co/uNIPhVe5Yz
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny Supports communists tyrants & terrorists but wants to sanction our ally Israel! Disgrace to Office of POTUS #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI am NOT an Islamophobe if I expect Muslims to condemn Islamic terrorism. I am a humanitarian.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyPPP polling on the issues that Americans really care about. http://t.co/KRtlzQ7P07
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#EveryoneMakeFunOfKimJongUnDay Because Americans understand the First Amendment and God Given Rights and Sony doesn't.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI want to play poker with Obama he gives everything away for nothing.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. That means YOU. And #Obama.I would love for the Target shopper to speak out re how racist she felt asking the @FLOTUS to grab her a jug of Tide. http://t.co/jvaaQdZWuY
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@backatone000 People have NO idea how bad it can get.Back in Nov I said watch what Obama will do in December. We are at war.. Cuba is the straw.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“@indyrallen: I often ask short people to reach for things off the bottom shelf for me.” That's a *really* racist thing to say. :-)#Cuba Hmm. http://t.co/G5edQisbNA
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny28,500+ followers and we can't get more than 300 retweets?? WAKE UP, people.People will have to be SHOCKED out of their stupor to see things as they are. Most are far too content with things as they are.“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ~Thomas Jefferson http://t.co/wWe0ev9W0c@TexasXeina @ResistTyranny wife and I were talking about this last night. Funny watching liberals scrambling around their hateful emails :)
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyCuba policy shows Obama ‘switching sides’; No Longer Represents The American People. http://t.co/zVYtrcVWxb
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHey Sony, you liberal bastards....how does it feel being on the end of having your 1st amendment rights shoved up your ass?
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@Fabflavors We’ll probably NEVER have a vacation like that. Most of us won’t. :-/When a $10,000 check is a LOT to most of us, #Obama has borrowed $18,000,000,000. Let that sink in for a minute. http://t.co/ijwmeDOjlt.@JudicialWatch - #Obama spent $1.2 MILLION of our money. Raising money for @TheDemocrats: http://t.co/POzp0T3gyq http://t.co/JGZ9DUWM8d
#ThingsMichelleObamaThinksAreRacist So much racism in this photo>>> @FLOTUS http://t.co/vxbTPbrLAp
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“Power always thinks... that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws.” ~John Adams http://t.co/vLulMXwKty“Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power.” ~James Madison http://t.co/KY7ZytLILQ“@BlueWaterDays: John #McCain can't handle the #Arizona border, yet maintains he's a foreign policy expert.”@ResistTyranny @LadySandersfarm @scooterrat hmm she must have a terrible stylist to allow this 2occur, unless... (S)He?
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @scooterrat She got a woody.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @LadySandersfarm Wonder what that lump is?
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAnd there's this... @LadySandersfarm @scooterrat http://t.co/WfbHmZMztXHere's Kim Jong-il's death scene from Team America: World Police: https://t.co/RX3ikpvRJo@ClearPatriot @ResistTyranny Our power is already usurped with Boehner and McConnell betraying us. Need a strict Constitutional party!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIf you *love* @AnnCoulter, you *might* be a #RINO. #Christie #Romney #Bush#JustLikeBillClinton “@T_PartyInfantry: @ResistTyranny i see luscious boobs”Bill Clinton is a 4 star general in the #WarOnWomen @ResistTyranny
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNo #racism here. #Honest. http://t.co/PrmT2oX8MNWhat do you think of when you see this photo? Monica Lewinski? Or worse? #BillClinton #rape http://t.co/RORScK0ze6#thingsmichelleobamathinksareracist Maybe ah thinka she was a man. (SNL character) http://t.co/xCP6oJDjUk
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@KatiePavlich @ResistTyranny he's not stupid but he is controlled.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny" A pattern of bad deals is what we expect from this administration."~Sen. Ted Cruz
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@gobudley Here's another for your consideration! https://t.co/kciAbFAtQ8@ClearPatriot We're not sure that it does. Many #democrats loathe their party, too.@ResistTyranny Sounds good but how does that not guarantee @TheDemocrats election victories for years to come? #splitsthevote
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIf you think Barack Obama is stupid, you're wrong. Everything is intentional.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@BradThor @Reince @GOP What Brad Thor said! We're leaving the GOP. Especially if Jeb is the nominee! #nomorebushes #nomoreclintons
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyBest-Selling Author Brad Thor: 'If Jeb Bush is the Nominee, I Will Never Vote Republican Again' http://t.co/1481yVXccf via @BreitbartNews
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @BobG231 I've given up. The GOP takes control, immediately turn into Demonrats. Not voting. Let it all crumble.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @BobG231 Past time !
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@BradThor @ResistTyranny @Reince @GOP I tried to find the retweet again button and couldn't. I could not agree more with this.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyGained 12 new followers in the past day. I’m growing my account the right way, are you? Do it with http://t.co/YYp3XPNzfPThe time may be rapidly approaching for a new political party. A party that truly believes deeply in the US #Constitution. #GOP #teapartyHey @Reince & @GOP - let me be perfectly clear. If Jeb Bush is the nominee, I will never vote Republican again. http://t.co/qittmV6MG0
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny“No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.” ~Abraham Lincoln http://t.co/cLI5DzQCReJeb Bush confidently declared he wouldn't pander to Republican voters, sticking to his principles on immigration and education reform." #LOL
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny http://t.co/x65TXxRPCK
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@seanmdav They can't help it. #Obama is the anointed one!I get that a lot of reporters are ideologically aligned with Obama, but that's no excuse for just being stupid and historically illiterate.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Truth is, #ISIS does not know or care about #ClimateChange. Death to infidels! http://t.co/Lj8qgDyRKO24 states now part of my lawsuit against Obama & his executive action on immigration #tcot @TexasGOP #txlege http://t.co/Jelh2Zkz32
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyJeb Bush, like Romney, may be a nice man, but he does not inspire and is not the man to lead America thru the tough days & choices ahead.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyJeb Bush has two heels, both Achilles. Immigration and common core. @hughhewitt
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@hale_razor @ResistTyranny As President McCain said: My friends, you have nothing to fear with Jeb Bush in the White House!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyJeb Bush announces and will do a fine job, just like Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney.
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @BettinaInclan @ronportnoir @AJDelgado13 Absolutely correct! However with POTUS wants it, it's by force which fails. #1776
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@CaseyCockfield @BettinaInclan @ronportnoir @AJDelgado13 No, the only way #Cuba will be democracy will be from within.@BettinaInclan #Cuba IS a terrorist state. And thanks to #Obama, they'll be properly rewarded for it. #communism #socialism@ronportnoir @AJDelgado13 Why don't you learn the facts about Cuba. My grandfather was tortured for 13 yrs as a Cuban political prisoner
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyMake no mistake Cuba is terrorist state. The Cuban spies held in the US have helped organize terrorist attacks and have killed Americans.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyBeing asked to pay for your own million-dollar vacations: #thingsmichelleobamathinksareracist
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#thingsmichelleobamathinksareracist This hashtag.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyOf course the president wants to "improve" relations with #Castro. They think much alike.
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyShorter #Obama on US-Cuba relations: “If it's #communist, we support it!” #Cuba http://t.co/x28fji3OfgWhat's the name of the poor place in the Atlantic Ocean? Oh yeah, the United States. #Obama http://t.co/6tA6cnH68TIf your argument in favor of ANY candidate involves degrees of evil (he's not as bad as...), don't even start. #tcot #ocra
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny
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