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Rusty Mowery @RustyMowery 37.3317, -122.0307

Associate Choreographer of KINKY BOOTS Broadway, 2013 Tony award winner for BEST MUSICAL. Oh, we also won the 2014 Grammy best cast recording

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.@GovPenceIN Yep. That's what I'll do. Hey @HRC get ready for a little money coming your way from Indiana via me to you! Have at it!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryBrava,@AudraEqualityMc! WELL DONE, DIVA! xox http://t.co/VKZOrIWNRm
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryRaising you UP! Kinky Boots Photo Shoot Realness! http://t.co/O64PyYfC8U @KinkyBootsBway http://t.co/0RjHPbLBEF
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryLIVING ALL THE LIVES!!! http://t.co/3xtCUcqbjH
OMG @Delta is charging me 40 bucks to "upgrade" my seat to the window seat in the same row! Bitches! Does that seem RIGHT?! #bitches
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryOprah Gets Kinky http://t.co/Et1umqGBRW @KinkyBootsBway
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThis ones for #LegallyBlondeUK but it's an honor to be nominated for @ScoundrelsUK @olivierawards #oliviers #fullout http://t.co/1yYluHtxez
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThis is the reason I can't stop smiling .... http://t.co/S7ZQ6PfSNx
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery@Oprah is a Kinky Boots fan! @KinkyBootsBway http://t.co/JwNxLRj3cSBack home in NYC!!!!Trust your gut, unless you don't have a gut. Then trust yourself. #KimmySchmidt http://t.co/EHXFQStmhR https://t.co/PQ7ShVKu4b
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryMy Angels with OPRAH!!! http://t.co/hy72viNuKSWe love you @Oprah xoxo Kinky Boots @KinkyBootsBway http://t.co/8qaGYAyiOD
Look who saw @KinkyBootsBway tonight OPRAH!!!!!!! http://t.co/1qNLb0GtCTBernadette Peters Hosts 17th Annual BROADWAY BARKS, Set For 7/11... http://t.co/6y9DvF6WC2 @officialbpeters @broadwaybarks
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHello St. LouisThanks @AmericanAir for the upgrade for today and tomorrow. Love flying u guys. @ninalidderHeading to St Louis today to see my Kinky Tour babies. 16 hrs total there back to NYC 2morrow AM. #onenightonly
London- GO! http://t.co/qpnwbOudNe
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHappy Pup Day http://t.co/FzdvrhvVpdYou lucky dog. It's #PuppyDay! http://t.co/9dwL8nl5fV
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryLONDON!! IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE!! I'M COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS!!!! http://t.co/lhWuxt2hI5
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWhere is Spring????
Well next winter you'll find my cute little ass in LA. This one has broken me@USAirways your customer service blowsSpring where are you? Not in NYC http://t.co/4Y4Y2FupmhRadiate kindness. http://t.co/ymGDYUuAht
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryEnjoy ur day and remember..if something feels "off"..it probably is. Adjust ur sails and keep it movin!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHeartbreaking. Getting an orphaned baby elephant through the night after his mum was murdered for ivory #KillTheTrade http://t.co/Cxquhj4lMQ
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery1st day of Spring and there's a snow advisory for NYC?!?!? #EnoughIsEnoughβ€œ@AP: U.N.warns world could suffer a 40%water shortfall by 2030:” But don't dare say "Climate Change" or Gov Scott takes ur allowance away!
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery
Do it daily! http://t.co/x35wZ5S4ii
Hello Charlotte 61degrees feels really good.A New York landmark! http://t.co/CBMA8xpEpF
Kinky Boots was so incredible!!!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryJust left @BlumenthalArts seeing Kinky Boots. SO. MUCH. FUN!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe countdown is on, St. Louis! #KinkyBoots kicks off in one week. Book your tickets now: http://t.co/oy83RaSBzZ http://t.co/q2p7dEEWn6
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Check up at the vet for little DylanPlease help these poor abandoned horses. If you can't donate, please RT. It's quite urgent http://t.co/KKIBxSuABz thank you :)
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery
Ava DuVernay: "If your dream only includes you, it's too small." #SXSW
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryRainy day workout @EquinoxPi, schmi I wanna go to the beachIt’s just one week away!! Get your tix now and come share some magic with us! @WVDmusic @broadwaychicago http://t.co/w1SXylMxK3
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I hear birds singing on my bedroom terrace this morning. Hello SpringπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŒˆπŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸŒΉπŸ£πŸ‡πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ€πŸ˜
Kinky Boots my new favorite performance seen in Durham @DPAC @BWW_Raleigh @KinkyBootsBway
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryI love Canada. They're so benign
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery:))))!!!! BWW Reviews: KINKY BOOTS National Tour at Durham Performing Arts Center: http://t.co/Q5N21EFdtH
Retweeted by Rusty MowerySpring is coming! Getting the body ready @EquinoxSaw @KinkyBootsBway today FINALLY and @stephenoremus's orchestrations are somehow better live! Fabulous score by Cindy Lauper. πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryYou can either be comfortable or courageous.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe 50th state wants to be the first to go 100% renewable http://t.co/It46Aq9LBE http://t.co/2BVbN7WOs1
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Cinderella Castle Under Construction #WayBackMachine http://t.co/XVMFJlMilr
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryGood morning! β€œUr only given a little spark of madness. U mustn’t lose it!” Yes! #RobinWilliams
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryRicky Gervais amongst others honoured for humanitarian work: http://t.co/Pr3cHmGJ0k #kindnessismagic via @TheSpec http://t.co/C4sfrZ3u40
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryGood morning! Gonna be 60 today!!! We made it through the winter!!! http://t.co/dwlwMD2oxc
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"Don't be afraid to give up on the good to go for the great"
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryGreat Read MT @NatalieProsin: In @washingtonpost today, my take on #Ringling decision to retire their #elephants http://t.co/ThOaezSk5S
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"@MIX1015WRALFM: Such a fun show with a great message and fabulous footwear! #KinkyBoots @DPAC" #EverybodySayYeah @KinkyBootsBway
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryI just pledged to never watch animal performance. Say #NoToAnimalPerformance & take the pledge with @AnimalsAsia http://t.co/FFTamRkgFN
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryEffective communication has less to do with what you want to say than what you want someone to understand. ~ Anonymous
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHawaii nears passage of 100% percent renewable energy by 2040 target http://t.co/7mb9BGr9rf
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery
Many congratulations @jammyprod on your @OlivierAwards nomination :) x
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery
I don't know what I'd do without my best friend.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe Watch is coming. 4.24.15. http://t.co/4iiurTDTt9 https://t.co/JY0qjXldir
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryBring out your Jedi #DisneySide. http://t.co/Gd62pvl2s5
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryDylan's 1st sun bath for 2015! Come on spring! #nycpuppy #sexypuppy #yorkieshireterrier http://t.co/S04OWtDrewIt’s a β€œSex is in the Heel” kind of day. May your day be as fabulous as a pair of six-inch stilettos! http://t.co/YbEOmQ9B4C
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryIf someone says, β€œYou can't do that”, our reply is, β€œOh yeah? Just watch!” –Disney Imagineer
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery#BwayBackwards is tonight benefiting @BCEFA & @LGBTCenterNYC​! Come out and celebrate the 10th anniversary with us. http://t.co/ierKy9cljx
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryA clean pup to start the week off well!Apple Watch announcement today...I'm so excitedUp early and taking Monday for all it's gotGood luck to all the productions and actors about to be nominated for the @OlivierAwards this afternoon in London.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery@MrDuncanJames congrats on the new album! XxxHey London! Do you have your #KinkyBoots tickets yet?! http://t.co/7FvKJsl6OA
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"We have built a happiness machine." - @HarveyFierstein talks #KinkyBoots http://t.co/s9HqobQAPQ
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWaking up in your own bed with your pup snuggled upon your neck is perfection
Need something to binge-watch this weekend? We've got you covered: http://t.co/SuGAk6DnIj
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery@VirginAtlantic home to NYC JFKI love you Virgin Atlantic Upper Class lounge Heathrow @VirginAtlanticLOLA'S Cupcakes to celebrate a great casting trip in London! http://t.co/vng6ZDWzNW
It's Really Happening @jammyprod @HarveyFierstein @cyndilauper @Daryl_Roth @KinkyFansUK @KinkyBootsBway πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‘ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ http://t.co/gvbPqeDJJ7
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery
There are only 2 more days of #KinkyBoots giveaways. Sign up for our newsletter, and you could win a signed poster! https://t.co/pihd9pSYYk
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryCongrats to @jammyprod @darrencarnall1 @dominicmshaw and everyone at Scoundrels west end on a stellar run! BRAVOBack in the queen's box at the Savoy!!! @jammyprod http://t.co/5OmX9tzyV3@AlEC2ausTiN OMG he loves you sooo much!!!! You know you can come visit him anytimeLast 2 days in London
In a room with @jammyprod @RustyMowery @DBBonds @stephenoremus @nickfinlow How F-ing lucky am i?!?!?! #TEAMKinky!
Retweeted by Rusty Moweryhttp://t.co/aPpIjnkL8cToday we hire our London Kinky Angels. It feels like Christmas morning! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‘ πŸ’‹πŸŽ‰ @KinkyBootsLdn @KinkyFansUK @KinkyBootsBway#SeaWorld's failed attempt to muzzle scientists: http://t.co/UjHB2HOrY9 http://t.co/mBf1jfPRFC
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery
Curtain up, light the lights and get kinky @KinkyBootsLdn @jammyprod returns to London, let's see those true colors! http://t.co/4vDWpvQepK
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryGreat new #jerseyboys Tour 2 photos up on the JERSEY BOYS Tour site, check them out! http://t.co/97NqDCQpfK http://t.co/VaQSy8jN5j
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery
@EmmyBedford @RustyMowery yer telling me I'm so excited for it to finally transfer to the uk!
Retweeted by Rusty Moweryβ€œ@RustyMowery: Get your tickets while you can!!!!! http://t.co/duxSDopGQn”@Ashley_Tonks this will be a must see πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryAre there teachers who raised you up and inspired you creatively? Nominate them to be honored at @TheTonyAwards! http://t.co/5aMs0k4SWL
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryGet your tickets while you can!!!!! http://t.co/aBqtOgPROFhttp://t.co/smM5LjNy1U"Wild animals keep our world alive. Without them, there is no us." http://t.co/NMGQugi6QH http://t.co/ljYxApTDDt
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery@Louhuntpiano yes please
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