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Twitter says law enforcement officials are investigating a purported threat by ISIS against co-founder Jack Dorsey http://t.co/cOoNk4JZMV
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyJudge rules EPA lied about transparency, tells agency to halt discrimination against #conservatives http://t.co/eECEoyc3UO #teaparty
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAn Interview With @SharylAttkisson: For the First Time on Camera, Meet the Man Who Exposed the #Gruber Videos http://t.co/DvI7q2i7s5
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyJudge rules EPA lied in Landmark Legal Foundation's lawsuit http://t.co/GtjswjxWcQ
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyObama #WhiteHouse in full panic mode over Netanyahu speech http://t.co/xImmgKQdUh #teaparty
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWe DO have a strategy for defeating #ISIS. It's called the Bush Doctrine. @AndrewCMcCarthy http://t.co/APisGvAuTW http://t.co/CigkFYDAcf
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyEarnest does not deny that Obama has power to raise hundreds of billion in taxes through executive action!
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyJUST IN: 2 Powdersville teens who went missing Thursday have been found in Florida. http://t.co/H5ySnE1gTL
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@thehill HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA...maybe if they're pushed any further left they'll go full circle and become Republicans. :-)Group to sue FBI over man killed during questioning about #BostonMarathon bombing. http://t.co/2GhDm5HOV8
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFact-checker calls out Obama for saying Keystone ‘bypasses’ US http://t.co/lsYNf1crRW
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@PressSec Josh, you really need to learn how to tie a Double Windsor.
The WH says: They "feel sorry for Rudy." Translation: We cannot control events. Events are now controlling us.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyVIDEO: @GregAbbott_TX says there is "no doubt" his lawsuit against Obama's immigration actions will reach SCOTUS http://t.co/L11xvPPls7
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMcCain: Supreme Court must resolve Obama's immigration orders http://t.co/ZSY04ES5B8 http://t.co/S5hslkcFao
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@markknoller @robtdfischl if the POTUS' exec actions on illegal immigrants were "well within his legal authority" why is it going to court?I don't recall reading about any Muslims on the Mayflower. Islam is NOT woven into the fabric of this nation's Founding.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyJerusalem mayor Nir Barkat apprehends Palestinian who stabbed Israeli http://t.co/Dp6wsgvVBU http://t.co/QDgcZYufWz
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyUS defense secretary calls Afghan army 'a powerful force': U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Sunday called ... http://t.co/Q8D0nuIrcX
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThe Non-Measles Outbreak That's Not Making News http://t.co/sm6fpYam6d via @SharylAttkisson
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@thehill I don't know why there's confusion either @davidaxelrod most of us have know for 6yrs that he bows east and does most of his admin.@WhiteHouse Yes you are correct and that's why we use the US only option. :-)
NYT Brooks on Obama 'violent extremism.' http://t.co/7Io9DKOZTb
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@RepTedLieu then I suggest you and the @HouseDemocrats get busy and pass the @HouseGOP bill passed by the House.19 year-old MN man arrested at JFK will be charged with lying to FBI and attempt, conspiracy to join ISIL. http://t.co/dbebrcOR8D
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBREAKING: Militants claiming loyalty to Islamic State claim responsibility for car bomb attacks in eastern Libya
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRichard Engel: ‘Enormous Questions’ Over U.S. Decision to Telegraph Offensive on Islamic State http://t.co/tDfrOyQ9jD
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBREAKING: HHS extends Obamacare enrollment, says 800K filers got bad subsidy info » http://t.co/jlWEZ3DVws
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
@whitehouse do me a favor and put this on Obama podium so he can spew your BS into it! http://t.co/BwUHPtsNVB
@TheLeadCNN not to worry, Jake, the US @StateDept says it's all related to job opportunity while ISIS burns 45 more people alive! STUPIDITY!ISIS militants burn 45 people ALIVE while the US @StateDept says it's all related to job opportunity? WTF???? IDIOTS! http://t.co/fbLVAtJsGy
@libertytombob <---- Amen Brother! @gerfingerpoken2 @okieoilman @IBDinvestors
@TheLeadCNN @AmericanSniper And no one in the US was targeted by Muslims for their faith either! Woman in OK beheaded http://t.co/Ljtlq39MBs@TheLeadCNN @AmericanSniper Also, I seem to recall a woman being decapitated here in the USA by Muslims, so who's attacking whom?@TheLeadCNN she sights @AmericanSniper & proclaims it's open season on Muslims? Remember the USS Cole, WTC, Underware & Boston Bomber? I DO!
to all my followers....please RT my last 3 tweets Thanks y'all!@StateDept @JohnKerry if you boycott @netanyahu you need to RESIGN your duties of State since you are unwilling to serve THE PEOPLE!@VP Mr Biden, if you boycott @netanyahu you need to RESIGN your duties as Senate President since you are unwilling to serve THE PEOPLE!@SenateDems @HouseDemocrats ALL those in Congress who boycott @netanyahu need to RESIGN AT ONCE You are there to serve THE PEOPLE Not POTUS!The cartoonists' takes on Brian Williams http://t.co/83WgBvkNDp http://t.co/FBDhxM58BI
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
FINALLY!! #PrinceCharles tells the #UK Muslims show more respect to 'the values we hold dear' http://t.co/lkX2eNLEvG http://t.co/KQylhF681J
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@bostonherald that'll take about 21 months. Secretary of State John Kerry: We'll beat ISIS but we need time http://t.co/nQdzS9nTdiObama the Theologian http://t.co/CjZAkW9fuJ
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades "There is no moral comparison between the Jihad and the Crusades." https://t.co/HPaIMsUus1
RT @YoungBLKRepub: New Jersey student wins court case to keep 'under🙏God' in Pledge of Allegiance. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 http://t.co/qBWeTbBMfh
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyU.S. charges six with supporting Islamic militant groups: Justice Department http://t.co/5OjfwfeMrY
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@irritatedwoman the only “high horse” I want to see...is the one Obama rides out on.Obama Rips Bible, Praises Koran - Breitbart http://t.co/NqYGrVCZ4R
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMT @BradThor: "Fog of memory" my ass, @BWilliams. Here's a photo of Americans actually shot down in a helicopter. http://t.co/lq8TGXzpGC
Retweeted by Susan Reaney.@JebBush was a paid director for a company, Tenet Health Care, that aggressively supported and promoted Obamacare. http://t.co/KI1wqkc1QP
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRhode Island State Police investigating possible #VoterFraud in local election http://t.co/wwoWZ7jZa2 via @WPRO
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@WhiteHouse NOTHING is free in this world, Mister, especially not college when the middle-class and the poor pay for it with their taxes!'That wasn't a joke?' WH unveils its new foreign policy strategy, and it's ... wait for it ... http://t.co/Wlk7NGE9RaRural hospitals are struggling in Texas http://t.co/piEdhHlgQN
Retweeted by Susan Reaney$22B Shortfall Found in Obama Administration’s 2014 Student Loan Program http://t.co/dwcNCs1Ho7
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThis is Obama's jobless economy… #jobs #shop #music #college #school http://t.co/pw6SHxJr4h
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMT @BradThor: "Fog of memory" my ass, @BWilliams. Here's a photo of Americans actually shot down in a helicopter. http://t.co/lq8TGXR15c
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCan't wait to hear @AmbassadorRice unveil the new "strategy" to deal with Islamic jihad. After all, she's so credible. #Benghazi #Bergdahl
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFreedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. http://t.co/X4DBmXKU2M #RonaldReagan
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHouse Benghazi Committee lines up Obama administration witnesses http://t.co/SLCnu0Vtmd
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@StateDept WOW how unfeeling a statement can you read in 5 minutes or less? State Department Daily Briefing Marie Harf briefed reporters@msnbc Better for an American (male/female) to die for "justice" in a time of war than to die at the hands of heartless barbarians.@AC360 @CNN Better for an American (male/female) to die for "justice" in a time of war than to die at the hands of heartless barbarians.Don't let evil run free. Obama's America is not our America. Instead, recall the words of Reagan: "Don't be afraid to see what you see."
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@OutnumberedFNC Better for an American (mal/female) to die for "justice" in a time of war than to die at the hands of heartless barbarians.@markknoller @AndrewsAirForce Ah yes, another one of those non-important speeches facing our nation. This guy really sucks as a President!@SpecialReport Better for an American (mal/female) to die for "justice" in a time of war than to die at the hands of heartless barbarians.@KatiePavlich @SmithWessonCorp Absolutely Beautiful.Jeweled @SmithWessonCorp Model 29 "Tiffany Revolver" that was donated to the Royal Armouries in 1989 by the company. http://t.co/MenXkQlNYr
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@MaxAbrahms @JenGriffinFNC better to die for "justice" in a time of war than to die at the hands of those heartless barbarians bastards.BREAKING: Islamic State Claims American Female Hostage Killed in Jordanian Airstrike http://t.co/LKPRthSlpJ
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Unleashes on Obama’s Prayer Speech: ‘Stupid, Left-Wing Moral Equivalency!’ http://t.co/doMvWr1v3m
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHappy Birthday to Us! - The Washington Free Beacon staff would like to thank all of our readers and visitors to th... http://t.co/Xqkkxcucwu
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyUS denies Jordan request for drones against ISIS... - http://t.co/OPIpwRWFQk
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyIRS knowingly rehires tax cheats... - http://t.co/TsftJeYAbt
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHse #Benghazi cmte list of those is expects to interview for probe (con't): Leon Panetta, Cheryl Mills, Dennis McDonough, Tom Donilon..
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHse #Benghazi cmte list of those it expects to interview for probe: Jay Carney, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, David Petraeus, Mike Morell..
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHse #Benghazi Cmte doing formal interviews next wk w/current/fmr Admin officials, those close to Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@ABC kind of defeats the purpose with open borders, eh?AWESOME: Steven Crowder nearly loses his mind over Obama’s ridiculous prayer breakfast remarks http://t.co/5AFmhpq4GK
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
‘Unreal’ Photo Allegedly Shows How Students Took Shelter After ‘Shots Fired’ at University of South Carolina http://t.co/lNqJYxOmyV
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMT !!! BRAVO Senator! @SenTomCotton ICYMI: My Q&A during @SASCMajority testimony on Guantanamo Bay facilities. https://t.co/t9ckn7gVqv@SenTomCotton BRAVO SENATOR!!! Well said! @SASCMajorityICYMI: My Q&A during @SASCMajority testimony on Guantanamo Bay facilities. https://t.co/7qSBZiqMrD
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBREAKING: Pope Francis will become the first pope to address a joint meeting of Congress http://t.co/NG3KrXRjUI http://t.co/0uJXKnOpvp
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFor the record Mr. President, Muslims do nothing in the name of Christ...you bone-headed fool! http://t.co/8JBl5an7U7Apparently the POTUS has a problem distinguishing faiths. http://t.co/8JBl5an7U7
Dems who want to disarm citizens, close Gitmo & dole out green cards to the world are tweeting #DontShutDownOurSecurity - LOLOLMAO.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThe video explicitly showed images of burned children. Then it focused on the rubble left by bombs and the search for survivors.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyOBAMA TO HOST AMERICAN MUSLIMS AT THE WHITE HOUSE – CLOSED TO THE PRESS #Muslims Be sure to RT http://t.co/9wt9iWlT3T
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#UN: #ISIS crucifies & buries children alive, uses them as sex slaves & suicide bombers. The shocking report @Foxnews @SeanHannity tonight.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyGowdy Opening Statement at Immigration Enforcement Hearing https://t.co/gVltObPfRe@HouseJudiciary and did you know that @EVerify can't verify our own President of the United States? Ironic isn't it? LOL@msnbc If I remember correctly, we didn't have a vaccination problem until we had a open border problem...just saying!@SenRonJohnson you might want to tell them that we didn't have a vaccination problem until we had an open border problem.@SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @Senate_GOPs We didn't have a vaccination problem until we had an OPEN BORDER PROBLEM... Just saying!
Jordan will now get a scolding on human rights violations / Geneva Conventions (which don't apply & never have) from Obama.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBREAKING NEWS: ISIS has burned 2 Iraqis alive in Anbar, Iraq for being soldiers in Iraqi Army. (@zaidbenjamin)
Retweeted by Susan ReaneySeeing initial reports a TransAsia Airways flight has crash landed in a Taipei river. At least 10 people injured. #Taiwan #aviation
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWeighing the Evidence: The Truth About #PETA http://t.co/uQY4sefFIv
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