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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #TOpoli.

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Congratulations @OffordGroup on ten years of powerful contribution to Canadian philanthropy! cc @Hilborninfo @CharityVillageMichael Lansberg shares his story of #mentalhealth http://t.co/AcvaYVrxwM #BellLetsTalk http://t.co/MbF8E16Vo4RT @UinvitedU: Michael Lansberg shares his story of #mentalhealth http://t.co/K1uMVnG24c #BellLetsTalk http://t.co/5XjtI7xDsK
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@c_maciaszek thank you! I don't want to overwhelm so I space them out. All about what's easier for the reader!This was my favourite TV spot for #BellLetsTalk http://t.co/n6EeeKwQrA real talk to end stigma at work! http://t.co/DWE1JIiDc4Our own Mary Walsh shares her mental health story http://t.co/DvMpujG16V #BellLetsTalk http://t.co/INYUfHkihTHuh, helpful mythbusting from @RoryJMGreen on charging your phone http://t.co/ffr3JSSudt via @mashabletechAnd you have inspired me @analyticeye to boost commute productivity! I've struggled with finding idea time. http://t.co/yg5ZlhheVcMichael Lansberg shares his story of #mentalhealth http://t.co/AcvaYVrxwM #BellLetsTalk http://t.co/GFRiYmVZiPA day of great inspiration and aspiration to pull #MentalHealth into the light. Talk, tweet, text! #BellLetsTaIk http://t.co/FGI0tWH7tvAre we ready to talk about ending the stigma of #mentalhealth ? Watch http://t.co/M6vJBetkq8 join #BellLetsTalk today http://t.co/Vd0zIK7FliSo much done for Toronto and Canada - Rest in Peace Joseph Rotman http://t.co/U3Dh1FOvfq @CBC http://t.co/gw4BS7IAbVThis was my favourite TV spot for #BellLetsTalk http://t.co/n6EeeKwQrA real talk to end stigma at work! http://t.co/sGZeHpjoMjA powerful video story about personal mental health from Howie Mandel http://t.co/S0vyL5b6Nd #BellLetsTalk http://t.co/4gAOFBHvWl@UinvitedU @seangtait It's a perfect time to read the new @dalmba blog. #TorontoNetworking https://t.co/gLuahnLe6V
Retweeted by Paul NazarethIn conversation with Joseph Rotman http://t.co/3HSl2DFgFa via @globebusiness - on handling crisis. We've lost a great giving soul.That was a wonderful tribute and kind stories @RogerLMartin thanks @metromorning @mattgallowaycbc for honouring this great CanadianNice @metromorning to hear about Rotman's legacy from @RogerLMartin this morning. A powerful legacy. http://t.co/6cIzAY63ec
Canada's most valuable digital economist @dtapscott shares insight on @sparkcbc http://t.co/f7QvAyM96JLove this post from @TheHogtownRake on an unexpected style icon! http://t.co/YoefWySkXD cc @GentlemensExpo http://t.co/m3nZ8GzfkUFunny, I'm drawn to do the opposite. http://t.co/fNEo7isa9LMolly Johnson Up Close&Personal Valentines-Dy Feb 14th 9:00pm Poetry Jazz Cafe 224 Augusta Ave @KensingtonMkt http://t.co/064veuUFb2
Retweeted by Paul NazarethQuestions about how to apply for jobs through CharityVillage? Register now for our free, online workshop: http://t.co/ZLtXdPGudV
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLove these infographic CV's @careersherpa ! https://t.co/ezBuQXr7FF cc @Globe_CareersI highly value all your work on @sparkcbc @nora3000 ! Share it often, it is vial learning for 2015! http://t.co/B7O7PrdXMK cc @dtapscottAnyone joining us for @GiveGreenCanada free webinar please ask questions using WebeX chat or #G2web hashtagStill time to join free webinar - using the new @canadahelps with @GiveGreenCanada at 1pm ET http://t.co/4NiPYC1ajj http://t.co/6GnPDeevKRSpotted a @LovebotTheRobot at @wychwoodbarns ! A friendly reminder that there is love in this city. #Toronto http://t.co/pXAwpbm5zcI am a life long soup enthusiast @nowtoronto looking forward to Ramen Vs Pho. Holding issue for warmth #soupTO http://t.co/aGi3ywtHp9Loved this @HarvardBiz ideacast on better negotiation http://t.co/DDYSyPoQsN cc @skgreen @Globe_Careers http://t.co/VGtyXpaxp3
Let’s pay more attention to the words we use. http://t.co/8bJSlTlGWI CC: @heylandsberg #BellLetsTalk #SickNotWeak http://t.co/m1EBkOBpLt
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGetting ready for #BellLetsTalk every tweet increases awareness and giving! http://t.co/6H1kC21V8JThanks @nora3000 for the chance to spend time with @dtapscott listening about the digital economy! http://t.co/2GYdsLT4euOne of my favourite CBC shows website looks wonky anyone else have problem loading this? http://t.co/d9g7fp575uKick your smartphone addiction. @CBCSunday tells you how: http://t.co/irUphQ0WZJ cc: @cbcradio #worklifebalance
Retweeted by Paul NazarethExcellent @ConnollyBeckett I'm always looking for more Canadian fundraisers to follow! Welcome to my Twitter network! http://t.co/RiMz4FL6P5My civic, economic, fundraising superheroes at #TRBOTAD @TorontoRBOT tonight! @jen_keesmaat @SevaunP @johntoryTO @adelia_marchese #TOpoli@ConnollyBeckett thanks for the RT, are you a fundraiser Julie?Thanks @staceinvader love this @truthplane shot from #TheArtOf Sales today! http://t.co/4raEUl6bJK#NYCblizzard has caused a hipster run on Quinoa. Whole foods staff don't eat enough protein to stop looting. http://t.co/xTWtvtckN8CEO of @canadahelps shares advice for aspiring executives http://t.co/JcYgDNS8C3 via @CharityExec cc @AFPIHQ @Hilborninfo @CharityVillageProud to be a fundraiser http://t.co/BdciIiERMg cc @afptoronto @AFPIHQ @AFPFoundationCA @AFPVancouver @AFPCalgaryFree Google hangout tomorrow with @JennyChavender http://t.co/P3sOqYhKCX fundraiser better in 2015!Thanks for the heads up @JeffGignac ! I am a big fan of @CineplexMovies and am heading to Edmonton soon! http://t.co/amSKyWv1B4I first saw this spot @LinaDuqueMBA in @CineplexMovies great job indeed @TO2015 !This #TO2015 video will make you fall in love with #Toronto https://t.co/OjrV1nZBvx Well done @TO2015 http://t.co/79Ql3pQmQh
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLove this week's #TorontoLove blog from @TorontoFdn http://t.co/3WESYsnkEA with David Suzuki talking about the importance of Parks!CEO of @canadahelps shares advice for aspiring executives http://t.co/JcYgDNS8C3 via @CharityExec cc @GeorgianCareer @PlannedGivingSCMayor @johntoryTO to shave head of philanthropist Gary Slaight for #NoHairSelfie http://t.co/QR6TajNM65 cc @thePMCFDo you know about #KawasakiDisease ? Learn more at @KawasakiDisCan http://t.co/4wfSS7P8N5Want to raise more in 2015? Turn to @JennyChavender for free Google hangout fundraising talk tomorrow! http://t.co/P3sOqYhKCXToday is #KawasakiDisease day in Canada. Learn more about this heart disease that attacks kids at @KawasakiDisCan http://t.co/L7d5KdITCYWant to learn about better influence? Follow the hashtag #TheArtOf today!! @TheArtOf hosting conference on Sales in TorontoFree Google hangout with fundraising coach @JennyChavender tomorrow! http://t.co/a5nZMfTkkd cc @AFPottawa @mesh_ncrCEO of @canadahelps shares advice for aspiring executives http://t.co/b1jSDs5UQ8 via @CharityExec cc @HumberCareer @HumberAlumni #HFM15Heard that the west-end fundraiser meetup is growing so fast there's a new venue? http://t.co/D5rSVQYIiE cc @afptorontoAre you 'crazy busy' ? Join Globe & Mail career coach @Chadnick Mar 5 for @CharityVillage free webinar! http://t.co/u0qz8DmvXPTomorrow @GiveGreenCanada webinar about raising more online gifts http://t.co/1BDOilyjlb - join us! http://t.co/poyrBAay6ZReading my @torontolife I see @TIFF_NET food film event hosted by @mattgallowaycbc ( there's a bread movie ) http://t.co/lbQ1T8Si3n
Very cool @CharityVillage ! You have @Globe_Careers coach @Chadnick http://t.co/CIZohL8eMB for Mar 5 webinar! http://t.co/u0qz8DmvXPStop using LinkedIn as a static resume - it's a digital handshake hello http://t.co/KXmmWbMVHH http://t.co/RZ2JjgFW9DExperience is one thing you can’t get for nothing. ~ Oscar WildeLearn how to make the most of @CharityVillage in your job search at our online workshop on Feb 3 http://t.co/AwyBMe7MRq
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@BrazenCareerist I work in social-profit (fundraising for solutions created by charities) and I'm obsessed with all things philanthropyLoud and proud! RT @UinvitedU: Are you proud to be a fundraiser? Or should we just quietly be 'resource developers' ? http://t.co/I1KWb0idAt
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAlways forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. ~Oscar WildeWhy your brain is wired to be positive http://t.co/uw5fA5XC4N @cbcradio @sparkcbcAre you proud to be a fundraiser? Or should we just quietly be 'resource developers' ? http://t.co/BdciIiERMg via @CathyJMann@FinnSpirit Club XS is a Linen and Things, part of Metro is now a Montessori school.You know it's time to make a move. Get LinkedIn working for you! http://t.co/UO0GrEAnYD http://t.co/jvjvyJNKx7Nice to see @PathwaysCanada @SuccessBL cited in @torontolife stories of struggle as solutions. #TorontoIsFailingMe http://t.co/FWPO4ryoMm@AndrewSosna nostalgia, indeed. I'm thinking about all those nights tonight.So I just realized @dpklassen is the Blake Shelton of Gift Planning. We need a PG the Voice. #SNL #CAGP15 http://t.co/5cZuXqYKqg@cmoncmonyayaya that's awful.I shall now refer to my brother-in-law exclusively as Riblet. #SNL @nbcsnl #BlakeOnSNLWe all have a Riblet in our lives. #SNL @nbcsnl#SNL I'm going to need confirmation on that Hennessy suit. @nbcsnl http://t.co/OOqe6bH8B7@cmoncmonyayaya wouldn't be the Guv if wrong stuff didn't happen a couple times. Time for it, and us, to move on.
All those people playing #BlakeOnSNL #BlakeBingo you have another square to cross out! The Voice Judges appearance. #SNLAnd @wishingboot Twitter account is born. #BlakeOnSNL #SNL @nbcsnlWow the Country Music crowd has turned out for #BlakeOnSNL big time! #SNL @nbcsnl@JeffGignac it's a train wreck, but I love it.@pathammavong baby loves spicy Pho. Respect.@JeffGignac oh no, they are starting #SNL with an #NFL joke. Translation service required.If you liked to party 20 years ago, you would have been at #theguvernment - another Toronto condo casualty. #TOpoli http://t.co/71wQjj6frsWho's up watching #SNL ?One’s real life is so often the life that one does not lead. ~ Oscar Wilde ( on the topic of Instagram )I'm spending a lot of time in malls - networking? Yup. Best place to walk and talk http://t.co/kryNfKx5fS #netwalking@johnlepp I'm not cute enough to make videos and my children aren't articulate in this way. It's a lot of useless "I love you daddy" stuff.He's at it again people! http://t.co/IB2CgbaifS - A letter to the future from @iamkidpresidentED to me: "wow THAT person applied?! Awesome!" but the CV never got through HR http://t.co/S4nB8KYm51 http://t.co/9kKCJjJVcjOn the road, I smiled when I heard this song http://t.co/xGeoYhhM4Z then almost flipped car, station said "OLDIES" http://t.co/SKJAVMzcOvA person is least themselves when talking in their own person. Give them a mask*, they will tell you the truth. ~ Oscar Wilde *Or TwitterNew #impact job from Feed For The Poor Canada. #hiring a Development Coordinator #job #nonprofit http://t.co/6kzgtaLq20
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth"You shouldn't tell people you're a fundraiser" she said. My mouth dropped open... http://t.co/8JjE675pBN via @CathyJMannAre you a Toronto civic builder? Read about @CivicActionGTA emerging leader network http://t.co/GosNTM2qTy #topoliWow Mayor @johntoryTO to shave head of philanthropist Gary Slaight for #NoHairSelfie http://t.co/IfqX9XDQRf cc @thePMCFNice! So much response to West-End fundraiser meetup it's moved to bigger venue! http://t.co/NRH3H4WogO cc @afptorontoWhy haven’t any Harper-friendly charities been scrutinized? @thekeenanwire reports. #CdnPoli http://t.co/riongHxLJL http://t.co/9RYKJIVXLn
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@normwilner damn society! Use the big mug brother. http://t.co/J1cQAOSeSg
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