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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #TOpoli.

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Share this with someone you know who should be on Twitter http://t.co/NU7clCC91J http://t.co/uVveXOgrgoKhalisi, come with me if you want to live. Terminator Targaryen! #TerminatorGenisys #GoT #GameofThrones http://t.co/Loxm4Na15PDump the collars - it's the future of work http://t.co/m5y2tHkK5j @LeahEichler via @globebusiness http://t.co/LjtMthlxtQWhat level of confidence is appropriate? http://t.co/448yYZcBhE great question from @ShepaLearning cc @Globe_Careers http://t.co/fcBc5DXZMWThe only thing better than this Prime Ministers of Canada song http://t.co/gAuqZNf7Vb is cheesy graphics. #CanadaDay http://t.co/dzstoTUBCqThank you @cbcfreshair for sharing this AWESOME Prime Minister's of Canada song! http://t.co/gAuqZNf7Vb #CanadaDay #CanadaDay2015Riding moose under patio lanterns drinking maple syrup eating poutine reading Atwood thinking of Beachcombers listening to @CBC #CanadaDayCanada isn't a concept, it's alive and well in our charitable sector! http://t.co/r2jX7zdngH via @ImagineCanada http://t.co/CEeXCe1vitOn #CanadaDay please remind your American family that these aren't our founding fathers eh. http://t.co/tcabELGLFZHappy #CanadaDay to some of my fav civic champs: @metromorning @shawnmicallef @TorontoFdn @jen_keesmaat @SevaunP http://t.co/NWv370YcEhIf you get bored on #CanadaDay .... #CanadaDay2015 #canada148 http://t.co/qVYE3lzbMzAwesome #CanadaDay fact: @FordCanada is making this beast on our soil. cc @globedrive @Canada http://t.co/NVc6U84JFsWomen at work @Globe_Careers : How to give without being pushover http://t.co/5OvQp6z6Ac inspired by http://t.co/dibZYi13mz cc @LeahEichlerHappy #CanadaDay tweeps! Check out @MeanwhileinCana for inauthentic and sometime true Canadian facts! http://t.co/z4sfm1LU2x
Throw Duffy From the Train #changeawordcanuckamovie #cdnpoIi #canpoli #senate @acoyneAs we head into #CanadaDay let's be proud of the charitable sector! http://t.co/r2jX7zdngH via @ImagineCanada http://t.co/HjnKAFKNTtThe Big Caplansky @Caplansky #changeawordcanuckamovieI have been cranky as hell. That's right @HumeChristopher you tell us! http://t.co/A8H6M9yqEI @TorontoStar #TOpoli #Toronto #PanAmGamesAw crap! I blew my #leapsecond blinking!Intimidated by a meetup? Not anymore. Follow @corilevamorris's 6 tips to networking success. http://t.co/HzEPrLzD3e http://t.co/X1vdjUhD1h
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFundraisers, donor @KatieBe_NC is kindly sharing her thought process as an unstewarded giver. A few tweets, valuable read. cc @HilborninfoGuess what, blue collar and white collar aren't your only options http://t.co/m5y2tHkK5j @LeahEichler @Globe_Careers http://t.co/G8Z4JW4c3sHappy #SMDay to all consultants out there still telling people internet is optional. #SocialMediaDay2015 #SMDay2015 http://t.co/asTqkjBO1kThis vital #SocialMediaDay2015 reminder is brought to you by Megatron http://t.co/43QUFhHJ4Q #SMDay #SMDay2015 http://t.co/RtAul2L5IWToday is the 6th #SocialMediaDay2015 - hilarious as much of the business world has yet to embrace it. #SMDay http://t.co/Ac14UT0fRuAnd a happy #SMDay to you too @LinaDuqueMBA @mleithwood @Hanigsberg @LeanInCanada @tedcoine ! http://t.co/8UQUypl787A vital read on stewardship in tough times http://t.co/ULbDKrJ5C7 @GoldieCompany via @Hilborninfo http://t.co/npZo2D8fdT@meaghankappel I imagine you have passable espresso in Paris :)Love the @Balzacs at @torontolibrary reference location. Fantastic place for morning meetings. Peace in the city. http://t.co/qbIvdEqjFqHere's that cool test @secondcup I mentioned @Paula_Attfield cc @causemark http://t.co/pZseU8fU8TPick one. Then rule the day. http://t.co/OnAirL5Q3qAll the #coffee http://t.co/Ey5vOyMHRYLast #PanAmGames tweet brought to you by ... jaded sarcasm. #TOpoli #Toronto http://t.co/fba5cIQaIwNo need to use fake passengers for HOV lanes #Toronto peers. I am Ubering myself for networking during #PanAmGames ! http://t.co/zs8aa6Ef8IHow will you spend your #leapsecond tonight? http://t.co/WoKnzxwpQ4 I'm going to blow it on breathing http://t.co/DON7ulVnZP
Loved @walrusmagazine article on wearable tech design http://t.co/r1wQimQ6O2 cc @nora3000 @ambermac @marc_saltzman http://t.co/reXZZk9hSAMy dog texted me this with the message: "take me out before you go to sleep - or else" http://t.co/cKePRR7ZEf@malburrs returning. A recent jaunt to Halifax to see @CAGPNS peers & do a little thinking. http://t.co/s68glet6LWGreat profile of @susancain in @FortuneMagazine http://t.co/2pi9vuFN4M - leading an introvert revolution! http://t.co/jvl5xzaD4GA vital read on stewardship in tough times http://t.co/ULbDKrJ5C7 @GoldieCompany via @Hilborninfo http://t.co/H6ATWpyfWgAlways lovely views of #Toronto from @porterairlines ferry. Floated by this lovely old ship recently... http://t.co/PQHUwTpjgRDesign helps us access the divine http://t.co/gDYPA3g1CrThanks @MuttartFdtn @VancouverFdn @ONTrillium @PwC_Canada_LLP for making this report possible! http://t.co/ZhXdOpyt9u http://t.co/q8ZJwkMbtg@heathernelson12 will do. A kind quiet guy leaving after 8 Years of service.@karensd and I'm walking around downtown with a huge umbrella and wellies in a suit :(If you're not simplifying you're not innovating http://t.co/l3e3dhxcCi http://t.co/8HceachJuX
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAnyone heading over to say a fond farewell to Chris G of AFP tonight?@afptoronto I'm on my way to Chris' event - still going?New report from @GoldieCompany via @Hilborninfo on understanding sustainability in NFP Sector http://t.co/4xoR9U1QDF http://t.co/SpJtg0vVJ2Starting and maintaining a Canadian charity http://t.co/goNkIh5x8L by @charitytax via @Hilborninfo http://t.co/sFX3RjCdeY
I whispered "Justin Trudeau" into a conch shell The echo came back "he's just not ready" Dark. #canpoli #cdnpoIi http://t.co/1XU9Cr9qyXIt's a rainy day in #Toronto But this JT photobomb by @JohnTory brought light to my day. http://t.co/do97DCVP8P@analyticeye welcome! I'm grateful to @josephboyden @MacleansMag - as a citizen, I'm struggling with the question of what's next after TRC?Congrats @TheRemixProject @gavatista - great profile on @cbc https://t.co/9eK09PK7Td cc @CharityVillage @Hilborninfo @AmandaLang_CBCWhere do charities fit into our economy? http://t.co/ZhXdOpyt9u via @ImagineCanada cc @CommFdnsCanada @Hilborninfo @CharityVillageI wish people would network more in good times. They don't. http://t.co/LfLME38Ymf cc @ShepaLearning http://t.co/lMXvMb1MOYA little career inspiration from BB King http://t.co/LfLME38Ymf cc @CTicker @cbcmusicblues @cbcradioq @frasergreen http://t.co/g4HsKEfBXxThe only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron. ~ Phyllis DillerStarting and maintaining a Canadian charity http://t.co/goNkIh5x8L by @charitytax via @Hilborninfo http://t.co/tVyB2qmf0JThe world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. ~ Ernest Hemingway cc @cbcbooks @cbc @EleanorWachtelWe have reached peak knife awesomeness http://t.co/iPVIEVNN1a great profile @MacleansMag cc @LCBO @GlobeStyle http://t.co/011eZQYf3G@ZannaJoy @DanoTanaka did you see they make bullet-proof evening wear?A career tribute to the blues brothers http://t.co/LfLME38Ymf cc @Globe_Careers @Workopolis #networking http://t.co/mqKkVPJQQGI have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words. ~ Ann HoodThe Blues isn't just about being sad. Some career lessons from the blues http://t.co/LfLME38Ymf http://t.co/JHKYgWRAVeThe only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course. ~ Billy GrahamA little love letter to @cbcmusicblues http://t.co/LfLME2RnuH cc @cbc @ErrolNazareth @CharlesONeil1 @metromorning http://t.co/mLUxiSBY8f@Francavilla this is what I was doing up late tonight http://t.co/LfLME2RnuH http://t.co/3tZgeDdqg4@Francavilla upped avg 4 hours to 6 this year. 7 on a good week. Weekends throw it all into disarray though ;)As a kid, I coveted Iron Man's armor. It's useless to adults. Here's a video manifesto by a bizhero of mine http://t.co/Wg8qZWWuLwIn @MacleansMag #CanadaDay issue : #TRC2015 the hard part begins http://t.co/6HhLR6Jjuj by @josephboyden cc @TheCircleCanada @IndspireAfter #TRC2015 what now? @josephboyden in @MacleansMag : The hard part begins http://t.co/6HhLR6Jjuj cc @WabKinew http://t.co/QhSrzcuTbeHey @josephboyden your @MacleansMag article was breathtakingly powerful http://t.co/6HhLR6Jjuj so important it's in #CanadaDay issue.Loved : job Vs. vocation/passion in @MacleansMag http://t.co/iPVIEW5nSI - also I immediately update Xmas wish list. http://t.co/Q8KbGVXtMYFor those who revel in kitchen time, this article in @MacleansMag will create want, instantly. http://t.co/iPVIEW5nSI http://t.co/BiU9BJJyV1
Your dose of awesome @LikeABossYMCA @ymca @YMCA_Canada @YMCA_Calgary @WestEndYMCA via Prof @AdamMGrant http://t.co/CgWGW8fW0MI want to hire the person who answered this survey. http://t.co/qMXcTxSJkC
Retweeted by Paul NazarethRe: Last tweet, you tea drinker, yoga, 8 hours sleep a day healthy types are insufferable though. :) http://t.co/7aGqfuUrsIA BIG thank you to peer-coaches who have helped me change life-long love/hate relationship with sleep. http://t.co/0FZkL91HAj@brycelokken #truth http://t.co/lL3OCUv7nY@RebeccaPalmer thank you for sharing and teaching! This was SO helpful. http://t.co/8wbpu8Hkcn@philvaz do you engage in any of these success habits? Why, and how do they help you? http://t.co/HiFHWn6OF3@MsAnnettePaul thank you for sharing! Want you to know, I read your feed and your pace, commitment to improvement inspires me!@UinvitedU @MichaelPayton67 Reading, Journalling, Goals & Bucket Lists, Crediting Others, Taking Responsibility, Joy & Starting Over Daily!
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@UinvitedU And action is biggest value - declare your intentions them make it happen. Hold self accountable.
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@RebeccaPalmer physical writing or digital like http://t.co/dxPLpxVJXe ?@RebeccaPalmer so you journal, about work goals or life stuff too? Do you return to it or is the action the value? Thanks for engaging!@lpalmer2000 thanks for fav! Do you engage in any of these success habits? http://t.co/Aa5cYlrCAqAnd @MsAnnettePaul @MichaelPayton67 ? Appreciate fav's but what do you do to motivate? You are exactly who I was asking :)Was talking about innovation, invention and change. If you have good ideas on how to improve things where you work, and nobody cares. Leave.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks for reconnecting this week @changepaths ! Your work with @Challengfactory is so valuable for career minded! https://t.co/ypobpA2D50Dear @LeahEichler your work in @Globe_Careers is so valuable in my life/work http://t.co/B5A9WFSx1J Hope you are well, you inspire me.Do you engage in any of these "success habits" ? Why? I'm looking to learn from you here.... cc @Globe_Careers http://t.co/qkRuzbJlwQGo to @torontolibrary @KitchLibrary @BPL_inthecity #Library Then go to war with your problems. Knowledge = power! http://t.co/2fED1uS0vmThis #dlws #Toronto http://t.co/sSOhIn8VFvThis life/career lesson brought to you by, Batman. But I know many real life entrepreneurs who value this truth http://t.co/X0BDOyDI5SThinking back to @PocketStyleCA event last summer. Big thanks to @TomsPlaceTO for teaching, @ManCaveTO for hosting! http://t.co/ArPPXc4efGYes Women wear pocket squares! Join us @Pinterest How, when & where to rock the pocket https://t.co/GKgL9fXeCD http://t.co/sV5hCRGW26
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFollow @PocketStyleCA on @Pinterest to see how, when & why to sport the square https://t.co/9n5T5Do2KH http://t.co/84i1jHM1IuHeading out to fashionable #PrideTO events this weekend? We've restocked at @Len4All at Danforth & Coxwell! http://t.co/v0VcTxbiGr
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