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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #TOpoli.

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Profile of quiet revolutionary @susancain & new @livequiet in @nytimes thinking of @LinkedIn as an online CV. It's your digital handshake #networking chance to enter to win great @Hilborninfo books when you sign up for @canadahelps course! language matters via @ShepaLearning #networking to spend some time together @kjtfundraiser here that item I mentioned on "thinking digital, not social" why do you ask?I remember vividly @SoleSearcherPR I always throw myself into change. Try to learn on my feet, harder to do each time.Sign up for @canadahelps course on digital media, marketing & fundraising enter to win prizes! 1 day left to enter to win great @Hilborninfo books! Sign up for @canadahelps course you see @Hilborninfo note yesterday about the new @canadahelps team fundraising platform?
Thanks @TorontoFdn for sharing this unabashed #Toronto love video by @TheChrisHau - what a great uplifting watch!Lots of charity ED's taking our marketing course sign up before July 31 for chance to win! to fundraise for your favourite charity easily? Use @canadahelps fundraising pages! to see @canadahelps @Hilborninfo note today about our new team fundraising software! can Starbucks teach us about fundraising? @RoryJMGreen via @fundraisermaeve cc @AFPIHQ course for charities sign up before July 31 for a chance to win prizes! for highest ROI from time you invest in your network. Great read by @AdamMGrant
5 min favours transform networking @kjtfundraiser ! It was a great article by @LeahEichler featuring @AdamMGrantThanks @UinvitedU for sharing the idea of the 5 minute favour: Do more favours and boost your career at the same time
Retweeted by Paul NazarethCicadas sounding off, temp +30 degrees, lots of 'out if office' email bounce-backs - dog days of summer begin #dlws Last tweet, that was a reaction to parking my Zipcar hybrid next to a huge Hummer w/ license "sue M all" who parked in 2 spots.Sometimes I think climate change is earth's way of trying to rid itself of parasitic infestation Like a dog scratching fleas off it's backBusiness authors to follow on Twitter they'll help you see the big picture! power of givers, takers and matchers at work @AdamMGrant in @globebusiness Digital business skills @AllisonDGraham here's @Socially_Good I mentioned
@DanforthTweets yes, I'm coming for all your squid.Ok I'm watching Tornado warnings and flood pics from Saskatoon area, hoping @colludos @onpurposetalk @afpsaskatoon tweeps are ok!Really liked that quote @CoachAhalya made this... thing you're holding onto so hard it's hurting you. Put it down. always! You are an inspiration to me and the @PocketStyleCA team!Simple powerful 3 minute message from Dr. Maya Angelou on living your best life [video]Introverts are wise, thoughtful, strategic and have value. A Quiet revolution via @nytimes you off this week? Reading this on vacation? BizAdvice,back away from the device @LeahEichler via @Globe_CareersYES! This is what we need right now, unabashed #Toronto love! awesome @TorontoFdn cc @metromorning @CBCTorontoGreat item from @AdamMGrant in @globebusiness webinar on fundraising jobs Aug 20 via @CharityVillage creates freedom From the captor, slave-maker : Schedule It has much to teach and give cc @cbcbooks @torontolibrary #FictionBig thanks again to all who made time to attend #netwalkTO at @AgaKhanMuseum yesterday!
A fun watch for little and big kids alike. Gordon Ramsey Vs. The Swedish Chef! #Muppets @JasonShim ! A whole new generation of #StarWars fans will be created! fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd. ~ Bertrand RussellThis was the @ZipcarOntario car I was talking about today @JasonShim @nina2tu @BigMacGuinness best #ZipTrip ever you @Carmen_Clayton @indeedemma @ParulCube @DavidKravinchuk @BigMacGuinness @JasonShim @nina2tu @RAdamStewart for being at #netwalkTOThank you @Carmen_Clayton for making the time to come to #netwalkTO - you are transitionspirational! beautiful restaurant at @AgaKhanMuseum ! Every person who walks in immediately says "wow". #netwalkTO made it to #netwalkTO @ParulCube ! Good on you for not giving up, Twitter helped you find us - keep in touch! read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. ~ P. J. O'Rourke cc @torontolibrary @torontoWOTSAn inspiring day with great peers at @AgaKhanPark @AgaKhanMuseum for #netwalkTO ! Thanks all for coming! revolutionary @susancain expands her impact by creating @livequiet via @nytimes this video message from Dr. Maya Angelou Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Dark CloudWalking career workshop I now have #netwalkTO doing meditative 1k laps in the shade (also, it's hot out) like networking in natural spaces. What a wonderful gift to Toronto! #netwalkTO @AgaKhanPark happy to have professionals of all stages of career to challenge each other at #netwalkTO we're off! At the beautiful @AgaKhanPark #netwalkTO those coming to #netwalkTO we're meeting at 77 Wynford in front of the Aga Khan Museum- see you soon!Wonderful to see @susancain @livequiet profiled in @nytimes as an introvert revolution grows! we ready to netwalk? See you soon #netwalkTO participants at @AgaKhanPark ! getting up? You still have time to join us for networking while walking at @AgaKhanPark at 10am! #TorontoSunday morning gallant try @IKEACanada Trying to save us from phonezombiehood via @HuffingtonPost man @donovanbailey looking sharp on @cbcsports @CBCOlympics all through #TO2015 - a man w/ true #squareswag
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Love this career quote from Andre De Grasse ( @Youngtip94 ) Vital at this heartbreaking moment. #CBCPanAm #TO2015 De Grasse Humility, cornerstone of his career cc @Globe_Careers @metromorning #TO2015 to fame told in his own words via @cbcsports cc @CBC @CBCCanada #TO2015, let's celebrate Andre De Grasse ( @Youngtip94 ) ! cc @cbcsports #TO2015 @TO2015 Suits - Style Guide To Looking Stunning - Men Style Fashion
Retweeted by Paul NazarethI believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike? ~ Jean CocteauCareer comparison is deadly. Run your own race friends. #success #career #personalbrand it out @RachinTO ! @nadegetoronto made #TO2015 macaroons in @LovebotTheRobot boxes! #Toronto @TO2015,thoughtful video #career advice from @CDowdHiggins insightful answer to this age old question from career expert @CDowdHiggins [video] philanthropic power of partnering with advisors cc @AFPIHQ @Philanthropy @Hilborninfo Career books to read before you're 30 via @wef #career advice & examples from the incomparable @CDowdHiggins power of covert introverts @businessinsider featuring @susancain cc @livequietJust read the excellent interview with @UinvitedU on @CharityVillage! "Plan you career, your life." #Village20
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFor the business reader - great biz authors to follow on Twitter @Globe_Careers @globebusinessCan't wait to see @Carmen_Clayton @indeedemma @nina2tu @RAdamStewart @BigMacGuinness @JasonShim at #netwalkTO powerful 3 minute message from Dr. Maya Angelou on living your best life [video]
Turning a humdrum drive into a #ZipTrip adventure thanks to @ZipcarOntario @HyundaiCanada Veloster! have. We wrote about it @CBCToronto and I've been tweeting plugs for shows happening at @ALP_Pavilion @PialiRoy
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDrove to Mississauga for your fantastic house cigars @HavanaCastle this is the start of a beautiful relationship something up in Mississauga - it is just cars as far as the eye can see. You don't exist without a vehicle in the 905. #TOpoliUsing the word "deserve" in a debate about building billion dollar subways is intellectually offensive. #TOpoli @globetoronto @marcusbgeeDoesn't this look like a peaceful place? Come, network, walk, gain some peace at #netwalkTO have creative geniuses, hiring managers, professional advisors, coaches all attending #netwalkTO to help you with career advancement!Here's how #netwalkTO went last summer join us Sunday! Details here networking while walking!Joining my 1st netwalk! Can't wait to meet great ppl & enjoy this beautiful space.#netwalkTO
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFor anyone coming to #NetwalkTO this Sunday with an interest in data, we can chat about this opportunity @TheHSF
Retweeted by Paul NazarethI exaggerate that @johnlepp never leaves 'the shire' but this is an actual picture of his home. cc @DonorLove crew ice cream, the gateway drug.Do you know @KeithStonegate ? Philanthropic advisor with @DMPCanada Good guy to follow #FF cc @CAGP_ACPDP your future. Join me this Sunday at #netwalkTO ! #Toronto #networking @CBCNews story on donations today quotes @canadiancharity : no matter how good your work, charities must respect the law. Well put@metromorning re: screaming kids I have two little children, we don't bring them to clearly adult restaurants in consideration of others.Team at @ZipcarOntario are creating Veloster fans @HyundaiCanada ! What a car, what a drive (great gas mileage!) owner of Cape Breton Tartan pocket square! You're the best @tabsarose ! on the road made delightful with this awesome ride. You rule @ZipcarOntario ! cc @HyundaiCanada #coffee
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