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http://t.co/oCTK0OLgSpThere's just me no Kim, Happy April Fools 😂💋Hi it's Kylie here https://t.co/oOJCG64ZlF@jehdkstringer 😂I am actually employed by Kim and she sometimes tweets and creeps fans from this account tooOk guys I have something to confess..Congrats to @KimKardashian who is set to awarded with an honorary degree. http://t.co/z74fboJ6Pc http://t.co/nF5wz74Nsu @yahoocelebuk. @tumblr makes the best april fools in lifeit’s april fools day it means be careful for what you click on tumblr because I am doomed again this year UGH LOL I HATE YOU @TUMBLRKim and Kylie inspired lace-up heels $45.99: http://t.co/8RNo7BqyQI w/ free intl shipping http://t.co/S5gdz1V4x8Style Steal: Kylie inspired short dress $22.99: http://t.co/MXHzv6rDdi w/ free intl shipping http://t.co/q1o2qO2LtCKylie candids credit @UpdateJenner@KgothiBee8 lol but she's only 17 would you dress like that when you're 17omg she is literally copying Kim. #smh 😭 http://t.co/1vbLOcvptkBritish Prime Minister David Cameron: I’m Related to Kardashians! (VIDEO) http://t.co/D3JvBPg2IZ - @GossipCop
Style Steal: Kylie inspired textured sexy dress $19.99: http://t.co/0NSFbfOi81 w/ free intl shipping http://t.co/WB6OaBOaG7People hear what they want to hear.Style Steal: Kim inspired midi dress $18.99: http://t.co/S1ELboJCsU w/ free intl shipping http://t.co/RNa3crDMJc
Kylie Jenner. http://t.co/BMozdvRxRQ👭👄🔥 http://t.co/cEMVutNVmFKim Kardashian's school friend follows her fashion success with her first catwalk show in LA http://t.co/KCrK7lMbKU - @DailyMirrorKeeping Up With The Kardashians Recap: Kris Jenner Picks Khloe Kardashian As Her Executor, Scott ... http://t.co/V76E9GA20C - @GossipCop
Justin Bieber Is “Best Babysitter In The World” For Mason Disick (PHOTO) http://t.co/ZhSXcEK5cS - @GossipCopKris Jenner turns to boyfriend Corey Gamble after feeling lonely amid family drama? http://t.co/ZbMwUl7Xf8 - @DailyMirror
Kourtney Kardashian Posts Flashback Photo of First Night She Met Scott Disick http://t.co/jUr0Euym6m - @usweekly
Chris Brown Did NOT Slam Kim Kardashian and Kanye West As Parents, Despite Report http://t.co/pNzWU0epbn - @GossipCopStyle Steal: Kim K inspired sunglasses $10.99 on http://t.co/Yl7VQtkFfO w/ free intl shipping http://t.co/g79yezo0W1#brbKimhasdarknailsIhavetopaintminedarktoo.Well That Was Fast! Kim Kardashian Is No Longer Platinum Blonde http://t.co/HyGp3DY9hpKim Kardashian's hair goes back to black http://t.co/dM0u3gulQcKim Kardashian’s Platinum Blonde Hair Gets a Last Hurrah on Cover of ELLE France http://t.co/bOrlgbWbRGPicking up North from dance class 3.26.2015 http://t.co/dQVVYXynEmTaking North to dance class while slaying 3.26.2015 http://t.co/JW7UqjMaPLTaking North to dance class 3.26.2015 http://t.co/eLizF3LZCYWhen mom said "Baby, say hi" but you're not in mood https://t.co/wL6cYo0Ra2Still waiting for a pic North and Kim wearing matching sunglasses aahh 😎Why can a society accept a mom posting closeup twerking vids but not another posing naked with no sexual intended for top magazinesWho's your fav YouTube Beauty Guru?!OH I think I got it! It's the tan! 😍 http://t.co/1N3F3Ba8y6@MolestMeKardash I know lol but there's just something about her shouldersLook at them shoulders so on point #shouldersgoal http://t.co/n3FJb7HkoLWhen I mean shoulders I mean the entire upper bodyAm I the only one who thinks Kim has good-looking shoulders..Love it when Kim dresses like this showing her shoulders but not too much 😚 http://t.co/Tqt8fVJ23O@AgnesB40a5f ;DKim (back to black hair) taking North to dance class 3.26.2015 http://t.co/odfAJIiqlRKim Kardashian: Back to Brunette! http://t.co/dtxYKJX5JcKim Kardashian And Kanye West Are NOT Grooming North To Be Child Star, Despite Made-Up Story http://t.co/QWqr9YqYkS - @GossipCopI did get BlackBerry because of her! #confession #noshameI wonder how many have gone blonde because of KimYou have to follow my ultimate fav Jenner account @UpdateJenner if you haven't, like why aren't you at the first place💁Keeping it Calvin. Watch for the reveal of the new face of our #mycalvins Denim Series. http://t.co/79pKNRzRND
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanGet an exclusive look at @KendallJenner's @CalvinKlein jeans campaign! http://t.co/aD7RLVkrwO #mycalvins http://t.co/qLhfHXjrX5
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanCONFIRMED: @KendallJenner for @CalvinKlein - all the details: http://t.co/X1AyUyZroR http://t.co/x6ANFIwWrh
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanOMG Kendall Jenner is the new face of Calvin Klein! http://t.co/Qebh8Oa69b http://t.co/mfyEPXjvCh
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanI thought she's Kim at first look 😱 http://t.co/IDr6nrsn63MORE of Kendall x Calvin Klein Jeans http://t.co/RbmtYGnUg4
.@KimKardashian est en couverture de ELLE cette semaine ! http://t.co/CUY4ut467d http://t.co/3fjhX0AHMr
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanProud to be the face of the new @calvinklein #mycalvins Denim Series! http://t.co/461qG4e1xo
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian Fan.@KendallJenner will star in the new @CalvinKlein #mycalvins denim campaign: http://t.co/OUQQz6THll http://t.co/FYJWA5crBd
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanConfirming @KendallJenner. Introducing the new limited edition #mycalvins Denim Series. Coming soon. http://t.co/37vxTUhP6Z
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanNEW: Kendall for the latest Calvin Klein Jeans ad http://t.co/IdD6jOZbAZKylie Jenner: I’m NOT Releasing Song With Tyga And Iggy Azalea (PHOTO) http://t.co/7nTkMRZE1t - @GossipCopKhloe was seen arriving and leaving gym 3.25.2015. http://t.co/NJYR7in5BMThe person in my icon is too hot I cannot even look at my own icon.Style Steal: Kardashian inspired gold plate necklace $5.99: http://t.co/1xF9mB2270 w/ free intl shipping http://t.co/bCxLydF3Q4PREVIEW VIDEO: This week on KUWTK... http://t.co/cWhB0KpTgM👼x 2 http://t.co/5yD55DZYeJOh Kylie..👼 http://t.co/2AMHnz4fzzHe's leaving because he needs to get married and saves the love of his life this is a choice he has to makeZAYN IS LEAVING ONE DIRECTION THE DIRECTION IS NO LONGER ONE 😭
This is the most EPIC Kim Kardashian photobomb in existence. ENJOY http://t.co/iB0riNliA5 @CosmopolitanKim Kardashian's love of highlighter goes WAY back - throwback picture! http://t.co/3TUdww1Gin @RevealMagKanye and Kim's honeymoon mocked by a Kimye-alike http://t.co/wBb4sZy5UMStyle Steal: Birkin inspired bag $25.99 free shipping int'l http://t.co/VM9CxMz8rwMalibu beach fun 3.23.2015 https://t.co/95fJ7DEw7aKim Kardashian drawn by @mahahaifa https://t.co/SIv8xPZTvowhy is Miley Cyrus stealing attentions using all these pictures lmaoSo much respect to Angelina Jolie she's the most inspirational woman. Cannot imagine what she's been through but still so tough for her kidsEither do it with passion or not at all.@Kimblagh so I typed 'alert' you sick fuck.Heidi Klum Says Kim Kardashian Has Changed Fashion https://t.co/ZsrKEAMrn7I am currently working on a Tumblr collage wall!! It's so fun and motivationalThe normal life of The Wests http://t.co/WOTtTft2A2A woman’s picture was photobombed by The Wests without realizing until her picture on Instagram gone viral http://t.co/FtOcyKwrs4Kylie Jenner is still 17 y'all http://t.co/RuWON23lss@jullefernandez ;)#KardashianGenes alert http://t.co/QtGXAyz0wKFashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it.
omg tell me it's not realWatch Kendall Jenner’s ultra-fun campaign for Estée Lauder's Courrèges collaboration: http://t.co/5ddQWhETeh http://t.co/dbzt7PaR1G @InStyleKendall Jenner Hams It Up for Estee Lauder Courreges Commercial http://t.co/2EE0JDg28cScott Disick 'pictured at Costa Rica nightclub as he abandons rehab after just a week' http://t.co/6tiQx5F1SP - @DailyMirror
Sideboob, @kanyewest... and 49 other amazing celebrity photobombs: http://t.co/81NjTfNeBt
Retweeted by Kim Kardashian FanDid Rob Kardashian just compare Kim Kardashian to "the b***h from Gone Girl"? http://t.co/SEVYcoErTkhttp://t.co/j1HiD8hpRl @etcanadaKhloe Kardashian is rocking this almost entirely sheer dress http://t.co/Q7QwwVfkXX http://t.co/9Wecs0iKDE @CosmopolitanUK24/7 http://t.co/KeREOChHo4Rob Kardashian Compares Sister Kim to “Gone Girl” Psycho! http://t.co/zRBFJgrl6SKeeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kris Jenner Gets Her Groove Back With New Boyfriend Corey G... http://t.co/KzRAfuvS5V - @usweekly
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