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@1stvows Excellent!@1stvows Any upcoming southern CA shows? 🎢🎼🎀🎸I just found out about Ryan Hunter AKA @1stvows a couple days ago. Fantastic! Listen to (The Red EP) on #SoundCloud https://t.co/7rRVqfFS0Y
@TommyJoeRatliff @montepittman Have you seen this kid playing #BBKing? https://t.co/q78vcTOPTy
Thought I looked OK, but the security guy from Target came parking lot to make sure I was alright, because I looked...tired. #ChronicFatigue
"Prehistoric Googling" Via Colchester-East Hants Public Library http://t.co/V56qtQ8TMa
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@mikemyers614 @neiltyson Pesky tyops. They're the bane of my existence.@weird_sci They don't exist elsewhere because these amber-eyed assassins seek out and kill any who try to leave the island.@KGRojo88 Stop telling me what to do!!!!!@weird_sci And why not? I mean, really, who was going to stop them? "Eurasia's nice, and you're not the boss of me!" --Lion@ramit @nxtstpcnnct 😯😧😝@ladevita12 Merci! Γ‰tais trΓ¨s chaud cette jour.Now @UrbanDecay is showing swatches from Naked Smokey, but alas, still no invitation in my inbox to purchase early. 😒🎨Should I go with freaky green contacts like the synths on @HumansAMC or freaky blue contacts like the androids on @AlmostHumanFOX? #scifiHappy birthday to @ramit!! πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‘¦πŸΎ Your arms are looking good.It seems the Cybermen from @bbcdoctorwho have joined @MTVteenwolf during their off-season.
@danzr4ever Sometimes I think designers are not paying much attention to practical matters such as privacy and traffic patterns. Haha@danzr4ever But yeah, keeping an eye out for the hard features is the way to go. If you know you need an elevator, then that's that.@danzr4ever They're just not trying hard enough. Hahaha@danzr4ever Find the outlets and supply places in town. You can get good materials and fixtures at a discount. Okay, that's if for advice πŸ˜„@danzr4ever If you're not doing anything major, like electrical & plumbing, you can paint, change the bathroom vanity, tile, etc.@danzr4ever The location & overall structure can't be changed, but the kitchen & bath can be made to your liking, floors done, walls painted@danzr4ever Offer a reasonable amount on ones that can be renovated to your wishes and find a good contractor..@OxfordWords Someone needs to prescribe the use of "literally". This isn't a slanted or ironic usage. False use has created incredulity.@danzr4ever Talk to your bank. It might be you can take a personal loan from an investor & then refinance that into a conventional mortgage.@ShijinPrakash Helps the medicine go down, surely.@ramit He can put "eye for detail" in the Assets column as he is trying to sort out his best business options.@danzr4ever Good idea!@danzr4ever Argh!!@ShijinPrakash It sounds so much nicer that way! Does one follow up with a course of rainbow essence?@ladevita12 Bon! Nous pouvons muddle-through avec nous. πŸ˜€@ladevita12 Checked again. I think I can manage. Haha@ladevita12 Aw, sorry, I can't follow you. 😒 Two semesters of French at university is not enough to keep up with your feed. 😊@mujtaba_alvi_ Are you fasting because you're Muslim? If so, it was rather silly of you to go and be born during Ramadan. πŸ˜‰ @jk_rowling@mujtaba_alvi_ Why are you fasting on your birthday? You're supposed to feast on cake, etc., on your birthday. @jk_rowling@qikipedia Was that just a euphemism for "there is no cure"?@ladevita12 LOL They are Montreal police?! What can she possibly hide from in canary yellow camouflage? @JamesAsser
Why did they cut down the mature trees on #FlippingBoston?! They could have trimmed and groomed them for light and airiness, instead.@jasonsfolly @thisisbwright There's actually quite a resemblance between you two. You could pass for father and daughter. :-)Name-calling is what happens when you desperately want to argue, but you are in fact inarticulate.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@Masonglazier Glad to hear it. Hemorrhaging from the nose is rarely a good thing.@Masonglazier Will your blood vessels toughen up as you get older?@Masonglazier Hey, stupid autocorrect! I said pointy. lol Anyway, glad you don't need singeing.@AlekSpeck Is that for the racist gay Southerners?@Masonglazier You know, if you'd stop shoving point objects up there.... πŸ˜†@Masonglazier Are you getting a lot of nosebleeds?@Masonglazier What's the purpose of burning your nose?@Masonglazier Are you ailing, or is this just a routine exam?@montepittman Be sure to trim any orange ear-hairs that sprout out as you're trolling.@Mattdavelewis Aging like a fine wine--getting better every year. @samclaflin@qikipedia Is that how those people ended up on the plane to the island in Lost?
@jasperfforde How much is that doggie in the window--the one with the waggly tail?igious views to ppl who aren't even of their religion. #SCOTUSIt boggles my mind why so many ppl think they can dictate their rel
OMW! The new lip colors coming from @thekatvond in July...! I'm going to need at least six of them. πŸ˜³πŸ˜»πŸ’„πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ’–
Maybe Taylor Swift can do something about that nonsense going on in Texas. @mollywood @sims #womenshealth@TommyJoeRatliff I look forward to hearing your covers of all three of those. @labry101
Every day I check my inbox expectantly, hoping for an early invitation to purchase the new Naked Smokey palette from @UrbanDecay. πŸ’œ@jk_rowling Surely you can pay someone to put the pieces back together for you! @saibhandari@aaronpaul_8 Whatever you have to tell yourself to let you sleep at night, um, morning. ;-) #WorldTravelerProblems@pindippycave If only "Name That Tune" were still on!@scotthoying That's so sweet! 😊@jk_rowling Oo, that's told you, for certain. *nods sagely*@inkophile I do like a nice grey.
@inkophile That Stormy Grey is gorgeous!
@Alikat1323 There's this, too. Psh! I should be in NY this weekend. https://t.co/UZt5qZWJxg@danzr4ever ...If that's what he's telling himself. ;-)@Alikat1323 Ooo! Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is there now. Are you going to see her?@neiltyson That's pretty much your motto for life, isn't it?@danzr4ever Is that his equivalent of a muumuu for when he's feeling comfy?One can't both be FOR "traditional marriage" and AGAINST same-sex discrimination. #paradox #govtbenefits @joshrogin @sims @FoxNews @JebBush@Masonglazier Humph. You are the only young person on my feed--precisely because you are a nice, well-mannered, interesting person. :-)@Masonglazier You tell them, Mase!@adamsmadams Do tell!@sammyjodj Well, meh. That's a bit far for me. Haha #WestCoast@sammyjodj @MsAnaMatronic What city is Nowhere Bar in?@neiltyson And here I thought longevity was a good plan.
@TommyJoeRatliff I mean I especially liked minute four, the build-up section before the denouement. Haha@TommyJoeRatliff I enjoyed that. I especially liked the fourth minute before the denouement.@jk_rowling @RGalbraith What if we can't wait that long?
@sims Be careful what you wish for. There are events and there are EVENTS. Haha
@TommyJoeRatliff Welcome back! How were the electronic palm trees and cyber sand?
Cross streets lit by sunset’s fiery light, rendering our urban canyons aglow. Behold #Manhattanhenge http://t.co/H7pWyYyL9l
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@jk_rowling What do say about this theory about #Crookshanks? http://t.co/LEr7ZyT1F1@melissaanelli Yep, she pretty much hits it right on all fronts. @Evy_Lynch"You on WooWoo?" You can now see and post live blogging on #Periscope an app from the Twitter people. Sign up!@qikipedia Is the puffins-as-fish thing a stretch of the saying "you are what you eat"?
@neiltyson I am so with you on that! Birds belong outside, flapping, soaring, etc..
@qikipedia Are we on "'P' for Poo" now?
Thoughts? @jamieoliver @BuiltLean https://t.co/Vg25pyRt1jThere are only three countries in the world where your boss is more likely to be a woman than a man, Jamaica, Colombia and Saint Lucia.
Retweeted by Lanai T.@ramit How would you answer the person who posted the question?@samsparro Then hie thee to the market post haste!
Guys on the keys @jamiecullum what a legend! Friday 15May stay tuned guys! http://t.co/mlUJbTOdL2 #FoodRevolutionDay https://t.co/1LkTpD0RBn
Retweeted by Lanai T.It's is a musical clichΓ©, which is unfortunate, since Beethoven's Sonata No. 14 in C#mπŸŒ› really is a beautiful piece of music. @ClassicalKUSCEver said β€˜I’m fine’ & not meant it… ? It’s time to #SwitchOnTheLight with @_selfesteemteam for #MentalHealthWeek http://t.co/CccvztiVH2 x
Retweeted by Lanai T.I like how @Allisonholker seems so earnest. :-)
@montepittman Woohoo! http://t.co/0Mmz1m0gWD@zulily Honestly, Zulily! I am not a five year old. What is up with these dresses?!?
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