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Media&Comms, Marketing & Economics Student at SydneyUni. Football, Gaming, Pop Music. Wednesday Drive at 2RDJ 88.1FM. All tweets are of my own view and opinion.

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Happy birthday to Paul Canoville, Chelsea's first black player... #CFC http://t.co/3y0mSOP4Bc
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoPep Guardiola has stated he will fulfil his contract with #Bayern Munich to remain coach until at least the summer of 2016 (Guardian) #MCFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWelcome to Twitter, @diegocosta! #CFC http://t.co/p03ZtGQlL2
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWelcome to Twitter @diegocosta. #therewillbehaters, the machine can handle them. http://t.co/E84ssnpODQ
Retweeted by Alexander Enricocc @matthewsyed RT“@NourAgha: Bad bad oligarch Roman Abramovich http://t.co/HmyGUQJa7x
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWelcome to Twitter @diegocosta #BeastWarm welcome to Twitter for @diegocosta - goalscorer in the #CapitalOneCupFinal and striker for @ChelseaFC and @SeFutbol
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThe #BPL's joint top scorer in the 2014/15 season is now on Twitter. Find him here:@diegocosta http://t.co/aPpUbQ6KM2
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWhat a win!!! Great team work and great atmosphere from our fans! Thank you all! #CapitalOneCupFinal http://t.co/8lSh2oFm2j
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Mourinho: "What I can guarantee is John Terry will be a Chelsea player next season" #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoJose guarantees that John Terry will be a Chelsea player next season. #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoIGN AU recently held its biggest Black Beta Select Awards yet. Check out the highlights! http://t.co/6ZLE1TABrx http://t.co/q7av4L8WqB
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCongratulations to Chelsea. Mourinho is so darn good that he's won the Premier League and the league Cup on the same day.
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Less than 1 hour back into uni and I wanna vomit at couples already #BackToUniRunning on 3 hours of sleep for the first day of uni of the year. So freaking worth it. #CapitalOneCupChampionsStupid me read the timetable wrongly, already missing the first lecture of the year. Final year at Uni is off to a flying start.We're champions again!!!! Thanks God for giving me the fourth title with this club! I want more and… https://t.co/lYBgGfkqXG
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChampionssss!!! https://t.co/8RWbgHg9Iv
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSelfie with the Cup! 😁☺️😝😂 http://t.co/vmDVLFS70B
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCon mi amigo @hazardeden10 y la Copa!!! With my friend Eden and the Cup! Thanks everyone! @ChelseaFC #CapitalOneCup http://t.co/NUzeUOelrn
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico10 finals with @chelseafc 8 trophies #andWeWontStop #cfc #blueIsTheColour #WeOwnWembley https://t.co/Qses32QvNu
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChampions !!! 🏆 capital one cup !!!! http://t.co/CMZg1wuxV1
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChampionsss!! Capital One Cup🏆 http://t.co/peF3sQRIhi
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoAbsolutely buzzing with the win! Well done lads, what a team! #CFCWembley #CapitalOneCupChampions http://t.co/RhgxBXGj6a
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGreat victory tonight!! First trophy of the season! 🏆 #cfc @ Wembley Football Stadium https://t.co/RCwfpFsbzD
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHappy day 😄👌 http://t.co/Rb2OgXTTBF
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico#WembleyIsBlue @adidasUK #therewillbehaters http://t.co/58DcKgCiuI
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico#CapitalOneCupFinal #CapitalOneCupChampions https://t.co/AICwE9fCBYJust posted a video https://t.co/d1t5CtMr6iTHE BOYS IN FULL VOICE #CFCWembley #CapitalOneCupFinal #ComeOnYouBlues https://t.co/LMq9f8prftIt's almost time for the #CapitalOneCupFinal. Heading to the Sydney Supporter's live screening, and… https://t.co/nHyMGQsyP5My heart is blue. Come on @ChelseaFC Good Luck friends. #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHere's the view heading up Wembley Way... #CFCWembley http://t.co/5yPVlMvE3f
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
I still weave dreams finding inspiration wherever I can looking for romance in the real not the digital world #SMWnyc http://t.co/yy6Ye0TUD1
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Entertainment is why I use tinder....not for its actual dating purposesWell done @dembabafoot and @Gokhan_Tore7!
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoEveryone follow my new team mate @DejanLovrenLFC6 top player. One of the best defenders I've played against.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSorry Liverpool fans, it was just..... http://t.co/4iwK9TyvdK
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoGood night 🙏
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico😕🔫
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoI am sorry
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWe are delighted to unveil Yokohama Rubber as our new official shirt partner... http://t.co/E4MygXwqL9 #CFC http://t.co/QrcxTkmx5V
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
http://t.co/JdjsEP82bc's name doesn't really work in French... http://t.co/hUFehyUfUF
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWine, accompanied by one of the world's finest chocolate. This is not too bad at all.Inarticulate rant over, sorry! I still dont feel I've used the right words to describe my feelings. What d'you think? http://t.co/EHgZPH8oPz
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoI'm drinking free beer and Arsenal are being shit. Top night!
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoThanks Theo 👍http://t.co/nC8o9PR4mx
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoArsenal v Monaco. For the first time in a long time, arsenal get a fairly easy 1st knock out stage draw. It's quarter finals for them
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
“@BVB: Grazie for having us, @juventusfcen! See you in Dortmund!" this is how it should be done. Not some arrogant shit like @PSG_English
Love him or hate him - Jose's right on this one. http://t.co/xWS60MrPGJ
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Weekend inconsistencies... http://t.co/wL6TceTekQ #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoJose Mourinho attacks 'end-of-career' tackle... http://t.co/l98C0vtcHw #CFC http://t.co/OLNjIcdHkj
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoOutrage over Matic red card: http://t.co/zafGkrLnVL #CFC http://t.co/igM0927JP0
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWORLD ♥ Remember that little talk we had about not believing everything written in the media?!
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
A glass of wine and some work to do. I love Sunday nights.Really sad to see a massive club like @ParmaFC tumbles down through financial issues. Grew up around Italian football and Parma was HUGE.In an Indian restaurant in Newcastle. Owner auditioned for a job on Top Gear 12 years ago. Hammond got the gig. His curry was effing hot.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHaving just seen that angle Matic isn't even a red. Pushes him in chest!
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoOn MNF with Howard Webb he seemed to suggest push to chest yellow / above neck red! Will try and find clip
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoI think I've annoyed a fair few neighbours after tonight's yell at the TV episode....Can you people stop with the Matic was right to retaliate. He is a professional. He is meant to see the bigger picture and rise above it.
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoJose Mourinho would prefer not to comment on the foul on Matic. #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHe's back. DIEEGO DIEEGO DIEEGO!!
At the Sydney Town Hall for @ign_au Black Beta Select Awards 2014! #BBSA14 @ Sydney Town Hall Concert… http://t.co/lQCTGKdz5qExcited for the @IGN_AU #BBSA2014 tonight! Can't wait to see who wins what. Last year was too much of a sweep ;)“@Cuadrado: with my real English teacher http://t.co/iwjUESs6Xs” HAHAH SCREW YOU ENGLISH MEDIA!Iniciando clases con mi verdadero profesor de inglés / with my real English teacher http://t.co/bpQXYLKYJO
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoSaturday will be our Game for Equality, celebrating the club's diversity and inclusion work... http://t.co/DCdtqaQrYM http://t.co/sNdIyPNtJ7
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Besiktas are likely to start a player Liverpool fans would love to forget - Demba Ba. #SSNHQ http://t.co/EC1T8cUjUl
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoHappy Lunar New Year from all at Chelsea FC! May the Year of the Goat bring you joy, prosperity and good health. http://t.co/f4WOwBqmy9
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoIf found guilty, those responsible could face at least 3 years in prison and a fine of €45,000. #CFC (Guardian)
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoWatch. RT“@ChelseaFansYT: Hear @Chelsearory's views on the events on the Paris Metro. https://t.co/xn52Mz7UtO #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Chelsea FC (2/3): "Should evidence point to the involvement of Chelsea season ticket holders or members..." #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChelsea FC (3/3): "...the club will take the strongest possible action against them including BANNING orders." #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoChelsea FC (1/3) : "We will support any criminal action against those involved in such behaviour...." #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander Enricogroup of chavs jst changed headlines from "good away result" to "embarrassment for english football & throwback to dark ages of hooliganism"
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
Congratulations to the #CFCU18 lads for making it to the semis of the FA Youth Cup for the 6th year in a row. Future is bright @ChelseaFC.Full-time: Newcastle 0-3 Chelsea! Goals from Brown, Solanke & Abraham put us in the semis for the 6th year in a row! #CFCU18
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoBREAKING: Liverpool fans reacting to the FA Cup sixth round draw. https://t.co/F5tvTjjkuL
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico
One of my roommates is letting his girlfriend win on the Playstation. If this is what a relationship is, then I'm glad as fuck I'm single
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico#FACupHalftimeShow Boris Johnson zip lining across Wembley Stadium#FACupHalftimeShow Susan BoyleCan you imagine the FA Cup Final having a halftime show? Lets have Susan Boyle. #AllStar2015As I said yesterday, the court 3D mapping for @NBAAllStar is SICK
Wow the 3D mapping in the @NBAAllStar is amazing class@joshgroban me waking up every morningWow @FOXSportsAUS earning the rights to F1 in 2015 is MASSIVE. Practically conquering all major sports in Australia in 2015. Great work!!
Built a website for the first time today for @USydQuidditch. Took awhile but at least it's running well! http://t.co/mZEV5VW5uP@bocorfuck yes!! :)@bocorfuck no I have to work :( Sorry buddy! Next time!@bocorfuck happy Valentine's Day buddy
Costa: "In England, referees don’t call many fouls, as opposed to Spanish football...you must be really strong all through the 90 minutes"
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoCosta: "Yes, I am getting used to getting kicked more than before. Premier League defenders are really strong and physical." #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoYay @buzzfeed covering something I've covered with @AfterLife2pt0 months ago.... Woop-dee-fuckin-doo!https://t.co/tDGStu3X2L (via @ChelseaFC) #CFC
Retweeted by Alexander EnricoEden Hazard has today signed a new five-and-a-half-year contract with Chelsea...http://t.co/i6YGX9wNNY #HazardCFC http://t.co/JN4DiAAofG
Retweeted by Alexander Enrico“@ChelseaFC: Eden Hazard has today signed a new five-and-a-half-year contract with Chelsea...” FINALLY! About damn time
@adidasfootball the boots is excellently constructed. I want to know how are the materials so thin and yet it's structurally stable.
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