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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/DshowFfGTr

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#5Questions with @TheLeeBros: Charleston, cookbooks & more http://t.co/XKyKvAHcIe#Recipe: Biscochitos cookies http://t.co/5bO17V0DFOLast day to ship before Christmas! http://t.co/PgkO8U8d1L #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/Xp4AsjvTTB
@emilynussbaum @Elizbethperkins And for those of us who make TV in foreign nations this issue is doubly troubling@emilynussbaum @Elizbethperkins As @jaketapper sublimely put it, we are all Seth Rogen.Texas Theater to Show 'Team America' In Place of 'The Interview’ http://t.co/ku0HF4Uc02 http://t.co/ilx9vXJnWT
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@JuddApatow: Pulling #TheInterview points to "dark future" in Hollywood http://t.co/y7ORS7PNat
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSad day for creative expression. #feareatsthesoul
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernStill need a #gift for that special someone? I've got you covered: http://t.co/uT1ZXBIup9@andrewzimmern @HuffPostEnt .....to have soldiers giving their lives for our freedom and then to have theaters giving up so lightly....sad.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI guess the premier party at my house is cancelled too.. RT @HuffPostEnt: Sony’s statement: http://t.co/VJ6lXOFZ7d http://t.co/tPOrEXlCqaObama on Cuba: “It’s time for a new approach.” Exactly right.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTaste the barnyard: http://t.co/EhW78W0bmi #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/SUVsMqsxnXI am glad I saw Cuba before they got a Starbucks, and i am thrilled for the Cuban people because they need relief. http://t.co/T80aSD2KQXHelp my friend Katie Johnson… @babson connections... https://t.co/1vZKEomee67 Food Spots at the #MallofAmerica that Don’t Suck http://t.co/8WdBzaig1f http://t.co/GscM9P7rfsPerfect Braised Beef Brisket #recipe for #Hanukkah. http://t.co/1GBuGiIsLUI love the Middle East, so much to learn about ourselves through travel… http://t.co/jFsfbxVQ6Q@nerdist @midnight #scifibands The The Thing Blacula KeysChefs, find your porn name by simply reading it off the side of a veg box: http://t.co/FKQGnpqTZ2
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@themichellewie @chef_morimoto I've eaten at that restaurant and when season is right the uni/toro is out of control. Morimoto=genius@themichellewie We need to discuss this at length. Superb choice.Chicken with Black Limes http://t.co/cUOcStCQBj #recipeFinally an all-purpose roaster and braiser that can go from stovetop to oven to table. http://t.co/LNpeFj1q1U http://t.co/6pD2J9jCXQMake these for #Hanukkah: http://t.co/zRhrRaRFJ5At Long Last, Surly Beer Hall Opens on Friday http://t.co/7Cfke4hLT4
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWow RT @stephmarch: Papa can you hear me ... @andrewzimmern http://t.co/pVm5p0fFxQOh my that is so awesome... RT @AlyWeisman: #Mom weighs in on #SonyHack http://t.co/sgixABV8sBShare your #GoForkYourself pride this holiday: http://t.co/91dvsgvZRb #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/L8aK5IczLS#Recipe: Eleanor Mailloux's Pfeffernüsse cookies http://t.co/8HTsLwAFIr http://t.co/XMpcUM1M8j
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTry out this awesome Noodle Kugel #recipe for #Hanukkah http://t.co/qNV1VnMlISSo happy for our team in NorCal! Proud of Karen and John. Check it out. http://t.co/VH8WwHgcTpHappy Hanukkah! Thanks to the great @jaketapper for this superb history lesson about @AdamSandler songs 20th bday https://t.co/p0rn3PpLCVToday I saw a truck carrying Viagra. And get this, it was a semi. By the way - no charge for that tweet.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernCongress forbids #nutrition experts to discuss the ecological and environmental impact of food http://t.co/1ndibWpclTPreserved tuna, with fennel, fenugreek, cumin, turmeric and tomatoes over date syrup rice @ Kite Beach http://t.co/wKNFJ0LNdRUAE fish sauce. Made with kingfish and anise @ Dubai Jumeirah 3 http://t.co/IZkibg3JT8Dinner @ Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Beach http://t.co/GJ5nq8ICs2Must read Teaching Entrepreneurship – A Practice-Based Approach by @Babson Professo...: http://t.co/NWBIV524Qx via @YouTubeFrom my Jewish grandmother's kitchen: Chopped Chicken Liver http://t.co/v9tWQHNbjW #recipe@mistermahzel Go fork yourself! We eat it all the time! Love matzah and stale stuff is great made into toffeeWe feel same RT @WCKitchen: We love #WCKChefNetwork Chefs @erikbruneryang @mariobatali @chefdy2k @rock_harper @ronduprat @andrewzimmern#Podcast: Need holiday gift ideas? This week's @GFYPodcast has you covered. Listen: http://t.co/KQOiTwzi8RWith my pal Nazek, the queen of Malleh Gourmet, bringing Emerati cuisine to the world @zariobreesamhttp://t.co/yVfES1sKPj#Recipe: Hanukkah Toffee Matzo http://t.co/flzlapfg9G http://t.co/7V5xxkOVgGThe lovely and hospitable Malleh Gourmet sisters, Zohra and Nazek Al Sabbagh, who're... http://t.co/1gt2lZAfdI Via @fryingpantoursThat's all you my friend RT @McBroody: @andrewzimmern Calling in a #Drone, with just his bare (cont) http://t.co/nqH5N64Aus@dearclarissa @hungryintaipei You two HAVE to connect. I would fly and do it myself but am in Dubai.Thx sir RT @FaroePodcast: @andrewzimmern Just finished watching your Faroe Islands episode. (cont) http://t.co/UtE8FNyCZR@amck @paulpro12 @Lemmo Horrified at my sweater maybe?!?!?@amck Worst show ever. One of the more embarrassing moments in a career, shot way back when I was learning. YOU were great tho.Secret to crispness is the ground lentils in the four @ Fish Market http://t.co/H4f3UQN00zFried pink tailed emperor fish. Crazy good. Sweet, moist, like Japanese red snapper @ Lost in Dubai http://t.co/pkwRnI8h1SBrilliant idea. Restaurant workers tie lighters to strings in kitchen for seamless cigarette smoking… http://t.co/MtsPP6YHIdA dozen types of emperor fish are popular here...pink tails are best @ Lost in Dubai http://t.co/YYqH6DoBrtOmani red shrimp. Live caught. Some of best on planet. Each weigh a quarter pound @ Dubai Creek http://t.co/0XGNa4Fli4
Fish @ Fish Market http://t.co/mblKFbXfSOThe fish market @ Fish Market - Gold Souq, Dubai http://t.co/poILvsDIuoCleaning traps @ The Creek http://t.co/OHdOvc2IMt@chefludo @michellebranch @meenophoto @areyoulucid Two of my fave people! Hope you were strumming La Marseillaise@TAPSFishHouse @jilevin So do I .... Those who have, should.Help rebuild and remake MN farm ...let's Build the Barns, Grow the Flock on Kickstarter -- http://t.co/mxC26JbnNs I love their cheeseThe perfect roast chicken #recipe http://t.co/dXXSfnp0j2 #holiday#Recipe: Braised Beef Brisket http://t.co/1GBuGiIsLU http://t.co/7cWS4EJ8h5Check out #BizarreFoods Faroe Islands tonight at 9/8c on @travelchannel. http://t.co/i4Ji9zyiRtSNEAKPEEK Faroes BizarreFoods tonight 9|8c - http://t.co/NN3XIVHPfn http://t.co/i8NM8h04yq Great hour of TV! You will be amazed@nancyriegler @OasisCamelDairy Inspired camel fan thx to you!@annsisboo How can I help!? Email me at info@andrewzimmern.com#Interview: @MarcusCooks on his new cookbook, why it’s important to go off the grid on vacation & #Minneapolis. http://t.co/WHru2NWFdsCoffee from scratch... Hand roasting beans ... Nighty night @ In the Desert http://t.co/pre8lumFlqSemi boneless baby goat after plating @ Al Sahra Desert http://t.co/rwi8oiGb3QBuild fire in drum. Cook flat bread @ Al Sahra Desert http://t.co/ihfQQjtf2iBraised camel and chickens in two pots. Under the rock a fire pit roasts rice and goat @ Al Sahra Desert http://t.co/HmIpkrskoYBedouins in desert living just like their ancestors except after dinner, while boiling tea, they use… http://t.co/1zFDLrTRmM@TAPSFishHouse @jilevin Tax rates are fair. Deductions, exemptions and loopholes are not.Check out Bizarre Foods alum Carl Blake in "Little Pig Man," premiering at 11E tonight on NatGeo!From stocking stuffers to #gifts to splurge on, my holiday gift list: http://t.co/uT1ZXBIup9Bread @ In the Desert http://t.co/Ud1MqkScBTEconomic justice as explained by Paul Krugman http://t.co/Jp6adAd5
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSay everything without saying anything at all: http://t.co/12ZnhY9C0e #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/9Hihkj8a7tThx to @mcbroody @inafryingpan @ Al Sahra Desert http://t.co/UWKcdFaB1nReading morning news from afar. Sadly our Econ recovery isn't for everyone. 1 in 6 in #NYC go hungry http://t.co/JLDPx6bxYSPerfect vegetable dip for a holiday party: http://t.co/zWSzUL6KzJ #recipe http://t.co/BCGXgHktmQAbdullah and I headed to dinner... Sunset. Drone. #Dubai. @ Al Sahra Desert http://t.co/rduws484eSCamel @ In the Desert http://t.co/L1FAiaXHFDCrew life @ Lost in Dubai http://t.co/wTxt5DQZNxRT @carbidesound Love filming in the desert with views like this #mydubai #bizarrefoods @andrewzimmern @inafryingpan http://t.co/gkzLj8sJMb
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHey faz3 , we have mutual friends and I am out near your falconry HQ. Let's hang your highness! @… http://t.co/kecqFJ8wMdGoat... @ Nazwa Desert Dunes http://t.co/FposmWL39XValley of the Dals @ Russ Meyer's Dubai http://t.co/LkSqKiSqz1One of a kind... Gift from the Sheik. Prototype jar of camel ghee. #humbled @ Desert Dubai http://t.co/wwABYFojsX
Camel meat mortadella @ Camelicious http://t.co/MLFodl6X7iKisses @ camelicious http://t.co/ADnjXWY9dPCamel farm in Dubai is worlds first and most advanced. Camel milk is so so good for you @ Dubai Camel… http://t.co/v7EzoWZn11@chefjasondady @Johnny_Iuzzini This hurts.So good. RT @dcsportsbog: Haymakers from William Rhoden in the Times http://t.co/DqjQfgH3g8 http://t.co/vuNjlN9MWu
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThe best gifts from @BookRiot, @andrewzimmern, @ninagarcia and more on Best of Quarterly! http://t.co/Zg0fpd5UDY http://t.co/SOPCNIyPNd
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernJust like the ones I wear on the show. Great holiday gift. http://t.co/KF1lECanUw #shopandrewzimmern http://t.co/aqY4L8SxNe.@mollymogren & I share our favorite gift ideas on this week's podcast. Listen: http://t.co/KQOiTwzi8RIt's already happening! RT @grahamelliot: Sushi under threat from overfishing, claims Japan's most revered chef http://t.co/zB0aalEWcc
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