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Axe-Static Process @axestatic Oregon and Greece

We love GUITARS, we love MADONNA, we love Madonna playing guitars.

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@Dutchguitardude @montepittman's rig #MDNATour http://t.co/nCCc1xMKv9 #axestatic :)I pray I get to see @montepittman & @nickirichards either this year or early next year. #RebelHeartTour
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThe fact that the #Queen @Madonna plays #Guitar is the Cherry on Top 🎸❤️🎸❤️🎸❤️ http://t.co/x2NYNEUQDe
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#Madonna performed Devil Pray and Ghosttown in Che Tempo Che Fa - http://t.co/h43qNk0raE #RebelHeart http://t.co/K3y8IpcQvH
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna few minutes ago in Milan, Italy. Earlier today she performed Devil Pray & Ghosttown on Che Tempo Che Fa show. http://t.co/LjDpx4YSFb
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessExclusive: and the World Tour starts from… http://t.co/imjIQgNzCG via @madonnatribe
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTune it tomorrow at 15h to @rtl1025 Italian radio for a new #Madonna interview with Dondoni!
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna will be kicking off her new tour in Miami on August 29th 2015! Official announcement tomorrow! #RebelHeartTour
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman And I demand you make M mash-up something from Power of Three. You got her to do Pantera. Anything is possible.
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWatch an exclusive interview with Madonna​, as she shares her experience from the Brit Awards #TheJRShow https://t.co/aMhQZWIg3N
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWhen you can't find that note 🎶🎤🎶 #lifecanbeadream #tonedeaf https://t.co/DoafVPRW0S
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessOn my way to @avalonmohegan. Working on a new live set. https://t.co/VGplwAkCBy
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHere's me & @frascognamiglio outside of Slayer's rehearsal space. I think we can hear them practicing… https://t.co/CPzovwRvJ5
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAlways a must to visit the #Duomo when in #Milan. Its beauty never ceases to amaze me. #Italy #Italiahttps://t.co/AMu1q1YZbJ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI believe i can fly.................❤️#livingforlove ❤️#rebelheart http://t.co/fGeoNEqPzL
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna is currently rehearsing Devil Pray #RebelHeartinItaly
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
GIG GETTING SECRETS SEMINAR with Brian Frasier-Moore & nickruffini Friday, March 6th at 4pm… https://t.co/Xu2JNilluB
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessGetting ready for dinner in Milan. #milano https://t.co/8jBfrjZ7wr
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBringing my Rebel Heart back to my Italian roots and to raise a glass with you Fabio! chetempochefa ❤️ #rebelheart http://t.co/e2QqnTvOfv
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWE love the NEW http://t.co/uuD5WfLE5M !
#FF #RebelHeartBand @Madonna @montepittman @RickeyPageot @BrianFrasierM @nickirichards @KileyDean @kevinantunes411
@MDNAMafia thanks for the RT and love!Hey! @Madonna // @GuyOseary please consider doing few acoustic performances during the #RebelHeart promo: AOL Sessions, MTV Unplugged
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThe new Madonna World Tour will be announcing on Monday March 2nd: http://t.co/L8gOXq8Af6 @MDNAMafia @MadonnaNation http://t.co/GRAegU4A99
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessRT #MadonnaFamily help us ! Bring #RebelHeartTour in Athens, Greece! @guyoseary @LiveNation
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBring #RebelHeartTour in Athens, Greece! @Madonna @MadonnaGreece @LiveNation @guyosearyhttp://t.co/oDIJiibxxC is showing #RebelHeart Tour http://www.Madonna. com http://t.co/5Chs7QF1w8
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@BrianFrasierM you're welcome!! see you soon somewhere in Europe!! (like Athens, GR mr @guyoseary ?? @LiveNation @Madonna )this is amazing! http://t.co/p77malrenq "Cry me a river" @jtimberlake @BrianFrasierM incredible talent #drums. We need a cam for the M shows
Even the perfect sometimes fall - Madonna kept on and showed us how you should pick yourself up and fight! She was amazing! #BritAwards2015
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna you fucking legend. Lifted me up and watched me stumble now that it’s over I’m gonna carry on #livingforlove
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessLove lifted her up! GO MADONNA! #MadonnaAtTheBrits
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processcome on girl! @MadonnaGrreat job everyone of warming up for Madonna, but I'm ready now! #brits2015 #britsimmadonna and the bullring is out! http://t.co/UKyGPKQxb2
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHold your breath, The Queen of Pop is about to perform #BritAwards2015 #Brits15 #BritsImMadonna
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessLet's go!! @Madonna @BrianFrasierM @montepittman @nickirichards @KileyDean @RickeyPageot @kevinantunes411 #RebelHearts @BRITAwardsSLAY QUEEN #MADONNA !!! #LivingForLove
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessVery good. Now make sure you mop that stage for Madonna please @Palomafaith 👍 #BRITAwards http://t.co/B9Df2RBMl0
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessPaloma and then Madonna
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessUK! The #LivingForLove single is out on iTunes now! http://t.co/r7GZ2GmcGQ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessRehearsing today with this amazing band for the Elixir party tomorrow night. My LA friends, we'll see you there!... http://t.co/FES43sgcEO
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI hope @Madonna performs "GhostTown"!!! @BRITAwards #RebelHeartWatch in 20 minutes! On Youtube Ric'key Pageot will be performing with Madonna on the Brit Awards. And its his... http://t.co/8k3AR37cqK
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWatch the @BRITAwards LIVE stream https://t.co/hQrQEeioLt @Madonna @RickeyPageot @montepittman @nickirichards @BrianFrasierM @KileyDeanAnother bday today! Happy Birthday @_madonnalicious !We here! #BritAwards2015 #RebelHeart #Madonna #jyoung #TheYoungs #younglife #losangeles #Londonhttps://t.co/MpyQ0qcIpm
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessASP wishes @RickeyPageot a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! #RebelHeartPianist
MP Webmaster: Monte Pittman will be back on stage with Madonna tomorrow at the BRIT Awards. What's your fave M&M... http://t.co/Pxb9YdTYVk
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@MDNAMafia @Madonna Devil Pray is nice too, but I think GhostTown is more epic!@MDNAMafia I hope @Madonna will perform GhostTown because it's a much better song#RebelHeartGuitarist is trending @axestatic! Would love a @montepittman solo in the upcoming @madonna tour! cc: @kevinantunes411 @guyoseary
Retweeted by Axe-Static Processthat's us! RT @BingeBaby: http://t.co/9e6KfH6Rlb: Madonna - "Don't Tell Me" - Guitar Lesson http://t.co/1ICIuTLvu6 #guitar #lesson #madonna@montepittman You know there's nothing sexier than watching Madonna play guitar. Thank you for that 😉👉
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessDress rehearsal today at #O2Arena #Madonna #redcarpet #BritAwards2015 #RebelHeartPianoPlayer #Londonhttps://t.co/iHHVIW6WC4
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHope there's a @montepittman solo in the upcoming @madonna tour! http://t.co/1FpqH4Ei6N #BurningUp #RIT cc @kevinantunes411 @guyoseary
If I was @madonna I would seriously contemplate suing BBC Radio 1 for discrimination in the workplace. Just for sport. S💋
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessNew @dessydilauro single #Cheater all vocals and instruments recorded with @apogeedigital #Quartet https://t.co/qmnR5PWxsW #audiointerface
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
"I'm not gonna tell you, I'm just gonna do it" #DontTellMe http://t.co/qkXReRbcq9 @Madonna.@Madonna "American Life" Live at Jonathan Ross https://t.co/Jybn6uEqBF @montepittman @stevesidelnyk @MarcusBassMan #StuartPriceOne of @madonna's best interviews with Jonathan Ross for the promo of American Life http://t.co/rzsQ3951Zj #WeLoveBrunetteMadonnaThe Jonathan Ross Show to be filmed on Feb 26 http://t.co/bHpfnKF4By via @madonnatribe
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAdore! @madonna @JRossShow @wossy @BBCR1 #livingforlove http://t.co/QkHyHybmS5
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
. @Madonna - Living For Love (57th GRAMMYs) https://t.co/PVHJNmbbCmMan, sometimes I'd like to go back in time and go to the AMAZING #ConfessionsTour @Madonna
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWe're getting a little bit excited over the new @madonna album! #ThrowbackThursday "Turn up the Radio" GUITAR cover! http://t.co/Q9IDo4BvML
MORE guitar, MORE piano, MORE drums @Madonna #live cc @guyoseary Kevin Antunes #livemusic.@Madonna just dropped three new songs -- including that Chance the Rapper/Mike Tyson track! http://t.co/z9XnHfU1V0 http://t.co/okxhDBtCTS
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBy pearl_drums via repostwhiz app: Here's Brian Frasier-Moore and his stand-up Reference… http://t.co/32hvBp6Myb
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWe chat with @SamuelLJackson and Sofia Boutella to talk about having fun as villains in Kingsman: The Secret Service. http://t.co/bWsGcm2NRN
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessNew dream: sing madonna's rebel heart with guitar accompaniment
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessGreat job #RebelBand @madonna @RickeyPageot @BrianFrasierM @KileyDean @nickirichards . #Grammys #LivingForLove #noguitar???????#Madonna #Grammys2015 #RedCarpet #RebelHeart @axestatic http://t.co/U7RrarHqMU
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
#RebelBand @RickeyPageot @BrianFrasierM @nickirichards #Grammys @MadonnaMe and the @Madonna drum kit backstage at #GRAMMYs :) http://t.co/R2597PhWMr
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#BackInTheDay @Madonna performing "Hung Up" and "Feel Good Inc" with @GorillazBand at The 2006 @TheGRAMMYs ceremony! http://t.co/6Z6iaVYumS
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessTonight with @madonna !!! #bfmlevelup #RebelHeartDrummer http://t.co/NieLTuXxkV
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWho is excited about @Madonna's first performance of the #RebelHeart era at the @TheGRAMMYs tonight?! #livingforlove
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessLooking forward to seeing the @Madonna family at @TheGRAMMYs tonight @nickirichards @RickeyPageot @alohakupono @kevinantunes411 @ChazBuzan
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMy gorgeous mother is #livingforlove #grammys donnablackmon http://t.co/8LHaWJ4pMg
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHere we go. Grammy day! Getting the energy going. #madonna #jyoung #supervisingchoreographerhttp://t.co/whpQeHkUsn
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessIt only hit me that I was performing @thegrammys when I took a second between rehearsals at… http://t.co/0vBaAr6lm2
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Get Together - #ConfessionsTour - @Madonna <3 http://t.co/wI75nPwPH2
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process
@RickeyPageot have fun, stay safe and say hi to the big "M" @madonnaSnow storm and Stuck in the hotel=Gym time #NYCblizzard #NYC #PalmTreesToSnow #rehearsals #tourlife #Madonna
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWOW...... so I just recorded a very raw video of one of a new song I have been toying with. I was inspired and... http://t.co/Twx7KRlk7A
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI got 2 weeks left! You guys have continued to bring me closer & closer daily! Thank you! Let's keep pushin! https://t.co/igf43vE5AE
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@dessydilauro - Mysterious: http://t.co/iPASmuEu9k love that...chexk this out Madonnafamily
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThis thurs I'm judging and performing a DJ set at the @redbull3style DC regional at @uhalldc with… http://t.co/k2ABKaInTh
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI've see a Gibson LP like this #ConfessionsTour RT @Epiphone: White Lightning... http://t.co/mxsofDKvGw @tommy_thayer http://t.co/VKRUmu4w6ALets get to Work!!! "BFM Consultation Service" Schedule your appt NOW!!! Phone & Video… http://t.co/9ZbCV0jEzN
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThis is awesome! @MADONNA SLAMMING ON HER GUITAR!!! Best rock songs compilation https://t.co/0smQloZG4T cc @guyoseary @montepittman
@RebelHeart2015 good job!!! #axestaticMadonna - Ghosttown Guitar Lesson /Tutorial/: http://t.co/K1yElfqoSx
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman Here's a photo from last night! Also added more from the night on my site http://t.co/WB8ITmFsrQ! :) http://t.co/D1ztzfE6E3
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Here you go! 3 NEW VIDEOS! "Delusions Of Grandeur", "Away From Here", & "Missing"! https://t.co/LGDVwZgVRw @MetalBlade Enjoy, crank it, & RT
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Learning the choreography to Music Inferno is still one of my goals! #ConfessionsTour
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#NowWatching @Madonna - The Confessions Tour 😉 you re my queen 👑 #DancingQueen #Madonna #ForbiddenLove http://t.co/SmyaDO5PdA
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@Madonna Confessions on A Dancefloor is a true masterpiece
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process"The Power Of Three" came in at #15 in @RadioMetal 's Top 50 of 2014! http://t.co/cB0SdRl9Qm @MetalBlade @metalbladeurope @FlemmingRass
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCan't @Madonna just film herself singing acoustic versions of Devil Pray and GhostTown in the snow, playing guitar, in Gstaad?!!!
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