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Axe-Static Process @axestatic Oregon and Greece

We love GUITARS, we love MADONNA, we love Madonna playing guitars.

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@RebelHeart2015 good job!!! #axestaticMadonna - Ghosttown Guitar Lesson /Tutorial/: http://t.co/K1yElfqoSx
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@montepittman Here's a photo from last night! Also added more from the night on my site http://t.co/WB8ITmFsrQ! :) http://t.co/D1ztzfE6E3
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Here you go! 3 NEW VIDEOS! "Delusions Of Grandeur", "Away From Here", & "Missing"! https://t.co/LGDVwZgVRw @MetalBlade Enjoy, crank it, & RT
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Learning the choreography to Music Inferno is still one of my goals! #ConfessionsTour
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#NowWatching @Madonna - The Confessions Tour 😉 you re my queen 👑 #DancingQueen #Madonna #ForbiddenLove http://t.co/SmyaDO5PdA
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@Madonna Confessions on A Dancefloor is a true masterpiece
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process"The Power Of Three" came in at #15 in @RadioMetal 's Top 50 of 2014! http://t.co/cB0SdRl9Qm @MetalBlade @metalbladeurope @FlemmingRass
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessCan't @Madonna just film herself singing acoustic versions of Devil Pray and GhostTown in the snow, playing guitar, in Gstaad?!!!
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI wanna force Madonna to do a GMAYL guitar acoustic version on her next concert. The lyrics would slay with a cool arrangement.
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process[UPDATE - HQ picture added] Madonna photoshoot for Versace Spring/Summer 2015 revealed http://t.co/7ijqW4yP3A http://t.co/UI6Tszrmj7
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@nibigermany @Madonna @guyoseary totally IN IT! with @montepittman on guitar!Just #Madonna & her guitar - would love that! How about a few acoustic shows @Madonna @guyoseary!?! #MadonnaUnplugged http://t.co/TLMUZtSEtx
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessLiving for love - Madonna // Guitar Lesson (Tutor…: http://t.co/3kAcxJXGVD
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@guyoseary can't wait to see @montepittman shredding that guitar to these tracks on the next @Madonna tour! #RebelHeart
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI got this present last night at the madonnathon in NYC #madonna guitar pic! #rebelhearts #djjene and I love it ! http://t.co/PfzodGg8Ll
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#nowplaying "Ghosttown" @madonna #RebelHeart
It's exciting. The Madonna party this Saturday has 2 used guitar picks from M as a prize + an AUTOGRAPH photo. OMFG! I must win them.
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process6 songs for you now...http://t.co/TIckUvJEw9 #rebelheart Happy Early X-Mas! ! 13 more to come for album 13 !!! ❤️❤️❤️ http://t.co/iBLfZ5wfLT
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessX-mas is coming early! Pre order my album and download 6 tracks! Happy Holidays! ❤️#rebelheart http://t.co/YBiJccfQQ4
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Happy Birthday @montepittman aka Rock God! http://t.co/qWq6N3IbmI
Last night, in San Francisco... Lil Buck x Jason Yang. @lilbuckdalegend #JCCSF 👟👟 http://t.co/mvfpgj9lVt
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process3 more days to this! I will be performing with a full band at the Blue Note Jazz club in the NYC on… http://t.co/q1mhuPs7B1
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThat outro in Ray of Light uncut version is just everything. The guitar solo is total badass!! Madonna is really a queen of music!!
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna White Pearl Silver Foil Guitar Pick 2006 Tour http://t.co/3PX78o8bl5 http://t.co/lQR7XzBcxd
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MP Webmaster: ItsASecret App is now available on ANY platform & devices! Watch Monte's exclusive videos!... http://t.co/TxtZjUQATL
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@nickirichards thank you Nicki... lets do more next time !
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBlue Note @dessydilauro NEO-RAGTIME - 2014-10-18 http://t.co/enEsOFdGKy via @sharethis http://t.co/iYuPSv3hCM
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna - Imagine [Re-Invention Tour] in honour of the 74th birthday of #JohnLennon: http://t.co/xBhcacz59P via @YouTube
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBoom ! @drummerwhitey @stevesidelnyk @ZildjianCompany @Premier_Drummer Going to be a special night , Trailer soon http://t.co/uj9wiAAdky
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#tbt MUSIC @madonna #DrownedWorldTour #2001 @montepittman @stevesidelnyk #StuartPrice http://t.co/4kaWRAWd1jMP Webmaster: Premier Guitar has listed its Top 5 Pop-Rock Rig Rundowns. Monte's rig from Madonna's MDNA Tour is... http://t.co/jbufnUndtq
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#OnThisDay 22 years ago @Madonna's Erotica, the song, enters the @Billboard singles chart. http://t.co/bLfRtqzJ1w http://t.co/VACO8SBjLm
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@montepittman Beautiful Killer was amazing!Monte Pittman ROCKING the Whisky @TheWhiskyAGoGo with the new @ESPGuitarsUSA E-II FRX http://t.co/2ncpLtrp8F
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessPlaying at @barcodedc Sat night. Who's coming?
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessThis was already over 2 years ago!: http://t.co/gVF4ZsF003 -I was just talking to a friend from Paris about this theatre (Olympia) we played
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DRUMMERFEST October 18, 2014 #bfmclinics See you there!!! #bfmlevelup http://t.co/C0Eb1f1GBl
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBFM Clinic in Aukland, New Zealand October 11, 2014 at 5pm... See you there!!! #bfmclinics http://t.co/w9GBMfBX2a
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessReview + Photos: @MontePittman Performs At @theWhiskyAGoGo http://t.co/kauYANdnKk @MetalBlade http://t.co/CgFqUNh498
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessWas going to buy a new guitar yesterday but then realised I couldn't because Madonna will probably tour next year.... #MadonnaFanProblems
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Monte slaying at the @WhiskeyAGo_Go @montepittman http://t.co/ozsk7KNBwE
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"Hello Athens!" @madonna September 27 2008 #StickySweetTour http://t.co/e5uYE2N2Zz Come back soon! #Greece @guyoseary @livenation. @madonna played in Athens, GR for the 1st time ever 6 years ago http://t.co/R6NgproPct #StickySweet Come back soon @guyoseary @LiveNation
Weird chord/Weird scale/Whole Tone Wednesday! •Click here to watch the video• http://t.co/dgywoIXkPK http://t.co/JMOQJjbobo
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process"Did you get your ticket yet?" BFM in Melbourne, Australia on September 16, 2014... See you there..… http://t.co/IyUX2jQGrN
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessEXCLUSIVE - New #Madonna track revealed: Addicted (formerly The One That Got Away)... this time it's a dance track! http://t.co/ft8lspWYoK
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You can get @montepittman 's guitar that was used in @madonna's Hard Candy Promo Tour! http://t.co/6hszT804hT http://t.co/7Vc5H1ArykCheck out this Gibson '57 Les Paul Custom that was used by @montepittman and can be yours! http://t.co/6hszT804hT
@montepittman r u playing on the new M cd?? Back on the road with M next year??
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#repost of @madonna lookin #stickyandsweet from our #dieanotherday shoot #tommonro #styling/fashion by… http://t.co/3gOQrmoVN1
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessPhoto Par mr little shao Demo juge battle fusion concept http://t.co/4XRGxHJCsu
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessForget #IceBucketChallenge! #Madonna says 'Soapy bucket Challenge! #unapologeticbitch' http://t.co/B8ibkG1W9v
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBFM Clinics in Melbourne, Australia Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm... Its gonna be a GREAT time.. See… http://t.co/qhszTYOthQ
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I'm going to do some damage with this thing! @ESPGuitarsUSA @espgws @ESPGuitarsJP @SeymourDuncan http://t.co/oQFo9Mk3s7
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process♫ The Power of Three – Monte Pittman http://t.co/qKoPwRAPDf #NowPlaying
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBFM PHILLY Hometown Clinic!!! December 15, 2014 #bfmclinics More info to come.. Mark the date... http://t.co/p6W0Ht5YF5
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Get Monte's album and turn the volume up to 11! #metal RT @montepittman: The Power of Three by Monte Pittman https://t.co/ryoiG1cE6i@nicolewinhoffer #TeamFederer @rogerfedererHearing Sorry by @Madonna on the radio is taking me back to that 2 weeks of Confessions madness in August 2006!
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessQuestion: what's your favorite music video and why? I'm gathering ideas... 😈
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessAnd another thing...........................:#disobedientobjects #unapologeticbitch http://t.co/oTic5nSH6Y
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My #IceBucketChallenge from @brianslagel & @yazzioh. Passing to @prongmusic @sheehan75 @deandelray @TommyJoeRatliff https://t.co/6tF254CPR6
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. @madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour kicked off 6 years ago in Cardiff UK. Who attended that tour?? http://t.co/dPpaaRXyiy
Ten years ago today #madonnalicious caught @Madonna's Brits Do It Better tee during Re-Invention Tour! Still smiling! http://t.co/38luyflTF7
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process5 things we know about Diplo's collaboration with Madonna http://t.co/cmHl3jOa2J
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessOur Rock God @montepittman has been nominated for the #ASLIceBucketChallenge by @brianslagel ! Let's go, Montster!E-II FRX demo with @montepittman via @ESPGuitarsUSA http://t.co/y1YrxUeAjN Check out his album The Power of Three- http://t.co/GPvC8K9ZK3
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessI accepted and I challenge @amonjohan @realdonjamieson and @montepittman to the #ALSIceBucketChallenge: http://t.co/cipKE3vGeN via @YouTube
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If it's bitter at the start, then is sweeter in the end...♪♫ #GetTogether #ConfessionsTour @mdna https://t.co/AZNIZHNI0J
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMadonna's Top 11 Best Live Performances http://t.co/T99uHWFQek via @sharethis
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBlue Note DESSY DI LAURO'S NEO-RAGTIME - 2014-10-18 http://t.co/zddJKxTcbn via @sharethis
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessNew dance video I directed & choreographed comin out next week! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be first to see ;) http://t.co/PUdXPtPiVn
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessA laugh or two with some awesome ladies at #therecordingacademy Kristen Madsen & Beth Cohen.… http://t.co/gc1GWmEphK
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessJust posted a photo http://t.co/3vsGI6ohsA
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"Music" Dance interlude @madonna kicking ass!!! http://t.co/EZtf9jHeQM #TheConfessionsTour #besttourEVER @guyoseary @LiveNation@annaclare @montepittman haha awesome! you just made me wanna play that song on my acoustic too! :) @madonna #HaveYouConfessed@MadonnaGreece https://t.co/zgJoy3qWNV @madonna @guyoseary #LaIslaBonita #StickySweetTour #Athens #Greece
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessSaturday, September 27th thewhiskyagogo - Mark your calendars and don't miss this show! I'm filming a… http://t.co/ewz9HIrop7
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process@annaclare go with the Confessions Tour one! I love that version of "Paradise" in that tour... @montepittman
Goodnight... #InBed @nickirichards http://t.co/HtAziAsS9nA beautiful celebration for the Birthday Girl @madonna photo by @jrart http://t.co/7OIIa9SiTF
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Happy Birthday @Madonna!!! #MadonnaDay http://t.co/po1HvhupGU
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHAPPY BIRTHDAY, @madonna!! Love you! ❤️ http://t.co/Zg8Pxnf7ts
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessIn my Birthday suit! The girl cant help it! Thanks for all your good wishes!!!! ❤️#grateful #livingforlove 🍰🍷🍰💋💋😜 http://t.co/ZYH5jiKzns
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday DEAR MADONNA !!! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! #Madonnaday
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy Birthday M ! ❤️ U x💯 ! @madonna ♥️🙌💯 #8.16.14 http://t.co/pMyFReVldx
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy Birthday @madonna you know you will always have my shoulders to... Put your legs on... 💘 you… http://t.co/1lA0eOOXVZ
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA I love you @madonna #loveyoulongtime #partnerincrime #livinginspirationhttp://t.co/lP5j0wVxqt
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy Birthday to my dear friend, my favorite student, my longest running band mate ever, my sister… http://t.co/Kb6DgtwuPx
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process#HappyBirthdayMadonna #56 #MadonnaDay
Retweeted by Axe-Static Process*M* http://t.co/k62PuWXKAP
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessHappy Birthday @madonna ! http://t.co/n6sTLdePPb
All Over, All Over! #StickySweet @madonna @montepittman @RickeyPageot @BrianFrasierM @nickirichards @KileyDean http://t.co/lBGfjreGZca black beauty!!!! Used in @madonna's Hard Candy promo tour! #wishlist RT @dougiesauris: guitar for sale http://t.co/eGV10fCV5V
Watching this concert always gives me the most joy! #ConfessionsTour http://t.co/9kyTgo6xkV
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMOST AMAZING ENTRANCE EVER! #confessionstour http://t.co/Sh1gUhWRGw
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessBest #Madonna entrance / opening song so far on her tours? Right up there Future Lovers/I Feel Love #confessionstour
Retweeted by Axe-Static ProcessMonte Pittman rocks! Hope to see you again on the stage with M 😉 montepittman http://t.co/VUP6dHxJhA
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