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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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Emma Stone and Eddie Redmayne are pretty impressive. A wonderfully open and thoughtful interview. http://t.co/esB35NX4Rm
@nativekittens @RCBarnes3 @RitaSDJobs wrong Brooke also you are all terrible people.So excited for #FeedbackKitchen Congrats @rmastrosimone @Mariobatali http://t.co/eps3PIKd7Q
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@CCdip #phoneDavos should be a leader and yet they are an embarrassment. #OldDudes #Shameful http://t.co/evvSRFAwA4Refinery29 Hires Video Chief From Scripps, Looks to Traditional TV - #media #millennials http://t.co/DJS6x5uTP7New Blog Post - How A Wildly Popular Playlist Expanded @Avicii's Reach on Spotify: http://t.co/r7fQdBDZ8X
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Dr. Agus is my hero. Hands down. RT @DavidAgus: Future of cancer treatment at the World Economic Forum http://t.co/jfYsTZotso via @cbsnews.@splice's new plugin SDK is a game changer: http://t.co/L9j8Dzpc84 http://t.co/o3clfyj7Rm
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingGuys I'm at @LureFishbar for #LUNCH. #lunchisback http://t.co/H3onII3cJOMike Volpi, General Partner at VC Firm Index, Aims for More Enterprise Deals in 2015 via @ahess247 #ENTERPRISEisSEXY!Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. How many more times do we need to be shown this? http://t.co/Q4XAQNsk37@rickyvanveen @karaswisher @BenjLerer @Lock Not gonna lie it is true when not eating at my desk. YOU CAN FIND ME THERE TODAY AT 12:30!@karaswisher @BenjLerer @brooke @Lock ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE AT LURE LIKE EVERY DAY.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingDigital-Media company @Refinery29 Hires Ex-Vice Media Exec Amy Emmerich as Head of Video http://t.co/aEbdiXU7c4 via @Variety #millennialsWorld peace is possible. #catsanddogs http://t.co/j4aKb6UsKs@peterfeld @Lock @BenjLerer @nytimes @krucoff FUNNYThat time when @Lock @BenjLerer & I are all in the same @nytimes story. An important story that needed to be told. http://t.co/WbtGxIs2VC@ashleymayer @BW and the 40s are the new awesome..just go with it.And @BW nails it again with the latest cover. (My uncool preteen self feels vindicated.) http://t.co/1We2Dj2fRn
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@ashleymayer @BW this is amazing. My 30 something uncool self feels vindicated. Oh my 30s.
@rsarver if u can press a button on a nespresso machine that's all I need.Who wants to be my assistant?! #NYC only. Send resumes to jobs at BrewPR .comGreat insight on the @BoxHQ IPO from the man who WOULD know about this, @ZachNelson of @NetSuite. #cloud #enterprise http://t.co/OFKUpN2SjV@JamieStelter @stelter75 @SamSifton @brianstelter this is the best # ever.@sacca @podcaststartup thanks Sacca!@kassie_west @theheartradio thank u!!Congrats to my friend and fellow pirate @piercedavid on his big new gig: http://t.co/Vznvw877kY Also I hate you, never return to NYC, etc.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@tmeyeratplay love it thanks Thomas!@nichcarlson thanks Nich!@SpumoniNick @LeoLaport @TWiT thank u!@msjschweiz @SlateGabfest @podcaststartup @Heritage_Radio amaze thank u!@JBoorstin thank u!!@TheEsthete awesome thanks!!@ericfranchi thank you!@jyarow @stevekovach @ajs one can dream.Other than @serial what other podcasts are you all listening to? Whether it's about tech, music, culture, media? Would love to know.
She's 3 years older than me. I can't even. #biscuits #rebuttal@april_conyers she needs water. Water. Angie needs water.So many things I'm thinking right now. SNL skit. Angie's List. Biscuits. #rebuttalSo right here is the Obama people voted for. Nice to see him. #SOTU15@ReformedBroker pretty remarkable.@alexnklein no way dude it is a Samsung. Crisp beautiful colors. 😎Pastels are bipartisan guys. Pastels will bring us together. As a nation. #SOTU15 http://t.co/GJ15RQTRfhStill can't believe climate is a partisan issue. #sotu
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@brianstelter "my best friend is a really good scientist..."Diane Feinstein and Boehner are wearing the same lavender. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??!! #SOTU15@MaxWendkos yes but OPTICS. He didn't have to look like he was sucking on a lemon during the "woman" talk. :)One of the most powerful people in our government stayed SEATED, didn't clap and pouted over women being paid equally. Think about that."Equal pay for men and women." "Yeah not standing up for that."
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingYeah that's right Boehner stay seated. Women being pregnant and being paid fairly?? No fucking way dude. Stay strong. #idiot #SOTU15#middleclasseconomics -> new sexy talk trend.A little unnerving how closely @SpeakerBoehner's tan matches the hue of his chair. #pantoneplease
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerlinglike I said...RT @bludworth: You don’t say… #SOTU http://t.co/15m2k7zaD8@CCdip please note tabs.Every single camera shot of these guys whether Biden, Boehner or the Energy Secretary guy is a meme waiting to happen. #SOTU15@julpepitone so ungrateful ugh.Watching the #StateOfTheUnion with 2 non-voting #millennials #Moose #Potato #frontback http://t.co/uGhBFaNEfEMy preference would be to work at the law office of Saul Goodman for sure. #Fundera #refinery29 http://t.co/12BAP0tAp1Don't quit your day job! @Fundera shows us the top 26 dream #workplaces that only exist on TV: http://t.co/cQCL3lQXIR via @Refinery29
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSpotify is working NOW. Robert Johnson played for a sandwich -The Death of the (Musical) Middle Class http://t.co/rvJhaxg5FM via @MusicREDEF
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingIt's like Christmas all over again #redvelvetOreos http://t.co/jVgWTUXzmi
@brooke so, it was worth it?
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHot guy kills dad gets cover of Styles section of @nytimes. #OnlyinNY http://t.co/9M7jWbf7rz
Beautiful opener with @Roystonlangdon at the @pfurs gig @TheMusicHall #solo http://t.co/V7I5nwEPW7
@sriramk @GoldenEyeResort the villa is the resort. Part of it. The most special place.@sriramk shout out to the most incredible tropical getaway known to man that is @GoldenEyeResortI need sun/light/ocean/tropical smells so very badly. #Jamaica #GoldenEye #countdownbeginsWhy This Collaborative Platform for Musicians Is Drumming Up Big Bucks http://t.co/IoHC22fNnt #companytowatch cc @smart @spliceCongratulations @karaswisher on joining @SarahPalinUSA @realDonaldTrump and @lindsaylohan in the million Twitter followers club. #eliteclub
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingProud to support @WIENetwork's powerful new @Kickstarter campaign. Smart content for women. #KickstartWIE http://t.co/eRnT5dOMy0
Very cool partnership between @LiveNation and @Uber making it easier than ever to ride to and from shows. http://t.co/fNeUN7ZkG0
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI think we need another tech conference. No I don't, that's me being sarcastic.@DelRey I believe Potato has a much broader range.Ok admittedly weird Oscar year but if that lady from Gone Girl can get nominated then I'm pretty sure we all have a shot.2 Things. First, @alexnklein & @TeamKano are made for TV and second, the @FoxBusiness guys actually said AWESOME. http://t.co/OaULS7pvF6@MUCHAS_GRACEias @ac Wow that's amazing it is like I don;t even remeber being there! :) #wrongbrookeVery excited to get started as Managing Editor for Reviews and Product Coverage at @Recode. #teamrecode
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingNMA 2015: @Refinery29 nominated in Website category #ellies http://t.co/6jKDA8RacT
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWhile there is much terror everywhere I think it's our responsibility to help Nigeria vs ignoring. It's tragic. http://t.co/rCPImS1UYn
@ReggieBradford @Oracle @dhellinger and I have some great house sitters in mind for Nantucket. Don't worry we got this :)@ReggieBradford @Oracle many meetings to be had with @dhellinger and I in Londontown! :)Thrilled I've re-signed & re-locating to London this summer for few years. Will continue work w/customers & Thomas Kurian #cloud @oracle
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingHappy bday Adam! You's all growns up!! #rainbows #thisis40 RT @adamnash Cupcakes & Rainbows from @BrewPR :) https://t.co/RuGkcjdcn6I think this is pretty awesome of @nerdgirl and also I wish I could be her date. #Noma #foodie #lucky http://t.co/Iow3bQoAcOMost hotels assume I'm a man when I call down to front desk b/c like how could a woman afford hotel on her own? #Mr http://t.co/dqaiRslotT
@yoyoyavon And I have tech cheeks. And tech upper arms.@yoyoyavon I have this...and I blame my phone (not the endless suntans or bagels...)And this is what happens when companies like @Fidelity try to be tech companies - it is not pretty. #GrindrforStocks http://t.co/hmr9A9nl15Best news for dermatologists ever. http://t.co/cVL62gkgqL@Benschmo @BrewPR @PriceWaiter Thank you...appreciated.I have met some amazing recruiters. It is a TALENT. People like @benschmo who just blanket entire firms w/offers don't have talent.Hey @benschmo. You have emailed EVERYONE @BrewPR NYC about a job w/ @Pricewaiter. Except me. This hurts. #BadRecruiting #DoesThisWork???
.@CNBC expanding San Francisco presence, @alexweprin reports http://t.co/cGEE8P75x5
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@CCdip @wauckward @tkdhingra @adamnash @Wealthfront also the coat has pockets. Interior and exterior.@CCdip @wauckward @tkdhingra @adamnash @Wealthfront cashmere and Burberry. Obviously.@wauckward @CCdip @tkdhingra @adamnash @Wealthfront http://t.co/imvvQSzgr4@wauckward @CCdip @tkdhingra come home.@tkdhingra @CCdip @wauckward @Walgreens does @moodrowghani know any of this is going on? Mood, I take responsibility and I am sorry. #PBR@CCdip @wauckward @tkdhingra wait what??
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