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Created backstage at the world's top fashion shows. We believe in Rock & Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion. LONG LIVE COLOUR!

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Quick! Get over to http://t.co/0tRz43MOtV for a huge deal in honor of Will & Kate! Ends tonight. http://t.co/FEb4PqmTc5
It's FRI-YAY! You know what that means-head to the blog: http://t.co/J6FJVQ8JRr
@SeriouslyNails shoot us an email at mates@butterlondon.comHave you tried these matte #lipsticks >> @butterLONDON Moisture Matte Lipstick #swatches http://t.co/5czdQIN7NZ #makeup #beauty
Retweeted by butter LONDON@butterlondon #chatup 💅 https://t.co/OcT9N3j4VF
Retweeted by butter LONDONHave you seen the gorgeous new colors from @butterLONDON ? This color is called "Shop girl… http://t.co/0XS2Qh81Ku http://t.co/5v2ShxTK71
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Choosing between Come to Bed Red and Dahling from @butterlondon http://t.co/IxWoQkooFS
Retweeted by butter LONDONBack in 2015, we rocked the nail world with '3Free' lacquer - now @butterLONDON is 7free! #proud #entrepreneur #10Years
Retweeted by butter LONDONHmmm....very interesting! http://t.co/eMDeVl8OqY @butterlondon
Retweeted by butter LONDONBLOGGED: How to style our #LOTW, Loverly: http://t.co/Jwq3o1dpvtI'm in love with @butterlondon 'Her Majesty's Red' from the NEW Patent Shine 10X Collection! It… https://t.co/Z67pKAZChK
Retweeted by butter LONDONI love @butterlondon 'Her Majesty's Red' so much, I needed to post another pic to show off the shine!… https://t.co/kiRCuksxVc
Retweeted by butter LONDONSome of you asked what nail polish I used 💕 it's by @butterlondon and it's called Fruit Machine 💅🏽 #butterlondon http://t.co/sQacreBp6C
Retweeted by butter LONDON@deaneross Morning! Email mates@butterlondon.com :)butter LONDON has announced the launch of its Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon. Twitter: @butterLONDON #Lipstick http://t.co/4iBhPpKMDa
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So yeah these new nail polishes from @butterlondon are pretty amazing . This is with two coats on its… https://t.co/CutnSV5pbT
Retweeted by butter LONDONATTN. #Taurus bezzies! Click here for your best beauty bets this year: http://t.co/Y6YlNQqnkm
Loving this gorgeous shade of blue nail polish from @butterLONDON #naillacquer #blue #nail #beauty #nailpolish http://t.co/MYmR3Es2Pf
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FRI-YAY! Celebrate with us on the blog: http://t.co/GYUuBXl2VpIf you know me then you know today is the best day of my life 💅🏼 thank you @butterlondon #bbloggershttps://t.co/6q4rxRstZX
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@EmiciLivet gorgeous, right? Thanks for stopping by the store! ❤️I love my @butterlondon #lippy #redlips #beauty #makeup #cosmetics #lipgloss #mua #lips #instagoodhttps://t.co/P22gCZjDmf
Retweeted by butter LONDONLoving my @butterLONDON lip crayon. Works wonders.
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Wow. @butterLONDON's #PillarBoxRed is actually perfect. 😍
Retweeted by butter LONDON@neha3248 Hi Neha-sometimes stuff disappears from our website. I'll reach out to the web team and have them check it out!Bloody brilliant lip crayons from @butterLONDON http://t.co/un1fyAmCma #bbloggers #Lipstick http://t.co/KSf4agUm8y
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@butterlondon All Hail The Queen #mani for an interview for tomorrow. I think this is the longest my… https://t.co/EPJx5LAYZs
Retweeted by butter LONDON@butterlondon #shineoutloud Flusher Blusher and Cotton Buds #manimonday https://t.co/EPFgoiEUXQ
Retweeted by butter LONDONThanks @racked! We definitely think we're a site worth bookmarking too :) http://t.co/cB2wJZOuHb
.@butterLONDON is now 7-free. Which means...http://t.co/J2YoXO1j4L http://t.co/jVDRnkYbPW
Retweeted by butter LONDONReady for new LIPPY? Try out our Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon now! http://t.co/n4Z63LPZWh
Shop our #LOTW Poole here: http://t.co/kTLTx63464 http://t.co/cJgPDvcNku
It’s time to get those butterfly lashes you’ve always wanted @butterLONDON http://t.co/iZvrEe4VHd
Retweeted by butter LONDONOur favourite stories from this week (and one great FRI-YAY Dance Party jam): http://t.co/rxzYFsy4tFLearn more about our new #PatentShine10X today on the Inside Edge: http://t.co/hgRZyFtVLyWho delivers on the long-lasting manicure without a UV lamp promise? @butterLONDON and @CNDWorld. http://t.co/gsK9397Qgu
Retweeted by butter LONDON@chocolovr try it in about 15! We sold thru the first round@StyleBarista they are indeed!
Thanks @megand513! We love our eye pencils too :) http://t.co/UEggE5J8LQWell done @SeaTacAirport - cheesy @BeechersSeattle sandwich, @butterLONDON manicure, & a rocking chair watching planes take off & land.
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On the blog-a #Spring update for your nails: http://t.co/rFb033EFsKToday's Trifecta of awesome and all cruelty free: @butterlondon electric pink "Primrose Hill Picnic",… https://t.co/DRglDTIUfn
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Dear @butterLONDON your Horse Power nail fertilizer is the greatest thing I've ever put on my nails.& THANK YOU for not testing on animals!!
Retweeted by butter LONDONIf you thought you loved our lacquer before, just wait until you check out our NEW Patent Shine 10x! http://t.co/5ehFxoP2Bn
@condofire @ms73 good morning. We absolutely do not test on animals. Email us at mates@butterlondon.com and we'll get you ingredients!
EIC Linda Wells talks to @WWD about @Allure_magazine's collaboration with @butterLONDON: http://t.co/j7p0agTpnc
Retweeted by butter LONDONICYMI-HUGE announcement from us and @Allure_magazine. So excited! xx http://t.co/08uaTOsHWnExcited for you all to see this collab! @Allure_magazine @butterLONDON via @wwd http://t.co/pMFJU4EImC
Retweeted by butter LONDONAllure is teaming up with @butterLONDON to create a limited-edition polish: http://t.co/C3xyNLZbX2
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We gave marbling a try-sans water: http://t.co/tj6L2xv2iY@aramisette @katiejanehughes we might be able to do an insta vid when she's back in the country. Stay tuned!Found contraband in my daughter's jacket at Kindergarden this morning. @butterLONDON @deborahlippmann #beautyjunkie http://t.co/6Zm7p8LJCN
Retweeted by butter LONDON@Cruisenation @BlondeKatie Best nude lip ever! xxGotta love the names of these .@butterlondon lip crayons http://t.co/452K1zxWDa
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Vote for your favourite shimmer! :http://t.co/brZlh5RQ7uSprog from @butterLONDON 💙 #ButterLondon #notd #nails #nailpolish #nailsoftheday http://t.co/faKOUSvSRx
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Practicing #Easter egg #pisanki painting skills 💅🎨💜🐣💗 with @butterLONDON #mollycoddled #teddygirl http://t.co/GsAQ8GRn8p
Retweeted by butter LONDONBig congrats to Anna D-our Bezzie Mate of the Month! http://t.co/8C9NQ8xa4FNegative-space nail art is still going strong! cc: @butterLONDON http://t.co/SEZ12f7xVS http://t.co/NPA5STLtPw
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Read my interview with the inspirational @katiejanehughes over on @StylenestUK http://t.co/oGSgnsvSA6 @butterLONDON
Retweeted by butter LONDONIt #ManiMonday time! Today's look features our #LOTW Bobby Dazzler with a touch of Tiddly & Queen… https://t.co/C6wPAG0Suv
@butterLONDON my version of spring flowers http://t.co/29oY6hxAjS
Retweeted by butter LONDONHeavy metal Bobby Dazzler is our Lacquer of the Week! Pro Tip: try it with Matte Finish for a cool,… https://t.co/V3fbBbwzP8
Matches "to a tea." #HighTea @butterLONDON http://t.co/ClHXoFz1H0
Retweeted by butter LONDONWe've got a new monthly series on our blog, #AskKatie! Send your q's for KJH and she'll answer them here: http://t.co/EHZnCt6MeAHappy Saturday! allthingsmarie's Kerfuffle mani is giving us some serious #mani envy this morning.… https://t.co/WrAg4s0WgfWhere can we RSVP to this tea party? @butterLONDON #HighTea #bLHighTeaParty http://t.co/KP67MSCcC2 http://t.co/0cpsP3o6Rt
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@gracieisracie gorge! xx@mrjmitchell86 @ULTA_Beauty you, sir, are a GREAT husband!Took my wife on another trip to @ULTA_Beauty today she loves @butterLONDON products http://t.co/3Shw9MzF4g
Retweeted by butter LONDON#all @butterlondon #mani for a hopeful #spring weekend. I used kip, blagger and doily for this… https://t.co/od1xnS2JVw
Retweeted by butter LONDONGrey hair? Don't care: http://t.co/hnqzCUgFHhLoving your Spring vibe, @MiriFinny! Show us how you're styling Spring by tagging #StylebL! #regramhttps://t.co/1c6jk6Aga6
It's #NationalPurpleDay! Are you rocking a Molly-Coddled #mani or an Indigo Punk #eye? Tag us with… https://t.co/hKPs2pFqFbGreat news! Our @ULTA_Beauty #BeautySteal is now a #HotBuy! Lacquers and treatments are just $9! Stock up!
This week's #MidweekMani is all about #overcoats! Here, Bramble gets an update by layering Knackered… https://t.co/ehbHMFVS6eWhy @butterLONDON Pink Knickers is a must-have shade this spring (HINT: it lasts 10 days!) http://t.co/xgFll5pa7j http://t.co/Q6nGO7z3nI
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@grlwthdragontat that's pretty cool though. a for Effort!! xWhy Teddy Girl by @butterLONDON is SO flattering on your skin: http://t.co/H1RHFDDo4H http://t.co/XMvVnWfmQI
Retweeted by butter LONDONWe're putting our #LOTW to good use for this weeks's #ManiMonday. #nailspiration #butterlondon #manihttps://t.co/UOJEyvtIqt
@Kittiecatz no new lacquer. There could always be some sort of celebration though-keep your eye out!A couple hours left in the work day? This will help pass the time: http://t.co/26C5q9eQwV
New nail fun! @butterLONDON 9 each; normally 15. Makeup bag and mirror free gift if you spend 30! @ULTA_Beauty. http://t.co/edTjxeS0GR
Retweeted by butter LONDONTreating my cuticles with my fav nail lacquer brand. 💅 @butterLONDON @ULTA_Beauty #21days http://t.co/QJHRWwItPA
Retweeted by butter LONDONAnd thank YOU, @mirshavonne, for your butter LONDON obsession! xxThanks @ULTA_Beauty for continuing to feed my @butterLONDON obsession!! #maniseason http://t.co/hytNQv4Yes
Retweeted by butter LONDONMy heart says to buy all the @butterLONDON nail lacquers but my bank says no.....
Retweeted by butter LONDONHere's my #BLHaul from #21DaysOfBeauty! What did you get? http://t.co/aG84Fqorjp @butterLONDON @ULTA_Beauty #Ulta http://t.co/KSVjnzxfMD
Retweeted by butter LONDONSo many to choose from! Are you getting any?? http://t.co/aG84FqG2aX #ulta21 #bbloggers @BBlogRT http://t.co/rF30UP0HZy
Retweeted by butter LONDON.@ladykaty92 @ULTA_Beauty tag your haul on insta #bLhaul. We want to see all your goodies!On my way to @ULTA_Beauty to get some @butterLONDON nail polishes. Are you? http://t.co/aG84FqG2aX #ulta21 bbloggers
Retweeted by butter LONDONWe're live with @katiejanehughes now on @ULTA_Beauty! http://t.co/pv8sijZXvn@ULTA_Beauty got me this morning with their 21 days of Beauty sale! @butterLONDON nail polish is $9 and I bought 6 bottles💸💅🙌
Retweeted by butter LONDONSale on @butterLONDON polish today only at @ULTA_Beauty, only $9! #makesmehappy #gobsmacked #tookadvantage
Retweeted by butter LONDONUpdate your polish stash with a #springrefresh. Today @butterLONDON polishes are $9! #ULTA21 http://t.co/yvvUynsvBU http://t.co/SbXdnDlzL6
Retweeted by butter LONDONJoin me today for a live Q&A with @ultabeauty chatting all things @butterlondon and being your own color stylist!... http://t.co/H3WTial9QJ
Retweeted by butter LONDONMy favorite @butterLondon nail lacquers are $9 today only! Get them all! http://t.co/wL6BmPlpDK
Retweeted by butter LONDON@katiejanehughes is taking your questions today on http://t.co/UHxq2CQeQF! Join her at 12PM CST and learn of all… https://t.co/VWFogte41G
Tomorrow! Our very own @katiejanehughes will be taking your questions live for ultabeauty! Please… https://t.co/Qn2qM7secp
The loveliest #StPatricksDay #Mani EVER: http://t.co/KenxhdZnzx @butterLONDON @RGBcosmetics @JINsoon @deborahlippmann http://t.co/Qg82DUsMpy
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