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favorite languages/environments : Perl 5/6. Finally groking haskell thru elm. Retweet != Endorsement

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New post: Pendant l'été, la propagande russophobe continue
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Conspiracy theory? Ad tech companies keep web pages loading slow because they make more money that way via @BIUK_Tech
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Etienne Chouard La Dette non censuré" à l'adresse
@MaxCRoser probably comparing oranges and apples. I suspect many researches conducted by civil labs are earmarked as military in US.#touchepasauxguignols Le groupe écologique de libération de ma boîte aux lettres me murmure que la mort de Canal+ serait une bonne choseRT @MikelMoso: @davidgraeber
Retweeted by cognominal#prunegame from @mcdjoel, beautiful & facinating. Could be a more meditative experience with a slower flow of time. @mcdjoel looks like motorized waste containers
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Étienne Chouard - 10 raisons de sortir de l'Union Européenne" à l'adresse
@changeist @mims more one century of occidental ingerence has created such a mess that population expectations are very low.@Jehane_fr @bortzmeyer tu choisis pas ce que l'histoire fera de toi. Le soldat inconnu était peut-être un pacifiste ou déserteur"Richard Stallman, l'inventeur de Linux", c'est aussi beau que Pouzin inventant l'Internet
Retweeted by cognominalProfound: "Web Design: The First 100 Years”
Retweeted by cognominal@timoreilly will see what will b left of it once uber will b dominant Not a defense of the Rousselet dynasty in Paris close to power & media
@dgolumbia things are indeed pretty bleak, people paste a link to a photo of some text of unkown origin, crack a joke and no one is wiserFamous Blatter's last words (as FIFA president) : "We have to clean here, first"@timoreilly Uber where the worker brings the physical capital with him but does not get the profits. Better service but at what human cost?
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Le premier génocide XXe siècle par Paul Delmotte Professeur de Politique internationale et…
Retweeted by cognominalFi des grecs, selon @lemonde, faut plaindre les journalistes qui nous ont servi la potion européaniste à jet continu rule of Thesaurus Club. You don't talk, discuss, converse, speak, chat, confer, deliberate, gab, or gossip about Thesaurus Club.
Retweeted by cognominal@monteiro @caseywest driverless cars will sever the link of car as extension of oneself, and blur the boundary public/private transportationLinks between slavery and unrestricted capitalism. Lesson for today? "At the end of the Middle Ages, slavery w... Georgia artist wants to add Outkast to the Confederate version of Mount Rushmore
Retweeted by cognominalL’Euro, raison délirante (l'analyse du discours absurde de Hollande par @russeurope
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J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "«L'État et les banques, les dessous d'un hold-up historique» par Myret Zaki et Etienne Chouard" à
"Mutability is a kind of Chekhov’s gun, it will go off by the third act simply because it is there." - @twopoint718 -
Retweeted by cognominal💫 Computer terms: cloud = servers algorithm = code app = code w/an icon reason about = understand isomorphic = reused technical debt = mess
Retweeted by cognominalThe #IranDeal is a threat to Saudi & Israel as long as they believe permanent conflict with Iran lies in their interest, and peace does not
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I wish I knew who to credit for this Big Lebowski/Dune mash-up cover, because it pleases me greatly.
Retweeted by cognominalWhy was Oscar-winning Snowden documentarian detained 50+ times in US airports?
Wow. Just wow. #ThisIsACoup
Retweeted by cognominal@OvidPerl during WWII, greek resistance diverted german resources so they got caught by russian winter. Will see what they come up with nowThe EU dictionary. Latest update. #Greece
Retweeted by cognominal"Adobe Flash Player is the standard for delivering high-impact security exploits"
Retweeted by cognominal@PaulJorion the diff between a loanshark and the FMI when the debtor fails? A loanshark breaks a kneecap, the FMI humiliates a countryLa peur du Grexit
Retweeted by cognominal@rpy @manjusrii A Ted Nelson is born everyday.All roads in #ThisIsACoup lead to the IMF. I do hope everyone realises this...
Retweeted by cognominalIs this going to be the defining image of this deal? #Greece
Retweeted by cognominalI predict this account will only become more entertaining in the coming weeks
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Retweeted by cognominalwe never learn from history #ThisIsACoup
Retweeted by cognominal“La force prime le droit.” Otto von Bismarck #ThisIsACoup
Retweeted by cognominalNo comment.... #ThisIsACoup #TsiprasLeaveEUSummit
Retweeted by cognominalLeft: A Jew portrayed in Germany 1938 Right: A Greek portrayed in Dutch newspaper Volksrant 2015
Retweeted by cognominalLa "grosse" Commission Européenne.
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J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Schäuble goes Matrix (SEK Chor) *uncut*" à l'adresse dissimulé : L’incroyable mais pas surprenante bienveillance des juges
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Brilliant visual of how much public space we cede to cars ht @mikefarrell
Retweeted by cognominal"Lorsque je donne des granulés homéo à mon fils, mon autre fils en demande aussi. Vs auriez pas des granulés placébo que je peux lui donner"
Retweeted by cognominal@carolinesinders @slightlylate or wrong with the CEO that did let the situation degenerate and now uses weasel words to blame others@adamjohnsonNYC I wish there was a Trump app to decipher political bullshitEn supprimant l'autosaisine de la #Hadopi, adieu l'étude sur la rémunération proportionnelle. Le "Ouf" de @Fandoetlis
Retweeted by cognominalNever in my life did I think I would tweet anything from the obnoxious @TheSun but this is actually funny...
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Spot is an ack-like tool built from find+grep+awk. Thanks @denilsonsa.
Retweeted by cognominal@PamelaGeller shabbat or not the public transportations always run in Paris unlike Israel. I prefer 1 loose moron to a racist moronic stateAlso true of one little corner of the Internet:
Retweeted by cognominalI thought this was going to be easy.
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I liked a @YouTube video 480 000 Europeans defended Freedom of PanoramaI liked a @YouTube video EU copyright reform: "Great step forward", but also "tragically missed opportunity"A dialogue between a german and a greek. #GoGreece
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By some estimates, 90 percent of the “loans to Greece” bypassed Greece entirely:
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Blade Runner was set in 2019, 4 years from now. This isn’t an outtake from the movie — it’s Beijing.
Retweeted by cognominalCouverture du référendum en Grèce : le meilleur du pire (Quatremer, Leparmentier, Elkabbach, Minc, BHL, Attali...).
Retweeted by cognominalGrèce : la troïka est énervée ! (Par Aurel)
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World map of cropland and pastureland Source:
Retweeted by cognominalIndiana teenaged "sex offender" is only the latest evidence that zero tolerance equals zero common sense:
Retweeted by cognominalSo ISIS and 4 of July now passé. News are slow. I suggest to the press " ISIS warriors riding sharktopus to attack Paris" on Bastille day."My sophisticated elite European interlocutors: the term moral hazard traditionally applies to *creditors*."
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Rappelons que le @Conseil_Etat dans sa jeunesse à dit des conneries...
Retweeted by cognominalReminds me of Budapest 56 or Prague 68: moment of truth or denial for Western communists. Perhaps this is EU equivalent. @AmbroseEP
Retweeted by cognominal@JYLeBouillonnec je parlais des horaires d’été@JYLeBouillonnec on aimerai en dire autant du parc Vaillant Couturier à Arcueil en ces temps de canicule@_0Cyrus @adamjohnsonNYC NRA has changed name and no one told me :("How come Americans write the month first?" "That's how you say it, month first" "What's the date today" "It's the fourth of July"
Retweeted by cognominal@ornikkar et le capitaliste nous vendra le service à couscous pour le pendreCool: this is == and this is === I admit: I use == when checking for null and/or undefined.
Retweeted by cognominal#Boulin Un ministre de la république assassiné Une organisation criminelle: #Foccart #Chirac #Pasqua #Sac #rpr
Retweeted by cognominal"Give me the money or I will shoot" (the German perspective)
Retweeted by cognominal.@KimberlyDozier 385 deaths and 41200 injuries expected this July 4. Fear the terror of ISIS.
Retweeted by cognominalMinistre Finances grec et chancelier Adenauer Londres 1953, signature du traité effaçant 60% la dette de l'Allemagne
Retweeted by cognominal[2/3] Einstein was once confronted with "1,000 scientists against his Relativity Theory". He said, "If I were wrong, one would be enough".
Retweeted by cognominal[1/3] If you're repeating the "scientists have a 97% consensus on Climate Change" meme, you're debasing how the scientific method works.
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All allegations are false until officially denied. ( Hamas on working with ISIS ) @MaxAbrahms
Retweeted by cognominalNew post: La Grèce au XXe siècle : Grecs courageux
Retweeted by cognominalQuand on est le crétin qui a prêté les 300 Md€ à un pays ruiné on devrait se faire(encore plus)petit @NicolasSarkozy
Retweeted by cognominal@NicolasSarkozy encore en scène? Je croyais que les guignols, c’était terminé?Thomas Piketty : ceux qui cherchent le Grexit « sont de dangereux apprentis-sorciers » via @lemondefrFrançois Hollande c'est le genre de mec qui tient tête à Julian Assange mais qui s'écrase face à Léonarda.
Retweeted by cognominalWords so deep and so true for many new immigrants and refugees. #WorldRefugeeDay
Retweeted by cognominalDamn it. French DGSE tapping undersea fibre-optic cables with help from GCHQ.
Retweeted by cognominal@eliseoarias @waxpancake totalitarism is everywhere but we fight for the narcissism of small differences to the delight of our masters
@waxpancake antiracism has become jewish supremacism, freedom the duty to bomb, atheism the duty to blasphem. Where is tolerance?@waxpancake @sgrove I thought LGBT was about inclusiveness. what I see is a new form of bigotery and self righteouness. So sadThere probably isn't an unusual rash of arsons at black churches--just the usual rash.
Retweeted by cognominalLa Grèce au XXe siècle : Grecs courageux
"la stratégie de Tsipras divise t'elle?". Et les titres du monde sont-ils biaisés?"Cubans live in desperate poverty, and that's great for the environment!" Times will become Salon within 5 years.
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