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dan burgess @dansolo The Village & the Woods

Bricoleur//Creative Catalyst//Sherpa//Designer Dreaming a new dream//Unlearning everyday @channelswarm @g00dfornothing @_wildcamp @wearewildthing dad & husband

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'Anything else you’re interested in isn't gonna happen if you can’t breathe the air or drink the water. Don’t sit this one out.Do something'
Retweeted by dan burgessPhoto: Today on @channelswarm -> doing a talk about happiness and collaboration at #nbfestival (at Old... http://t.co/FDw2ESafbn
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@faris Great thanks mate! Shame I'm doing a thing in NYC and inviting some awesome misfits to it ;-) Maybe I can ping you deets for reccos?@faris yo fella! howz it? Quick one > u in NYC 14/15 July ? ;-)
Pura Vida cc @purasonica https://t.co/PeCreNiVMI
Epic challenges shaping up for July London gig, updates soon. join us for 24hrs of creative collaboration meets rave> http://t.co/yrMNBJYxxq
Retweeted by dan burgessWe're having our 1st big crew hangout this evening...plans brewing for a big gig!
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If you're in the creative agency / ad land space you wanna get hold of this report quick smart. #reclaimingagency http://t.co/NzFL3lbtMP
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It’s #emptyclassroomday ! Who’s still inside ? #wildtime
Retweeted by dan burgessChecking in with the woods. #wildtime #lookup #breathe #slowdown #perspective #treevibes #gratitudehttps://t.co/oy41GfQRkp
Not a bad spot for an evening dip #wildtime @ Warleigh Weir https://t.co/1FNL5GRus4The Pope, he gets it > http://t.co/GUxuxI37Zv@hermione_t @Jonathan_Rowson Type 1 & general climate change, environmental agitator ;-) Something happened from the diagnosis at 27....love this from @hermione_t > living with diabetes and climate change > http://t.co/jRjk1Nbr15 As a diabetic this is bang on cc @DiabetesUK@bevangelist @MozillaScience This is ace! Be good to chat at some point, we’ve got some interesting citizen science mash ups cooking ;-)
Today we're Swarming to explore ideas for a mass citizen science approach for nature #channelswarm @… https://t.co/ZNQ7q9Tlid
@i_am_mr_sedders @JayGreasley @g00dfornothing been and gone ;-)@JayGreasley never been - would love to go sometime ;-)
What is wrong with our culture.The great unravelling nailed in 5 minutes. Time to move to something more beautiful > http://t.co/yFW7asCvGB
Happy Friday folks! We're looking for an enterprising film-maker to capture and edit a little gig that's coming up. Anyone spring to mind?
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Tick Tock https://t.co/IcApZSMIcA
We’ve got a big gig coming up - anyone fancy getting involved w briefing, eventing, creative…or DJing? @makerversity http://t.co/QGP9kAt1te
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#ResoluteFP CAN save jobs, respect Indigenous rights & #StandForForests http://t.co/9UvBhs5aDLhttp://t.co/65xxNQisnr
@carrinag @tomfarrand nope that’s @GFNSydney ;-)“In the digital age I think people are looking for something real, and nature is real,” YEP > http://t.co/q1UvJsSXmFWhat a week. And breathe. #wildtime @ Rainbow Woods https://t.co/wVpYw8Hr7t
Wild Network Council in full flow. Amazing people @searsio @MSprostranova @dansolo @nickstacetweets ! #wildtime #ace http://t.co/EcHvbsMgGW
Retweeted by dan burgessClothes smelling of woodsmoke and dirty fingernails...that's my kind of communications workshop - HUGE thanks @dansolo @tomfarrand ; )
Retweeted by dan burgessAnother day, another campfire. It's Wild Council day with the @wearewildthing and Chief Wild Officer… https://t.co/XqScgb1UTEGone from Swaffham to London Bridge in the last 24 hrs. All I need now is to run into an apple tree…
60% of the electorate want voting-reform. Send a loud message to the Government to include it in the Queen's Speech. http://t.co/lObr2V6a2j
#hive our new #channelswarm product kicks off tomorrow with the small challenge of Project Everyone!… https://t.co/d8e2i13Yji
#OccupyLove ~The old paradigm that concentrates wealth, founded on the greed of the few, is collapsing. http://t.co/5H0F74tYov
Retweeted by dan burgessDrilling in the Arctic? #ShellNo! Join the call to Seattle's Mayor & RT: https://t.co/YrEIIj9Xq3
We’re deep in preparation mode for our first #hive experience, kicking off monday with the epic @ProjectEveryone #globalgoals
Retweeted by dan burgess@hermione_t yo! on the road most of next week and off the following. 3rd June looking possible? ;-)
Tad busy this week... https://t.co/qjZDb16tPR#London crew - we've just announced a new gig so nab your spots! 24-25 July > http://t.co/bocYXlpwde http://t.co/u7J4cYPfR2
Retweeted by dan burgessBreathe. Out. Now. http://t.co/VxYCiBD961 via @DoBookCo | 20% off with 'spring' code at checkout | 5% to @DoLectures http://t.co/17xn16aWds
Retweeted by dan burgessThe guys from @g00dfornothing sharing about the #generosityeconomy & doing good for nothing #adobeamplify http://t.co/zXfhae7UP0
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🌿 We're re-launching and we need your help - http://t.co/FBgy4qk0XR
Retweeted by dan burgessMakers, coders, cooks, musicians, creatives - nab your space now for the #London gig 24-25 July > http://t.co/bocYXlpwde
Retweeted by dan burgessSeeking folky musician/vibe artist to provide some evening sound tracking to a thing we’re doing next week > http://t.co/Oj3yVfoVBz
Some perspective after a day in front of a screen and talking a lot on Skype #wildtime #channelswarmhttps://t.co/d1cBKcjQHW
Struggling to leave here this morning #wildtime @ Smallcombe Woods https://t.co/jFLkS6PRC6
1,157,613 people voted Green yesterday. Find your voice - support our call for #FairVotesNow http://t.co/Jsv4ktclNx http://t.co/CajBh6VDOy
Retweeted by dan burgessEnd the #DemocraticDeficit. Reform the voting system. Sign & RT: https://t.co/lbXQBxAo1ZThis is what scares the life out of me following this election. All that 'secure future' guff folks have sucked up https://t.co/47UC9nQh76Are you a gift to your community? ~ http://t.co/5H0F74tYov
Retweeted by dan burgess"Get ready for a dark ride ahead” The need for proper soul work following this election, love this from @dougald > http://t.co/GnOMMLOnOpWe live under a poisonous mythology - that life is about the individual. We have to change that mythology before anything else
Retweeted by dan burgessThe water supply in this country seems to have been spiked with fear and greed1 million @TheGreenParty votes = 1 seat 10 million Conservative votes = 325 seats. And our voting system isn't broken? #GE2015
Retweeted by dan burgessI'm humbled that we're on course for victory with only the help of volunteers, millionaire donors and 75% of the UK media. #GE2015
Retweeted by dan burgessIf #ExitPolls are right, the UK has just voted to dismantle the NHS, bring our education system to its knees & screw the poor. Appauled.
Retweeted by dan burgess
I'm done til the morning. If you're nervous, think how the badgers feel...
Retweeted by dan burgessI hope you are getting yourself fit. Without the Lib Dems to hold us back, you plebs will be competing in the Hunger Games. #GE2015
Retweeted by dan burgessWhen we say "shy" Tory voters, do we mean "embarrassed because people will think I'm a dick".
Retweeted by dan burgessBBC's panel of white men is inspiring...
Retweeted by dan burgessIf we got as many people participating in local issues as counting voting slips on election night things might be quite differentMy god, that exit poll. Have we really re-elected a government that kills disabled people?
Retweeted by dan burgessIf exit poll is right, then Cameron will be back in power with the help of a lot of people who were ashamed to admit they would vote Tory.
Retweeted by dan burgessFuck. I only bought enough booze to last until about 5am, not until 2020.
Retweeted by dan burgessExit Britain PollIf you live in #BrightonPavillion get out and back @CarolineLucas for who she is, not the Party she represents - 50 mins to go...
Retweeted by dan burgessTo dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself. ~ S�ren Kierkegaard
Retweeted by dan burgessWhether we like it or not, environment owns the economy. Fact. And there’s no business to be done on a dead planet. #VoteGreen2015 #GE2015MT @EcoWatch: Pope Francis: 'If We Destroy Creation, Creation Will Destroy Us' http://t.co/gKPKzT1c9whttp://t.co/aRlljvSc7q
Retweeted by dan burgess#GE2015 @MollyMEP Why the Greens are focused on Bristol, Bath & #ForestofDean http://t.co/ab52xOI1iI
Retweeted by dan burgessExclusive: In final weeks 5 of Tory's top donors had big coal/oil bets http://t.co/yto5svpBO8 #GE2015 http://t.co/GSaVMAaIHv
Retweeted by dan burgessInfinite growth on a finite planet is impossible. Economy fully owned by Environment. Surreal silence on simple yet life dependent issues.Am moved & proud at the genuine talent, commitment & caring from all #GreenParty candidates in #Bristol They're people 1st, politicians 2nd
Retweeted by dan burgess"Only in a viable natural world can there be a viable human world” Thomas Berry.@ProjectEveryone Aims to Engage 7 Billion People in the UN Development Goals in 7 Days : http://t.co/73VHgk2zAr
Retweeted by dan burgessBe the change! > The Greens can win #BristolWest! I’m backing Darren Hall http://t.co/vOo4siY1Yd #BristolGreenMP http://t.co/Amo9aVNiva
This is our "free press". The playthings of panicking rich moguls spreading fear to stop any threat to their power http://t.co/xvwtfXpHJB
Retweeted by dan burgessWhen I saw tomorrow's Sun front page I thought it appropriate to tweet this. RT if you agree with the poster. http://t.co/kt2msewG12
Retweeted by dan burgess"To integrate knowledge, you HAVE to engage in some act of creativity." @BreneBrown #HOWlive
Retweeted by dan burgess
The heart is where we integrate what we know in our minds & bones—where our knowledge can become more fully human. ~ Parker J. Palmer
Retweeted by dan burgessHow a quick glimpse of nature can make you more productive http://t.co/6GJ7a9kLw5 http://t.co/sqYCLFnyUh
Retweeted by dan burgessBlimey - huge difference in cash parties' pulling in at last min-Tories raise 1.36m, Lab £131k, Libs £89k - UKIP £7k, Greens 10k
Retweeted by dan burgessI'm #NotVotingUKIP because I'm choosing HOPE over fear this Thursday #hopenothate #GE2015 http://t.co/TzFbnv0caj
Retweeted by dan burgessPut a Donk on it….I just supported #FairVotesNow on @ThunderclapIt // @pleasepresshere http://t.co/iwigkeovx2Morning #sourdough #realbread https://t.co/NoIYo9MnGx
I just supported Greens Can Win In #BristolWest on @ThunderclapIt // @bristolgreen http://t.co/UP7ZLoNRaV - big feel of momentum growing ...
Retweeted by dan burgess“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” Margaret Atwood http://t.co/giYCtxjPqc http://t.co/ev9irGNekz
Retweeted by dan burgessWisdom and honesty from @natalieben - so refreshing, voting choice is a no-brainer if you vote from the heart > http://t.co/RZ6zOiKljuIt gets worse. 'Undecided voter', Catherine Shuttleworth signed Tory letter & runs biz with a Tory MP. #bbcqt #plants http://t.co/Fot6z7HICO
Retweeted by dan burgess@mtownsendw @dylanski sounds great - will come back to you end of toady ;-)
Monitoring our own extinction in pursuit of economic growth. We’ve lost the plot. > http://t.co/HMJAGRGde8nice, can we have one for dog poo > https://t.co/EwEgb2bTEdClegg talking crap on tuition fees. He wasn't between 'rock and hard place'. I was in the room when he decided to vote for it. He was keen.
Retweeted by dan burgessAt last, a mention of climate change and the need to tackle it by one of the 'big' parties #bbcqt
Retweeted by dan burgessPope Francis on climate change: "in great part it is man who has slapped nature in the face" http://t.co/ihlgIZvY5S http://t.co/1y1lK9wTPn
Retweeted by dan burgessWe’re about to announce a London gig for July. It’s gonna be large and epic and everyone’s invited… more to come #participatenotconsume
Retweeted by dan burgessWe’re looking for a couple of runners/do-ers for an exciting gig we’re doing in a couple of weeks > http://t.co/rybcoks2ey lettuce know ;-)Adobe will donate £2 to our friends at @CodeClub for every #Tweet4Code tweet! Retweet to help them grow! http://t.co/UFseGbAWN6
Retweeted by dan burgessSomething for the #wild team @wearewildthing #wildtime < keep up the #bold inspiring awesomeness http://t.co/8kMvi185DP
Retweeted by dan burgessBluebells rising #wildtime @ Smallcombe Woods https://t.co/HIvvZMd2f5
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