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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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I too have drank from the well of the befuddling stock art, and @PhilipMichaels tells it true. http://t.co/6SWyTmhdbb@gte @dloehr @Moltz @reboundcast We fixed it. Cool your jets! And your sharks!This week, @moltz and @dmoren are on their own, so of course they talk about financial gobbledygook. http://t.co/b4tcmsJGwI
Retweeted by Dan Moren@JasonT Woot! Excited. Let me know when and where. Need some more RPGs in my life.Terrifying snow machine of death on my street. http://t.co/6RpTrJYdDg@lexfri @Moltz @reboundcast Hm. Do you really think you have what it takes to be on The Rebound?Breaking: Mitt Romney's spirit.@blankbaby Which I’d done that with MacUser. I don’t think most of those are even online anymore. :|When I started at MacUser, @TUAW was the blog to beat. Always felt like they pushed me to work harder and better. They’ll be missed.
@Genevieve Yayyyyy! New computer!Hey. New season. 0 DAYS SINCE LAST DEATH. http://t.co/Kba9xOFNCy
Retweeted by Dan Moren@zandperl @RoboTony That was @siracusa, not me. :PAlternate title for this movie: The Wrong Stuff.@RoboTony Look, science isn’t an exact science.Things I’ve learned so far from The Core: high level static discharges only destroys famous world landmarks.About to do something horrible. For science. http://t.co/MeRkBoxdpn@MykeCole @sexoskeleton Not in that beautiful shower. Anything but the shower.@Genevieve @JasonT He sounds pretty great. Send ‘em over here next.Still laughing at this approximately every 15 minutes, even when not looking at it... RT @GreatDetective0: http://t.co/diH4XeREUv
Retweeted by Dan Moren@heymermaid @JasonT That is the Fancy Cat way. 😾@lexfri If only we’d waited a couple of hours, you could have recorded with us.Shoveled about half the car out. Boy that’s a lot of snow. Hope you fared better, @Genevieve.@sarahglidden Mr. Coughlin? He was an…odd dude. Never did great in that class, but liked learning about the language.@calzone I am actually not sure which of those was the right answer.@calzone The band or the dog?@sarahglidden Studied both Russian and Arabic. Both were way easier by having taken Latin, actually, because they’re all case-based.@Genevieve @JasonT @RoboTony Where is the oversight! The peer review!@RoboTony @Genevieve I am glad to see that Honey BBQ came out on top in its division. Definitely a crowd pleaser.@Moltz Oh, what’s your beef now, Johnny?@HollyGoDarkly That’s just the kind of person I am. http://t.co/ADHywIB8tt@RoboTony But after eating them all, he was a MassDead reporter. Hey-o.@HollyGoDarkly THAT’S NOT A PUPPY. I WAS LED ASTRAY!BREAKING: The FCC has voted to change the definition of broadband Internet, requiring 25 Mbps to qualify.
Retweeted by Dan Moren“Avengers Assemble” is my web video series where the cast of The Avengers must work as a team to put together the 3000-piece helicarrier set@samroebuck Shakespeare’s greatest characters assemble to form a superteam…this is gold, Sam.Super close-up of LEGO Helicarrier, for holy-crap scale. Also I think the rotors are actually powered?! http://t.co/7ft6IdSkzU (via @gedeon)@JasonT I do appreciate Jean-Luc, as every right-minded male with a receding hairline must.@JasonT Sisko is not impressed with your choice. http://t.co/cc1joIGCWGMultiparty FaceTime video chats would be great, which is why they’re my latest Wish List item on @bleedsixcolors. http://t.co/fBCNktj0PQ@calzone You have chosen...poorly.@samroebuck My favorite was always King Lear II: Lear Harder.@Genevieve I also need a better shovel to contribute to this. Also, it feels a bit Sisyphean when it’s just going to snow again.@Genevieve I would say we should both do one car and then do the other, but we’d have to get to them first.@thatjoel @Ihnatko @dnanian @reneritchie @imyke That is incredible.@being_benjamin That’s what I told them. I think I got some glares.Last night, the Fancy Cats defeated Atheon in the Vault of Glass with no time to spare. Suitably epic. More experiences like that, Bungie.@thatjoel @reneritchie @imyke Awesome Lego set that my intrinsic guilt over expense will never let me buy? Totally.@Harkaway I submitted something to my college writing mag under a pseudonym that was an anagram of my name. Soooooo clever.@Harkaway You shall now forever in my mind be known as Quintilian Lightsaber Mordor Cantaloupe.@Genevieve Ugh. I too am in this dilemma. Car still under a foot of snow.SHIELD helicarrier LEGO set?! Drool. http://t.co/3zdH844Skh (via @imyke)
Woo! A hard-fought victory in the Vault of Glass courtesy of @jasont @dmoren @kbourgoin @DanJosef
Retweeted by Dan MorenIf you are a Loncon or Sasquan member, please consider nominating us for the Best Fancast Hugo by the end of the month! Thanks.
Retweeted by Dan MorenOn the latest @clockwisepod, @ejacqui and @caseyliss join us to talk Apple’s finances, Kickstarter, holograms, more: http://t.co/zHHL8Jj5hZ@JasonT *falls down*@JasonT … I don’t know? Also, why do so many of your tweets start with ellipses now?@JasonT I thought it was funny! Followup tweet was a legit error, which I’ll blame on this ear problem I’m having.@JasonT Okay, but “fiend” was intentional.So the new Ghostbusters film will feature women. It doesn't sit right with me, Bill Murray and co hunting down women. Keep it as ghosts.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@lexfri @JasonT THE PRICE IS WRONG, LEX.We’re recording @clockwisepod live! With guests @caseyliss and @ejacqui! http://t.co/HFCV50S0Ge@JasonT You’re the only one caught it, I think.If you took all 74.5 million iPhones and used each as a pixel in a gigantic iPhone, what resolution screen would it be? Asking for a fiend.@rgriff Good thing they didn’t change their name to “iPods, Inc.” a decade ago.@DanJosef @esritt @heymermaid Cutest faceplant ever.@lexfri Not Latin? http://t.co/yRkvt4ws6E@girlreadjusted Could be worse. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️@adamengst Somehow the lake effect is to blame. I’m sure of it!@adamengst Ah, I can smell the nostalgia. Except for the snow.@DanJosef @zandperl It’s actually been around for years. Just not widely used.
@DanJosef @JasonT @heymermaid @kbourgoin But not me? Ouch, man. Ouch.@fostermatt Have not yet! Hopefully soon.The Fancy Cats ride…and get really close to defeating Atheon. /cc @JasonT @heymermaid @DanJosef @kbourgoin ¥Brian http://t.co/FJAwriKHR2@nategorby No, my birthday’s in April!@nolobe_matt @jsnell My pleasure.@adamspelbring Yikes. I dunno. That seems pretty wacky.@adamspelbring I think I’ve seen that. Mac? The Mac App Store can be pretty wonky.Best news from Apple financial conference call? I can totally justify getting an Apple Watch as a birthday present to myself.@adamspelbring Not always. But if you’ve got a Safari Web Content that’s “not responding” and eating 9GB of memory, it’s a good guess.A lot of you seem to be really into what kind of shit tons we’re talking about here. http://t.co/NFIVRs0Y5K@adamspelbring Activity Monitor, click on memory, sort by memory usage. See gigabytes and crashed processes. Cry.@RunicGames Shoot it over to dan at http://t.co/vxFMHo4Gym.Luca Maestri sleeps with the hedges.Not sure I have never heard that much discussion of hedges and wind outside of a fantasy novel.@DanJosef @heymermaid @esritt :|In technical terms, I believe I would classify 74.5 million iPhones as “a shit ton of iPhones.”@mcelhearn @adamengst I swear I read about this somewhere as being required if you turn something else on. Just can’t remember what.@adamengst Oh, no, I think it’s iCloud Keychain if you have that enabled. It’s a security thing.@adamengst Yeah, I’m pretty sure that if you enable certain features it requires that security. (Handoff/Continuity I think?)Happy earnings day, everyone! Results sometime in the next hour, and of course the analyst call a little more than an hour from now.
Retweeted by Dan MorenMaybe the Boston Yeti is just Keytar Bear in a snowsuit.@lschmeiser Aw, I think it was funny on purpose! How can you not enjoy Chris Hemsworth being hit by a car?@lschmeiser Actually think this is a departure from most of the recent comic book movies. Guardians? Thor? Iron Man?@saladinahmed I once got quoted in Forbes saying Apple should’ve spent its money building a secret island volcano lair. Par for the course?@DanJosef @heymermaid @esritt What? It’s an AT-AT! All Terrain Armored Transport!@calzone Copy and pasting URLs? Text?Ah, Safari. You’re the memory-leakiest.@heymermaid @DanJosef @esritt That is an ALL TERRAIN Armored Transport, Jane.@lschmeiser @PhilipMichaels Some shittastic luck?@PhilipMichaels Oh man. That is some luck.
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