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Christian Zibreg @dujkan Zagreb, Croatia

News Editor | http://t.co/Go4V4hpWGx Get bored somewhere else.

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Bust-a-move: Steve Jobs would have never danced like that http://t.co/UFcgvNeWOu
@arnoldkim I know, who knew, right?Not only was @9to5mac wrong about #AppleWatch diagnostic port https://t.co/BhkQA7vwcJ but on “stationary” charger,too http://t.co/f9J6lDhqSKApple Watch Bands micro-site receives a (much-needed) revamp http://t.co/pgKVd2EYL7 http://t.co/Uk2Ru0027BThe official Apple Watch User Guide hits the iBooks Store as a convenient download http://t.co/PSHX3beeKT http://t.co/WJr2jZwWsj@culturedcode No problem, you’re welcome@pwned24k Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, then go to General > Software UpdateApple Watch lines outside a boutique store in Los Angeles https://t.co/kdonUj88UgTidbit: #AppleWatch batter is about two-thirds to one-half the size of the batteries inside #AndroidWear watches http://t.co/urK5AjDwOJApple Watch battery guarantees 1,000 full charge cycles before it starts depleting. What’s a charge cycle? Here… http://t.co/K8UByCrz1lHow to update Apple Watch software http://t.co/z6rkpOJ3VwYes, the fucking magnetic charging cable for Apple Watch Sport is plastic, but it’s *unapologetically* plastic and therefore still magical.
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@Tramch Dunno, they didn’t say@Tramch I just kept zooming out until it appeared for me. These things take a while to propagate so maybe the changes aren’t live for me yet@Tramch Must have removed it then@Tramch Zoom out and turn off satellite mode@Wizz4rt @PrsnSingh Nice said :DThe whole Google Maps drama thoroughly explained here http://t.co/XgDgnzvj03 and here http://t.co/PBgActX4NR@moneykid218 You’re right, it’s not Google’s fault but originally I thought someone at the Google Maps team was behind this. Apologies…There seems to be a Skype logo in Google Maps around Lahore, Pakistan” as well http://t.co/132uURHnHpAlso, “Gogole review policy is crap” http://t.co/3a1ZJ1nDSYTo be clear, this was actually made by a Google Map Maker user not associated with GoogleTo see Android pissing at Apple on Google Maps, visit these coordinates in Maps on desktop and zoom out a bit https://t.co/rhL8lV5lAFDouchebags at Google put this easter egg within Google Maps, can you believe it? So desperate http://t.co/XgDgnzvj03 http://t.co/6fTrwiFyBJApple Watch battery retains up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles http://t.co/hkPspoRBML http://t.co/2pI0VfZNIihttp://t.co/H8SHhgPBUkThe Next Web revamp is very cool! http://t.co/cAlkStk2NRSo shipped #AppleWatch do have a diagnostic port. 9to5mac and its “sources” really getting unreliable at this point… http://t.co/XyzvTuOMyK42mm Apple Watch Milanese in China @9to5mac http://t.co/82FO0zuTj3
Retweeted by Christian ZibregCool “@jetscott: Also, did you know the Apple Watch saves a backup to your iPhone in case you need to re-install? http://t.co/cBOH3pknOg"If you ever unpair the Apple Watch, it wipes the data and starts over as if it were a clean install" http://t.co/cBOH3pknOgGold is the best! “@sjoerrdo: @dujkan https://t.co/NkPjKI2XVF“The Watch is here” In Australia, that is. http://t.co/sxDXxSWqGS http://t.co/mHHNkL07vN@UzairGhani it just works, no?@bst3r I will, if you'll FedEx it over hereAustralians and their time travel....@UzairGhani MacBook Air did the trick for meSo it begins: when #AppleWatch tap-taps on your wrist because Twitter has really important “suggestions for people you should follow”Getting #AppleWatch will improve your love life! http://t.co/ioOn9p1oeWWow, I’d buy #AppleWatch Sport just for the neat box! https://t.co/g1zZTme3K5Where are my #AppleWatchEdition packaging photos, Twitter?!Use only Apple branded or “Apple authorized bands”. Interesting… Can you say ‘Made for Watch’? https://t.co/ETOzBcpIC5Meanwhile, in South Korea: desperate Crapsung goons working around the clock to rip off Force Touch & Digital Crown wholesale, I’m sureSure looks nice! https://t.co/5Q0PFwZF1RAnother look at it https://t.co/B7LP1P3kwiThis is the #AppleWatch Sport packaging http://t.co/5PJp6WPMztMight be worth mentioning that the App Store doesn't show your personally-discounted Complete My Bundle price until you open the bundle.
Retweeted by Christian ZibregSo how long before we get #AppleWatch Complications on iPhone?djay 2 for iPhone by @algoriddim named Apple's new #FreeAppOfTheWeek on @AppStore https://t.co/akXUcYOnnc http://t.co/8bqY0D9RuM
"Apple Watch can’t configure new WiFi networks, but can connect to ones you’ve set up on the paired iPhone" http://t.co/bsJNlTB8tK@Myob_Myob @technvore FWIW, saying ‘asshole’ produces a similar waveform lol'Offers Apple Watch App' label added to App Store http://t.co/9Mhnj1t86E http://t.co/EJw0IEFyO1Content and advertising should NEVER converge RT @qz: Here is BuzzFeed’s first pitch deck to investors in 2008 http://t.co/6KeLtuv2r6Twitter's iOS app now showing apps on profile pages, new Highlights feature hits Android http://t.co/8NagbM0t8w http://t.co/zhRaalPBbODitto! RT @macworld: Apple botched Watch launch plans, say people who don't know what Apple's Watch plans were http://t.co/uQNqeODEg7Remember iPod touch? Or, as people usually call it, iTouch? http://t.co/lTBLKa1tZ7Kinda funny: #AppleWatch ad parody starring Christopher Walken https://t.co/EhmapVR9kbSo, will #AppleWatchEdition blend? Or will they only do the cheapo version?Wow, iOS’s stock Voice Memos app icon waveform is actually from recording the word “Apple” ! http://t.co/k7IwmXuzps http://t.co/CBfuNXlszC@ApfeliPhone Not a glitch, App Store inside Apple Watch app just went live. Didn’t your check the news? :DThe #AppleWatch apps tweet storm is over. For now… Thanks for watching!Drafts, too! http://t.co/0gM975ItFqThe iOS photo time machine app, Photo Flashback, is available on #AppleWatch http://t.co/FTam1LfxvbOmniFocus for #AppleWatch — for getting shit down on the wrist! http://t.co/klcezonjFcTweetings 2 for #AppleWatch — tweet, reply and brows your timeline from your you-know-what http://t.co/LdRHIXrtSaMeetup for #AppleWatch is nice: map views, meeting details, who’s attending, more. Cool! http://t.co/wVeHrDAXTtBut then again, no @Viber or @WhatsApp for the wrist…Voyage Mobile goes #AppleWatch, too http://t.co/VmE2luOap0Like, @pixelmator for my wrist…So where are my drawing and painting #AppleWatch apps?Anchor Pointer, a car-finding app, now works with #AppleWatch Some compelling use cases here… http://t.co/HZMVER1TNn@sud2rock Would be bad for battery life thoughYouTube for #AppleWatch would be niceSomething really useful: Vigil Website Monitoring on your #AppleWatch http://t.co/3oDoxoN6U8USA Today for #AppleWatch http://t.co/42OkaVcqO6Time Mobile on #AppleWatch http://t.co/45s86CLdkgIntro by about.me on #AppleWatch http://t.co/a9clPWWxOFExpedia for #AppleWatch http://t.co/Gty9gDw8cpESPN for #AppleWatch http://t.co/oI9ROUuKDGEpicurious Recipes & Shopping List for #AppleWatch brings cooking to the wrist http://t.co/engPlIn8POConfide for #AppleWatch http://t.co/scn7x9PBw0AppyGeek for #AppleWatch http://t.co/nYfJe6oK72There’s now a proper, Apple-sanctioned way to install and beta test apps on your #AppleWatch http://t.co/uCmFJys6sJFacebook Anthology https://t.co/70JZ0L9oeRApple’s TestFlight now supports #AppleWatch beta testing https://t.co/JjWEZQjVzR38mm Apple Watch is referred to as 'Watch1,1' - 42mm is 'Watch1,2' http://t.co/WcST9ON72QAnother tidbit: Instead of running the SpringBoard, #AppleWatch has CarouselSo #AppleWatch firmware has a PowerVR SGX543 graphics driverApple Watch OTA firmware now available! http://t.co/WcST9ON72QTwitter rolls out Highlights in Android app https://t.co/K4VeYq5Gtt http://t.co/35FT6hds2GCheck out Randy Ubillos’ unforgettable demo of iMovie for iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010 https://t.co/e3e1C2aUgbFinal Cut Pro creator @ubillos calls it quits after 20 years at Apple http://t.co/AIN3JgklIPYou can now use photos from other albums on your phone, including iCloud ones, to create layouts in Instagram’s Layout for iPhoneManage Delegates button for Google accounts + tons of bug fixes in latest Fantastical for Mac update http://t.co/TT6GHoCjnz@Jim_Gresham @SebastienPage Picture or it didn’t happen!60 seconds of speed math to boost your brain power through Brain Fitness games for #AppleWatch https://t.co/W43Exzmx9aNo surprises here… RT @MacRumors: Apple Rejects iOS App for Citing Pebble Support in App Store Description http://t.co/OE0Vp6MWOnYou can now DJ while skating at the party! http://t.co/fRAGcqvC33 http://t.co/qSvHmGkfljHours Time Tracking for Apple Watch hits, iPhone app goes free for a limited time @UseHours http://t.co/7UIa3iIzgd http://t.co/le9hf7yxcuMore @Algoriddim news: djay Pro for Mac gains live video mixing, Pioneer CDJ/XDJ support, more http://t.co/xWDn9doLUs http://t.co/1hVtUZPXdA
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