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Something wonderful is happening here at @iDownloadBlog Stay tuned!@macguitar @arnoldkim Nope, but Twitter is making things easier for themselves. FWIW, attaching 4 images counts as one URL so progress :DAlso, SMS still a thing in developing markets RT @arnoldkim: @macguitar bc origin was sms limits so couldn't cheat like that w sms@AMITNKALRA Well, there’s a connection, I’ll give you that :DUh-oh: law enforcement wants Google’s Waze app banned because it can also be used to “hunt and harm police” http://t.co/rLQmTxhOzPCheck out Pandora’s facelift on iOS and new features http://t.co/Vzs0YSPEq6 https://t.co/VAbi8M5n3S@AMITNKALRA Nope. What does Apple Watch coming in March have to do with Photos for Mac coming in early 2015?OMG, http://t.co/DDI9R2Iunw’s Photos gets revolutionary zoom and incredible email sharing! http://t.co/PPVr7l1H5m http://t.co/KLQE7UlfJx
@MrRobinson The UI though definitely takes same getting used to@MrRobinson @Definitive_X I’m beginning to realize that Twitterrific is far better than Tweetbot in ways more than one.@AMITNKALRA Well, Apple Watch doesn’t need it, it already syncs any photo you favorited in your iCloud Photo Library on an iOS deviceSo where’s Photos for Mac? It’s early 2015!@MrRobinson @Definitive_X Been thinking about doing the same thing. Fed up with Tweetbot’s slow pace of development…Will be fun watching “analysts” come out the woodwork tmrw talking shit to frame Apple’s most profitable quarter ever into DOOMED narrativeApple expected to post net income of $15.3B tomorrow. Many Co.’s would kill for $10B in annual income.You gotta love Apple’s store window displays! http://t.co/EtivWtnWMOYouTube + NFL + Google http://t.co/eLpMM7oRjg http://t.co/3MTNJ8n0ugCutting the cord: $20 per month Sling TV service rolling out http://t.co/HBjWC9ctlyTwitterrific 5.9 for iOS walkthrough http://t.co/HOkQAXCVptArtist imagines what an Apple-branded iPad Pro stylus could look like via @deplaatjesmaker http://t.co/a7gCgrRsuj http://t.co/D6Z3MbBSYBNew Facebook Lite app launches in emerging markets http://t.co/yTfolFJKYIApple robbed away from Motorola fingerprint tech Nexus 6 was supposed to use http://t.co/DvBNvx4sxANice @twitterrific update adds multi-image upload/viewing, more media previews, other goodies http://t.co/RRWIVHJOyT http://t.co/6G9o7ZsFg6Samsung to supply around 75 percent of A9 chips for the next iPhone? http://t.co/bnEzEnPeAu http://t.co/peLVKWl4Da
So #AppleWatch and Retina Air both in March? That would be awesome! http://t.co/OfSTE46L0rShit: Tweetbot for Mac pulled from Mac App Store over running afoul of Twitter’s token ceiling http://t.co/E3w8XF8EvB
This is taking archery to an incredible new level https://t.co/KnY6Waw2zTBill Gates and Jimmy Fallon drink poop water together https://t.co/zv4xJXrWQMSo @TMobile sticks it to the big boys! @JohnLegere http://t.co/1oEYIoVAJP@BrandonMStudios Most definitely, but hold out until Win 10 is released, beta has issuesThe evolution of iOS - from iOS 1 to iOS 8 Infographic here https://t.co/dvQervI0Cs http://t.co/ubXjAoqJ3lUpdating my MacBook Air to latest Windows 10 Technical Preview. Because why the hell not? http://t.co/Hq5MDoegjAJanuary update to the Windows 10 Insider Program is now out https://t.co/ikNOnOryoB@SalvadorRudy Well, a wise man said “you can converge a toaster and a refrigerator,” but it won't please anyone@SalvadorRudy Don’t get it. What does a touch screen have to do with the possibility of an iPad Pro with USB 3.1 Type-C?@NickPomes @NowhereElseFr @kevinklinkmuler BTW, Nick, did you dye your hair black?@NowhereElseFr @kevinklinkmuler @NickPomes But.. But.. Powering the glowing logo doesn’t require any extra power, it’s just backlighting@stagueve Anytime :DAlso, that single USB 3.1 Type-C would make a lot more sense on a ‘pro’ iPad than a notebookAs my colleague @JeffBenjam points out, 12” Air without a glowing logo looks more like iPad Pro than MacBook http://t.co/JQsS6cGNx1Haha RT @BGR: Help! I already can't decide between the 12-inch MacBook Air and 12-inch iPad http://t.co/whgbyO4RHK by @chris_writesIt seems 12" MacBook Air's logo no longer glows via @NowhereElseFr http://t.co/KTmP79FZwe http://t.co/vIhFOSv51E@izeljko77 Dude’s 70 BTWMicrosoft Acquires Revolution Analytics To Bolster Its Analytics Services http://t.co/J9hM7o49Eu by @fredericl
Retweeted by Christian Zibreg@izeljko77 Haha, not quite. These changes are normal, dude is old and retired himself@jkeller87 So you discovered the Chipperfield hire all by yourself, not through 9to5Mac which was first to report on this?Chart of the Day: App Store vs. Hollywood http://t.co/BPVfhgQGxO http://t.co/V3WPEKVd9VApple hires another high-profile Burberry exec ahead of Apple Watch launch http://t.co/WDclUjb7qaApple bends over to take it from China's State Internet Information Office http://t.co/oEzZzEcQMgBy the way, Any.DO for Mac is just 0.9MB. That’s what I call efficient coding!Popular iOS task manager @anydo now available as a native Map app! http://t.co/MWHdk8hC67 http://t.co/fOfYARhfsZTreat yourself to a nice healthy Hobbit meal today http://t.co/P3EJKHfuSW12” MacBook Air will have Retina screen resolution of 2,304-by-1,440 pixelsLooks like 12” MacBook Air will be almost as thing as iPad Air 2 http://t.co/TAo3WzPEq0 http://t.co/As81CwrPacTim Cook doing spring cleaning of Steve Jobs people on Apple’s Board of Directors http://t.co/vNcDZWvSuaHey, kids! The official mobile game of The LEGO Movie can now be enjoyed on your parents’ iPhone and iPad http://t.co/Z6p6DHKvx2Here comes Apple’s latest #FreeAppOfTheWeek @AppStore http://t.co/m8JKcaykPE http://t.co/5MXXydWfdgTim Cook made nine million bucks in 2014 running Apple. Not bad, but hardly enough for a super yacht http://t.co/pWWy97STOW
Apple video detailing creation of stunning Hangzhou store mural hits YouTube http://t.co/qmWVY5q2XQApple “analyst” Gene Munster peers into his crystal ball again http://t.co/fbDg1BRZuKCan’t wait to read the fine print in Google’s wireless service ToSIn 2007, Apple wanted to bypass carriers and become a MVNO In 2015, Google hopes to become one http://t.co/2Qi65V6t4JInteresting iPhone usage numbers on a state-by-state basis by @ChitikaInsights http://t.co/CNK4cIX8pS http://t.co/HMVjqp0NS4These are some rather disappointing Apple Watch battery stats. Think I’ll pass on the 1st gen… http://t.co/KfvqQIq8DzPretty funny: the Funny Or Die Weather app combines weather and jokes http://t.co/Nvzaw5WRHu http://t.co/UIj3ITn7pjFake Apple Watch unboxing https://t.co/i69uqGt8IeIncredible: In 2014, iOS app developers earned more than the combined box office revenue in the United States. http://t.co/ZvOQP81EETMinesweeper now available in the iOS Notification Center! http://t.co/3ZTekWAXdDAmazon releases Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac, a free app to create and publish Kindle books http://t.co/kuMFzUgbmP http://t.co/t3c0O8vEKoGee, BlackBerry really wants iMessage badly on its smartphones… http://t.co/ezI4N9wk1q404 - Not Found RT @qz: This is the most crystal-clear image of space ever taken http://t.co/pEO7JMiceQSo @Dropbox finally launches app for Windows phones and tablets https://t.co/AeOW4vB1H3 http://t.co/Fi4JvJYyuzSo, when did @engadget and its @aaronissocial become the boring one? http://t.co/b7KecJ4x9AApple Watch gets its first game, a cute word puzzler from NimbleBit http://t.co/EGP82tSkjd http://t.co/rPqS0ZWKiSFacebook Groups adds member search and three new admin features http://t.co/QHphmwxRSO http://t.co/A8z5akArV7Twitter's ‘while you were away’ officially live for everyone, but only through official app http://t.co/GlXgvsHoeZ http://t.co/GVoNGllFY9Spotify introduces Touch Preview for songs, albums, artists and playlists and a new gesture http://t.co/tFBaMECh6J
Today's dinner is healthy and delicious http://t.co/tjjqvwerVVYou can now use WhatsApp in Google Chrome, support for more browsers coming soon http://t.co/2zU3YiYeHB http://t.co/XiMoK2nnILYou gotta play Shadowmatic for iOS, such a gorgeously done game! https://t.co/PVb4Jscv1R http://t.co/8wdt00UvP3Google Docs, Sheets and Slides gain Touch ID support and other new features http://t.co/Xst6vtVTu9Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade comes with a caveat http://t.co/Myip8ERdNBPoll time: should Apple add multi-user access to iOS? http://t.co/Ap0UX0lhh5 http://t.co/abwV5LlEJbShazam raises $30 million in new funding round that values it at roughly $1 billion http://t.co/JAsJz6iHGJhttp://t.co/A9HnSIG1iP switching to dynamic layout in February,revamped iOS app due this week http://t.co/UBzfEP1RAC http://t.co/4XQ9Ql5fsKFrom five days ago: Pencil stylus by @FiftyThree now available in Apple Stores http://t.co/nsp1StSXFk http://t.co/8RXNmMfaqiIt’s official: Dungeon Hunter 5 is coming soon http://t.co/MpExwijiPV http://t.co/wHZLlxUvDGDropbox buys CloudOn http://t.co/dabu2yJK5j
Q. I updated my Nexus phone to Android Lollipop and I hate it. How can I go back to the previous version, KitKat? http://t.co/vAQ27yOeTF@NickPomes Yeah, so funny xDiOS 8 adoption slowing, now sitting at 69 percent http://t.co/oDpEcOeGVO http://t.co/Ft1Km2uvpsApple and gaze control tech… http://t.co/HpW6wWfevI http://t.co/wO8QnRCvIrStupid debate… RT @TechCrunch: There’s been an ongoing debate about the best age to found and run a tech startup http://t.co/u6nqjBxifz@matthewmspace Yeah, the poll is for the normals :DEngadget poll: which of these easy passwords are you most guilty of using at some point? http://t.co/6mIXEJ7jE9Audio Hijack 3 for Mac now available http://t.co/QcGdu6o6ivEvernote ends support for Hello, Peek, BlackBerry 7 and PlayBook https://t.co/LDttAIs0DyFirst batch of 2015 Mustang starts shipping to international buyers, Ford confirms http://t.co/zAwJZ4Wfai http://t.co/gXd4gRLGcSSo @gameloft official announces Dungeon Hunter 5 http://t.co/AtYUsrlFfaCurved = better grip LOL http://t.co/8z095459nS
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