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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive. http://t.co/ralPYfT6kF

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Sweet fancy Jesus I love @business’s illustration team http://t.co/meUxjJaJwZ
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@MikeIsaac nice job. also probably worth mentioning Conde Nast is still Reddit's largest shareholder...you know, where does the buck stop?The root issue to #GreeceCrisis http://t.co/bD41egjB98
@alexbarinka I'm an inbox 0 kinda guyReady. http://t.co/uHotDazyYvLOL...rumor or speculation...as if that's what was being asked https://t.co/gjtbOjtGpy@HeyHeyESJ all they had to do was ask.@gawker attorneys say appellate court has weighed in: July 6 trial date is off in Hulk Hogan v Gawker case.
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i still don't get the whole bridges banner image thing@MikeIsaac some editors will draw a line; most won'tHow @recode does video, thanks to @jtemple: The race to fund fusion is on, but is it a good bet? (video) http://t.co/VUVPOWaNKdWhat’s a sex tape without the tape? https://t.co/IGLHKvah6z
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Headlines, headlines, fodder for @HillaryClinton's email traffic: http://t.co/ieIoQPGZt1(separate observation about myself as an editor: I'm a hardass)Never easy writing about own co.: http://t.co/7Niksks4fJ Vox's willingness to do so sign of a sophisticated media co. cc @BankoffNewsrooms oppose Hulk Hogan's move to block press from his sex trial (yes, incl. Vox Media) http://t.co/7NikskJF7h http://t.co/VfeYi0F8mL@fmanjoo @joeciarallo of course! so wondering then if people will buy subs. Ex.: vast majority of Spotify users use the free, not paid ver.@joeciarallo @fmanjoo @Recode you listened to the radio a lot more too. the burden and the cost is now entirely on you. media is complicated@edmundlee of all the bundles you can get, this is by far the best deal. You pay slightly more for just about everything.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@fmanjoo but isn't streaming just a different kind of bundle? Not every consumer likes that. I'd argue most don't.@fmanjoo um, people spent ~$60/yr on music before streaming, half current sub fees http://t.co/wedDXIRLPO maybe better value but not cheaper
separately, media reporting is hardUber wants to sell bonds, let's investors know it had $470 million in operating losses on $417 million in revs http://t.co/x5H08GDD2DDown down down. #GreeceCrisis Money flows will just seize up more...hear that valleywags? http://t.co/UI6RsXGkli
Beautiful from @CaseyNewton http://t.co/KNnbY8cKyS http://t.co/8UB5WKU4vO
Retweeted by Edmund Lee#LoveWins. http://t.co/s5aiwIsFz8
Retweeted by Edmund Lee5-4, Roberts dissents. https://t.co/9FHNulmWAn
Really?Nice move @businessinsider grabbing @hadimo -- awesome editor. http://t.co/nkUI9BJR8lWow. Roberts in the majority (likely to maintain relevance) but still. https://t.co/LJFhCs52XlAfter the events of this week, I've decided to put 1989 on Apple Music...and happily so.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNote new language: now Roger is reporting to Lachlan, James *and* Rupe. https://t.co/H7fmWy8US0
Retweeted by Edmund LeeRoger Ailes re-ups w/@rupertmurdoch for at least 2 yrs. Lachlan & James: “we’re pleased he has accepted our offer..." http://t.co/AspQyb4cNk
@bobbymacReports @DavidClinchNews @kenli729 @mccarthyryanj we will imbibe the mash in short order@FullDRadio @StockTwits @business and look at that P/E -- lot to live up to@bobbymacReports yeah, quite a fewUm... http://t.co/rBfnIpc3Sh@AntDeRosa @Circa and we see it manMensch through and through @AntDeRosa advocates for his @Circa edit staff: http://t.co/9WWWKBs2Wl (lots of editors don't do that)I won’t stay silent on @Circa for much longer. Folks on the business side of things here owe it to us and to our users to provide an update.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeESPN won't invest $250 million in DraftKings, but will get an ad deal. http://t.co/uYbDiNntGw by @KurtWagner8 @pkafka http://t.co/RipNaBNrPqMedia + sports + digital deal news shortly.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Hey @stewart, WS traders pay $20,000/yr for a Bloomberg terminal, mostly for its chat function. You can charge more: http://t.co/CxMtce8PmJaka how the Internet kills writers / writing https://t.co/yUjnxhPbAZHere's Hulu acting like a cable company: http://t.co/M8uoTG6XrQ via @pkafkaEXCLUSIVE. Company raised some money. http://t.co/km6PpeNWb0
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@kaylatausche @SquawkStreet @SquawkAlley @sallyshin tough assignmentTwitter to @jack: you can't be CEO of two companies dude https://t.co/FfKdDR09j2How @taylorswift13 > Apple, and the rest of this morning's tech headlines: http://t.co/N4izHp8txu by @nkulw http://t.co/9sM0LsDWzR
Outdoor doggie patches. Latest Brooklyn thing. Don't hate. Or do. http://t.co/QKZb5UT7FSWhat You Need to Know About Barack Obama’s WTF Podcast with Marc Maron http://t.co/VAZv4kjFat by @pkafka
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Comcast founder Ralph Roberts has died at age 95 http://t.co/25rE5CNdQC http://t.co/50ORmwvSWV
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNice landing @wjcarter! https://t.co/6VxUftbnUB@minakimes that characterization is way off. Bizweek is clearly Brooklyn Heights. Your desk, wherever it is, will always be Williamsburg ;)
Some portion of this is correct. I won't quibble over which parts, but it's worth the read: http://t.co/ReiTBz36JH http://t.co/y20k8m70feReading this right now. Will do the 140 take soon: http://t.co/EQxzdS0bpKFAQ -- Uber lawsuit. 1st draft had 1,300 words on the federal court system, but my editor said no 1 would read that 😔 http://t.co/WbU5SYXEJc
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFucking awesome https://t.co/qYqXxBDJF4man, that first subhed https://t.co/cltSaQiVUfIs @ProductHunt, the startup kingmaker, elitist? Great feature from @carmeldea http://t.co/XPGOga7OxD http://t.co/xB9re9kdbB
Bravo @Dawn_Kopecki! http://t.co/bBPqhmtmuq@nytimes no credit to CNN for the original report?
Retweeted by Edmund Leeaka, if you're going to pay him a lot of money anyway, might as well use him somehow. https://t.co/HRXul6TNBrSnapchat is making some pretty serious money from its content: http://t.co/Ud9e8YnB0a by @KurtWagner8
.@Jack: "I'm Square CEO and that won't change"...means he won't stay Twitter's CEO: http://t.co/XjJeUa20sL by @DelRey http://t.co/2uYCVftr7i.@Uber just stole away Google's former head of maps (scoop): http://t.co/eMvTixmGSl via @carmeldeaIt's official: @jamesmurdoch becomes CEO of http://t.co/RDhtYr6U4f; brother Lachlan shares co-exec Chair w/@rupertmurdoch Chase leaves 6-16Bubble might pop -> Raise more $ than needed -> Can solve problems with $ -> Overhire -> Slow progress -> Ruin culture -> Destroy company.
Retweeted by Edmund Leeahoy -- who's got iplayer in ny? https://t.co/zpIlcfu9g1V excited to join Ben & Luke @buzzfeed and work with the fab team. I now have 8 wks to watch GoT and learn to gif. https://t.co/nJZzfeAkbK
Retweeted by Edmund Leethe best part of the synopsis is in the beginning -- title: "Die Hard" ,subtitle:"Also starring Severus Snape..." https://t.co/JxrHjFzXClCongrats @janinegibson on new gig running BuzzFeed’s UK operation @BuzzFeedBen very luck to get you: http://t.co/qvhHePAzYKGuess who’s going to get his ass kicked in this picture. #sony #e3 http://t.co/lEGuAQ6qqN
Retweeted by Edmund LeeFormer Guardian Editor Janine Gibson to Head BuzzFeed’s British Operation http://t.co/RS4KvBvrJd
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
So Prince Alwaleed says he'd back @jack as permanent Twitter CEO: http://t.co/vic41nYmNS
Taxes, taxes...why @mikebloomberg should have the New York Times should buy Bloomberg LP: http://t.co/JNQ6UBO9wY via @thisisfusionThe trouble with Buy buttons. Smart from @DelRey https://t.co/G2MC7FigHJGee, what a clever idea. 😜 https://t.co/pio8un7CBq
#Pride2015 parade: park slope Methodists followed by Irish by Israeli by Trinidadian by Middle Eastern #onlyinNY http://t.co/Q4Wd7mVb9I.@cdixon $FB is more $$ than $GOOG relative to their profits, even tho Google has higher profit%. So not for a while. http://t.co/uDmTzh47BX
@NellieBowles @tcarmody we call it Brooklyn@karaswisher @CaseyNewton @Bankoff @reckless seriously Casey, don't mess@paulaEdwyer @robenfarzad @ProfJeffJarvis @DylanByers @USATODAY cc @cliffordlevyKatie Couric Reups with Yahoo in a $10 Million Deal http://t.co/10U6RyZG4Q via @karaswisher
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@cliffordlevy knew it!@edmundlee You can blame me.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeMedia reporters (since I only do it on occasion), please suss out who's clever idea this was. https://t.co/7IesRz5SvbReturning from #vax15 -- super impressed with @clockwerks and team. Edit + engineering = really cool stuff.Team @Recode of @pkafka @kenli729 @edmundlee in Philly for cheesesteaks and @voxmediainc hackathon. Yes that's @Lock! http://t.co/F7HsUKsEpx
Retweeted by Edmund LeeJames Murdoch: Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? http://t.co/meOIyBzqnm via @edmundlee http://t.co/801alAthgH
Beset with failures, Google tries to breathe life into Android One, its bet on the next billion http://t.co/ZlDpGxHqsW via @mhbergenFirst full day as Twitter COO tomorrow. Task #1: undermine CEO, consolidate power.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeStanding ovation for @dickc. Thank you. http://t.co/5V6lraFuHT
Retweeted by Edmund LeeDespite saying he's aligned with the board, @dickc out as CEO of Twitter: http://t.co/2yefxZmzDY Stock spikes 7% http://t.co/A0ESVGxpbiDunno about this @rupertmurdoch http://t.co/8qIk4v7BGaWOW — did not see this coming now. @rupertmurdoch to step down as CEO of 21st C Fox, handing title to @jamesmurdoch http://t.co/FcUjFFzn4R
Aw man...will miss the frequency @romenesko! Regular reader since http://t.co/VbkOdaFG2w -- https://t.co/cLbQ3tiqYn http://t.co/MtVnjmZlUQLove everything about this story from @minakimes (best cyberpunk I've read since @GreatDismal) http://t.co/3wdAxh8id9 http://t.co/oinJvgIRbCacc to @SFNick, you have to go back to @HillaryClinton 2008 https://t.co/69jjI5u9L4Following @martin_hickman for notes on more phone hacking trials. Here, Fleet Street at its finest/worst: https://t.co/4ZjNPGWAW9
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