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Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Professor of Advertising, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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@ionaholloway @BeckyHollis @BoltBus Bolt Bus? Damn, if I were taking you we would go first class.@ionaholloway @faris If the damn students didn't make me have to work so hard maybe. But kicking ass is hard work. I deserve a spring break.@faris @ionaholloway That was work. At least until 4 pm.I beg to disagree - Edward has been to SXSW ;-) “@ionaholloway: "There are no spring breaks in advertising." - @edwardboches
Retweeted by edwardboches"There are no spring breaks in advertising." - @edwardboches
Retweeted by edwardbochesFound a good home for my library of 120+ @CommArts annuals: @BU comms dept innovation lab. cc @edwardboches #oldschoolnewschool
Retweeted by edwardbochesJohn Lennon would approve. http://t.co/8PDP6ZjBFZThanks for sharing @brdhllz. Dedicate time to create. A lesson @edwardboches had been telling us students all along. http://t.co/ubvBurkYO4
Retweeted by edwardbochesHe's back: Alex Bogusky and Fusion Launch New Social Impact Agency http://t.co/6RlOviY5tL via
@JiboRobot @IHubRadio following now. In touch now with Steve Chambers also.Huge thanks to the many advertising folks who answered this question the other day. One more quick one. A. Woul… http://t.co/hpmLrOLrV0Tomorrow at 10 am, if you are on the road, tune into NPR WGBH. 89.7. You can hear me ramble on about advertising t… http://t.co/gaXBjPXRhDThis is so freakin' awesome. Creativity in a single chord. http://t.co/yK0KZXLW2y@horiahot thx for shout outs. Appreciate it. Glad if you find it helpful.
Ad of the Day: Geico Makes Clever Pre-Roll Ads That Are Basically Unskippable | Adweek http://t.co/mIBNLx0AAH@benkunz meet @heywhipple re SXSW. I can't make it this year. Ben looking for hot shot students for a session.@ionaholloway Ha. We're on the leading edge.I'm both excited & petrified of the future @edwardboches explains. Technology is amazing & this is coming soon: http://t.co/mTswbnPBze
Retweeted by edwardboches@ionaholloway title
@HarleyBlock @bmorrissey @jtwinsor @faris That is the point. BF turns everyone else into traffic for BF. Tactic others now try to copy.@ftrain @laura_june Among best pieces I have read on topic. Snowfall paragraph a delight. Not sure objectives were quite the same as BF.Another solid piece re Buzzfeed, NYTimes, Dress, Snowfall, etc. cc @bmorrissey @jtwinsor @faris https://t.co/CIc8U4VyyP@faris @darrellwhitelaw The new narrative. No one finishes books anyway. http://t.co/3s8zf77B68@faris @bmorrissey or Faristacus to be more precise.@faris @bmorrissey We knew that about you. Faristicus.@darrellwhitelaw I take time off in summer. Cut back online efforts and try to read a book a week. Fiction and non. But during rest of year?@darrellwhitelaw Something like Comcast Emily does it. Product innovation (or compliance w law) and then a good story about it.@darrellwhitelaw I can barely read a book anymore. Read Times in paper edition today to practice.@scottRcrawford @jtwinsor @bmorrissey Or. https://t.co/z2qA0XdxbX@darrellwhitelaw New tools and outputs. But creative still creative. Whether made of words and pictures or interactions, APIS, 1's and 0's.@darrellwhitelaw Still a fair amount in total. Smaller piece as percentage. But skill set of problem solving and creative thinking similar.@SarahGFisher12 Not a fan of the "quality" of all the content. But those who do the important need to survive.@jtwinsor @bmorrissey Model might die. But the creators and strategists and makers will just find new places for their talent.@jtwinsor @bmorrissey Seems that while the resistant trad'l agency matters less, those who embrace change and try to innovate survive. No?@jtwinsor @bmorrissey I am not convinced yet that media companies can market brands. Content sure. But only their kind of content.Great piece, @bmorrissey. As we talked, can creative agencies be far behind, disrupted as media co’s give away creativity? cc @edwardboches
Retweeted by edwardbochesBoston Olympics. Harvard to host swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, field hockey, tennis and fencing. BU to get badminton.We are all Buzzfeed now. @bmorrissey nails it in this piece. Digiday http://t.co/HP7AllP1MLWhat we talk about when we talk about advertising* - http://t.co/o9iUVUpvjG Quick recap of my conversation on @ihubradioWhat we talk about when we talk about advertising* http://t.co/qA03X5G2sc
Starbucks gets into media business. Long form social change content from the coffee shop. http://t.co/G4nlt3WFtQ?What's in store for Advertising? Let's hear the 21st Century Madmen talk @IHubRadio http://t.co/g4TrfmokmM with COM Prof @edwardboches
Retweeted by edwardboches
@karaemiller Really like how the show came out. Thanks again. cc @Twittier@CynthiaBreazeal Gave you plug on NPR WGBH. @ihubradio http://t.co/JylXxsKAY0 My students working on your brand. Still trying to get demo.@JiboRobot Gave you plug on NPR WGBH. @ihubradio http://t.co/JylXxsKAY0 My students working on your brand. And you still won't respond. ??Looking forward to hearing what @IHubRadio has to say about the future of advertising this week! @edwardboches @karaemiller @eckman Sat 10am
Retweeted by edwardboches21st Century Mad Men http://t.co/WIfZOWXdsG. My interview for @IHubRadio w @Twittier‘Star Trek’ icon Leonard Nimoy dies at 83 http://t.co/aI0LsIbUyT via @BostonGlobe
The Hunting Ground. Rape on Campus and the Failure of Colleges to Do Anything. http://t.co/WfTt3jmjHK@_AlexDef So, curious what you are up to. I still share your curriculum w students.@rosskimbarovsky me too. No roads.@Greg_Coogan @dgwbirch Vogue is very tech forward actually. But not my thing."I don’t want something that interrupts me. I want something that looks like part of the app." Then interrupts me? http://t.co/SOXsyB9O1nPinterest's plan to win over agency creatives. #COMCreative. Not sure it's what I would want to be making. http://t.co/zqRIfbKtFPGet Your Kids On A Screen. More Screen Time Time Nickelodeon. Introduces Noggin Web-Video Subscription Service. http://t.co/MTZ1tCGCD1Apple Runs First Watch Ads: 12 Pages in Vogue http://t.co/XyQu5r2eXw
Why platforms are better at getting eyeballs than most media properties. Lessons from a Bloomberg perspective. http://t.co/ylo8dUoKJpAnd the world's most powerful brand is....not Ferrari. But it does end with a vowel. http://t.co/emkXe2HsY3Would you buy your next car based on the quality of the manicures they offer you while you wait for service? http://t.co/ql7PFwrOHl
Good sentence. Beyond the game’s innate poetry, which has seduced generations of hacks to summon their inner Whi… http://t.co/VOc6SCIFkHI am hoping you'll get back to me and we can meet in person. And I hear that @mullenunbound has already contacted you. Good to know.This is great. Interview with Robert Crumb re Charlie Hedbo. Thank you Dorothy Clark It has not been that long b… http://t.co/h2j1E9p1EjIt is cycling season in Boston. But you might have to dig a tunnel. http://t.co/Ztz6PJef3nGoogle's own data showed women were promoted less often than men because workers need to nominate themselves.Women Leaving the Tech Industry in Droves. Less By Choice Than By Sexism. http://t.co/Fc2La9d58BTwitter a Can Predict Rates of Coronary Heart Disease. More accurate than obesity, diet and other indicators. http://t.co/b7y8pq4VBeFair? This is not fair. (@ionaholloway will still be cycling to school I bet.) http://t.co/hgoc8HX4oV
Responsibility and integrity actually come into play judging creative awards. http://t.co/vZcMqsfXvx via @dandadAre you really anxious about Uber rating you? You worry too much. http://t.co/1kY3kD93HI via @malbonsterPick Up Your 'Optimism Ticket' at Park St. Station. Cool creative idea fm BU MFA student @alicekdonovan http://t.co/fc32kWYd9u
@briangaar in theory@JoannaStern here's a prediction. He'll never get invited again.@edwardboches: I would not watch a week of Russian TV even if I got to do it in the Four Seasons dining on Wagyu beef and other delicacies.The @nytimes must be insecure about its digital shortcomings. Turns The Ethicist into a "conversation." Like Facebook or Twitter in print.@ball_brad Constructively. Sure.Death on a windswept mountain where you should never be. http://t.co/vCzqWNXoPo via @BostonGlobe
@edwardboches responsive design is hard to get right at scale. Very few big content sites get it right. I like what @TIME has done.
Retweeted by edwardboches@peterstringer @TIME agree and agree.The @nytimes could learn a lesson from the @BostonGlobe when it comes to web design. Apps are good, but online website awful in comparison.Sad to see @DeanSaboSays leave @comugrad. She is COM's collective spirit, passion, and energy. And the epitome of competency and excellence.@SarahGFisher12 So, how is it going? Send an update to my email. At least you're not drowning in snow.Amateur journalism. Revealing truth when the mainstream media media pays no attention. http://t.co/HTolWDbnJD cc @SarahGFisher12The Oscars. Featuring an all White Cast. (The acting categories) via Bitch Media http://t.co/kxjD3FlSpx
@davidmccadden @ejgraff Well driving ain't much better. Was a great piece.@davidmccadden https://t.co/GlELRcAswH@davidmccadden @ejgraff I know. thought i fixed@edwardboches @benkunz A highly recommended read: http://t.co/Ec91lBGz8t
Retweeted by edwardbochesBoston’s Winter From Hell. http://t.co/WUtzPzldZh Yeah, what she said.ICYMI, here are 4 lessons marketers can learn from @adidas' World Cup strategy: http://t.co/tdn44uFVJQ http://t.co/FerMKo4DyT
Retweeted by edwardboches@ionaholloway Assume it has improved by now and you are ready to kill it.@benkunz @cindygallop I would never presume to speak for Cindy. But, I would tend think that misogyny is the more reprehensible of the two.
@edwardboches, our group's current mental state http://t.co/cVDNCEqQSj #deathbynationwide http://t.co/168AbL01r0
Retweeted by edwardbochesHa. John Wolfarth and I hired Jordan Kretchmer when he was in his young 20's as the youngest VP in Mullen's histor… http://t.co/HGFQjWx1gZ"I cannot pretend I am without fear. But my predominant feeling is one of gratitude. I have loved and been loved; … http://t.co/zKvug7AvGuWith BrandFeed, Hill Holliday makes a push into products http://t.co/1IrmHG8T6FThe future of tv and video and entertainment? YouTube turns 10. #COMcreative. Listen and read for next assignments. http://t.co/paGuF8KHAp
@edwardboches u well?
Retweeted by edwardboches@garyvee My annual check in? Yes, you?“Lessons from a No Show & a Professional” Terrific post from a young creative @kristinarayya11 https://t.co/LMrogCl3Ck
Fun print for "You're not you when you're hungry." http://t.co/DnAgH9MZuj
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