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#TBT to that time I got my head cast at Weta and Richard Taylor took advantage of the opportunity:, I'm not going to PAX, but if someone nabs an extra Fallout 4 pin from @BethesdaStudios' booth I'd give it a good home...@MaconBlair I love that it's so embraced now. One of my all-time favorites@MaconBlair I was 13 or 14 when I rented that movie. Felt like I was the only person in the world who knew about it
@JohnBoyega perks perks perks! You'll get the audience experience either way.@todd_farmer I see everything!@todd_farmer Good save.Me, too! And three! Now I get to steal something from you!@NickdeSemlyen Except for that scene, but only b/c he thought it gave ammo to those that said ToD painted Hindus in a stereotypical light.@NickdeSemlyen He then talked about how much he always liked Temple of Doom, too.@NickdeSemlyen You're welcome. My favorite part was his assistant and handlers around him bracing for a reaction.@NickdeSemlyen And yes, I'm proud I had the sack to bring up ToD when I met him.@NickdeSemlyen This scene was the only one Harrison Ford told me he didn't like in Temple of Doom.@NickdeSemlyen @JordanBowers15 Here's version 2.0 of that gif. Slightly better. If you ever need anybody to stand up for Temple of Doom for a few thousand words, feel free to give me a ring. :)@mrmarkmillar Had something similar happen with my nephew recently. Found his watch in the recycle bin. Felt like Sherlock Holmes.@NickdeSemlyen I do try...@NickdeSemlyen No hyperbole, you guys are the best of us. Populist, but smart and obviously, irrevocably in love with cinema.@aaronsagers @SamWitwer I will disown you if you and your asshole friends make fun of Temple of Doom!@SamWitwer @aaronsagers Troll 2, Silent Night Deadly Night (1 and 2)... I almost said Sleepaway Camp, but that movie's a masterpiece.@LordOfSwede @DRobMitchell It's all good. Took an afternoon for me to realize there was more to it myownself.@LordOfSwede @DRobMitchell They did an "outtakes" version where QT went very specific about it.@SamWitwer @aaronsagers The Happening, dude. The Happening. Not it!Holy Crap! The Second Wave Of Fantastic Fest 2015 Titles Is Tremendous! (via @aintitcoolnews)
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@BrianLynch Fuck, I knew this reminded me of something...Vote for the people that will do something about it. That's all you can do. Don't make the lack of a perfect candidate make you lazy in Nov.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@EricDSnider Same with Sixth Sense. I was one of those blindsided people with that movie. Rewatch they pretty much scream it at you.
@Timpson @SerbianFilm Whoa! And he's right!@themaclennan @ldmullen, I would have also included the always great Melanie Lynskey in the last tweet if Twitter wasn't such a dick about 140 characters)I quite liked Digging For Fire. I think my magic Mumblecore formula requires both @AnnaKendrick47 and Jude Swanberg or I don't like it.Saw this in an auction catalogue. It has my name on it, so they have to give it to me, right? @drafthouse sick! She was just a child!@MelindaMDaniels lots. And Hollywood video@themaclennan @drafthouse perv-o.@mrbeaks something-something-youlikerape-something.@Esmegrubb I don't disagree with most of them, it's more the general idea of "it should only have what was in the book" I don't like@GoodnightGoldie Lucky! All my old Suncoasts are long, long gone.@GoodnightGoldie Simpler times. :)@Michael_Calia found a micro-cassette tape with old answering machine messages on it. Crazy."Hi, this message is for Eric. This is Darren from Suncoast video calling to let you know your copy of Tremors on DVD is ready for pickup."@redfox_write Fuuuuck, really?Holy shit, one of these micro-cassette tapes is full of answering machine messages from around the time my parents separated. #timecapsule@paulrich1138 Ha! Who'd buy all this nonsense?@alljustchance almost. Ran out of Qs, fumbled for something to say, asked Shearer how he does all those different Simpsons voices.@ChrisHewitt usually don't have a problem with it. I was a little intimidated, tired and was desperately trying to fill dead air. The worst.@ChrisHewitt Saw Guest roll his eyes, McKean trying not to look disappointed in me and just about wanted to die.@ChrisHewitt I botched it. Ran out of Qs, fumbled for something to ask, asked Shearer "How do you do all those different Simpsons voices?"Also found the audio of my worst ever interview: Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer for A Might Wind.@devincf There was a voice in the group I knew, but couldn't place. Thought it might be you.@devincf were you part of the group that interviewed Stan Winston for Time Machine way back in the day at SDCC?Aw, sad. Found the audio of my one real interaction with Stan Winston. He was talking Time Machine on the SDCC show floor.@ChrisHewitt He was ridiculously nice. Also helped he was talking to me specifically about Python so I wasn't shoe-horning that in.@ChrisHewitt I was terrified going into that one. Heard he chewed up and spit out unworthy interviewers@ChrisHewitt @TwoPaddocks I got to wait to ask Mr. Neill all my daft questions after I'd been doing this for a few more years.@ChrisHewitt I was nervous & told him. Carlin: "I've found if you go through life & don't give a fuck you'll find yourself a happier person"@GermainLussier this interview pre-dated the pseudonym (and AICN). This was for my high school newspaper!I had to stop the tape 10 seconds in to keep from blowing my brains out from pure embarrassment, but it all started there.Found the tape for my first ever interview: 14 year old me chatting with George Carlin over the phone.@Aaron_Morgan @GavinFree I totally love the physical. and equally as heroic!Don't hold that against me. I was 19 and stupid as hell.Wow, back in 2000 I wrote a script review of Romero's unmade Resident Evil in character as the actual Quint. @Aaron_Morgan Kinda me, too. Unless it's Criterion.@Aaron_Morgan You've been saying that for 5 years!@jondy1703 @DannyTRS @slashfilm Yeah, BOTFA is the only Hobbit film where I felt like there was a better EE waiting.@Horrorellablog Totally cool to argue that (& I agree with a lot of it). Dismissing anything new being added is where I start having issues@mattkward @slashfilm lots of things came to a head at once. Structure changes, a not-so-successful tech advance & 3D limiting practical fx@andy0liver @devincf Hindsight being 20/20 I'd agree with most of that, but Tauriel is there 100% to give us an emotional connection to Kili@devincf and pushed Bilbo to the extreme background.@devincf I think they totally cracked the main story when it was 2 movies and the mid-stream decision to make it 3 really messed them up@devincf it's okay to add extra material as long as you like it. I get that argument. Not the same as "it's a kid's book, why 3 movies?"@devincf And a final battle scene that takes place entirely while Bilbo is knocked out?@devincf Would you really have Gandalf just up and disappearing to places unknown and coming back just in the nick of time 20 minutes?@devincf I don't disagree, but you can't make a direct adaptation of The Hobbit after LOTR without explaining a few things@devincf but you were fine with the extra stuff that Tolkien wrote ending up in LOTR?This argument I can accept. It's lazy to just say "300 page book shoulda been 1 or 2 movies." I don't know exactly what made the cut, but they shot a lot more Beorn stuff than what ended up in the third movie.@ebenbolter projected on 35mm.@ebenbolter I was floored, especially since my first viewing was HFR 3-D.@ebenbolter All I know is that I saw the first film on 35mm in 2D and it looked exactly like LOTR.@ebenbolter And I agree more about the decision to shoot 3D. That's was necessitated digital and eliminated the possibility of miniatures@ebenbolter I hate HFR, too, but it's only when projected. HFR has literally no bearing on the DVD version, which is still 24@ebenbolter That's what they tried to do. If they failed it was in writing for that two movie version. First cut of movie 1 was 4.5 hrs@ebenbolter Now the studio probably saw dollar signs at the possibility, but they're always in the business of making money, 1 movie or 3@ebenbolter That's the assumption, but I was there. It certainly was to fit more story in from the creative perspective.@slashfilm doubly so when they announced two films first, though.@slashfilm deciding to do that after wrapping principal photography definitely locked them into some things that made the road bumpier@slashfilm That's definitely a part of it. I think if they had planned from the beginning to make three films it would have gelled better@DocRobotnik Gandalf disappears for reasons unknown every single time they get into trouble. A direct adaptation wouldn't have worked eitherJust curious that people demand Hobbit be only what was in that 1st book, but were totally fine with incorporating Tolkien's extras in LOTRI think LOTR is a hugely more successful film series, by the way. It's less muddled, looks better and feels more cohesive as a whole.On LOTR fans were psyched that Jackson used Tolkien's appendices to flesh out the world. Why do they hate that he does the same with Hobbit?The Hobbit's R-rating was buried in the press release, by the way. Feels like WB doesn't want to highlight that aspect of this release@MyBrewTube Hello back, young feller!@D_Christianson It's one of my greatest treasures! A nice scribbling by the great Tyler Stout!.@nuveeena Share the load...
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