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@scottmbeggs Right?@adammast1 That's what I said!?! (Could be I didn't know my Vegas trip overlapped and I only asked officially a few days ago)@scottmbeggs If that fails there's always... https://t.co/3XlFk4pTOC@Aegrimoribund you said it, brother.I'll be in Vegas during CinemaCon, but don't have any press credentials. Guess I'll Jedi mind-trick the guards at the Inside Out screening.These aren't the geeks you're looking for. Move along. #stormtroopers #blessed http://t.co/2q0dZjfLr2
"Somebody wake up Hicks." https://t.co/K72pvqRPJo@TammyTuckey monte cristo, of course@EricDSnider why do you think I'm here? :)My view for lunch. #deadmentellnotales #bluebayou http://t.co/5kLco3UN55A new species of frog was found in Costa Rica and it looks just like Kermit! (via @mashable) http://t.co/EHewHiwACC
Retweeted by Eric VespeWhat can we learn about the plot of STAR WARS: #RogueOne from astrophysics? I calculate and speculate: http://t.co/n42uRklL0F
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@d_a_howell technically we're all in space... Yeah...
Well, I never! http://t.co/Nfvgj0KQ7kGoddamnit, Bruce. http://t.co/FowuPhrvLPOf all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world she walks into mine. http://t.co/PkMI1kxfGR@drcandland ha! I have one, too! It's probably radioactive at this point...Damn, the #lucasneckpouch emoji still doesn't work for me. Someone get on that, 'kay?Thanks, Celebration. Headed to LA to see some friends, but once more for the road: #bb8 #stormtrooper #starwars #lucasneckpouch@slder78 It's possible. They said the timeline is close to Rebels, so...@garywhitta @DrewAtHitFix @covernode I've seen at least 3 Lucas cosplays at celebration. Never once before this weekend.The power of Kylo compels you! The power of Kylo compels you! http://t.co/aRYPmju6GxI so can't wait for Flametrooper action. http://t.co/acH4OJY0zK@joe_hill it's weird to go back to. They clearly still thought there was going to be a Luke/Han/Leia love triangleDear God, please let this be the plot to Batman vs Superman. http://t.co/rJMYNrCHZM
Retweeted by Eric VespeGareth & co are cooking up something fresh and super cool, I'm so freakin excited for everyone to see more.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@JLGothos @starwars I love the concept of exploring different t genres within Star Wars. Gonna be very cool to see a top to bottom war movie@JLGothos @starwars yep, been tweeting from the panel they announced it from. Teaser piece looked neat and very Edwards-y@JLGothos @starwars trailer impressions? Yeah. Methinks this movie might make some money.@GillianDN I assume it was because they didn't want the teaser out, but they certainly weren't enforcing no phones/pics@iamchoppah bounty hunter, I thinkNothing on Trank's movie & he was a no show. They said he was sick, but it feels like they decided against talking about that oneWe're getting a slideshow of Gareth's 30th birthday trip to Tunesia. He drank blue milk while sitting at the Lars family table! #bonafides"I couldn't sit in the cinema knowing someone else made this film." - Gareth EdwardsAccording to Kathy, Rogue One was one of the first pitches she heard when she came onboard.@michelledeidre didn't want to butcher his name!ILM's John Knoll will get a story by credit on Rogue One. He pitched the concept and started the ball rolling.Rogue One has VFX guy who worked on Saving Private Ryan. "You're not kidding about this being a war picture." "It is called Star WARS."Zero Dark Thirty DoP will shoot Rogue One. Doug Chang one of the production designersFelicity Jones will play a rebel soldier, says Edwards. He also said she dropped everything to do this movie because she's a huge SW fan.Production art shows rebel troops attacking something on a rainy night. Think rebels mixed with seal team sixEdwards calls the film real and "gray." "The bad guys are good and the good guys are bad."The Death Star in the footage was pretty well built, but still low in the atmosphere... Not in space.Edwards says that the absence of the Jedi is very much felt in this film. It's very much about people without powers being heroesYep, official synopsis for Star Wars: Rogue One confirms it's about the mission to steal the Death Star plans.@Aaron_Morgan I texted Kaela that a while ago!Looks like it will be the Death Star plan heist flick afterall!Rogue One teaser shows a sole TIE fighter flying through a canyon, then up to a hazy Death Star on the horizonEdwards' Star Wars film starts shooting in the summerGareth Edwards said he's embarrassed to admit he cried when he saw the new trailer.The spinoff Star Wars movies are officially called Anthology filmsLucasfilm wanted freedom to tell stories in different timelines with different characters in different genresWhat are these stand alone movies? Origin stories? Spin-offs? Kathy Kennedy is about to explain.If you are at Celebration and wanted to see the Edwards/Trank panel there's plenty of walk-in seats! Come come!@woodelijah @ToppsSteve I have one! Much like my PS3 it's gathering dust!Curious to hear what these lovely gents have planned for my precious Star Wars: http://t.co/IQ7XAjuR54@ryangallagher you get t-mobile? Extra lines are crazy cheap@ToppsSteve Nope, an Xboner here. Wait, that didn't sound right...@dchantry Have you not watched Clone Wars? You gotta get past the first handful of prequel-shitty eps, but when it clicks you'll know it.Alright, last hoorah at Celebration is the Josh Trank/Gareth Edwards panel in the morning. Stay tuned!@dchantry I can't say I like the movies, but the cartoons took away my anger and frustration towards them.@AdamRutherford Yep. (Maniacal laugh here)You're welcome. http://t.co/wnWXKcmmfx@dogmusher I saw that earlier. King's the best!@boyer316 @NordlingAICN for the record I have never said that. #dontpurgemebroI praise Rebels, review the first 2 episodes of Season 2 & proudly declare I'm back in love with Star Wars again. http://t.co/8yQVmoQp78You didn't ask for 2000+ words on my personal Star Wars fanaticism as it relates to Season 2 of Rebels, but goddamnit I wrote it anyway.Son, I want you to have this watch. The firmware is outdated, the OS is slow and it only runs Yelp, but it's been in our family for 3 years.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@DrewAtHitFix @NordlingAICN I'll be there for you two when this whole thing ends.@Da7e Vader is scary again. Like really scary.@Da7e Yessir.@michaeldigh S'okay. It'd be an honor to write for Bad, so it's no great offense for you to lump me in with those fools over there.@michaeldigh Ain't It Cool. Will throw a link up here when it's done. Still a ways to go yet. Might be an early morning post.
@colliderfrosty technically all of bittorrent watched tomorrow night's Game of Thrones thanks to an HBO screener.@Robogeek Thank the maker!My review of those Rebels S2 eps is turning into a Russian novel-ish breakdown of my relationship with the whole of Star Wars. Send help!@Warshrike @MildlyAmused But Donna's right. I don't see how this ends any other way. Directly or indirectly, Vader will be the end of her@VogtRoberts @scottEweinberg I like scripts and have said as much to mumblecore directors, producers and actors. When asked. I'm not a dick.@MildlyAmused @Warshrike based on what I saw today I doubt it goes that route, but I won't say much more as to not ruin anything.@NordlingAICN @MildlyAmused @Robogeek End of the day it's still the series of "true from a certain point of view."@MildlyAmused @Robogeek @NordlingAICN Obviously Obi-Wan and Yoda still existed post-purge.@MildlyAmused @Robogeek @NordlingAICN No need to get too nerdy here. Just because Tarkin said something offhand doesn't mean he was right.@alanlmatthews @Hermann22 @TheApexFan @MakingStarWars fun ain't over yet! One-off movies panel tomorrow morning.@NordlingAICN nailed it@iamchoppah no, looks like McQuarrie 3PO. I assume this droid steals one of Lando's women and he kicks it to the curb before BespinWalking back to the hotel to write up some thoughts on the new Rebels episodes. Season 2 seems to be going full on Empire Strikes Back dark.@TheNickLyons not at the screening. Last I read it was Jan 2016, but I hope that's not right@ToddPiken last I heard was Jan 2016. Hope that's wrong...@NordlingAICN he's huge in these eps. I'd bet he takes a backseat to the new Inquisitor, though@CarpingAbout first twoFavorite small detail in the first two episodes of Rebels S.2: finding out Lando's droid is just as smooth as he is.The Star Wars Rebels S.2 kickoff episodes are intense. Vader is scarier than he's been since 1983.@ToppsSteve cool. Will go for some before the Rebels s2 screening if the cell network holds up! Thanks!@ToppsSteve sweet. Confused, though... These aren't available yet, right?@ThatChrisA @GermainLussier the line wait? Yeah, was too much for me today as well.@NumbNien got a feeling Ahsoka is gonna end up at the end of Vader's saber, too@NumbNien I think he's doing to@NumbNien I think it's about time we actually see Vader combing the Galaxy for Jedi and wiping out the order once and for all@instalyssa that "not" was put in by my stupid iPhone. "More" is what I intended.@instalyssa the adult breakdown is not like 75% OT, 20% PT and 5% miscellaneous.
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