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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Director of #ffthefilm, available NOW on iTunes and Amazon.

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@robertecrump so does Goodell.@robertecrump hey bobby. Happy Super Bowl Sunday.@digger3210 dammit jonOh and bring ice.@Bachsflute I think everyone was more Mormon in the 50sIf you didn't get the evite, it was an oversight, just come over anyway. Unless you're a murderer or whatevs. Well. If you'll help clean...If you're coming to my Super Bowl party, two things: 1. I don't care what the evite said it doesn't start at 12:30 am 2. come help cleanI haven't even started cleaning, you guys. RT @rowast: I wonder if @erinscafe is ready for her party?@SupersonicMikeD @craigminla :(@rowast @dcbigjohn the beach is so far though@TheLionShane YES
Puig is obsessed with avenging the Cardinals. Can't wait til September http://t.co/Aa3Yc4Rzhb
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@bmaz blame @jesseberney@ASDem oh good call. On it.@ASDem another thought I had: that woman is someone's grandma.@ASDem to be fair, I bet she's loving it and later they switch and he calls her mommy@ASDem I stared at this for ten minutes this morning trying to wrap my mind around this. I mean jfc, America.@LornestoToledo @abba_ks @parva_x @emohn I wore so much clothing yesterday because it dipped below 65 and I almost died.@20smthngblonde vintageadbrowser dot comAnybody can wash anything in an RCA Whirlpool! http://t.co/1GK4yvh6oi@DaveyBarrett ORGANOwait what is happening here http://t.co/LzPxD5VFpjNo wife wants her husband to carry the memory of her morning breath to work with him. http://t.co/v9Yy7Z0MRG@abba_ks @parva_x @emohn you guys I'm just pretending that January didn't happen, okay. Super pumped about 2015 starting tomorrow.@abba_ks @parva_x @emohn wait what hello yes okayTwo years ago tonight was the amazing Asshats at the Den adventure. Never forget. https://t.co/2tctyM5hhC // @erinscafe @mkwiles @spilmaam
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@craigminla hey, what are you doing tomorrow? Super Bowl party at my place at 12:30 if you're free!If your husband ever finds out... http://t.co/0eSMnERyit
@IamErikRussel well not exactly that many. Plus they're all aged 4-8.God help you. RT @manindenver5280: @erinscafe What if you're a Rockies fan?my soul is ready RT @erinscafe: 20 days until pitchers and catchers report.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@BrandiHillier no, hopefully next season though.@DavidCovucci almost certainly@erinscafe http://t.co/yh1EVr0QEC
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@DavidCovucci for which year20 days until pitchers and catchers report.Both days I planned on playing baseball this week, it's rained. Why has God forsaken me.Man arrested after telling waitress 'he wanted to show her where he hung her grandpa' http://t.co/ohT4a53hqU http://t.co/vFtKCTHsHN
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateThink how happy Mitt would make everyone today if he announced that he was writing a new series of novels based on the world of Harry Potter
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateTexas. We need to talk. RT @TPM: A Texas bill would allow teachers to kill students threatening school property http://t.co/fqfjQPn5mvSomeone please let her know it rhymes with Alan. Thanks.The woman on NPR discussing the Mormon church's new statements regarding LGBT rights keeps mispronouncing Dallin H. Oaks' name.@Burghpunk @edcasey Ed gets the #scafelifeRobert Kagan, no Obama shill, gets it exactly right: "Five reasons Netanyahu should not address Congress" http://t.co/AZplNnn5XJ h/t @ExumAM
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateCan we have an intervention for Mitt Romney.This is what actually begins to materialize when you put out there that altering physical locations of women prevents rape.
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateAt UVA, sororities told to not only avoid frat parties to not get raped, but also off-campus establishments like bars http://t.co/FhfcoH3WM9
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@edcasey I need you to be my date in Vegas on the 7th. Bring my heels. Don't ask questions.Jk not even a question of course I should. Hey @scalawag and @Ms_Eight, see you on the 7th?Should I drive to Vegas to officiate a renewal of vows for two people I met at a wedding for two twitter friends I'd never met irl?do they know where Mexico is http://t.co/WLZnenITZI
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@benhjacobs @FeFiFoFamby it's not possible to dislike the greatest show ever madeI don't often remember my dreams, but when I do, it's really great.I dreamed Prince William and I were eating an appetizer sampler at Applebee's and there was strawberry lasagne and I apologized for America.@destroy_time thank you bb@rowast @Mobute I'm like an old person I can't learn new things
@complexin @ryanprociuk omg I didn't see that tweet earlier but yesYou can only add 20 people to a group DM because 21 would be ridiculous obvs.@Mobute oh good, I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of google inboxI thought this was all just group DM.@Mobute that is one of my questions obvs@Mobute I just have so many questions.wait what RT @BradPaisley: Ever wonder what @JordyRNelson does in the Packers offseason? He's my guitar tech. http://t.co/D5ZUrZ1SGE@CEs_Mustache not yet"You know what would be great? A heavily armed group of law enforcement officers to handle terrorists. And ALSO the opposite of terrorists."Wait. I'm sorry. The new NYPD anti-terror strike force is tasked with protecting us from terrorists and...protesters? http://t.co/EFK72XsfyqDude. The random black guy saves your life and you make him walk home after the Purge? That's a dick move.@erinscafe Pretty sure you just described Home Alone.
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateDude. No one in LA knows their neighbors. This movie just jumped the shark. It was so believable up to this point, too.So The Purge is about some rich white people learning the true meaning of family through meaningless violence. Got it.@UghESQ have a little self-confidenceEverything is legal so there are roving gangs of teens killing people? Why isn't anyone breaking into froyo shops and going to town.You'd think these kids could have changed out of their school uniforms for purge night.@sdpowell1 even then. Not my first choice.I mean everything is legal. Why are you wearing a mask that limits your field of vision.I feel like it might be easier to kill people without those stupid masks on. Just a thought. #ThePurgeIf the Purge were real, no way I'd marry Lena Headey. She's useless.@sdpowell1 I mean he's like a fucking prop. But clearly a badass character.How is The Purge about the boring rich white family when the best character is obviously the black dude who no one can seem to kill.@ArdnewConz omg what is tusk. I'm in.How big is this fucking house? Why can't anyone ever find each other? #thepurge@ArdnewConz ok I'll do itYou know this movie is fake because a black dude would never run down the streets of Calabasas screaming why won't anyone help me. #realtalk@erinscafe without a hashtag I can only assume you are livetweeting real life
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@theleanover can't hurt"Things like this are not supposed to happen in our neighborhood." Are we supposed to like these people.So there's a roving gang of Ivy League students trying to kill cops and the girls are barefoot because WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS MOVIE.@sdpowell1 so true#RichPeopleProblemsWait. During the boyfriend shooting incident the brother let in a random dude who was screaming for help and we've lost him in the house.Also I don't think the legality of killing your girlfriend's father is the biggest issue with killing your girlfriend's father.Ok let me get this straight. The daughter's boyfriend snuck in the house and tried to kill her dad but dad killed him and everyone has guns.A play in three acts, from @ZODIAC_MF: http://t.co/BeHopfGsWC
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@erinscafe Everything but gay marriage
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@Marc_Normandin ME TOO LETS DO ITWait. EVERYTHING is legal during the Purge? Like, EVERYTHING?@twd3pdx no excuse thenJfc Lena Headey has worn like three outfits and we're only like an hour into the Purge.@Marc_Normandin well now I want it to be real to see if I could do it@Phoenix138 but like, no one wants to hurt me. Right?
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