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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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All You Can Eat Pancakes are back at IHOP, just in case you need diabetes.Great roundup of free Mac games over at MacGamerHQ. These include “free to play” but it’s a great starting point. http://t.co/G31IgpLJmq@davidcaolo It’s too stupid for the 14yo but I still watch it every week, so you be the judge.I love Sleepy Hollow, but the “Ichabod Crane knew every single person associated with the American Revolution” trope is played out.@jcenters That’s like not trusting lawyers because most of Congress has a law deg…OHHHH I get it now.@reneritchie @Georgia_Dow better that than The Stingers. I don’t have the hair to pull off Riot. Or the pecs.@Georgia_Dow @reneritchie which one of us is kimber and which one is aja?@Georgia_Dow @reneritchie truly outrageous@iMuggle It isn’t the organization. It’s the mail itself.@iMuggle why do you hate america@freebsdgirl @Spacekatgal Did you step in ethics? Did some get on your shoe?@lukei4655 A. Always. B. Be. C. Catechising.@lukei4655 Ah, Brother Alec. I’m always in high spirits after one of his motivational sermons.@lukei4655 Is there, like, an orientation or anything?@lukei4655 Where do I sign up?@strngwys well in fairness... http://t.co/32dxQeq0n5Now that this appeared in my suggested group list I have to quit Facebook and join a monastery. cc: @mishacollins http://t.co/mtVO9R1Ypx@gpluta If they’re not your cup of tea, then no worries.Just found a movie that has @jdalrymple written all over it http://t.co/07JvyijFVQHere's why our @cumiastowski is still betting long on AAPL http://t.co/UEqabAS0Fw http://t.co/OrsxGli4Ue
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@JumpingJeff63 @iMore Interesting. No, I haven’t. I’ll check it out!@llofte and low carb! woot!@zainydoe No argument.So I can AirDrop from my iPhone 6 to my Mac, but my Mac can’t see my iPhone 6. *grumble*@gknauss Why do you hate America? #withtacosforever@fmanjoo A ficus perhaps.@fmanjoo @NateSilver538 I hope the GOP just puts up a potted plant for the nomination at this point. Not a bush, though.I *could* shop at Whole Foods, but I choose not to, because we need to put an end to white liberal privilege by any means necessary.Apple Pay is spectacular, only it's nowhere I actually shop. http://t.co/YZJflXGM2I via @iMore@chrisphin @sfsooz @verso @jdalrymple A Tenth of Dalrymple would be more rock, less disco I suppose. https://t.co/3g5rnhvcQ8@BodyofBreen @sfsooz Sure. Blame it on Twitter “bugs."@llofte Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeño? http://t.co/pZEg4E8PFH@chrisphin I get to a certain length with mine where I have to trim it, because I’m tired of seeing it peripherally. Freaks me out.@chrisphin @sfsooz @verso @jdalrymple “a tenth of a Dalrymple” sounds like the worst whiskey pour ever.Heads up, gamers! Pangea is having a weekend sale on their iOS games: itms://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/pangea-software-inc./id281736538@chrisphin @sfsooz @verso Neither has @jdalrymple, and I don’t think any of us would use the word “decent” to describe the photos!@Avro amazing!O SNAP RT @Gregz0r: @flargh The AOL Way?@edddeduck I had the advantage of taking my training durign the winter, too.@edddeduck I learned to drive in New Hampshire, and though it was informal, our driver’s ed instructor made sure we knew what to do in snow.@DaveHamilton I feel you bro@atlauren @DanFrakes The number of people that have no idea you can even sync your iPhone in iTunes astonishes me.http://t.co/4NOff09m8D@Charedon Thanks!If I could add one feature to Call Relay, it would be the ability to switch back and forth between Mac and iPhone.@Ihnatko @davidcaolo "This is not a blog post to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force."@jyarow Tim Cool http://t.co/p62cwLy7HG@verso @chrisphin also, MOAR BEARD@davidcaolo @ihnatko dibs on being Dorothy Parker.@Aaron_D_Brown @iMore Also very different when you have to pay to play: That’s payola, plain and simple.@Aaron_D_Brown @iMore It’s _not_ semantics. It’s plainly marked as sponsored content. Very different when you *don’t* disclose.@siegel @Jury @jsnell someone should teefury that@Aaron_D_Brown @iMore Most obviously, because FreedomPop didn’t pay to run an article.@edzitron @andrewbg I mean, “Zitron?” It’s gotta be a nom de plume.@MikeWehner it’s true, but he gets paid in emoji, banksy graffiti and hair spray.@rjstelling Not necessarily paying for ads, either - but figuring out where those users are and letting them know.@rjstelling The trick is to get in front of that group. Targeted marketing should be part of the plan.Thanks @stevensande @superpixels @ericasadun @MikeTRose @kellyhodgkins and others. Apple community owes @TUAW big time.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@wookiee @dlpasco We’re making a lot of noise about TUAW right now, but Joystiq is part of this reorg too. So clearly not.@rjstelling You’ve just got to get in front of the right people, more than anything.@rjstelling My point in the editorial is that paid coverage isn’t worth the money, because no one can trust it.@nowallthetime You’re welcome!@tyler_llvm Just send it to my imore address: peter (at) imore (dot) com.@andrewbg @edzitron I stopped reading as soon as I got to the byline. That’s guy’s an idiot.Just a periodic reminder: If you’re a Mac app dev and you’re working on something cool, get in touch with me: peter (at) imore (dot) com.Getting really tired of "Apple should buy [x]” theories. Apple could buy ALL THE THINGS. Doesn’t mean they should.@tyler_llvm Sure!@MikeTRose It can transfer from direct contact or from a contaminated environment.@freeverse_ian @gothamist Syphilitic Bunnies is my Pussycat Dolls cover band.@chrisphin Emate 300 at the top of the stack, where it belongs! And where it has to be, thanks to its funky melty shape.Thanks to everyone @TUAW for so many informative, inspiring years. You will be profoundly missed. http://t.co/yZ1PnkPjzM
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@adamspelbring @iMore There’s emu360, though I’ll admit I’ve never tried it.I’m really sorry to hear that AOL is shuttering @TUAW. Good friends and talented people who I hope find work soon. http://t.co/gR87blMKfW@abazoe HOORAY FOR SNACKS@mlafleur http://t.co/kmoki9ItHhJust fuck right off, AOL. Srsly.@Charedon Looks like fun! Send a redeem code to me at peter (at) imore (dot) com, and I will.@adamspelbring @iMore You can play plenty of (older) console games on the Mac...NSFW: Hey developers, paying for coverage is a scam http://t.co/zPKMx0POiG via @iMore@dfravel @dvsjr @josiahcole https://t.co/mKM9rfRjid@dfravel one man’s trash...@JammingR Sidewalks? I live in the sticks. I think there’s two sidewalks in the entire town.Fourth snow day in a row for our town’s schools, because secondary roads have been so poorly plowed.Three months later, how's Apple Pay working out? Our @settern @flargh @iMuggle re-review! http://t.co/VPECiR88Wm http://t.co/BWI2a04g1E
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iTunes for OS X updated with notification center widget, improved syncing http://t.co/RFmwOXcP80 via @iMoreOn @iMore show 441 @jsnell @georgia_dow @flargh @reneritchie talk AAPL earnings, watch, Mac, evolution of iPad http://t.co/F8a75Al3zD
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@dkdsgn @Ricker666 I’m waiting for the day when *we* can get OTA updates.I wonder how much weird shit you have to put on your Amazon wish list before you end up on a government watch list somewhere.@jcenters https://t.co/YSIWmLuSxZ@jcenters I might be inclined to think so, but I don’t want to hear them gunning engines, either. #getoffmylawnThinking about laying caltrops outside my house to slowdown the neighborhood teenage cheesedick drivers who think snow means drifting time.(It was already available on Steam and elsewhere, but now on the MAS too)Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is now available for download from the Mac App Store. https://t.co/qB5dWRYYTW@HCMarks @bynkii Nothing a tube sock filled with quarters wouldn’t fix.@simonjary http://t.co/lTLAGEOAmaJust in case anyone’s curious how the end of the world is going to happen http://t.co/hjRcxfimyP@basilix I hate that asshole.Smartphone Futurology: The science behind your next phone's processor and memory http://t.co/AhpNXu8Ldu via @iMoreFahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered debuts on the Mac, iPhone and iPad http://t.co/qDX9D9Ngg1 via @iMoreDirt 3 Complete Edition is now available for Mac http://t.co/K5fLr7m6bO via @iMore
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