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My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie.

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Airport facemelt get really chatty at the airport so if you need to mute me I totally understand and this does not affect me but I still love youThese are the books I brought with me on this trip love this- great storytelling abilities and style@vampiretaxes I like this@hollyleaallen you can't really fly in skinny jeans because poor circulation and you really need good blood flow on an airplaneI feel like I should have a meet+greet where you all get to try the jacket on and realize how comfortable it is + I can thank you in personI'm kidding obviously I already have comfortable pantsPlease come to my rock performances and maybe buy a t-shirt so I can get a comfortable pair of pants as wellIn the car in the way to the airport + I'm wearing the most comfortable travel jacket I have ever worn and I owe that to you guys thank youI'm worried because I don't know if I can pack grains@ToBeIsToDo I just packed that!Last LA good morning for a while. Have a good one while I pack.
@johnaraya I went to a rough schoolIf you're driving an ice cream truck I don't want to know about your balls@johnaraya it's playing right now as the ice cream truck makes the rounds in our neighborhood...can't not think about low hanging balls@johnaraya ours plays "Do Your Balls Hang Low" and it is maddening@johnaraya oh man you gotta get on that@thomas_violence yeah I don't know how much laundry we will get to do in Russia...maybe at the hotelsLot of activity going on in Kiev right nowPacking for a month long trip is very complex
Man fuckin Nag Champa is so great@Flashtonista I love Ireland, lovely people/good energy. Was very sad I didn't make it there this album@kthrnlxndr I owe that all to the Morrisons@johnaraya's so sad@AHoyeHoye too many conflicting responses on twitter@AHoyeHoye use Chantie's Instagram trick and has tag search a city- it works wondersRIP Wes brought me many thrills and nightmares@chantalclaret and everyone in Kiev is just naked in front of a mirror@chantalclaret and just like that, I'm already seeing fall jackets and hoodies, nothing bulky@chantalclaret good tipHey my Russian and Ukrainian friends- what is the weather like over there this time of year? Do I need a warm coat or is it more like fall?Happy Sunday- here's a young @grantmorrison via @Fotosdecomics
Good morning!Galactus hungers - painting done
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This shit actually happened!@JonRivera *dying*He politely looked away as I fumbled with my belt going uuuuuuuuuuuhToday I was trying on some pants +then I stepped out of the changing room and I lock eyes with Arnold Shwarzenegger but my pants were undone@skullmandible I feel like she's going to be the most interesting character in the film@hombremagdalena for me, that is honorable company to be in@Hesitant_GeeWay unless it's just an answer to a question. Dismissive tweets are vibe-poison@Hesitant_GeeWay "no" is always an instamute@Oeming yeah it's a grand slam of imaginationhey @gerardway i want to hug you
Retweeted by Gerard Way@KidCudi we gotta jam soon! You and I and Mikey...we can bring our Fenders@MrJonCryer me too if it happens. Let's stay in touch and I will mail you some new issues when they come out@MrJonCryer awesome! Thank you I gotta go@bloof2112cogtfo it is so calming to me. Mister Miracle is probably my favorite character design@johnnyboyuk I made an acoustic cover of the song that currently resides in secret on my phone@MrJonCryer big fan by the way. You were my hair inspiration as a boy watching Hiding Out@MrJonCryer me too! I love that it is signed by Thor. Where is the show? Is that in La?@johnnyboyuk one of my favorite bands. D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Is the greatest modern punk song imo@Oeming me tooLong live the king. Happy #JackKirby day! Here is my favorite design/illustration of his ,Mario y Gilbert. Los Bros Hernandez. One of their first book signings around 1982/ 83 @fantagraphics
Retweeted by Gerard Way@KidCudi you are a sweet sweet manGood morning! Hope everyone has a good Reading and Leeds- be safe, stay hydrated, look out for your friends.
the calm before the REALLY calmI'm going to miss Force Friday because I will be out of the country no midnight Star Wars figure buying for me@astronatalia @BetomessGilbert @wastedwings we should be sending you a bunch!Loving the new "Gilbert's Aliens" poster! Art by @BetomessGilbert Colors by @wastedwings: Goths. With Danzig. Dreams (nightmares?) do come true. #Portlandia
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Calmness aren't they??@xxsharnie28 and also this @NinjaKilljoy's an unused one's one of my tweets in its raw state and natural habitat absolutely. I bought a Lammy 2000 on Neil's recommendationI write all my tweets with a fountain pen and then transcribe them into the tweet boxMy pen of choice is a Lammy 2000 and I write everything out now before I transcribe to the computer @kyletwebsterMy hot tip of the day is to get yourself into fountain pens because if you write it will change your life just sharing cool ideas w you@marissa_b123 sorry about that thank you for educating me@nasatshjrt sorry I'm working on itAll the credit goes to @ianwfowles because he is a walking swiss army knife of spiritual scents out on the roadI'll just make a shirt that looks like the nag champa box because I feel it will bring people joyIt's like the official scent of the G/Hormones backstage@gerardway so would @MattGorneyThe Nag Champa people need to make a t-shirt that just has this box on it because I would wear it of course I must not forget the Ukraine. First show is Kiev, no?Rehearsals for Russia- excited!
@McKelvie @KurtBusiek @RaeBeta he definitely wears it, but the whole opening is full on Doom@McKelvie @KurtBusiek @RaeBeta and that is no diss to the current creators of the recent film@McKelvie @KurtBusiek @RaeBeta one day I really need to type out my opening scene for the FF movie I would have madeMy new favorite zine. Thanks @comix_rock!! I will get to them eventually so please don't feel the need to hold backAlso, I can sympathize with those claiming to have a third nipple but do not. Who wouldn't want to be born with the mark of a witchWhich bums me out. It's just impossible to keep up. But I keep a log book of all of them with notes on each letterInitially the plan was to write back, but quickly I realized, due to the high volume that would be impossible, which I stated before.Regarding mail you precious flowers send me. I still get them. I read them every Sunday. I am always moved and inspired. Thank you all.@NoShowz_ @LolaPlusG love it@comicsaquarius I'd also point out that, like most communities, you shouldn't trust all of it completely@hurricane_714 because it's like calm energy in burning stick form@comicsaquarius as someone that has a legit third I can spot the ones that are moles@comicsaquarius I can't say that all of them are legit but a great deal of them are.If you do a google image search you can spot legit onesfkn love incenseLittle Nag Champa for that a@comicsaquarius but it's real! They aren't moles they are miniature magical witchcraft nipplescalm energy
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