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Nightwave @iamnightwave ☥ Glasgow

Heka Trax ✩ Booking: EU chris@lb-agency.net USA ricky@rogueagency.us

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Coming soon: @bigdopep Hit Da Blokk EP Ltd White Vinyl✨⚪️#hekatrax 💥 https://t.co/oqr77fPvaOthx for including @blastto 😁💓 https://t.co/lLTrl1sASLJust remembered I had a Bandcamp page with a bunch of old Tracks for FreE DL>> https://t.co/KnK54YoC6X 👯👯👯
'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas' Turns Even More Nightmarish Overlaid With Google's Deep Dream Software http://t.co/LNcy8YzKO7 🌀✨@JubileeDJ Maybe I can fly over oh my god Jess!!!🎉🎉🎉@JubileeDJ OH. MY. GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!Meet The Amethyst Crystal Hotel Being Built In China http://t.co/mhah7gyUqiHe's really gone :'( Sort it out @gmail please http://t.co/hTtSVrOmgv'BACK TO THE KITCHEN NOW, BIRDS!' WELL DONE, THE FA, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS - GET IN THE FUCKING SEA http://t.co/jGsPKM23Dl
Retweeted by Nightwavehaving a coffee in a jazz bar and they're playing grime@RadioDEBONAIR gonna start a petition@RadioDEBONAIR huh?! nooo😓Acid house pioneer Charanjit Singh dies aged 75: http://t.co/O0BjGBVFbT http://t.co/EUr4emTzKm
Retweeted by NightwaveDear Brits, every time Osborn mentions 'cuts' 'austerity' etc. this week remember that you don't have to live like slaves #greece
Retweeted by Nightwave@naomitotem still can't believe she's gone💓
Cried my eyes out during the Amy movie💔Bravo Greece😑 http://t.co/ALnHxyVFWEstayin in tonight watchin Van Damme Welcome to the Jungle yes
The Terminator. #TerminatorGenisys http://t.co/tdajyvQUQf
Retweeted by Nightwave@inkke_ bonkersssomeone said Clark looks like Stannis Barathian now I can't get over ittomg Clark's playing Trina 😁
Big up your ghost producer👻check the @iamnightwave remix of the classic ALTERN 8 anthem ARMAGEDDON http://t.co/LUC8pWpRAr
Retweeted by Nightwaveemail subject: "Booking enquiry" "Hey I see you've booked ____, can you tell me how much they cost? Thanks, Random person" lolll'Aero' 🎶 released via Reload Presents @BecksOnDecks TRX >> https://t.co/WTvepSxtmd 🎶@robbooth
YESSS @ikonika x @ShyOneBeats on @JUSTJAMLONDON 😍😍😍 http://t.co/9XvKeWoNu9 #justjam 🔐OUR FIRST BACK 2 BACK GOES TO LADIES IN THA PLACE @ikonika & @ShyOneBeats LOCK IN >> http://t.co/WWA4xXrJ4s #JUSTJAM
Retweeted by NightwaveEl primer EP oficial de @blastto sale a la venta a través de Heka Trax sello de @iamnightwave. http://t.co/cKwyhhXFNn
Retweeted by NightwaveAFXthere's foxes shagging outside our house
@ShadowDancerMCR loll stoppHappy birthday @stareyezzz ♋️💕💖🎶👸🏻🎶💖💕♋️@LIZZY_B_ this has happened before😑fuksake took me a few hours to realise I've been wearing 3d cinema glasses@geniusjones :)S̤̻̟̪̜̹͂́̍̅̇̓̕ͅT̢̛̤̘̼̗̯̀̄̏͆͛̇͜R͚̺̝̼͖̲̱̓͗͒̐͂̈́̐Ẻ͇̲̼͍̝̟̪̆͆̏̚͘͘S̘͖̗̦̬̙̋̐̔͂̄̚͠ͅŞ̨̥̙̮̞̲̓͂͆͗͆͐́Ş̡͕̱̮̟̬̔̀̊́́́͠S̭̠̙͈̜̹̾̑̉̌͑̏̚ͅ
ESSENTIAL READ Footwork investigated @guardian w/ @RP_BOO_ @Jlin_P @DJ_Spinn & @djtayeteklife http://t.co/yTIAsJJFJ7 http://t.co/j1rmGawRj2
Retweeted by NightwaveThank you @ninalasvegas xxx https://t.co/y9FIFpUXZuneighbour tryna catch a vole #glasgow http://t.co/BjKJjFvG5t@shaunvitamins @HudMo what this?!? http://t.co/QrGDVFwNul
@codeinedrums https://t.co/wF7IvQ2sA6@ssseannn http://t.co/pmAz1U6cRPJust bought Coors beer purely because it's advertised by Van DammeYa puedes escuchar el nuevo EP de @blastto: "Reactivate" (vía Heka Trax) http://t.co/mPBQXSJdfh http://t.co/LT2FRr8wKB
Retweeted by NightwaveStream the whole @blastto EP on #HekaTrax soundcloud, out today🎉 https://t.co/4snX082LWXOut today DJ Rashad's 6613 EP - pulled from vaults a year after his untimely passing, all proceeds go to his family http://t.co/QlgDilwhBF
Retweeted by Nightwave🔊😍OUT NOW: @blastto - Reactivate EP #HekaTrax😍🔊 itunes: http://t.co/sa2hiBS84Y juno: http://t.co/jlwCquqVAT boomkat: http://t.co/DzyzH8aHwg
Blastto – Reactivate EP: Spain-based producer Blastto is going to bring out a two-track EP via young label Hek... http://t.co/y0RDkSMEoZ
Retweeted by Nightwave"@princewilliam: If u don't have females in ur crew. You only operating at 50% capacity." This always & forever
Retweeted by Nightwave@blastto 💓💓💓Please donate& help us make Girls Rock Glasgow school super awesome for all the participants😘💕http://t.co/wkj42yz246 http://t.co/oR7yH8Sv7O
CNN Mistakes Flag Covered In Dildos For ISIS Banner At London Pride http://t.co/Fhvo8cqzUg@hotgemMGMT @artschool_ @BigDopeP @FEADZofficial 😘😘😘Queen @iamnightwave in the mix and blend!! 👑☁️💥 http://t.co/SQOS5ZFSZk
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@JubileeDJ @RUSTIE can't we all marry eachother and start some sort of flamingo and jaguar cult ✨🙌🏽✨💖✨Glesgaaa make sure u go light up the artschool tonight w/ the fam @BigDopeP @FEADZofficial & @iamnightwave
Retweeted by Nightwave@Massacooramaan @JubileeDJ exactly that@RadioDEBONAIR 👊🏽✨💕Yess I'm on Vengaroom http://t.co/7BB92kh8fFAyyy Glasgow give it up for @iamnightwave @FEADZofficial @BigDopeP + co at The Art School 2n yeeooo http://t.co/ag0KDvISVM
Retweeted by Nightwave@cleoslaptra @BigDopeP we're goin til 3am Sophie :)))Glasgow Art School tonight👽 https://t.co/rX6UDiArsWnew Boys Noize is firee#LoveWins@Numbers yesss that's my birthday sortedfinally some positive news from America 💜 💛 💗💚 💙@iamnightwave gives us a set preview ahead of her Heka Trax showcase at @artschool_ tonight: http://t.co/2fFsRltm9G http://t.co/4cvqzzBc08
Retweeted by NightwaveBonus : @FEADZofficial will throw a Mastermind contest & @iamnightwave will sing "alouette" live while ill make shisha tutorials
Retweeted by NightwavePremiere: Spanish producer @blastto blasts back with the fiery 'Ready To Go'. http://t.co/oaZVK2qdHK http://t.co/w2Ps9tkauR
Retweeted by NightwaveJME should be our Prime MinisterGlaswegians! Don't miss @FEADZofficial performing at @artschool_ this FRIDAY :D http://t.co/IUJJ8MHrzV http://t.co/S8OfpSM2j6
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@wrongisland @nancywhang @violetakaviolet 💓💓💓Fans of electro chaabi/sham step etc... loads of great new music in J-Do's MENA column for @guardianmusic http://t.co/r9u2admbKN
Retweeted by NightwaveMy weekend track for @synthglasgow 🎉@tasoteklife http://t.co/fvNl4fbeRd@tom_konxompax @RUSTIE @Lone Ecto Moseswtf some idiot at Eylure decided to name their new fake lashes 'Elysian ghetto' >___< http://t.co/XK93g3Z5Eq
@_icoboy Thanks :) Should be out soonOut Monday on #HekaTrax 🔊💊 https://t.co/0nQDjzAG9Csomeone in Glasgow is copying me http://t.co/jmVffr1iJc@mbootyspoon YOU GO!!! lololPREMIERE: @blastto - Acid Light out Monday on #HekaTrax http://t.co/m01YEL9SC5 via @complex_uk 🔊💊💥
would have been a perfect movie if it had Van Damme in it@JubileeDJ I just freaked out seeing a seagull shadow in the cinema hahhafuck I loved Jurassic World so much 💥💥💥Big up @codeinedrums >> http://t.co/PuAnAjw6UZ@iamnightwave pepperazi?
Retweeted by Nightwavewow pizza delivery guy had a massive Lady Gaga tattoo on his arm🌊🌊😎🌊🌊 https://t.co/cdNQmlvkNnIf the Partick Thistle mascot was real. http://t.co/JxUTDpR5Jb
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@zynahel tryin to find a pic of who it reminds me of bt no luck..that old black&white cartoon with a crazy adult baby with a monobrow hahaI can't believe this is our local football team's new mascot... http://t.co/vYGf78MGIu@carissafontana :( good thing it's very easy and even just learning off youtube tutorials works :)NEWS: @BalkanVinyl releases charity compilation album to help Nepal; http://t.co/m65e2aqHk5
Retweeted by NightwaveA little ambient track I made for Mountain Electrics compilation, all proceeds go to Nepal ॐ >> https://t.co/KTjWnO6gCRWant to win two tickets to Heka Trax label showcase, ft @FEADZofficial @BigDopeP @iamnightwave? Enter our comp! http://t.co/yk3WdkYGSm
Retweeted by NightwaveStill places for my Glasgow DJ workshop for girls, sign up>>> https://t.co/Qze2TBUYqp http://t.co/5Hazcm5zcLHuge thanks to @Dominorecordco for their donation of £2000, so incredibly generous and cool to invest in young women in music xxx
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