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Nightwave @iamnightwave ☥ Glasgow

✩ Heka Trax ✩ Nightrave ✩ Booking: EU chris@littlebig.org.uk USA ricky@rogueagency.us// Nightlife EP Out Now

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👍 http://t.co/rDr2Lz0PPR
Retweeted by Nightwave@cleoslaptra it's so bad everywhere I'm actually just giving up now lol
nightcap http://t.co/W5RZO3G2ll@KREAYSHAWN Drop Vestax or Pioneer a line I'm sure they'll hook you up!! <3 <3@KREAYSHAWN love your mixes (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘)http://t.co/Zy30hsMxi4 LISTEN TO MY MIXES GUARANTEED JAMMING BRO
Retweeted by Nightwave@posthumanmusic @Darkfloor @lou_whetman *women producers :PMarch 12: doomsday for DJs that have bought fake Facebook likes!! http://t.co/BFTcI4AIgy
Retweeted by Nightwave❄ EUROPE IN APRIL with the lovely @LuckyMe bbs @eclairfifi & @josephmarinetti ❄ info ➝ http://t.co/PkaN7fLn7Qhttp://t.co/TqIpjQ6mLp
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accidentally opening up the front-facing camera http://t.co/BsDkHQCRXr
Retweeted by Nightwavewonder if Kanye knows about that Paul McCartney is dead 'Fauxl' conspiracy, sitting at home playing Beatles LPs backwards illuminateconfremd
@lhrlls @eclairfifi those episodes are crazy, they eat deodorant, rocks, mattress filling.. 😩subtweet about nothing#NP on @RBMARADIO from the archives: @iamnightwave - Live at @MovementDetroit 2014. Listen: http://t.co/G3cNAL8rzI
Retweeted by Nightwavehttp://t.co/naE1USTMDd
Retweeted by NightwaveBuy my girl @JubileeDJ EP out today😽https://t.co/wZ5N8XqkDKDesigning icons definitely isn't for everyone. =D http://t.co/qy8OOKaGIU
Retweeted by NightwaveGet your tix for the amazing Glasgow foodbank fundraiser at @artschool_ asap, 100% of proceeds go to the foodbanks💕https://t.co/PEUk3tloq4You can still send in your #RBMAPARIS applications! Tomorrow's the final day to post.
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@gainctrl aw thank you Sem 💖✨weird-when they flew the mummy of Ramesses II to Paris for repair they issued it an Egyptian passport, occupation listed as 'King(deceased)'@b_nmrrs wow what a boom champmeow http://t.co/Fbdw8xUlGF
Meet Zeus, The Blind Owl With Starry Eyes http://t.co/1g08qcSvwkBrilliant documentary on Women in comedy, lots of parallels with the music industry..thanks for the tip @LOUISAHHHh http://t.co/ZB9iBXGNTl
@djplastician yeah she'll have more gigs than me for sure haha@djplastician it was a girl from my uni in GlasgowRashad every day ❤️ https://t.co/0RbqGmDxDPLast weekend to work on your #RBMAPARIS application! If it's not at your post office by Wednesday we can't accept it. http://t.co/6A46gq3Dsw
Retweeted by NightwaveFlying from the club in Germany back to Glasgow afterparty
Thank you @ComplexMusic 😘✨http://t.co/CPGuKUb13QWomen to watch in the EDM scene. @iamnightwave, @UNIIQU3_, and more. http://t.co/IKy5lScM37 http://t.co/hwKwLMXAjN
Retweeted by Nightwave#motttfm INFO: High Life & Low Sounds @Distillery_Club Leipzig u.a. w/ @iamNIGHTWAVE Details: http://t.co/WPn54KvG5J #ffAgt
Retweeted by Nightwave@BigDopeP @MariborMusic 😬😬😬Wish 'Bart Simson Yugoslav' would return to twitter 😔oh nooo rest in space Mr Spock😿💫🌟✨🌙weird the girl that posted that dress photo goes to my uniOff to Leipzig, djing at @Distillery_Club tonight🇩🇪🍻✨https://t.co/jspO11vSZiDoes anyone know if the small UDG trolley bag is ok for Ryanair hand luggage?? Cheers
@jackiedagger ne znam jos, mozda imam gig u glazgowu..ps pozdravi pejpela heheISIS Destroys 3,000-Year-Old Mosul Museum Artifacts With Sledgehammer, Pickaxes http://t.co/inbbLxdegG fucking idiots :(She got with it quick https://t.co/L1ht3SDPIt
Retweeted by Nightwave@josephmarinetti the search continues@josephmarinetti do u have that Game of thrones gabba mix btw tryna find it everywhereScotland's "happiest lollipop man" has been banned from high-fiving local children http://t.co/hQHIcVrTea http://t.co/xdHXcwVtMJ
Retweeted by Nightwave@josephmarinetti my mum irons pillow cases, handkerchiefs, underwear >_<
#KanyeWest at #NandosUK right now: “Let them eat chicken!” via @missinfotv http://t.co/NdVy98t6DX http://t.co/egmG6i2eyo
Retweeted by Nightwavemost people who moan about the price of vinyl haven't the faintest idea about the price of vinyl. that includes a lot of record shops.
Retweeted by Nightwave@kittaveli Happy birthday <3 <3 <3@cleoslaptra @BAKEGLA no way?!"Analogue Deep House - New Sample Pack"
Retweeted by Nightwave@iamnightwave and it's even worse on dance music festival line ups ***
Retweeted by Nightwave@eclairfifi so depressing😒dunno why everyone seems so shocked about the 'if Reading fest was only females' photo..thats your average lineup across genres worldwideThe aqua worm hole is open: here is my Drexciya mix. Enjoy. https://t.co/abHTpfC1QT
Retweeted by Nightwave@xAirMax97x thank you💕Looking fwd to Distillery Leipzig this Friday> https://t.co/jspO11vSZi 🇩🇪
for ages I thought the actor that plays Saul Goodman was the policeman who drank piss in Dumb and dumber@jackpills :)) you have to really grill them well and put some spice on 💥The Winstons Amen Break Gesture http://t.co/LPEWpQI4NMNew Track with the homie @BigDopeP Free Download courtesy of @Mixmag ' xxx https://t.co/IVdKCIJ7O2
Retweeted by Nightwave@chippy_nonstop it's such a nightmare process, I feel you :( hang in there xxxPeople still think like this in 2015, and it's a problem. @whatsatstake is really at stake for the future...... http://t.co/oQIOyoSKLd
Retweeted by Nightwave@enlieu @BigDopeP http://t.co/ZL7CVxdWnrO look new @RUSTIE mix, nxt Heka Trax release in there as well (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) announcing soon https://t.co/FuA0fJf40H@itsmarcroberts @artworkmagnetic yeah actually he probably is into poop judging by my haircut@grainnerules Love you xxxhate my hair so much im gonna send a shite in a box to that hairdresser💩
@aphexwin I'd love to, waiting to get booked haha xBig, big tune: @RUSTIE X @iamnightwave, from Glass Swords: http://t.co/2M4RHqUOXE Join us, 20 March: http://t.co/6W3Gmx1YF1
Retweeted by NightwaveThe amazing @flyinglotus live show is coming to Glasgow in April, highly recommend getting tickets asap http://t.co/KD7U3XLSEe@DaLN think it would be if it had stronger social/interaction side to it and also a way of promoting/listing gigs..facebook pages are awful@DaLN like I said I use Fat Drop for dj promos and I'm happy but there's still a gap for promo to audience for sure, I miss myspace hehe@KaptainCadillac yeah but in terms of data capture for sales notes I think fat drop gathers the best artist feedback..@KaptainCadillac main thing i dont like is having to say whether or not i support a release :)@KaptainCadillac there are but not as user friendly..if i get a labelwrx promo for example I usually delete as it's so annoying to use@KaptainCadillac I still think Fat Drop is the best
@S_Type also Ramesses II, he designed a massive temple aligned so the sun only shines in once a year on his bday #coolstoryHow much of an arsehole have you got to be to travel with one of these? http://t.co/MuzbJtvhNT
Retweeted by Nightwavehappy birthday @S_Type 🎉🎉🎉@_Bleaker tour lyf@cleoslaptra 🙋@tontononstompo from 4pmGlasgow TIP: Levon Vincent's playing in Rubadub today !@chippy_nonstop 💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕@chippy_nonstop wtf hope youre alright boss🙏🙏🙏💕💖💕✨
@inkke_ @cleoslaptra he's from the future2015 🍆 lineups"Her gender precedes her" everyone should read this article : http://t.co/D1d73bysAk
Retweeted by Nightwave@LVLVLVLVLVLVLV nice!if you've just started running dont forget to screengrab and share the map of every run and of course post pics of your trainersThe @TresorBerlin imprint presents more classic Aquazone action from Drexciya's revered back catalogue: http://t.co/eSN30VGOyr
Retweeted by Nightwavetracklist 4 my guestmix on @triplejMixUp live 4 the next 1Hour http://t.co/mCBdY4jNal http://t.co/cvlhcnTRic
Retweeted by NightwaveEverytime I'm in Miami they think I'm an Islamic basketball player
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the old man looked really happy with it as well so i just said i love it😞TIP: dont go to some random salon drunk and let an old man cut your hair so you look like Judy Finnigan. fmltheres a German child on the train sounds like the characters in Even dwarves started small, making me anxiousA motion has been lodged and signed by MSPs about a Scottish wrestler trying to use Madonna as his walk on music. http://t.co/tiZTrhNWdh
Retweeted by Nightwave@inkke_ i'm goinggot upgraded and drunk on the plane🐣
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