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jfolkmann @jfolkmann Calgary, Canada

Group Strategy Director @criticalmass - strategist,traveller,foody and lover of social media, marketing, digital & advertising. http://t.co/r4iUnmFIVV

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“I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen… https://t.co/8TRSaEGAxC
.@owenblacker I've also put them up on tumblr http://t.co/jvpGXoXCi9@owenblacker you might appreciate my atheist good Friday pins/posts https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g 😀With great power, comes great irresponsibility. #deadpool #officialsuit @deadpoolmovie http://t.co/MPM89bYz1B
Retweeted by jfolkmannFor the rest of us Good Friday is a day to do good things. Share these ... https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/GJDP3fgXl8Not religious? Celebrate good friday next week in other ways.Thanks for the holiday religion! https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/ZBGBvp8abFNot religious? Celebrate good friday next week in other ways.Thanks for the holiday religion! https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/fMiHRB3oN9Not religious? Celebrate good friday next week in other ways.Thanks for the holiday religion! https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/iSoMC6ZdHj
@sara_mc @venterchris keep fighting the good fight@venterchris bunch of idiots.Just in case you didn't think Indiana was backwards enough......How to REALLY Eat Sushi - @munchies presents the dos and don’ts of eating #sushi (VIDEO) http://t.co/mAcVU432Qc http://t.co/sDN7muoLq1
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Check out my story on #steller https://t.co/E0dyqWnQrFIt's a wonderful day for pie!Tasty tasty bourbonHODOR vs GROOT RAP BATTLE http://t.co/BjsTmI73ahIt's on Outside magazine today as well. http://t.co/LsRGPVJT4N - yay @PhotoJBartlett @TravelAlberta @chris_welzelYes....they call themselves vimians. #VimeoThose parody iphone6 ads are genius.@PhotoJBartlett @chris_welzel and I might have had a hand in that....if you ever want to play with the drone...meet in Kananaskis?
Take leftovers. Feel great. Eat leftovers at 10:30am. Feel wonderful. Buy second lunch at 2pm because hungry again. Feel guilty and terribleIt looks B&W but it's not. It was just that kind of day. Little bit gloomy, every bit glorious.… https://t.co/xEDgCUqcswMAGIC HOUR SHOPS http://t.co/I0Z3BjEs4xTravel Alberta Experiments With New Digital Trails on Instagram http://t.co/3O4pCjUHSb
We can't wait to see more of Canada via @TravelAlberta Instahikes #tourism #Canada #tech http://t.co/wLX3jRUZvK http://t.co/4YEa88XGD0
Retweeted by jfolkmann#shutdownthefuckbarrel
|LIVE NOW| Shiki menya - busy as usual #meerkat http://t.co/tMnntstDXqInto the great beyond! Have a great weekend everyone. #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/rFOexw9HVvA cool new way to discover awesome Alberta hikes: @instahikes http://t.co/es3XI46eFc http://t.co/JXeSSOYJUR
Retweeted by jfolkmannhere it is, folks! “@TEDTalks: Watch @MonicaLewinsky's #TED2015 talk on the price of shame: http://t.co/HmTCDLcaWU http://t.co/2ty6zxj6pP
Retweeted by jfolkmannAwesome museum visitor experience @cooperhewitt http://t.co/yE43auDkys via @undermanager #museums
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.@BoJackHorseman with you for sure. I made websites just like that....once upon a time@jfolkmann haaay are you laughing at me or with me?
Retweeted by jfolkmannCheck out my story on #steller https://t.co/B2oNlhEaALDNA-based prediction of Nietzsche’s voice http://t.co/DmOAoQmnLl - Imagine what grave yards will be like. Ads will pay for gravestones.National Corndog Day http://t.co/2UUq8qYgI3@criticalmass @chris_welzel Thanks for the shoutThe Coolest Way To Explore Alberta's Best Hikes http://t.co/ZDfPZo15Br'Earth Porn Vol. 2' is the drone-powered sequel nature deserves: http://t.co/Yq3AxCXRo1 http://t.co/x3HepzZYwF
Retweeted by jfolkmannWe made this...'Earth Porn Vol. 2' Is the Drone-Powered Sequel Nature Deserves | The Creators Project http://t.co/AMQrFDJAFPBojack Horseman Actor Website! I find you guilty of being hilarious.... http://t.co/xDd1Qwz4ZLAs you can tell by my feed I have a bit of a love affair with my home province of Alberta.… https://t.co/KPPmgYvYEnIf you Meerkat at the office at 7am and no one follows the stream - did it actually meerkat? #DeepThoughtsTesco creative chief: focus on 'acts' not ads http://t.co/rcypxpwakK - Love this. Thinking about the entire experience. marketing long game
Join Pharrell Williams and the UN Foundation at the HAPPY PARTY. Make and share a GIF at http://t.co/BF7WdVbBGG http://t.co/xveaIadyWi23 people using Meerkat to scream into the void #buzzfeedarticles13 facinating ways to Meerkat your lunch. #ConferenceTopicsP&G marketing boss hits out at lack of female creatives by @nickykc #mumstock http://t.co/dV4E6EvXQn
Retweeted by jfolkmann@timoreilly @zeynep be evil (ish)AWESOME —> RT @josephjames: @LenKendall Pretty solid work from our graphics and design teams. http://t.co/DtzafbuhuD
Retweeted by jfolkmann.@cbrady Only $7900 a pair. http://t.co/TEgpTwvLRJ@benkunz unless they are accompanied by an 'AWWOOOOGA' sound...in which case they're awesome."I bought the world's worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, it's terrible." - Oh @reddit I love you.We cannot wait to see @The_Fitzroy, so having these opening credits to tantalise us is enough... For now! https://t.co/kJyLPX0BcD
Retweeted by jfolkmannSweeper wins @ AME. Proud. Great cause. http://t.co/0Q7edriNV6 - Mines are stupid. You can help. Donate here http://t.co/EIqR3IjKLUMT @TourismJasper: Great new #InstaHike project from @TravelAlberta - http://t.co/GYST0DxP35 © @TaylorMichaelBurk http://t.co/n5g96QOlF5
Retweeted by jfolkmannThe Jeep Chief Concept http://t.co/OlNLJiKkgp - WANT WANT WANT@RGA I was thinking a nappy delivery service. Adult diapers for heavy drinkers.@RGA what's a Napple? ;)<3 <3 <3 RT @verge: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to produce and star in Fraggle Rock movie http://t.co/CkrQ76BJg3 http://t.co/x8QLhaZPps
Retweeted by jfolkmannHolly shit.Chicketty check it.Gangsta Dougie & the Ginger http://t.co/VQiWxN4qva Standards Bylaw Promo Olds #Alberta http://t.co/BgQkmaEHPVWe'll blow me down! We won the Special Jury recognition at the #SxswAwards for @The_Fitzroy title sequence. So much for an early night! :)
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InstaHikes, from Travel Alberta, reinvents hiking in #Alberta http://t.co/32OsU6Pbkl
Retweeted by jfolkmann@faris should be a showUnderbutt & Sideboob superhero duo
Retweeted by jfolkmannInstaHikes, from Travel Alberta, reinvents hiking in Alberta - Johnny Jet http://t.co/UrcuCCBhJsBeautiful shots of @travelalberta - it's almost spring.EARTH PORN // VOL 2 // AERIAL ALBERTA http://t.co/2izwPjEdAc #alberta #travel #droneExperience hiking in Alberta using our new @Instagram project, #InstaHike - http://t.co/ULtodBMQzA Photo: @calsnape http://t.co/ztMqbvamTt
Retweeted by jfolkmannSo we don't have the fog like that Oregon bridge - but we've got one that's almost as good.… https://t.co/SaTMomdMOo@PETA_BETA @iankerrigan rose gold though....
The Hoff says it’s safe to swim right after you eat. https://t.co/lLXF7K6BNGExcited to announce that The Clorox Ick Awards was named a @shortyawards finalist. Best of luck to the team! http://t.co/2Q39t64GY8
Retweeted by jfolkmannCheck out 'EARTH PORN // VOL 2 // ALBERTA WATER' on Vimeo https://t.co/nOJwzI5eurThere's no Hassles when you clean like #TheHoff. https://t.co/Z7Tl3neTMYWhat was your weekend like? Mine was like this..... #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/5wL8Q0uPNZBenefits of condo living - I can hear my neighbours piss. 💦 😩
"I don't have to pee." is 5 year old code for "I have to pee really bad, but I don't want to stop playing."@NOTCOT humble brag? :)@GregoryPacks available to Canadians?Seriously - @TheRock lip syncing @taylorswift - try not to smile. http://t.co/8DZMB1xD9Y - TV you so funny."Winkleviiiiii and the rest will follow." sing it....you know you want to.
If there are no drones how will all the hipsters have their BBQ delivered? How? Oh the humanity!!! #SXSWOperation: because I said so. I love @ArcherFXGood news! We can use crossfit people as a speed bump when the robots attack. Best case, they reduce each others numbers to manageable sizesWell. This season for the @Saints is going to be interesting.Sad to see great players go,but change is inevitable.Graham tho? Really? Bah.I did a business.
Taber, Alberta., bans swearing, spitting, yelling, fuck that's harsh. Help them Kevin Bacon. @kevinbacon @TownofTaber http://t.co/yywD5uJYEfcongrats to @laurenepbath being named in @SocialTimes list of 5 great Instagrammers http://t.co/iN4q90LWwL
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If you just can't wait, duct tape that ipod nano you have sitting in your junk drawer to your wrist. Instant iwatch. #AppleWatch #iwatch
|LIVE NOW| LARPing in the park - #meerkat http://t.co/Urr3XY0Ddy@jessicamalnik that seemed to work. Mic was off. Thanks.|LIVE NOW| - #meerkat http://t.co/gRMPrOb5aY@armano it just crashes for me@AppMeerkat. I press stream it crashes. I reinstalled. Same problem. Thoughts? Fixes?
That new meerkat is a buggy thing innit.
@faris Looks like More fun than my couchJust when you thought Nickleback couldn't get worse. They did. http://t.co/9JTIffz6oG|LIVE NOW| I did a bizness - #meerkat http://t.co/jvh8nMCskKLET IS GOOOOOOAT. LET IT GOAAAAAAAAT. Goat dressed up as Elsa ! http://t.co/pkwlE36qF8
There's all sorts of snow in the East...but people are skateboarding in Calgary. #weather
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