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Danbury, Conn., mayor uses Twitter to taunt students looking for word of snow-related school closures. https://t.co/KIyzkvOU74Cardinal Edward M. Egan, Former Archbishop of New York, Dies at 82 http://t.co/v1bZskulU8Did we have a great time meeting for drinks last night, @JoannaStern?@sianpierre @koblin [curtsey]@sianpierre @koblin I am no John Koblin but I am a god.Momofuku Ando’s 105th Birthday #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/2uKNRLHVnh http://t.co/ZFyQS5wnzPSnowga: practising yoga outdoors in the winter. Not sure whether to laugh or sign up immediately. http://t.co/Dw8nDwwmkP
Retweeted by katierosman@Sulliview @agearan He should tell that to all the💲donors in Hollywood who just survived (and didn't) the Sony Hack.John @Koblin leaves 👚👗👖👠👔👢 beat to take on 📺. He's a total 🌟! http://t.co/NwMgpSddUy
@courtneybrubin obviously I now need to find and buy.@courtneybrubin 🙏+❄️Snow + Yoga = Snowga, by the amazing @courtneybrubin. http://t.co/oyH60WyEBbCongratulations to the @etsy team! S-1 docs filed. IPO time! cc @chaddickerson
Retweeted by katierosmanWe're releasing admissions decisions next week. What are your chances? This short video will tell you: http://t.co/KkY2ZcXkdr #MBA
Retweeted by katierosmanI wanna take a red pencil to that hyphen. RT @Longreads: What It Was Like to Copy-Edit Pauline Kael http://t.co/cRrVZcg4oQ@vsaffron I can't.Obsessed with this. 💯 RT @vsaffron: Great minds. RT "From "I die" to "chic," 9 fashion phrases it's time to to stop http://t.co/L7YlUq0FZo@mbradylynch Didn't mean to embarrass you by e-hitting on you before all of our shared followers! I'm harmless, I promise.I luv that the "Downton Abbey" congressman is from Peoria RT @TheFix How the ‘Downton Abbey’ Congressman got caught http://t.co/7rdsGvpVxW@bengreenman of course you think that, you're so self-involved.@mbradylynch This is why you're my new twitter crush.This piece is shocking. Startup exec considered women with children as "too much of a mother" to get the job done. http://t.co/45rTLOHwox@lyazel @Cosmopolitan @laurabrounstein That literally made me LOLTo be fair, it was the smell of really good pot RT @THR Amy Pascal Delays Office Move Due to Seth Rogen Pot Stench http://t.co/gjRyeMVwPZ
Retweeted by katierosmanCue the sad trombone, and don't miss the photos. WSJ: New York City’s last classical sheet-music store to close http://t.co/oNm026zX2bWhat's in a name? About $100 million. Avery Fisher Hall to become David Geffen Hall http://t.co/8ds59Qi04GNot sure deleting vowels from words to make them fit equals "clever" writing, but I admire your self-confidence, Twitter!141 characters earns me this obnoxious message from Twitter: "Your Tweet was over 140 characters. You'll have to be more clever."Words I didn't expect to tweet: I'm excited for the new CSI! NYT: In ‘CSI: Cyber,’ CBS Digitizes Forensics Formula http://t.co/suyqeGDm6vNew York to Add Two Muslim Holy Days to Public School Calendar http://t.co/avELIVAo8KGrandma and Grandpa being adorable at the @tigers Spring opener! Celebrating 60 years this June! #RelationshipGoals http://t.co/qMRp59bCr3
Retweeted by katierosman
If a Bush and a Clinton can run in 2016, why not Al Gore?
Retweeted by katierosman@NancyAndrews Related-ish: I get "milk profiled" all the time at sbux. Everyone assumes a woman must want skim milk@lizzieohreally That's Francis to you.@NancyAndrews In that case, it's just a matter of your being smarter + better fed than the abstaining women (I take mine w/ onions, please).Jim Harbaugh and his dad once sat in the audience of a Judge Judy taping. He's just too much. http://t.co/kSLWOW1m6o
Retweeted by katierosman@NancyAndrews Lafayette or American?Beautiful essay from @chaughney. What It Took For My Husband And Me To Become A Family http://t.co/QCIrdasFaq via @HuffPostParentsWINTER. ENOUGH. School notification: due to expected snow, kids will be dismissed at 11:30am. Good thing I don't have a job. OH WAIT.Now we know she's staring at her gmail. http://t.co/R56GqNzPR9
@jennydeluxe on so many levels that is F-ed. What they must do to get the kid to sit still for that, for that long. Yikes.@jennydeluxe are they doing that?!? That is awful.So mean. RT @kevinroose: PR people: excited to meet your clients at SXSW. Please send all pitches to me at mike.isaac [at] nytimes [dot] comTwitter tech: I posted a photo showing framed picture of the word "sober." An hour later, I get this promoted tweet. http://t.co/bzTUE1Es4AThank you @normmacdonald for using Twitter better than anyone.
Retweeted by katierosman@LostNCheeseland I absolutely edit sober.@nigelcameron I believe so too! 🍷✏️http://t.co/AjZteZb3fnA lot of Conde publications shifting to @awscloud. The @newyorker moved a month ago and it looked like this http://t.co/I9WDlR2vWi
Retweeted by katierosmanEven in my day, Sammys were slobs (tho cute). Michigan Frat's 48-Hour Rager Wrecks Resort, Causes $430,000 in Damages http://t.co/moUabswO42"The Splendid Sixth Star." RT @ajs: Uber just launched a quarterly print magazine, Momentum. http://t.co/apaOmL1z9M http://t.co/0Ylof56GRh@grannyny Thank you, Natalie! Our journalist collaboration remains one of my favorites!@katelaurielee Happy to help you meet your husband after you helped me give birth to my baby, "If You Knew Suzy." xoxoxox@katiewelch Thank you!!@EHolmesWSJ I am a humoji!!! This is so exciting!! 😘😘😘😘@jonathanwald däder@elesscom I'm sure they will and my twitter friends like you already are! 😘@JamieStelter lol. 😘😘😘@ewdrew1977 thank you!!@JamieStelter I thought that was a weekly yoga class and I was the only person to show up that day! 😘
@erin_gs @jess7bennett \^_^/ (don't know what that means but please read into it.)Someone ended a message today to me with "!?!?!?!" and thanks to @jess7bennett, I know that person is full of it!~ http://t.co/5JAtAO1k46@TheCut I wanna get physical.6yo: Why aren't Taylor Swift songs on Spotify? 9yo: Because Taylor feels that Spotify doesn't respect artists.Why double check? Because sometimes a source will tell you she had drinks at the Four Seasons this weekend with someone who died in 2003.
Retweeted by katierosmanBuzzFeed is officially part of the navel-gazing MSM. RT @susanportnoy: BuzzFeed’s Tech Team During Record Traffic http://t.co/zJQA9LzSrmDid you see the crossword puzzle, @jessederris? 🗻🎶 http://t.co/q8YcSplVHQSometimes I use "!!!" earnestly, sometimes passive-aggressively, sometimes it means I❤️U and othertimes the opposite. http://t.co/oMmXpmQ9pU“You could drive yourself insane trying to decode the hidden messages in other people’s punctuation.” http://t.co/oMmXpmQ9pU
"Disorganized people are only able to do 1 or 2 things a day." Not true. We can be highly functional amid our chaos. http://t.co/SR2do4486x“I know 3 things,” wrote Sen. Christopher Murphy. “The ACA works; climate change is real; the dress is gold &white.” http://t.co/dhLdBLAY6SThis made me think of you, @Choire. http://t.co/deyR3tTk5jMy son speaks the truth about his sister. http://t.co/dCzkutTe85@nycjim @mashable 🏃the🐬An amazing life, captured in a wonderful obit by @BernsteinJacob: John Fairchild, Editor of Women’s Wear Daily, Dies http://t.co/9CvNuaoPgg
Reading "Night of the 🔫," it's really fantastic. I ❤️ how he's made me respect Anna for being a glass-ceiling pioneer. I ❤️a lot about it.SoulCycle classes at the Spotify house at #SXSW2015. How would @nymag Approval Matrix rate? http://t.co/cg1aefTu3MFunny! RT @lencartoonist: @katierosman @erin_gs * original yoga cartoons (thx): http://t.co/ziNtNDwBxZBeam Him Up, Scotty. Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83 http://t.co/fHzZyynQmxRave review for ‘After Birth’. Protagonist (Ari!) tries to "wrestle some meaning into or out of ­being a mother." http://t.co/Y1vZkrGzU4"To be sure" count in @WSJ = 14,000+ since '79. Here's the backstory on the to-be-sure tradition from @BillPowerWSJ. http://t.co/YudIJWNBV9
Retweeted by katierosmanBlack and blue or white and gold? #thedress http://t.co/XBa17orGF1Cookie reads @WSJ's Personal Journal. Best product placement evz. 🍪🔛📰 @EHolmesWSJ @mikemillerwsj http://t.co/tCif5H3wwS@mattfrieds @RonTerrell Many. A lot. A profusion. A plethora.@rosannecash The staying power of your dad's massive talent: my eight year old LOVES him and reminded me this AM it was his bday ystrdy.@RonTerrell @justinjm1 I think even Doc Sima knew about those@justinjm1 I don't understand how this turned into the great debate of our time. Or how anyone saw black and blue.I honestly don't get it. America's youth has lost me on this one RT @justinjm1: Buzzfeed post has 24 million views http://t.co/RM9DZ5iey9
@jensnow @CondeMicrowave Yes! And @smellypopcorn@SconsetCapital http://t.co/se1toxdxHoForever more to be a euphemism for marijuana. 🍒🌿 http://t.co/ORS4grWLH7"We don’t want it to smell like food," said a Vogue employee of the Vogue office. http://t.co/Eoo5WUj753Riveting, confounding, sad story. At a Brooklyn Cherry Factory, a Suicide and an Illicit Discovery http://t.co/se1toxdxHoDakota Johnson as SNL host comes off as very unfunny. (And her posture is terrible.) http://t.co/l8pdfv6FQB@ReformedBroker I'd like to see them photoshop a stupid hat on a pic of Ray Dalio or Paul Tudor Jones.@ReformedBroker She didn't pose. It's a photo illustration. It's absurd and I'm doubtful it is making her Happy.
@GinaPera I didn't say I doubted she suffers from it. I have no reason to doubt it.MonicaSeles got paid by pharma company to promote binge-eating-as-affliction. Then she shilled its anti-bingeing meds http://t.co/oDMbAMw65M@erin_gs They are Emily Hsu!!!Extra guac please, @sarahnassauer! "Chipotle in East Rutherford allowed me to work at this location for two days." http://t.co/OTyDss4gq7
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