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Kochs go local w @AFPhq ads tying AK mayoral candidate to Obama (incldg on stories about ads). http://t.co/oDAG3T3PGT http://t.co/DlakEbY5ioAsked via email about his participation in off-record mtg w Obama, @CapehartJ responded with a smiley-face emoticon. http://t.co/MaGXSEOXnZTMZ catches Hillary at DCA, asks if her email problem stems from "a generalization gap." http://t.co/8tWbyh1tyA http://t.co/cvKQ0eKGBP@TrueFactsStated still coming down pretty hard here1600 block of Swann St. NW. #peaceful http://t.co/DnOBrXKlmASCOOP: White House, vexed by GOP dominance in states, getting behind liberal ALEC counterweight, @stateinnovation. http://t.co/bAwsd3PkKm
Donors are increasingly concerned about Hillarys "herky-jerky start," one said. “This email cockup is not going away” http://t.co/dEP9qxPXaCAt @kramerbooks tonight @darrwest & @kenvogel take questions on #Billionaires and the power of money in politics http://t.co/ZHAPDzrzud
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelyou should hear my soros MT @Grace_Wallack .@kenvogel does a GREAT Sheldon Adelson impression. Tonight @kramerbooks. https://t.co/KpyEFyuomz@rickhasen but does she have an autographed copy?obvi. tho she didn't buy my book :( RT @rickhasen: .@kenvogel @kramerbooks perhaps she came to hear your Sheldon Adelson imitation.SPOTTED: Elena Kagan, fresh off hearing arguments in King vs Burwell, shopping for books @kramerbooks in Dupont Circle.especially if you add @darrwest MT @POLITICOPress: .@kenvogel + a slice of @kramerbooks Salted Caramel Vanilla Cake = Perfect Wed. evening.Plans tonight? Don't miss POLITICO's @kenvogel in conversation with Brookings' @darrwest TONIGHT at 6:30 p.m. at @kramerbooks!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelsomeone forgot the beer & cigs MT @Phillies: 1993 reunion in Tampa! Dave Hollins, @JohnKruk_ESPN & Mickey Morandini. https://t.co/sjYlWxl6Zwkey difference: congress not subject to FOIA, records laws MT @aseitzwald: Dems pushing this. http://t.co/hJIBRiwznp https://t.co/4ZliwOg5qd@ToddKBailey david koch was expressing acceptance of gay rights at least as far back as his 1980 libertarian vp campaign.@ToddKBailey tough to lose one of the best @eagles of all time, & think we shudda gotten more for him, but i get justification for trading.@ToddKBailey except that david koch has been supporting gay marriage for years.David Koch joining brief urging SCOTUS to strike state gay marriage bans as unconstitutional. Nice @lachlan get: http://t.co/gaYlLkSTfZMiriam Adelson wants to apologize to Dem Rep. @BradAshford14 for dropping her purple alligator Hermes clutch on him. http://t.co/iazmcfAi6P
well at least we have chris polk hahahahahaha @Mbrooksrjcbooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eagles trade lesean mccoy to bills for kiko alonso & i'm going to just start drinking now http://t.co/MpQab6U7A2WHAT WHY
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelthese kids today with their faces buried in their phones. http://t.co/nT38Ag1YKZ http://t.co/tccdle9ZeF“I was offered $1k for my (Bibi) ticket. Cash!” said @FrankLuntz, of a $-making opportunity he actually turned down. http://t.co/qAhBBl5se3@LivPetersen forever looking out for me, thx :)Goldman Sachs will do just fine under either Jeb or Hillary. Expect both to rake in $ from the bank―@morningmoneyben: http://t.co/8s0JyZVBCADo read @hbottemiller on how Bruce Rastetter stepped out of the secret $ shadows and become an Iowa GOP kingmaker: http://t.co/8xO16fksOVBibi attended my high school, but apparently didn't like it much, reports fellow Cheltenham High alum @justinwmmoyer: http://t.co/N75hPOqiIrsome of these don't really look like dudes http://t.co/hj75YAUlf3
@bwdoherty @juliemason the Ceo of the Clinton foundation resigned. You're not interested to know why?About to join The One & Only @juliemason on @SIRIUSXM @POTUSPressPool to chat about the turmoil at the Clinton Foundation. Tune in!if you are a campaign finance nerd like me, then you should welcome @ThePaulSRyan to twitter and #ffIt's the final countdown to #EmployeeAppreciationDay Surprise your staff with lunch! Order: https://t.co/mX5rWP3hQA http://t.co/EDXCfh4rnq
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelthis quote from @HenryHolt brushing off a serious embellishment in bill o'reilly's "kennedy" book is really something http://t.co/HzeIsXa4VXtandoori chicken w goat cheese & charred romaine on naan @oliomarket in jax fla? yes please. http://t.co/hGFKHYrd1q http://t.co/zOD4UyvPq4K. Will pull it down. MT @EricBoehlert: @kenvogel article calls Foundation "$2 billion charitable powerhouse." how'd it need to be "saved"?
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelCome to @kramerbooks this Wednesday at 6:30 pm to see @darrwest discuss #Billionaires w/ @kenvogel http://t.co/z1ZemkkkOf #dcevents
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@kenvogel @morningmoneyben Seems like Jeb did plenty of impugning with his answers to all the other questions.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelIsrael Hayom, The (Un)Official Newspaper of the Adelson Primary, lands @JebBush interview ahead of his Vegas trip. http://t.co/CwJ8v04qwtJeb, pushed to impugn Obama by Israeli newspaper: "I don't think it is appropriate, or important, to ascribe motives" http://t.co/CwJ8v04qwtJeb Bush, ahead of Vegas visit, gives interview to Adelson's Israeli paper, calls Obama's foreign policy a "disaster" http://t.co/CwJ8v04qwtLOL… #GOP Hypocrite As @kenvogel Attacks #HillaryClinton & @ClintonFdn's Wealth Issues, Greenspan's Vogel Posted This http://t.co/D7UORb7xQ9
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAs Hillary plans middle-class 2016 focus, she will attend @ClintonFdn funders hosted by billionaires James & Parekh. http://t.co/JjcOWoWZgRSCOOP: Hillary to attend @ClintonFdn funders hosted by billionaire investors Tony James & Deven Parekh. #RegularFolk http://t.co/JjcOWoWZgRWhere did the @ClintonFdn invest its $250M endowment? With @ChelseaClinton's best friend's financial firm, of course. http://t.co/JjcOWoWZgREric Holder & the Koch bros, peas in a pod. The AG will meet at 2:30 pm with bi-partisan justice reform org backed by Kochs, @ACLU, @amprog.
The Clinton Way prevails over The McKinsey Way in a tug-of-war atop the Clinton Foundation. http://t.co/GotMBhoJAY http://t.co/6aJAYWU7e1The new $250m @ClintonFdn endowment was invested with Chelsea Clinton's best friend's firm, @kenvogel reports. http://t.co/GMxMc6sVLF
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAs Chelsea Clinton's power increased at the Clinton Foundation, so too did the in-fighting. Not a good sign for 2016. http://t.co/ThvBkVYMjd#winning http://t.co/2LHhWDZhQb@LivPetersen staying until tues a.m. -- 1st flight i could get. party in the jax!@Anais_carmona08 now scheduled to fly home tues a.m. -- but at least they won't pay for my hotelbeen on the phone with @USAirways for 2 1/2 hours -- mostly on hold -- trying to reschedule canceled flight from JAX to DCA. #goodtimes@singernews stuck here until tues a.m.sadly not the onion RT @matt_breen: #Phillies fall to the University of Tampa, 6-2, to open spring trainingus airways stranding me in jax b/c theyre horrible MT @Reagan_Airport Mostly rain now. Runways open but some airlines have cancelled flightssub menu @JekyllClubHotel pays homage to titans of American industry who wintered at Georgia retreat. http://t.co/1ZiaWyIEcB@AdamLoewy haven't seen it but it'd better if it were about iverson
Chris Christie, who used to be the donors' choice, says nomination should be decided by activists, "not by donors." http://t.co/r0hWS0k7vjAlan Greenspan & Ben Bernanke just kicking it at @JekyllClubHotel. http://t.co/nbMNqRhwGG@MichelleMumford @michaelkruse @hipstersofcpac when you're a real hipster dates are irrelevantsmile, @michaelkruse MT @hipstersofcpac: Messenger bag makes the hipster look bolder. #hipstersofcpac #cpac2014 http://t.co/WaSyDL148nJindal & Christie's "explanations for their flip-flops (on Common Core) border on the absurd" charges @campbell_brown http://t.co/79MhjDHnal
@PlantFlowes I know b/c I broke the news in the story linked in that tweet which was from the moment the news broke@PlantFlowes check the datethe dc coffee scene is really coming into its own. @timcarman: http://t.co/5xwQw1i89G http://t.co/CD5nRjoRpr http://t.co/hNr2xFP6Au@AdamLoewy he says he didJeb "is spending much of his time in The Rooms—offices & conf. rooms—w millionaires & billionaires.” @Peggynoonannyc: http://t.co/LYLK1EF9cl
"I should disclose that I’ve spent time with David & Charles Koch. They’ve paid me to speak at a few of their events" http://t.co/0JZ8uV55h5THE ILLUMINATI CONDUCTED THIS WHOLE DRESS SITUATION TO REPLACE OBAMA WITH A LIZARD WITHOUT BEING NOTICED #whiteandgold
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel*tears up slightly* http://t.co/8LxvRvJqhq http://t.co/RqXHNtagGowha?! ferrari is making a 963-horsepower car that has an electric motor. http://t.co/0qSaEfpSgtLotta Koch ties on would-be Trump "campaign" team, including election atty Don McGahn, who advises Freedom Partners. http://t.co/iucmNqzJyD
amazing MT @MotherJones: the best reason why a newspaper has ever withheld a source's identity http://t.co/e9SJBBn9L6 http://t.co/2xJAjaafiZTo put it another way, people criticize J. Thomas for not asking questions because they hate him or his rulings, not because of the silence
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelit's almost like we could have predicted that the clintons would keep accepting foreign $ while hillary was at state. http://t.co/PvFAfzKPmI@davesmith3 he had been kinda discriminating in his client selection since leaving the fec. apparently, that those days are over.@davesmith3 NOW he's worked for everyoneCan't imagine the Kochs are pleased their election atty Don McGahn is advising Trump's 2016 charade. #CultureClash http://t.co/iucmNqzJyDor who can't raise it―like Biden MT @ZekeJMiller: Biden on $ in politics: "We need leaders who have courage to stand up to mountains of $.”b/c bitcoin didn't catch on MT @Bencjacobs: @ByronTau is pretty swell RT @kenvogel someone just sent $6 anti-clinton https://t.co/OSTay3mKqV@asmith83 no but they do accept ebtsome nice man just sent me $6 in anti-clinton cash http://t.co/8YTyfdpdfxState Dept atty in '09 flagged “something peculiar" about Bill Clinton's paid talk to Chinese. http://t.co/pP1li6LGvB http://t.co/K6QvGjYDTe
SHOT: http://t.co/vOwZRp306s CHASER: http://t.co/NYwDD0N9fg a recurring look at @farhip anonymity explanations. http://t.co/F1N3ZdSNHRken griffin, the 1st max donor under the new harry reid party limits, once complained that wealthy have “insufficient influence” in politicsBillionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin gives $324k to @GOP, becoming 1st donor to reach new #CROmnibus limit. @PaulBlu: http://t.co/rAjYM85MDX+Buffett & Gates lost $794M. The right wins the day MT @BBGBillionaires The Koch bros each got $106M richer yesterday http://t.co/j1HXFR9PmTwhat passes for excitement in cleveland http://t.co/QB67jptsbr http://t.co/iM2lJ3ZQiY
"I have a hard time thinking that Rudy didn't know there were reporters in the room"― @dsamuelsohn on his Rudy scoop. http://t.co/ht1weOwBn8#Billionaires author @darrwest will be discussing his book w/ @kenvogel on March 4. If you're in #DC, don't miss it: http://t.co/OUNjQEtVYj
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@IAmJohnOliver and I dislike judicial elections! Nice of him to cite my @LATimesOpinion piece on @LastWeekTonight http://t.co/rvqIl5ZzP8
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelb/c it worked so well for you: http://t.co/r31kfALA41 MT @THEHermanCain Scott Walker is right to ignore trap questions from idiot media
@aseitzwald if the shuttle is running from montrose@TrueFactsStated @brianstelter @eenayo the whole interview is damning. that was just among the strongest quotes that would fit in a tweet.@aseitzwald telluride is awesomeDamning stuff from ex-CBS'er on O'Reilly's combat claims. "He's not a real reporter," Eric Enberg tells @brianstelter http://t.co/fgfVUu3zMU
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