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@politico. @glensgardenmkt. philly sports. Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp: http://t.co/hLkpfZ2UZC

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.@NBCNews, @TODAYshow's @SavannahGuthrie to host 9th annual Mirror Awards ceremony June 11 in NYC http://t.co/PBZE5EPyTO #Mirrors15
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBro's email calling DeBlasio spokeswoman "a self-righteous bitch" was "meant in the nicest way,” says @TuckerCarlson. http://t.co/zvwmUunpyHforeign gov't donation line starts on 1/21/2017 MT @BuzzFeedBen Ex-Obama Aide Sees A Global Scope For Post-Presidency http://t.co/IEBuvPKne1it's hard―but not impossible―to run a food business in dc without a car, writes @ForsterDC of @eatchiqs at @ggwash: http://t.co/ctYfIA71aXwhat about the 1st richest person's? MT @BBGBillionaires India's 2nd-richest person has 27-story mansion worth $410M https://t.co/BZ1uyAHlRithat is one cute dog! MT @GlensGardenMkt Grab your pup, your pals &join us on the patio tonite at 5:30 for #DoggieHH https://t.co/7Fm0ubNow4.@joshgerstein scoop: GSA official at center of 2012 Vegas conference scandal to plead guilty today in federal court http://t.co/WpSkSD11Ey
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelthey only serve pepsi. no koch. MT @AJentleson This is the Vegas restaurant where @DanaBashCNN interviewed Sen. Reid: http://t.co/DiDgCqoeDnthis should be twitter's motto RT @anne7076: @georgesoros Where is the outrage on this??Mike Pence’s “Religious Freedom Law” press conference, brought to you by NASONEX©
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelirony alert: restaurant chain owned by top dem donor/wage equality advocate @georgesoros sued for underpaying workers http://t.co/zlvvEn6lSr@levinecarrie if she did, I'm confident @mjbeckel will sleuth it outWho knew? Pras from the Fugees is a dark $ pioneer, funneling $875k to a super PAC thru a mysterious LLC. @mjbeckel: http://t.co/whzqZGAQ5v.@SenatorReid has no regrets about his baseless claim that @MittRomney didn't pay taxes: "Romney didn't win, did he?" http://t.co/zweppSSfYe
Just call her Senator Clickbait. @AnnieLinskey on the online marketing power of Elizabeth Warren. https://t.co/WKqEkqnoj3
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogelthat's not accurate MT @AVerebely: @georgesoros What do U expect from someone who turned in his friends & family to the Nazi'suh oh - now i have to bring my twitter a-game. http://t.co/6jTtMDCTGyOh, this is rich: Restaurant chain owned by leading wage equality advocate @georgesoros sued for underpaying workers. http://t.co/JCdBbinA62Indiana's religious freedom bill is working just as Gov. Mike Pence intended, per @wuerker. http://t.co/FQ5OroozDk http://t.co/7tU7R7tMIFThe White House makes its visitors log public. @pbump made it searchable. http://t.co/y9fr1TrIrt http://t.co/pBAxrbnqaT
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Which one of these motherfuckers talked to God, and God said that same-sex marriage was a no-can-do?" http://t.co/DBSLxmtICpother than that story holds up MT @HuffPostMedia O'Reilly's cameraman says he wasn't hurt; O'Reilly didn't rescue him http://t.co/veyCmQoVPT@byersalex http://t.co/teoriqNMuF@byersalex half and half is made of equal parts whole milk & light cream. http://t.co/ZhhKgC6KwQMega-donors don't want ambassadorships anymore b/c they wonder: “How am I going to live in such a small house?” http://t.co/UYQzxSYCj8
interesting @pamelapaulnyt on petty critiques following women's tv hits. not really a gender-specific phenomenon tho. http://t.co/WF9Cmm2ZQb.@60Minutes agreed to interview Assad under the conditions that they use Syrian TV technicians & cameras. I... https://t.co/ERCMi1SN5VPandering to IA RT @kenvogel: Martin O'Malley recently went on "a big Abraham Heschel kick" Who hasn't?@ScottFConroy: http://t.co/5bwySeixpQ
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMartin O'Malley recently went on "a big Abraham Heschel kick". Who hasn't?@ScottFConroy: http://t.co/lXxoW9k4yp@michele5411 :)@michele5411 i found the article fair, nuanced and interesting@michele5411 they were the most revelatory to me.Secret to Mitt's strong debates? He got advice from Bill Clinton in 2012 on how to appear more in command vs. Obama. http://t.co/3CftcKozzn
John Cheney once told Calipari how we all feel about him https://t.co/iRt38rSdBa
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAt dinner on Main Line for buddy's bday, ran into @Phillies great Gary Maddux & ex-American Bandstand EP Lewis Klein http://t.co/zEHaGDaytQWhen your draft Warren pitch starts with "I'm a Harvard professor and the founder of MAYDAY Super PAC". #relatable http://t.co/URPwutr4w5well this looks terrifying http://t.co/umsFcb46eH https://t.co/2bk64YfwtY
@RalstonReports but none who make nv #matter as much as @SenatorReid@RalstonReports now you're going to have find someone else to torment.@RalstonReports true, but -- just to make sure i'm not misreading -- sheldon is saying in the email that he tormented reid, right?@maggieNYT he emailed @RalstonReports, whose tweet, which i was trying to respond to, is here: https://t.co/FmiUVlNaZtSheldon Adelson says that he was sometimes @SenatorReid's "political tormentor" but "I'm happy to call him a friend" https://t.co/aSqrDevRGi@Goof_Patrol @OKnox interesting thoAll the president's hotels: Obama likes DSM Hampton Inn for good luck; won't stay in any Adelson-owned property. https://t.co/gbkD5TCIYe.@politico's new hillary reporter @anniekarni knows her stuff & is going to be bringing it. #ffMichelle Obama has looked almost exactly the same since high school. http://t.co/M94ZT3wJxe http://t.co/TDvsTBQnKVPlan by Jeb's team for their own big $ database would be a major step towards privatization of politics. @maggieNYT: http://t.co/Gg0ZlGEE7zgreat moments in congressional social media w/ @nancypelosi @rtcadinner https://t.co/NrVbnyyVvhnow who will tell us how un-american the koch bros are?@EdMorrissey @nickconfessore misread my philly sports feed. looks like hamels is just considered the leading prospect http://t.co/XFBoXTetIX@nickconfessore the philadelphia phillies tapped cole hamels as their likely opening day starter.The anti-Schumer MT @kenvogel Warren for Dem leader boomlet taking shape. @BoldProgressive & @DFAaction out with statements this a.m.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@nickconfessore raise $? protect claim to warren? boost her as a 2016 player?Elizabeth Warren for Democratic leader boomlet taking shape. Both @BoldProgressive & @DFAaction out with statements this a.m. pushing idea.professional left, undeterred by inability to push warren into prez race, now want her to run for senate dem leader. http://t.co/ticR7LvVmw@rachaelmbade working on an unrelated story"with toothy grin..." RT @timkmak: A young Harry Reid punching an opponent in the face: https://t.co/0qLsYt3W1Cno RT @rachaelmbade: Quote of day, @lisamurkowski, as she ran out @ 3 am "Take me away from here! I was told it was a nice day, was it?"imagine sens. willing to answer questions RT @seungminkim: Cruz declines to comment on his vote, says to call his office, per @rachaelmbade
@EssexKIRO7 i don't think it would ship cross country well@politicoroger alas, there's no chicago-style kale pizza. that'd be a bridge too far.Kale pizza. Doesn't sound great. But it is. http://t.co/Hj7P7CIkNdSpring is here! Perfect weather for hanging out on our patio with #local eats and $4 drafts from @GlensBeermonger! http://t.co/MhzJb2v0Vs
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTo be fair, Lindsey Graham has been more outspoken on climate change than most Senate Republicans, though that's a pretty low bar.did not know dirk nowitzki was an aviation expert http://t.co/DMPoKVuLly“Netanyahu is @jstreetdotorg's best friend," @gerryconnolly tells @bterris. http://t.co/pWf6uccVm7@jeneps good thing you didn't bring those name plates@elizabethadrina thanks for pointing that out. correcting.@billkuchman now that's the type of big brother reform i can supportSounds about right: Illinois GOPers may elect a media-shy, ethics-focused political scion to replace Aaron Schock. http://t.co/uBuxirbbpx@ByronTau if this journalism thing doesn't work out, i think you might have a future as a @wmata flackgee thanks for finally sending a red line train @wmata. oh, wait... never mind http://t.co/vRQqOIWMv4people of dupont circle who make no effort to pick up your dogs' shit: wtf is wrong with you?
"We just don’t count anymore." Big donors complain to @mateagold, @thamburger about mega-donors getting all the attn. http://t.co/2qhrL8RR0w
Heavyweight clash on right: the Kochs' Freedom Partners fact-checks @USChamber on EX-IM Bank. http://t.co/MAtiWDSWGG http://t.co/H000VyTLv6Lindsey Graham, who sabotaged the last serious bi-partisan climate bill, says we need a bi-partisan approach to issue http://t.co/EqyhDGtTX3Cheryl Mills started a hedge fund too? Is that like a right-of-passage in Clinton World? http://t.co/6fwCXd1988Glenn Beck (3/18): "run from the @GOP": http://t.co/zdHpdYWe8E Glenn Beck (3/23): "fast & pray for Ted Cruz": http://t.co/ijCLniBCdcIn 2012, @SenTedCruz warned of a @GeorgeSoros-led U.N. initiative to banish golf courses from American communities. http://t.co/4dmltoM56k
@davelevinthal including you!@elianayjohnson i'd even answer questions if i got the award!@elianayjohnson i would even accept an award at a ceremony at which he was speaking. i'm not picky -- somebody give me an award!Swing on by at 7PM for #RunClub with @GlensCatering! The weather is perfect for a jog and a beer! https://t.co/BEsaqFiW49
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@elianayjohnson not sure, but i would never attend such an event! (unless i was being given an award, which i'm not)irony alert: hillary to speak at political journalism awards tonite but won't take questions from assembled reporters http://t.co/QDKiSHxR5wBill Maher thinks the world's oldest person, 117-year-old Misao Okawa, looks a bit like a certain GOP mega-donor. http://t.co/U5IjjiFtgv@GlennThrush @jeneps you musta missed me b/c my sweater was so slimming it made me invisible@nickconfessore @TVietor08 b/c before and after looks at net worth of pres campaign winners are so passé http://t.co/SBcBpQOZYpA Clinton Foundation wedding. Wonder what the Algerian government picked off the gift registry. http://t.co/3VXwmMVTg2nice @dailybeast on $ behind @judicialnetwork http://t.co/jCIMsqhZdw built on my book's revelations about wellspring http://t.co/xqT9dgAK0pSCOOP: Dem mega-donors, mtg in secret next mo. in SF, concede "we’ll probably break our own spending records” in '16: http://t.co/40wsAfeTBjtea party 501(c)4s still waiting for tax exemption, but IRS approved Stephen Colbert's joke 501(c)4 in about a year. https://t.co/zgQPjpYI0m@DHBerman @tparti when you call one politico a dumpster diver, you call us all dumpster diversshe was born to do this job. h/t @davelevinthal https://t.co/vbqbMvxFpnLittle love for Hillary in liberal $ club. DA discussed pulling $ from pro-Clinton orgs @mmfa @amprog @Catalist_US: http://t.co/40wsAfeTBjTold that @POLITICO had not dug anything out of trash, desJardins said “maybe not you, but that’s the world you operate in." @blakehounshell@_silversmith will check it outDA considering opening part of donor mtg to press but worries “you might sneak around & dig things out of the trash.” http://t.co/40wsAfeTBj@TPCarney not as likable as doritos thoDonors in Soros $ club to tour SF cannabis dispensary & discuss using marijuana to "turn key races in 2016 & beyond". http://t.co/40wsAfeTBj
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