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We had an incredible time at the #FamilyEqualityCouncil Awards the other night. @Family_Equality Check out this org! http://t.co/qlX7bb8iuGGood morning, #amBASSadors! @LanceBass has your @ktlaENT news this morning on @KTLAMorningNews! Tune in! Live stream: http://t.co/QAP4bXMfTU
Retweeted by Lance BassGood morning Southern California ! Filling in for Sam through Wed on @ktlaent !! Tune in now! 🐣ICYMI: "LOVE" http://t.co/RsJCtrkZAf
We officially nominate @RealRobinWright for Badass-in-Chief. Who will second it? #HouseOfCards
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LeftOfMrRight ❤️@bridgettamanda xoxoxoMon-wed ! RT @LBStreetTeam1: .@LanceBass will be on @KTLAMorningNews tomorrow 4 all your @ktlaENT (cont) http://t.co/qgvBuUYrRs
LOVE http://t.co/e0haRMVNmS@LanceBass What about Joey? “@RockofAgesVegas: LAST CHANCE! Show! vote ROCK OF AGES for the @BestOfLasVegas ! http://t.co/u4EKmIVL4R
Retweeted by Lance BassBest of Las Vegas: Text 'vote Britney' to 81500 or click here: http://t.co/0iW51WIIYh? to vote of #PieceOfMe and @BritneySpears
Date night w @GiggyVanderpump at #SUR @LisaVanderpump @MichaelTurchin @KenToddBH http://t.co/3Pzwq2Qg5kYour @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown! http://t.co/DrSmlHoPrxTune in right now to @SIRIUSXM #Dirtypop channel 106 to catch me on air with @LanceBass and @TyHerndoncom ✌️ http://t.co/N1j3uOBfLR
Retweeted by Lance BassAbout last night... @LanceBass @giggythepom http://t.co/U4pfRCxfOh
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass voice in animated movie Hell & Back w @JenCoolidge #MilaKunis @mrbobodenkirk @NotTJMiller @SusanSarandon http://t.co/8qCAWU3QWF
Retweeted by Lance BassSo excited for #RobertEarlsBeMyGuest marathon tomorrow on @CookingChannel w friends @Karina_Smirnoff @LisaVanderpump @LanceBass @wescraven
Retweeted by Lance BassBe sure to checkout @mikierusso show #mikiesavesthedate on @fyi Sunday's at 12pm ET #equalityPhoto: http://t.co/Bv9XAx2FlaIt looks like Kanye was feeling sick yesterday. Get well soon Yeezy! http://t.co/yjN2VHOxEJ
Retweeted by Lance BassRIP Leonard Nimoy http://t.co/DejeHIZCsP
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Guys! I'm w @LisaVanderpump and we see a giraffe! Everyone else is saying elephant! Back me up here! http://t.co/fOZS7UKcBKOk! Now I only see blue and gold!!! What is this wizardry?! @LisaVanderpump and I are stumped!! http://t.co/7R1pTRyreGICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/w0J3hHA2y1I mean.. I see white and gold ... @MichaelTurchin sees black and blue. Clearly white and gold! Right? What do you se… http://t.co/GiieRSwy09Help students in #Mississippi establishing a #GSA: http://t.co/r9EelkFcsW @LanceBass @BrandonGSA7 @TheFostersABCF http://t.co/U0zm4AUOnG
Retweeted by Lance BassRT @LanceBass: RT @venriquezrios: Help students trying to establish a GSA at their Mississippi (cont) http://t.co/iZ2nAx275qHundreds of thousands of pets die in fires! #doglovers HELP US #RescuePetsFromFires @LisaVanderpump @Andy @LanceBass http://t.co/8CsUETkDS2
Retweeted by Lance BassBe honest who's had the #WalkinOnAir video from @LanceBass on repeat?? Go check it out! https://t.co/Gyj0ruijJr
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass Our news story mentions your #charity work https://t.co/neAT9Yyi2A Pls share!
Retweeted by Lance BassPoisonous chemicals that cause cancer,that's the tar sands, that's #KeystoneXL @green4ema http://t.co/Dz8aJLyi0FICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/Q8gt05FSFo
A man spent over $175k to look like Madonna. That's only $2,349 less than Madonna has spent to look like Madonna.
Retweeted by Lance BassYesterday on air we talked about people taking "Ramen Noodle Baths." Enjoy these pics! http://t.co/RvwiCjmLkM
Retweeted by Lance BassThe always lovely @ChristinaMilian was great on today's show! Check out her show @MilianTurnedUp on E! this Sunday. http://t.co/cCEku59v2J
Retweeted by Lance BassI can't wait to watch @harcules30 and @JonathanRKnight race tonight on #TheAmazingRace CBS 9:30est ! #TeamNewKid http://t.co/nRLwaQRsid@EducateSoFL ❤️❤️❤️Join @MarkRuffalo @_juliannemoore @LanceBass & @willienelson. Co-sign the no KXL unity letter http://t.co/SEbo33HRvw http://t.co/LGBbXlf9OF
Retweeted by Lance BassCanada, it’s time to #BeCrueltyFree, it's time to ban cosmetics animal testing! Take action at http://t.co/dZSI21NUhc http://t.co/iEThYFRfOx
Retweeted by Lance Bass
I love these humans! Thanks for coming to the show @tyleroakley @mametown @toddyrockstar @LanceBass http://t.co/0Rxb9CRxm1
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @JoshuaDtown #EverythingButThe KitchenSync ?@PropertyOfNSYNC si.@michaelturchin and @MirandaSings http://t.co/yvQm8uD83s. @MirandaSings is our queen. Back off haters!!! http://t.co/RxCUKFlF7tLOVE this set of paintings @MichaelTurchin did for the cast of #ParksAndRecreation ! http://t.co/Jsu7f7zS0B http://t.co/vOJc0mt2gPLOVE this set of paintings @MichaelTurchinArt did for the cast of #ParksAndRecreation ! http://t.co/Jsu7f7zS0B http://t.co/CP0SXHVz2rCould I be more excited to see @mirandasings in concert tonight?! @colleenb123Booked my trip to Vegas to see this dude in #RockOfAges ! @realjoeyfatone http://t.co/wCUewXys90#BlackHistoryMonth Langston was the first black man to become a lawyer in Ohio when he passed the Bar in 1854. When … http://t.co/bIcsgq5zkJ.@LanceBass & team having their weekly tea meeting @WSHParkCity. Thx to @WeTravelALT for handling the accommodations! http://t.co/nt1t4dB2Uv
Retweeted by Lance BassAt just age 17 Kylie Jenner is buying a $2.7 million house. What are some things you bought at age 17? We'll read our faves on today's show!
Retweeted by Lance BassHad an awesome time at @DirtyPopLive last week talking with @LanceBass ! Performed #BuriedAlive - check it out!! http://t.co/RDEERl9VGT
Retweeted by Lance Bass
. @LisaVanderpump xoxo can't wait to see these puppies again on #PumpRules tonight!Are you listening to @DirtyPopLive w/ @LanceBass? Turn on @SIRIUSXM Ch 106 to hear the show taped at #elevationgayski Fri!! Gonna be fun!!
Retweeted by Lance BassDon't miss tonight's NEW #PumpRules! @LisaVanderpump & @LanceBass host a puppy adoption for @LuckyPuppyRnR at Pump! http://t.co/DiSPjM5eYK
Retweeted by Lance BassDVR ALERT!! Tonight on #VanderpumpRules @LisaVanderpump teams up w @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin to host a puppy adoption event at PUMP.
Retweeted by Lance BassAt coffee with @LanceBass and he was just congratulated for his great job hosting the Oscars. Can't stop laughing. #NotAllGayPeopleLookAlike
Retweeted by Lance BassCongrats @actuallyNPH and @craigzadan on a job well done! #Oscars@dieg0holland ❤️ICYMI: "What a fun night w @itsshangela and @dillonapowell #ElevationGaySki #AmexPride" http://t.co/v0WxeO3m9W
Very nice @ladygaga ! #JulieAndrews looks amazing! I want her to read me to sleep every night! #Oscars. @Bluizbeauty she was in some CLASSIC films! And she MADE the Oscar red carpetWhy was @joanrivers cut out of the #Oscars ? Oversight or beef? And in other news #JohnLegend and #Common were perfect.Who's winning Best Picture tonight? Grand Budapest Hotel was my favorite w Imitation Game a close second. #Oscars@MajorPhilebrity lol. It means the WORLD to me! 😉@MajorPhilebrity I NEVER said that! That was a misquote from 2007 that has been following me since the day I came out. Sucks!ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/aWIBeZziW6
Go to @YouTube to watch the video of "Bye Bye Bye". Featuring tour footage donated by fans! https://t.co/1gVnfiks7u http://t.co/nrfryI9qeb
Retweeted by Lance BassWe're having our regular weekly tea and staff meeting to discuss next week's shows. http://t.co/4krTERSk9U
Retweeted by Lance Bass
What a fun night w @itsshangela and @dillonapowell #ElevationGaySki #AmexPride http://t.co/qw363AIXeFSo good to catch up w my ole buddy @tyherndoncom !! Love this man! #ElevationGaySki #AmexPride http://t.co/pKJAsltatNLet @elevationgayskiweek begin!!!!!! @itsshangela @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/KAPcY0QqJC. @LanceBass is heading to the BNP Paribas Open! Last year was so much fun! @DirtyPopLive http://t.co/dvbxBBeVm7 http://t.co/p3uvsEIGsa
Retweeted by Lance BassTea time w the hubby on a beautiful snow covered day in Utah #ChristmasInACup #PecanSandies @MichaelTurchin http://t.co/MuHtmqnK5oHey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/qtKb6Z4wP0 http://t.co/0jqtyikDjf@BassTurchNsquad ❤️❤️@emcochran33 ❤️❤️These kids are trying to start a #GSA in their school w heavy opposition. Can you help ? Even $10 goes a long way. http://t.co/y0CIrWRHUvHelp students trying to establish a GSA at their Mississippi high school: http://t.co/mLGVW6U0Ap … via @gofundme
Retweeted by Lance BassThe video for #WalkingOnAir from @LanceBass is out! Hijacked by @FrankieJGrande @MirandaSings @harto & @gracehelbig https://t.co/Gyj0ruijJr
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Well hello Utah!! How cute is my hubby?! http://t.co/0TC5uDIOyM@kellyclinger ❤️❤️Want to make history? Join me & @HRC by signing the People's Brief for #MarriageEquality to #SCOTUS. #LoveCantWait http://t.co/5azCsVqNYS"My husband went to the #SNL40 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!" -@MichaelTurchin http://t.co/duG2h9TVDltowleroad @dotmariejones http://t.co/5mW9t344XK
Photos From Lisa Vanderpump's Surprise Party | The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Photos http://t.co/QKuRux2UtzGreat time in the studio with our new fifth member @lancebass (We're in the market for a blonde lol) & #CheriOteri! http://t.co/DMMhkE15X3
Retweeted by Lance BassCheck out our wedding presents from our friends Matthew and Byron! #Snuggies !!! #HavaNagila http://t.co/uFmeLyQj1VThe @otownofficial boys killed it today on @DirtyPopLive ! #OTOWN http://t.co/txwuaQZhEf@LanceBass And Michael Turchin Recreate 8 Romantic Comedy Covers http://t.co/84ZBiahprt http://t.co/r6xs68cd7D
Retweeted by Lance BassWho wore it better? I love ya, lancebass, but that bow tie on Dingo is so cute!! ;) dingofosterlily http://t.co/n2FO7jb9qO
Retweeted by Lance BassI'm standing with @HRC in support of nationwide #marriageequality. Join me & be a part of history #LoveCantWait http://t.co/qubgfZhMBPWill be on @DirtyPopLive today with my SNL date @LanceBass http://t.co/8pboiqVb9M
Retweeted by Lance Bass.@LanceBass is taking @DirtyPopLive to @ElevationGaySki! @gm_diversity #elevationgayski --> https://t.co/UT8H5zdMfu http://t.co/JbnCtyMohH
Retweeted by Lance BassSo many guests on @DirtyPopLive today!! @LanceBass welcomes @cherioteri today talking #SNL40 plus @OTownOfficial performs! @SIRIUSXM 6pE
Retweeted by Lance Bass
.@PauleyP, @LanceBass, @Vangsness, @calpernia, @KevolutionMusic are letting LGBTQ youth know they are beautiful. http://t.co/Uak4XWLYN5
Retweeted by Lance BassICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/VhiyZ5CcqLT. R. O. U. B. L. E. #SNL40 http://t.co/wDrWMDt2YXAre selfies still a thing? #SNL40 #KerryWashington #PaulRudd #CheriOteri http://t.co/l9vw4TV4hXI'll be on Dirty Pop Live today with @LanceBass on Sirius radio! 3pm PST/6pm EST on Channel 106. Word.
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