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Host Writer Musician Filmmaker Cosmonaut Ravenclaw #LanceLovesMichael airs Feb 5 on E! Catch my talk show on SiriusXM106 LIVE 6-8pm Encore on Stars 109

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I'm honored @LanceBass & @MichaelTurchin let me tell their love story for @peoplemag http://t.co/c2iaxkG66D #LanceMichaelWedding #Getitboys
Retweeted by Lance BassToday I marry the man of my dreams. He makes me smile; he makes my heart melt; he makes me....me. #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/GEaMs7nIcYI've watched this about 10 times already today! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! https://t.co/qcGbtKMt3R Thanks for all the love today. 😘 #LanceLovesMichael
@KellyPrice4Real XoxoxoxoxoxoxoICYMI: "The rings just arrived!! #LanceLovesMichael 2 more sleeps!!!!!" http://t.co/IvFY4gbaj1Is this real life?! Can't believe in one more day I get to call this gorgeous man my husband!!! #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/sBZCLndnIDEXCLUSIVE: @LanceBass shares dets of his relationship with @MichaelTurchin! http://t.co/Pj5AvYYvwB #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/X44AEWdlVv
Retweeted by Lance Bass
EXCLUSIVE: @LanceBass wants his wedding to be the royal wedding meets the Met Ball http://t.co/ZMYGTW1kHJ http://t.co/8sesEZR0jc
Retweeted by Lance BassJeez, Facebook suspended my account and I lost thousands of Instagram followers - all within 2 hours. Hmmmm Hack job? Or policy changes?The rings just arrived!! #LanceLovesMichael 2 more sleeps!!!!! http://t.co/ozNXIp3qBwLoved watching the applications for my #DreamJob! You all had some great show segment ideas for @DirtyPopLive. Good luck to the finalists!
Oh lord! Here we go! Live bachelor party begins now! #SiriusXM 106 I take no responsibility!! Mom don't listen! … http://t.co/odLNnAqpN3Heading to Santa Barbara to do a our walk through of the wedding at the venue!! Ahhhhhh! #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/8tySW0Z8TZI might be a little afraid of today's live bachelor party on @DirtyPopLive ! What the hell is about to go down?! @SiriusXM 106 6-8pm EST#MyBigFatGreekWedding it is! Plus @realjoeyfatone is in it!! Thanks for the suggestions!@Lovxstoned xoxoI want to watch a fun wedding themed movie tonight - need suggestions! Not Runaway Bride! #LanceLovesMichael"Drink your juice Shelby!" My Steel Magnolias moment w my Laurel ,Mississippi girl @OhMeredith at @MavenBeverlyHills http://t.co/1QhAQpXZMG
Catch @MichaelTurchin and me honor @LisaVanderpump tonight on #RHOBH http://t.co/yABOBTC8vp.@LanceBass asks his two best friends to officiate his wedding, and our hearts melt. http://t.co/kuOrMiVGS3 http://t.co/9jDttTFQQz
Retweeted by Lance BassICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/qyAEQ0dcE9#HappyChanukah to my lovely Jewish people!! Xoxo http://t.co/mq4UHK5YJjCalling all singers! Share your voice, unlock $1 for @UNICEF to help a kid this holiday season. #EVERYVOICECOUNTS http://t.co/SipXiDzL054 MORE DAYS until I make this man my husband!!! I've never been more in love!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/cpLhzJyMuVIt's. About. To Go. Down! Can't wait to get married by my girls @JamieLSigler and @JoAnnaLGarcia ! … http://t.co/UPXzVBTylt
#PumpRulesWe just received some really cute mice grooms!! #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/72yrATsKnxPLS RT Let's get this viewed by @RyanSeacrest @LanceBass http://t.co/KypXrADAwZ I thnk they'll LOVE their fellow GA/MS native's makng hits!
Retweeted by Lance BassTried out @homebabysitting 's trick w your Halloween pumpkins into Xmas pumpkins from #WendysWorld on @DirtyPopLive http://t.co/e90JJtO3eTPondering about my last few days as a bachelor. 5 more days!!! Ahhhhhhh #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/CJMZtG0dYA
Vote here for our new @dirtypoplive writer! http://t.co/EpIlAp2JNbFew hours left! #vote 4 me please! Applied 4 a job w/ @LanceBass through @DreamJobbing #dreamjob #writer #help http://t.co/JYHmhq7ije
Retweeted by Lance BassOne day left! @LanceBass @DreamJobbing @DirtyPopLive #lancebass #dreamjobbing http://t.co/sCBOdX4Xkc
Retweeted by Lance BassHi friends! Just applied to work for @LanceBass as a writer for @DirtyPopLive!!! PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR ME http://t.co/4l9WrQvNmF
Retweeted by Lance BassSeven hours left to vote! Please vote for me! @LanceBass @DreamJobbing @DirtyPopLive #lancebass #dreamjobbing http://t.co/BeLWS9yE9G
Retweeted by Lance BassLast day to vote for me to work with @LanceBass! http://t.co/WSraVg5smw #lancebass #dirtypop #dreamjob
Retweeted by Lance BassI wanna write for @LanceBass's radio show & I need you 2 vote for me. Watch my @DreamJobbing video, and please vote http://t.co/A6oXSqG1cx
Retweeted by Lance Bass@Just_Abbey fun!!
WHO CREW! Watch me cover my love @ArianaGrande's "Love Me Harder" from the @billboard #WomenInMusic Awards HERE: http://t.co/2Ua0ISH9Fx
Retweeted by Lance BassI'm sorry for what I'm about to do Mr. Gingerbread Man #SweetButterCafe @SweetButterLA http://t.co/E8TxKM03YxTonight on #LMN - don't miss my Goddaughter Genevieve's television debut ! 6 and 10pm tonight! #SoProudhttp://t.co/egBxig7z8gHappy 12-13-14 ! http://t.co/d63O9hNCcLCheck out my Goddaughters "Mean Girls inspired Xmas dance outfit" for class. She's big in fashion http://t.co/yUV11FtlkZ.@LanceBass is counting down the Top 30 hits from 2000 on @SXMPop2K #Pop2Kountdown!! Wonder what #NSYNC song is gonna be played? Tune In NOW
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#Vegas2LA My cover story for @Vegas2LAMag is out! http://t.co/SkjQ6qO1Um@Jenoviaaa thanks for being so sweet@alliesissons xoxo.@LanceBass get latest issue of our magazine! Lookin sharp and this is what the storm brought #SoCalLife #SoCalStorm http://t.co/IHZt4FLSVF
Retweeted by Lance BassLance Bass looking great on the cover of Vegas 2 LA Magazine this month @vegas2lamag @lancebass #NSYNC #LanceBass We…https://t.co/n25PhoPzkU
Retweeted by Lance Bass@AlanSemsar Lance Bass looking great on the cover of @vegas2lamag @lancebass Wedding & Debut Single http://t.co/ODdozKXBMs
Retweeted by Lance BassYour @DirtyPopLive #countdown for the week! http://t.co/w1DQMFYKyJSo much fun w @itsmeleighton today on @DirtyPopLive ! Catch the replay tonight to hear her beautiful voice! http://t.co/15rcv7mv8iI'm sitting next to @itsmeleighton. Tune into @siriusxm ch 106 right now to hear my excitement on @dirtypoplive with @lancebass!
Retweeted by Lance BassToday on @DirtyPopLive - @ItsMeLeighton ! She will be performing LIVE too! Countdown starts in hour 2! @siriusxm 106… http://t.co/k1FF9LXw0I
Have a 2014 plan? Take action – keep or change your plan by December 15 at http://t.co/i2CamougUF #GetCovered #4DaysLeft
We just got some great pictures from @LanceBass's surprise bachelor party. Fun and sexy. http://t.co/gF3xaewpQB
Retweeted by Lance BassLance Bass, Michael Turchin Celebrate Mardi Gras-Themed Bachelor Party -- See the Wild Pics ! http://t.co/UL2RQVw1O0Lance Bass, Fiance Michael Turchin Celebrate Mardi Gras-Themed Bachelor Party http://t.co/fLmCmQYNxG via @usweeklyI mean ! #BachelorParty #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/t9QJCu0ClzSo THIS happened last night. #LanceLovesMichael #BachelorParty 10 more sleeps until I'm a married man! http://t.co/6kVuVtpQfFHEYO! Inside @LanceBass's surprise penis-themed bachelor party: http://t.co/VEbj0oOPOP http://t.co/DIR9si7b2G
Retweeted by Lance BassXoxo! RT @RealRobertEarl: Loved seeing @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin yesterday @bucadibeppo (cont) http://t.co/vSzZcsoOWpLance Bass Is Looking For You To Experience The Best Dream Job Ever http://t.co/OjgnIsJR59 via @HollywoodLife
Enjoying some penises with @LanceBass at his Bachelor party! #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/ddmMTEqlwr
Retweeted by Lance Bass#MaryAnnMobley #MissMississippi #MissAmerica http://t.co/QKO6XT5Mo1A Mississippi legend has passed. She was super sweet and one of a kind! http://t.co/ZMHxzCEiaiLance Bass and Michael Turchin to Marry on TV http://t.co/9fp5eIBx90 via @PeopleMagLance Bass Confirms 'N Sync Wedding Reunion: "Of Course the Boys Are Going"—But Find Out Who Has to Miss! http://t.co/w5APlLTdC3We can finally announce - FEB 5th! #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/tYNr8wgGNZ Hope you can make it!Did you hear the latest wedding talk?! @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin https://t.co/lJf3tZO2y1
Retweeted by Lance Bass
#PumpRulesICYMI: "Go #Dolphins!!" http://t.co/KP17JVc102Be a writer for @LanceBass! Click the link to upload a short video & tell your friends to vote for your application! http://t.co/ZpXoRUryOx
Retweeted by Lance BassHave an extra room you don't know what to do with? Forget a gym , just add these! #1Hotel http://t.co/mhXRy60uCD@RyeTheNewsGuy Happy Birthday!Oh no! Our favorite puppy adoption place , #LuckyPuppy , is getting evicted! Read here on how to help- https://t.co/BbXOOu0sFVI need these hanging off my back porch ! http://t.co/mcuTwhiFcTEat your heart out @macklemore ! #FauxFurFridays #FunFleaMarketFinds #Alliteration @MichaelTurchin #ArtBasel http://t.co/NTHlal8HGWBest #ShortRibs ! #Shikany #Miami http://t.co/877IV0jbg9
Wanna see what @lancebass & I did in Miami? Here's a sneak peak!Oh and watch #NEWNOWNEXT awards on @LogoTV tonight! http://t.co/738JNhHknI
Retweeted by Lance BassGo #Dolphins!! http://t.co/FrbGEv9eOS
ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/y3v5TwKv8AApplied for a #writing job @LanceBass #radio show @DirtyPopLive! #Vote for me. Thanks!! http://t.co/JXhrpHetKd #siriusxm #popculture #nsync
Retweeted by Lance BassREMINDER! Me, @JessieJ, @DarrenCriss, @LanceBass, @tyleroakley & more peeps TOMORROW @LogoTV's #NNNAwards! 8pm/7c http://t.co/eQh6jh5kQy
Retweeted by Lance BassN.J. teacher and activist, @NicholasFerroni named People Mag's 'Sexiest Teacher Alive' http://t.co/axGIcbqrB8 via @njdotcomTurchin - Bass sounds sooo much better than these!! Thank God! http://t.co/SuM4PVLhPZ @michaelturchin.@LanceBass hosts #Pop2Kountdown on @SXMPop2K starting at 11aEst. Wonder what year he's counting down the top hits from?
Retweeted by Lance Bass
Your @DirtyPopLive playlist for the weekend! Enjoy! http://t.co/9LBP6D8bs1PLAYING NOW: Burning Up by @JessieJ #5 on @DirtyPopLive @siriusxm 106That time @LanceBass resurrected 'I Want You Back' with @bettywhomusic: http://t.co/OXsgum80a0 Watch it go down Sun. 12/7 8pm ET on @LogoTV
Retweeted by Lance BassDon't miss the #NNNAwards this Sunday, 12/7 at 8/7c on @LogoTV. You might see a familiar face! ;). @jr88freak go for it! No one will respond to us from I Rig. @Jezi_Belle oh no. This is the 2000s my dearSeriously though.... WTF?! JC just reminded me WE actually helped design these!!! I need a time out. http://t.co/fi9iPGliNVIt's @lancebass in a box. Exploring the views at new @1SOUTHBEACH. #artbasel http://t.co/T23yNIgJmK
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @Socalmama they couldn't get the Audio off the files on I rig. So bummed! Terrible app!VOTE for #BESTOFTHEWEEK! @BettyWho @CarrieUnderwood or @LanceBass?? Tweet us your choice now! https://t.co/J5Qacn1OTI
Retweeted by Lance Bass@evinonearth can't wait to hear it blasted all over the air waves!Now it's tiiiime to say goodbyyyye to all our company........ #WhiskeySlap ranceypants @dirtypoplive http://t.co/MmZq4lkphMThanks to @ranceypants for co hosting this week on @DirtyPopLive ! What a good dude and a FUN week!! #BB16 #Zankie http://t.co/ypEnLfPQMG
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