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Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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Not that some of you care, but Mike Pence was elected w/only 49.67% of the vote http://t.co/AWuu3N1NuV@txvoodoo and Fox News has Shepard SmithAll these people who profess to 'despise' Justin Bieber, giving him exactly what he wants...If buzzfeed is 'the future of journalism', then I weep for journalism https://t.co/nwzqBJLXnxReminder: TV networks (cable & over the air) don't care if you're *hate watching*, only that you're watching@Karoli ...and let's also not pretend it hasn't been a staple of print, network & cable news for decadesWondering how many people cheering #GoingClear are outraged enough to skip the latest Tom Cruise film/ego trip?@Green_Footballs their blatant lies just proves they know they're on the wrong side of realityLOL RT @JeremyinAustin: Photo: ***tears*** lol http://t.co/3S5kD8bTRB@thewayoftheid while you're at it, ask why Two Broke Girls is still on the air@NerdyWonka "I'm not actually presidential material, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express"- @marcorubio@owillis Cross-Filed under: 'Delusions of Grandeur', 'Delusions of Relevance' & 'The Stupid It Burns' http://t.co/c4nuuiO5oM@beardedstoner #TheAckbarRule http://t.co/XiOIEQ82A7@eclecticbrotha @justsanaa http://t.co/wgUI9LPHBoAs you read @GovPenceIN TL about Indiana's "values" & "hospitality", consider this http://t.co/4lnZTxREVAOh, really? http://t.co/4lnZTxREVA RT @GovPenceIN hospitality & character of Hoosiers are synonymous w/everything that is good about AmericaThe excuse given by most lawmakers who voted for #RFRA seems to be "we're shocked; we thought everybody hated the gays as much as we did".
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@rolling_2 If you do a google search you *should* be able to read the entirety of pence's BULLSHIT http://t.co/f5LhPyOifM@Mr_Electrico @bluegal Time to get out your *teeny tiny* violins for poor andrew sullivan http://t.co/t1Cj9rf6VJShorter Dave Weigel: “I’m not reporting the rumor, I’m reporting *about* the rumor”. #LameAssExcuseFiled under: “The Stupid It Burns” http://t.co/2NViaeejQa #NotJournalismBloomberg: “Whoa if true” isn’t journalism. It’s fiction. You’re not supposed to treat that as if it’s true. http://t.co/Nx8AwkHBNv
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@GlennF becoming Jobs was more explanatory than accusatory. It didn't shirk from the negative but also tried to give background@GlennF I liked it much better than Isaacson's. I thought Isaacson's was rushed & needed another edit.@GlennF ✋finished it Thursday night
@monicaisliberal almost busted my TV when they had the damn roach crawl across the screen.RT @tim_cook: There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country. http://t.co/MJu2j1heRO@rolling_2 'Walk it off" #DadCureAllBravo @tim_cook http://t.co/7rNkmP85X8@rolling_2 https://t.co/V3S8tEoJff #AppleApple CEO out with Washington Post op-ed calling on business community to speak out against "religious freedom" bills http://t.co/XVmlK5yZo1
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@rolling_2 Outside...BAD!!....Inside...Good!Scary news:This week saw a heat wave in Antarctica, a record 63+F was hit. Here: Base Station via @underground. http://t.co/41t6R8HwCl
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia60 min into film: Bad guy throws cat off 15 story roof to terrorize victim End of film: bad guy thrown off same roof & cat walks past@rolling_2 nothing against the player, but I loathe Calipari@rolling_2 everything wrong about college sports http://t.co/Mim68x36Ww@rolling_2 Not Calipari..@rolling_2 Have you gotten around to reading 'Becoming Steve Jobs'?Good piece but the reality is this has been the nature of MTP since Russert http://t.co/DOXcyIw2g4@GlennF the numerous 'MacWorld' usages were twitch inducing too@beardedstoner @scATX http://t.co/6CH3f4Zt6d@txvoodoo https://t.co/vVrqqHfMwL@SandaBlue @Shoq he'll let us know after the purple dinosaurs stop dancing to Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" on his patio@darth @MeDomo2001 HAL-9000: All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landing there. Use them together. Use them in peace.@childfreediva for the LOL http://t.co/O6kSmmRh2M.@edmondsonm Good job calling out @PoliticoKevin, but being at Politico means never having to admit you’re wrongBehold the hackery of Politico https://t.co/hmLjNY9eJ2Dear Politico: Pence refused to answer whether it would be legal for a baker to discriminate.. #PoliticoHackery http://t.co/6vgb2B3bIePolitico’s coverage of Pence http://t.co/lDdFKzx2lB Tell me again about his career being ‘over’ http://t.co/t6Bg0ybbKt#projecting RT @paeznyc: GOP’s Carly Fiorina: Economy is suffering because workers are ‘watching porn all day long’ http://t.co/6dNgJ1vORh…and that’s how far our politics have gone down: Supporting bigotry is fine, just don’t do it badly, on TVIf Pence’s political career is ‘over’, it isn’t b/c he defended a terrible bigoted law, it’ll be b/c he did it poorly...on TV@Shoq graham cracker grit?@Shoq Apple announced a new keyboard switch design at the last event https://t.co/xDgdQcfu9JOh really? http://t.co/4lnZTxREVA @thehill: Indiana governor: 'Hoosiers don’t believe in discrimination'Good response from WH Press Sec http://t.co/cOZt5r6azN http://t.co/oGxgO3EXlLIN Gov Mike Pence claims ‘Hoosiers don’t believe in discrimination’..Oh really? http://t.co/axatPU2MffAs co-sponsor of a bill to outlaw gay marriage Mike Pence could easily clarify The Religious Freedom Act: "Look at my record, I'm a bigot."
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaLooks like O’Malley is trying out the Jim Webb strategy of attacking both Pres Obama & HRC http://t.co/3PrZ5iwiHe@Shoq Go to https://t.co/3nn3XCd0xC They have excellent guides to repair issuesPence: ‘Tolerance is a 2 way street’ Translated: You have to tolerate my bigotry. Now go back to your closet http://t.co/DKFTdjAifV
@scATX Wonder if OU & Stoops are now having 2nd thought about their Missouri transfer? http://t.co/POCGaRSbLOListening to The Incomparable #240: Pooping Aliens https://t.co/zAU5eWmNbK ...Ice Pirates was such a ridiculous 80's bad film@scATX and apparently the women at the university are not 'worthy' of a chance too not being assaulted@MattMurph24 I'm hoping Shaka Smart gets the call to coach for Texas“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” ― Mahatma Gandhi@Liberalibrarian MGM & Caesars properties will be going lights out http://t.co/FqELrA1nQe@EdgeofSports Brawndo, it's got what plants crave@jesseberney sometimes you just gotta let things burnI prefer 'Go, NOT calapari!' RT @jkfecke: I can't believe I'm saying this, but come on, Notre Dame!The West Wing explains Indiana http://t.co/LONtNTZBfvFiled under: Why I stopped betting on sports http://t.co/mh1CaWjy2E@Shoq SHUT UP AND KEEP WATCHING!* *™ @thejoshuablog@Veronica So Comcast is now running TSA?@QueenofSpain For the LOLs https://t.co/J4LZQgnFG0@esposa_de_oliva @ScottyBurberry can't tell; did mommy forget to wipe the chocolate milk or is that supposed to be a *mustache*?@owillis Saw 1-4 are on Netflix #OrSoImTold@owillis Netflix: For shame watching films you'd never want to admit watching@tiffanyarment maybe you can ask them to serve your drinks in a sippy cup, will that help?@QueenofSpain no one has ever accused you of being "arts & crafty"...but you are an excellent mom1 more, always 1 more RT @WittySassBasket: Anyone know how many gummy bears constitute a serving of fruit? Is it 25? I think it's 25.the James Carville, Paul Begala & @GStephanopoulos of "The War Room" would be ashamed of they've become...#DCPunditHacks.@WillMcAvoyACN my issue w/@GStephanopoulos: he's so afraid of being accused of 'liberal bias" he bends over backwards for repubs/consFrom one *professional tumor* to another https://t.co/Z052iLcn5w #PotKettle@monicaisliberal another LOL for you & dadisliberal http://t.co/COakhBWGcQ@Ihnatko @flargh hoping you all all get the snow thing worked out before I move there in 18 months@scottjohnson PROTEIN!Reminder: SCOTUS denied ‘religious freedom’ argument when it involve non-Christians https://t.co/qQa2I6GRK0@bpicampus @LibertyBelleJ Well, actually https://t.co/qQa2I6GRK0@Gus_802 Mom was 1st gen German :)@Gus_802 <side eye> #TeamSauerkrautRemember the Presto Hot Dog cooker? #ImOld http://t.co/DySLJkpdZ0So if I move to Massachusetts, do I have to pretend to care about hockey?@Gus_802 Someone should send them definition of ‘intent'; impressing your girlfriend & undermining national security are not “equal”@sherifffruitfly @Kennymack1971 @Smartypants60 “the Senate” has always put protecting their institution above their constituentsTIL: people non-ironically read and believe Jeff Gerth & Sam Biddle@sherifffruitfly I’ve been hoping ‘younger’ Senators, Franken, Warren, Klobuchar, Gilibrand, Brown, Murray & Baldwin would step up@rolling_2 @ColMorrisDavis …and blames his behavior on cough syrup. #ThePartyOfPersonalResponsibility@debrahendrix nope, it originates from ‘national report’, which is a parody/satire news site@sherifffruitfly 1st game is 3pm (correct coast time)
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