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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The Twilight Hours, & MD of Wits Radio Show

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Twin Cities man in hot water over Twitter image of Obama in noose http://t.co/uhwnKTH5Bv via @startribune ugh. This guy is from Minne. ShameIs it worth it to be born into misery, & die alone for that brief chance to love? No. It's exactly the same as never being born. Enjoy Arbys
Retweeted by John MunsonTonight @JoesPub we explore the proposition: in every good song lies latent a great samba. Please discuss @bernardsumner @peterhook
Retweeted by John Munson@ChrisVanDeusen @wits @winnerbowzer do it! Fitz is awes.In which @JimBessman writes a lovely remembrance of the great Bruce Lundvall of @bluenoterecords http://t.co/EMHAEv26pS
Retweeted by John Munson@newstandards tonight at @JoesPub New York. 7:30 show so you can still make it to the beach house afterwards.@billchilds nope. Enjoy!
Check the list of former residents at the groovy upper west side bldg http://t.co/RPXV0oDNbw@abywolf I was sad to have to dash before you sang for I'm certain that was the loveliest moment of the night.To wear the crazy homemade costume or not. That is the question tonight.
@broglund we adopted our first foster. It happens pretty often I think.@broglund we are fostering dogs. Sort of great. You get to meet and look after dogs and help find families or people that will love themSort of hate that teams from Anaheim and Tampa Bay are this good at hockey.
"'Guys, I need you!!' He screamed silently" #mostminnesotan
After only two days of donations...two more days to go! Monday & Tuesday (between 8 am-8 pm) we NEED A LOT OF HELP... http://t.co/0VBpwyFYn6
Retweeted by John Munson@jbjohnbender These are VERY classy fish.@TheSuburbsBand the twitter handle for this assemblage is @newstandards FYI. Love ya, baby!!@TheSuburbsBand that is @Roehmeo you're referring to, right?Just spent 150.00 plus on fine cheeses and cured meats for the big fishing trip this weekend. Times have changed. Gourmet Shack.@hansbuetow @mikefotis there she is again!! Oh lord!!! Using her poetic voice like a weapon!!If you dig @TheSuburbsBand come see Chan with fab @munsongs and Steveio May 22 in NYC!
Retweeted by John MunsonCannot get @mikefotis Cat Fancy poetry lady voice out of my head. #wits
@peekay622 guess I'll have to make my millions down here, then settle down in gods country.
Some days are just better than others. Don't take personally other days. It's probably not you. It's me.@AliLozoff @coreyschreppel @HarMarSuperstar I can't get the new song out of my head. "How Will I Get Through The Day?" (-;@coreyschreppel @HarMarSuperstar @wits Coooorrrrry!!! *delivered in voice of Colonel Klink*...frame. But @HarMarSuperstar 's charisma and commitment to purpose are undeniable. He is all in on getting it out and into the room.Thoughts on @HarMarSuperstar last night on @wits. His powerful, soulful voice is all the more surprising when it comes out of his compact...
There it is! Dandelion Wine. And you can try it if you come to #MMCPotluck http://t.co/DCB8LptYXB@mollypriesmeyer @lowtheband @haleybonar @UndlinWolfe @chriskoza @TwilightHours see what I'm saying? 1501 E Hennepin 6:30Retweet to urge Senator @AmyKlobuchar to protect the streams that help supply drinking water to 979,000 Minnesotans. http://t.co/n0DPvLasqH
Retweeted by John MunsonTonight 6:30 at 1501 E Hennepin @lowtheband @haleybonar @UndlinWolfe @chriskoza @TwilightHours if you can't get up for that you are dead
Don't want anyone to actually hurt him, but would someone please staple Patrick Kane's stupid smile to the boards? #mnwild
@mnwild The main change I'd like to see is guys treating the puck like gold rather than turning it over.And of course, "playing their game."@JakeRudh @DakotaJazzClub @TheEnglishBeat How many original members?
@MacMerge @SaturnBham I thought you were going say "at The Nick!" And I was gonna advise you to be wary of knife play.Well. You can't turn the puck over like that and have any hope against a good team.@charleslaughlin I don't know enough to do it for real. Unfortunately. And I'd be terribly biased.Drifting through the neutral zone and Kane makes them pay. Blah.Oduya totally tried to (and did) injure as he went into the boards. Lame vicious play. #NHL should review and fine.How is that not a trip?!! #mnwild
There is just something about SPRING in places where we must cover ourselves heavily to survive winter. We love it more than you.We return to @JoesPub May 22nd. First time there in years. So excited! Get your tickets. Tell your pals.
Retweeted by John Munson
People of #wits you must pay close attention to the show. But if you scream randomly when @mnwild score I will not mind.@mnwild go get em guys. Should be some beautiful hockey this series.
@portablephiloso @GregStarChaos @DanWilsonMusic hear from many musicians now how much the band meant to them growing up. #feelsstrangelyfine
Have dinner w/@haleybonar, @chriskoza, @munsongs & Alan Sparhawk of @lowtheband at 5/7 Rock 'n' Roll Potluck! http://t.co/9Pcbwtalqu
Retweeted by John Munson
@nellie_mckay tonight at @DakotaJazzClub great music!Extreme anxiety setting in as #mnwild begin the third. I get a full bun workout as I sit on this couch. Oh, the clenching!I think we should dub Spurgeon D'Artagnan if he keeps on with his musketeers beard and stache. #mnwildJames Bohn does throw down quite righteously. It needs to be said.DROP THE PUCK BEFORE I LOSE MY MiND! #mnwildWhich @mnwild will show up today? Dying of curiosity.Old ways at The Masonic Temple in Winona. http://t.co/O4tvufGRJn@fluteswedie @chriskoza I appreciate your umlauts. Is that a post Lindström development?The Masonic Temple in Winona is overflowing with good vibes courtesy of @thebrassmessengers The room is magical anyway.
@LucyMichelle @MWMusicFest @chriskoza @richardmedek getting an early start there, eh? See ya tonight.@halvorson I know that feeling. It's a poor substitute. But something.@RandBall yes, I suppose but analytics only explain so much. I believe he will seize the moment.@RandBall the unworthiness of Dubnyk at the end of the season ones. Love ya buddy, and read you always! But glad he rebounded strong.Where are your theories now @RandBall ? 🔥🔥🔥How can that not be called? Elbow to the face? #mnwildWild Blues 1-1 after 1. Dubnyk looks much more like himself. Rest of the squad are energetic and in touch with one another. Phew.@weninchina that will have to do tonight. #useyourhead
Great chance to cozy with some schnitzels, beers and AMAZING music, if I do say so myself. Also @UndlinWolfe NEW! https://t.co/TZiXzv20gG@donnelly612 @richardmedek @winnerbowzer @hoganhere Turn that frown upside down! Full Neko band experience will leave you smiling I reckon.@hoganhere @NekoCase My tears are all man and much more pathetic. Have a ball!! I know you will.@winnerbowzer Not afraid to use it out there I guess. Unlike MN. Where you are always afraid to use it. Because what would they think?All I have to say is that every single guy in Bon Jovi has perfect lite metal hair. Was one of the guys a hair stylist? I think so.@paper_sleeves I'm sure you are right... of course I wouldn't know. About the vaping part at least.@vita_mn @holaarepa @foodandwine LOVE IT! Congrats guys!!I am sad that I don't get to have play time with @NekoCase @hoganhere and the rest tonight. Big salty man tears in Mpls. Next time!@zenwheel I remember when I was small we rolled up pine needles in newspaper and smoked it. That was weirder than vaping.Everybody should do what they want and shit... But vaping is just weird. Weirder than smoking. Which is weird enough.
@jonbream I might submit myself to hours on hot asphalt for that bill. One of the best I can recall.@ganzmoby everything's coming up roses!@ganzmoby I hope you are not watching the hockey atrocity occurring in St Paul tonight. Not strangely fine. Or otherwise.
@johnmoe but did you BELIEVE them? Cc @PhilSolem@DanWilsonMusic damn... Well Bath sounds pretty fun. @newstandards miss you though and same here.
On sale now! @ThrillingAdv presents Beyond Belief w/ @PFTompkins & @pagetpaget at @BellHouseNY SAT 10/10 Tickets: http://t.co/DnEjgz4AQV
Retweeted by John Munson@mikefotis you are like a Taoist monk with his precious seed. You save your loudness for when it counts.@mikefotis which one are you?Chan's getting to get all Rick Wakeman on this shit! http://t.co/EmOUOAzN1WWorking on a New Standards record and thinking abt @DanWilsonMusic where are you dan?Great restraint shown by @mnwild but reward is NOTHING from these officials. What a joke.@mnwild playing their game. Not taking the bait and just outskating bruising @StLouisBlues squad
@FromTheBarn her whole M.O.@FromTheBarn that's what I'm saying now. What do you put the odds at?@FromTheBarn http://t.co/Dmp3BaTfAZFoster puppy arrives. Chaos ensues.
@kryssypease @johnmoe that sounds rather punishing. I love Elliot Smith. But... You know. Sort of... Makes me sad.Over at my house the music is all Zumba all the time. So The Grateful Dead might be a welcome respite. cc @kryssypease & @johnmoe@johnmoe @kryssypease @thewombatt loopiness personified. A few great tunes though. And American as all get out.The dogs love me. But in their eyes it is always, "where is she?" Can't feel bad to be number two.@ACNewman oh okay. You are right.@ACNewman Pepper not my fave but Goofy Greats? Nope. White Album is that.@ACNewman I think that is crazy talk. Tho I appreciate your inflammatory declaration. Also: imagine w/ Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane on!
@AliLozoff @leahgaraas buy and give it as a gift to me! My copy is toast.@StLouisBlues so easy to hate.@1500ESPNJudd @612ASKDAVE it feels good to start the game completely enraged by scheduling nitwits.
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