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Dear @Techmeme this one actually is smart, succinct & contextual. Others are press release rehashes. Thanks @Yankees We are doing just fine. Even with CCThat @Yankees are not shopping away their farm system for rentals is oddly satisfying as a fan who wants stars that are young & homegrown@rabois @hunterwalk i was going to say something but then realized i am one of the tribe.@sacca @crystale @kevin @yobetts @photomatt you guys totally should periscope that session.@ThufirHawat congrats amigo.@sacca @crystale @kevin @yobetts glad you are confessing yourself. I don't see any point in hiding what you have done for bourbonI am sure the truth about your bourbon appreciation will come out. I am on the case now. is it all that takes these days? I remember when you needed some artisanal bourbon to be this chipper. is called being inventive. you seem chipper.The only Uber of anything is Uber -- good piece @sarahcuda via @pandodaily"I am an adjunct professor who teaches five classes. I earn less than a pet-sitter" Heart breaking! and Its iPhone Money Machine @massimobottura the chef did the talking - I was standing there mesmerized. But thank you for your kind words.Folks, I am not reporting a Hamels deal to Giants. Fake account. Pay attention. Look for the blue check mark.
Retweeted by Om MalikIt's going to be funny when the real Ken Rosenthal breaks a Hamels-to-San Francisco trade in 20 minutes or something.
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A (video of a ) chat with amazing Italian chef Massimo Bottura (@massimobottura)"My phone shoots better than what my $1,000 camera did in 2003" @colerise #shotwithiPhone6's mission to organize the world's non-meat cheeseburgers setback after couldn't buy meat substitute company
Retweeted by Om MalikHow one magazine spent 6 months and untold resources creating a feature that artfully condemns a rapist, summed up by Vox for clicks.
Retweeted by Om MalikJust the latest in a long, proud tradition of "Google+ is dead" posts. Still wrong. Have to be using it to get it.
Retweeted by Om MalikHeavy traffic on the waterway across from my home #timelapse #hyperlapse #water #bayarea #sea #ships # is Google+ dead or not? " Google is dropping its Google+ requirement across all products, starting with YouTube" lime ginger lemon agave cold pressed juice@edzitron Maybe! maybe not! That said, I am feeling awfully chippy this morning so there is that.Hugh MacLeod connects the dots is this the best recruitment ad for @microsoft or what! #winning
Happy birthday @mattbuchanan hope you have a great day.
Nice scoop by @emilychangtv "Square Said to File Confidentially for Initial Public Offering" excited for @jack + team@TonyaHallRadio I would love to be back :)Comcast wants next-gen video content so very likely they want @buzzfeed @vice & not others, this is what good reporting is supposed to do. I assume you are using a MacBook or an iPad or iPhone to access the Internet? So ....@tommasomelani of course :)For past 12 months $AMZN stock is up 55 percent, easily outpacing $AAPL, $FB, $GOOG it's peers on the new "Four Horsemen of Internet" list.
BBC News - Ghantewala: Why did Delhi's 'oldest sweet shop' shut down? #damnApple and Its iPhone Money Machine - a quick look at $AAPL profits and #iPhone sales's new email app SEND is a good was to innovate on top of its email platforms. I also like TL:DR on Google to sell FT Group to Nikkei Inc. - this seems like a good deal all around. Nikkei are good employers. Pearson has decided to sell FT, announcement due shortly - source:
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Apple disables App Store reviews from devices running iOS 9 -
Retweeted by Om Malik"Diving into the world of the dead" is a poignantly sad story about love, family & tragedy
Inception complete harsh (and accurate) piece about cricket's Donald Trump prefer baseball anyway Surface (tablet) is now a $888 million business. $MSFT #interesting@mikeeisenberg @shervin @Uber he is not stopping Uber. He is putting a curb on new uber for a year. (Which by the way I don't agree with.)@mikeeisenberg @shervin @Uber disingenuous comment mike. uber is still working. he has stopped new ubers. which is different.Hey @twitter what is the logic of removing the backgrounds from profiles. Do a tweetstorm & tell us the reasons. cc @kevinweil #seriouslyIn my view @ajitbelani you never bet against @elonmusk (and that includes a very @BoredElonMusk )Harsh! UBS Research is downgrading $TSLA to sell as they "expect both storage & auto volume growth to disappoint." @howardlindzon what is that trillion dollar curse you talk about? @Cisco GE... and Executives
Retweeted by Om MalikI read this car hacking story in @wired as proof that enterprise reporting will always be valuable & needed they laugh @JohnLegere & then they lose revenue. @VerizonWireless service revenues declined 2.2% in q2 vs 0.4% fall in 1Q. #pricewarDear Mr. Trump: I'm worth $10 billion, too. via @timobrien #DonaldTrump
Tennis icon @serenawilliams helped design the NikeCourt Flares, a new shoe. Very minimalist! studio @Fuseproject has worked on @nest rival, the new Hive Active Heating thermostat for British Gas., at one time my favorite recommendation engine, is pivoting to become a B2B intelligence and filtering app:
Retweeted by Om Malik@charlesfitz lol@sebastiaanhooft you are conflating issues. Those are free services. We pay for the movies. Ads in movies are evil.@sebastiaanhooft @Lefsetz since neither you nor I are young we can't really speak about that 😜America now knows what I have always known. @sacca is a shark in a tank. When on the web, he will attack am the surfers.LVMH will launch a rival product to Apple Watch says Jean-Claude Biver President of the LVMH Watch Division. I disagree on the capping for the year part. I don't think that is ultimately in the end customer interest.Good piece @mattbuchanan Point to make: this study should not take more than 30 days. A year is too long & BS @Lefsetz they charge a whole lot already so ads are an affront & basically amounts to double-dipping @twice that would be SO wrong. Ugh.With so much good stuff to read @UpshotNYT has a better & relevant front page than @nytimes not to mention @voxdotcom or @FiveThirtyEightIn his review of Trainwreck, @Lefsetz let's it rip! I used to be @evernote hardcore user. Haven't touched it in a year. Product doesn't know what it stands for anymore.600 terabytes of #MongoDB data publicly exposed on the internet #datanews #delphix #cybersecurity @graemeburton
Retweeted by Om MalikExcellent move. Twice was amazing service to use when I was de-cluttering earlier this year. Verge is just an elaborate piece of performance art
Retweeted by Om MalikMy notes & quotes from a talk @arksf by industrial designer Sam Hecht of @industrialfacil Quietly Launches A New “Video Texting” Mobile Messaging App On iTunes via @techcrunchHappy birthday @monteiro you are younger than me but look much older. Jokes aside, have a great day. And Internet does love you. No Really!Do We Need A New Word For Entrepreneur? Asks Brad Feld aka @feld's ingenious new zipper helps people with disabilities via @tfadell
Craziest sports TV moment ever? RT @FOXSports: Surfer fights off shark attack on live TV.
Retweeted by Om Malik@MarginsMatter wrong example/argument. Airlines facing price fixing charges that are being investigated by various agencies, article saysIn US, Airfare is actually unfair! "It's not your imagination: Airline prices are rising" reports @mashable #travel
.@Instagram Hires Former Lucky Magazine Editor as Fashion Liaison - Variety I had thought @pinterest would be the one who hire Eva Chen.@kottke damn - made my weekend :)Boeing Warns on Flying Bulk Cargoes of Lithium Batteries. They pose un­ac­cept­able fire haz­ards - @wsj reports! technical jargon in your entrepreneurial pitch. Instead, describe the value you will create for customers.
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In praise of expensive loafers from @acontinouslean via #fashion #shoes this mean you won't support democrats in this election cycle? that is some serious money hit 2 Clinton campaign, Uber & the future of work. Amazing how little politicians grasp real world & are reactive at poll-time. I am sure you are going to be amazing.... glass to mouth to mind - there is always miscommunication.@JasonHirschhorn hangover?22 minutes to go from 2nd to 12th street via Brannan St. Thanks to construction related blockages. How much does building lobby pay SF Govt@laurfleisch somebody will be in touch ASAP - your tweet has been forwarded to the company.
This is a strong editorial piece by Charlie - I wish more were this clear and crisp in taking a stand on issues. first place in AL East. I think we are fine ;-)@tomkrazit On Yankees, Hitting Coach has an impact. On Mets, not so much.Don't disagree. I think there were so many positives at the company, and to see it be reactive was disappointing I wrote earlier, Twitter lost the plot. Makes sense to change direction. Net positive. piece tl:dr -- don't let the door hit you on the way out
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