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I invest in internet companies at Venrock, still wish I was a rock star, and have way too many hobbies.

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I am thrilled the @FCC's decided to protect #OpenInternet. Thanks @ammori @BradUSV @davidkarp @ystrickler @chaddickerson David EdelmanTo everyone who spoke out in support of an open and free internet: Thank you. #NetNeutralityhttp://t.co/MgdTxbNNku http://t.co/OsRr0OQ4YZ
Retweeted by David PakmanOn-Demand Valet Startup Luxe Picks Up $20M From Redpoint And Venrock http://t.co/t6ePoCBXGOA Google Computer Can Teach Itself Games, via @nytimes http://t.co/gxEdhzPF2Z
@aripap I just don't agree and I don't know a single kid under 16 who feels that wayFundamentally wrong: “There’s a lot of junk on YouTube, for TV ad bud­gets, they need to in­vest in TV con­tent.” http://t.co/e5pQZIvpMm"What you're finding among consumers is much more distrust of large brands - a lot of 'Davids' beating 'Goliaths'" http://t.co/YJ13TmzIOr@dickc maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to be CEO of a company with "broad appeal" (!) http://t.co/NYNhdXJiR9
And here we go! "As Republicans Concede, F.C.C. Is Expected to Enforce Net Neutrality" http://t.co/pzotTg7q11@mjmcclain @benedictevans So the 30K Pebble "backers" are not expecting that they just bought a watch?@eringriffith true, donations are called "campaigns"@djsnm But that just means they didn't live up to their commitment, right? I mean, no one bought any equity.@eringriffith It's mis-called crowdfunding, in my mind, since there is no equity sold. Maybe "pre-orders you may never receive"?I wonder why so many reporters refer to Kickstarter/Indigogo campaigns as "funding" rather than "pre-orders" or simply "sales"?The time from "this is stupid" to "this is a big deal" is shrinking. FB 5-6 years. Twitter 4-5 years. Snapchat 3 years.
Retweeted by David Pakman"Total Internet time now 40%+ of overall media consumption and mobile 60%+ of Internet time and growing" @JPMorgan http://t.co/Wo9IEdji85
Retweeted by David PakmanThe story of linear TV: @badgate: Median age of the Oscar viewer was 53.0, oldest to date. Was 52.5 in 2014, 51.4 in 2013...
.@YouNow is hiring a smart & scrappy Operations Manager. If you know anyone who's a good fit - please send my way!
Retweeted by David Pakman@kwhitehouse or incorrectly believed that browser-less internet widgets was meaningful@kwhitehouse Come on, you gotta love the Markoff quote.@billboardglenn Thank you Glenn!A Few Lessons I've Learned http://t.co/uV66juftoF
Researches Track Smartphone Location By Monitoring Battery Usage With 90% Accuracy http://t.co/sbKZpywrGYHow a roller-coaster ride of 'humiliating' events led to the hottest startup in Silicon Valley http://t.co/HISHyoLeeR
Retweeted by David Pakman
@daveheal you should have seen @ajs's lunch today@ajs @CollegeSpun 2500 calorie lunch??Great additions! The Times Company Announces Board Nominees With Web Credentials, via @nytimes http://t.co/mr0zHA1ORUIncredible to me, in this day and age, that we can have a labor dispute that costs economy more than $10B - $20B. http://t.co/rty3o331Iq
All your SIM cards are belong to us.
Retweeted by David PakmanSo pleased to welcome ExactTarget co-founder Peter McCormick to the @smarting Board. http://t.co/6lQvSYd5YWpaypal is getting a lot better... although at some point i hope they realize there is no chance I am getting their credit card.
Retweeted by David PakmanBillion Dollar Startup Club No. 44: AppNexus. In 2014, counted over 34 billion ad impressions/day. Valued at $1.2B. http://t.co/Ixsgd6JlIM
Retweeted by David Pakman@hirschb if only investments could count as revenue...Predictive Sales is the next enterprise must-have. "6Sense's Predictive Powers for Sales Lands It $20M" http://t.co/3OYe1BPO1F
@jbronko1 They sure did…as did MSFTSOPA Sequels: The Method to the MPAA's Mississippi Madness. in @Forbes http://t.co/7bxAFapwnV
Retweeted by David PakmanUm, sure, okay. You know best. "Former GM CEO warns Apple against making cars" http://t.co/FJniWt2yIE via @vergeExcited to have @benjlerer, @pakman, and more at Internet Week in May - See who else is speaking at our HQ: http://t.co/mvC1ZUjZ2X
Retweeted by David Pakman
Just confirmed the big news we’ve all been waiting for: we’ve now sold more than 5 million Raspberry Pis.
Retweeted by David Pakman@benpopper yeah that sounds about right to me. !&%*This is the moment in a "story" when the press gets completely away from the truth and bloviate-speculates #AppleCar http://t.co/7N6nfsB9y3"the revised reports reinforce long-held suspicions that insurers & their partners often collude against homeowners" http://t.co/h7pvnJONgl
@nikolaj @stalbs let's make it happen! Email dp at VenrockTech. In New York City, Jobs Come Back Without Wall Street, via @nytimes http://t.co/ijqeBj0OIy
Investors Snap Up Online Financial Advisers (like Personal Capital) http://t.co/lOpe6RseJC http://t.co/7W4s4iL5FvPeter Rowen who appeared on U2's "Boy" (1980) and "War" (1983) albums is now 40. #U2 http://t.co/03oKPZiTZ2
Retweeted by David Pakman
BioBots Low-Cost BioPrinter prints living tissue http://t.co/fl8aPELtDN"tweet" @verge: Big Bird Twitter account just dropped most spectacular first Tweet of all time http://t.co/m3QYrLZ4e6 http://t.co/ChgFy6fuEXThe Chaos Theory Of Startups (Andy Weissman - @aweissman) http://t.co/EdzmeBttKI
Retweeted by David PakmanI saw the @Xiaomi Mi4 yesterday. Extraordinary fit/finish/ID. It's a Galaxy S5 for half the price. Samsung has a real problem here.
Wal-Mart and Amazon http://t.co/MTaabiaAyn
Retweeted by David Pakman@sawickipedia @fromedome @jmcduling only 20M cars and trucks sold WW at peak. Only 13M in 2009.If you tweet a pic of Twitter does it bring the whole system down? @ Twitter, Inc. http://t.co/XJTklVeZ7EThere are no more partially open platforms. Either fully open (www, Linux, Bitcoin) or totally closed (big web companies).
Retweeted by David PakmanJust saw this, ICYMI. "Viral photo shows how Chinese rig App Store rankings the hard way" http://t.co/IWg6jPh6h2 via @Techinasia@hunterwalk @ajs @tristanwalker Not sure where Flipboard ends up but Mike raised a bunch and has traction, obvswas thinking about how big a deal this is for apple, essentially endorsing a social network for app discovery http://t.co/tc49dZskSh
Retweeted by David PakmanWatching People Code Could Be The Next Big Thing http://t.co/c2OIqHth3m
BuzzFeed lands Tumblr's Lee Brown for top sales job (Now there's a memo!) http://t.co/C7sb1t6Sne by @pkafka http://t.co/NMkq14QHAA
Retweeted by David Pakman"TV shows cut themselves into pieces, for free, hope that people share them. How else would you get people to watch?" http://t.co/JLuBSx43ejWill There Really Be An Uber For Everything? Nice framework for on-demand mobile services by @VCsurferDAD http://t.co/JLzRt9BSfFNew study identifies key design features that boost violins' acoustic power http://t.co/JuJCeYqV3QiPhone 6 Plus users consume twice as much data as iPhone 6 owners http://t.co/PuGqDzGe9C
Isolated Drum Tracks From Six of Rock’s Greatest: Bonham, Moon, Peart, Copeland, Grohl & Starr http://t.co/qbB7dmp3LE via @opencultureexponential growth of consumer tech, a juggernaut with no signs of slowing. http://t.co/HnDOJcsvnx
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Among America's top 50 philanthopists, tech industry figures gave 47% of total 2014 donations http://t.co/dJh8PvBMzX http://t.co/W6I1nLGqXM
Retweeted by David PakmanThis is just embarrassing. Uncovering Security Flaws in Digital Education Products for Schoolchildren, via @nytimes http://t.co/LVdi1H3byd
@JoeTrippi thanks Joe@hblodget thank you Henry@nestmatt thank Matt@SandyCannold @pmarca perhaps but whole is greater than sum of its parts@m2jr thank you Mike@SandyCannold @pmarca I believe platforms are places where content can rise and fall and they are far more valuable than individual content@pmarca thanks Marc@frankrose thank you Frank
@stammy We Nikon users agree with you!@benedictevans NetNeutrality is needed largely BECAUSE the US went the other way on most early telecom policyCloudFlare wins Best Enterprise Startup at the #Crunchies http://t.co/jZU6CTm0u7
Retweeted by David Pakman@geofflove My good deed for the day, then.@rfradin Brian Williams expected to replace @dickc as next Twitter CEO@GeoffLove Thanks for the RT, Geoff.Brian Williams and Abundance vs. Scarcity in Media [New Post] http://t.co/pbx0vybrlm
All this technology is making us antisocial http://t.co/4Z8y4rJsUW
Retweeted by David Pakman@hunterwalk I actually think you need two accounts, Hunter. Consider @hunterforshyp, which *is* still available.For most people, the biggest news this week is that you can now change your Minecraft username
Retweeted by David Pakman"“For the very first time interconnection is going to be considered a Title II service" http://t.co/1tUUHnsrXT via @techcrunchThis is a pretty accurate account. "How the White House thwarted FCC’s chief on new Internet rules." http://t.co/Q5mega6D2V via @WSJ
Site of Tuesday's train crash was higher risk than 90% of NY crossings, per federal model based on traffic/history. http://t.co/VMB3Rm7lI4
Retweeted by David PakmanA Sensible Approach To Net Neutrality by the FCC http://t.co/VwmoVN8Pzr.@TomWheelerFCC gives props 2 the "consumers & innovators across this nation" who advocated for the strongest #netneutrality rules. So true
Retweeted by David PakmanOur proposed #NetNeutrality rules ban Internet paid prioritization, blocking, throttling & strengthen transparency: http://t.co/Cd6CPwkGjj
Retweeted by David Pakman@brooke I am #applying
@cacheop thank you. Took an earlier train. Whew.Raspberry Pi Computer Gains More Horsepower, via @nytimes http://t.co/nHXM9B7qBjF.C.C. Chief Wants to Override State Laws Curbing Community Net Services, via @nytimes http://t.co/ZH91FEyqKj
In the crowdfunding dept, Chris Robert's (@RobertsSpaceInd) Star Citizen has now raised $72M! Game ships next yr. https://t.co/jXgq9jsN6C.@katyperry beat both the Patriots and the Seahawks, with ratings for her #SuperBowl halftime show higher than the actual game.
Retweeted by David Pakman
38.4B bottles @SavedYouAClick RT @WSJ: "How many bottles of wine were produced last year? http://t.co/K9lm6qZSk7 http://t.co/MOf8cEQKED
Bewkes on @CNBC "Consumers like TV bundles: husband likes these 10 channels, wife different 10 & kids a different 10" -- Do kids watch TV?
Retweeted by David Pakman@sawickipedia @ericfranchi also, I don't know a single person who switched from Spotify to beats
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