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Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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We could use a little peace on earth and good will towards men (and women) right about now. Merry Christmas. http://t.co/HthrkQfTzUNo chimney up here- so I left powdered milk and freeze dried cookies in the airlock. Fingers crossed... http://t.co/zr5MzGbaPe
Retweeted by philtor.@Pontifex: http://t.co/zacBJFtA3a
Retweeted by philtor#TheInterview http://t.co/cf6ztjbK9l
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Bush & Cheney Should Be Charged with War Crimes Says Col. Wilkerson, Former Colin Powell Aide http://t.co/MayuUsE5vM http://t.co/7Sr9Ly2vDj
Retweeted by philtorAll 250,000 rivers in the US on a single, beautiful, map http://t.co/aGHxHvMpWq http://t.co/OVyVOY4jgp
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How catnip gets your cat high http://t.co/d2a9MHzvxK http://t.co/lg6CkDdzG8
Retweeted by philtor#DarthVader caroling with flaming #bagpipes in a #kilt while on a #unicycle in #Portland. Happy Holidays Internet. http://t.co/tN1yWZxtHd
Retweeted by philtor#Sea slugs sound boring? Um, not quite :) Feast ur eyes on this stunning spanish shawl near #CIMI #sealife The or... http://t.co/TjSTz6IMbL
Retweeted by philtorCheck out the pedicellariae on this Bat star. #cimi #seastar #marinelife http://t.co/D211weUNTW
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http://t.co/Fn8qvfgXXF was a significant part of my PC programming larval phase, sad to see it being sunset. Good long run, though.
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Obama says he believes no Cuban citizens should be subject to beatings, etc, for exercising their freedoms. Okay then. #ferguson
Retweeted by philtorI want to go to Cuba before it's ruined with McD's and chain resorts.About time the US normalized relations with Cuba and dropped the embargo.
Farewell, Dr. Dobb's | Hacker News http://t.co/PqL6taepRI
Retweeted by philtorToo much interesting work, forgot to tweet. This is a good thing.@michaeldexter Not sure we want a desperate Putin caught in an economic catch-22. He might decide to take nuclear hostages.
Look at this picture and tell me Brian Eno isn't being controlled telepathically by a malevolent cat (via @fox_SJW) http://t.co/AQGgZdzIBX
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total VC ever raised by: Microsoft: $1MM Apple: $3.6MM Intel: $2.5MM Cisco: $2.5MM Google: $25MM Webvan: $441MM Facebook: $2,426MM
Retweeted by philtorIn the cold, animals can be attracted to the warmth of your car. Always check before you drive away. http://t.co/dweeCBZ4dW
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Did not realize that @newrelic was going public so soon.New Relic lands on Wall Street, shares immediately soar: Investors welcomed New Relic to the Nasdaq exchange with… http://t.co/lhx4InyydU
Retweeted by philtorCuriosity Killed the Cat (Just Call Me Mr Curiosity) @Atmel @EETimes @MicrochipTech http://t.co/zxC5G0VUZW http://t.co/CoaLIEKc2Y
Retweeted by philtorTIL there are custom PDX-carpet Adidas http://t.co/WjdO79RmlE
On some issues, I’m a staunch Conservative — like curtailing greenhouse gas emissions so that we can Conserve the environment
Retweeted by philtorObama administration to allow Native American tribes to grow and sell marijuana: http://t.co/HFWKh0LSEk http://t.co/x8xLmrGnhM
Retweeted by philtorBiggest "buried headline" today? 64 degree day in Portland warmest December day in almost 20 years! http://t.co/0pZlQMmNoZ
Retweeted by philtorSomething about a 130MPH gust up on Mt. Hebo.@rogoway @sambakall Voodoo Donuts is a chain!VooDoo Donuts is a chain!Voodoo Donuts plans at least a dozen shops in Japan, Taiwan w/in 3 years. By @sambakall http://t.co/oQ5Hd6T3bG
Retweeted by philtor@ForAmerSecurity I quite like what Obama did, actually.Batten down the hatches! #pdxstMargaret Hamilton, lead programmer, Project Apollo. Showing offer her source code. https://t.co/8voQreeyam http://t.co/CnsOat4wqb
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Hmm... 50mph gusts predicted for tomorrow. I think I'll avoid the treehouse and work from home."Pope to shoppers: Don't buy products made by modern-day slaves" http://t.co/dDAJG7gsSH
Retweeted by philtor@built are they stealing our rain?I want an America I can believe in. Where sadistic torturers, the mass thieves of Wall Street, and sociopathic murdering cops go to jail.
Retweeted by philtorRE: CIA torture revelations: we'll complain about it for a few weeks, but then it will blow over and Cheney won't be in jail.@mattg @fractal74 That was Wheel of Fortune Steampunk edition.@built It seems that Florida Man is always involved with this kind of thing.After all of those warnings to avoid becoming a dystopia... here we are.@built "In an address for the New Year..." Shouldn't he say that _before_ Christmas?Cool wind map valid Thurs AM. Clearly shows storm off the coast. For animated image http://t.co/3fM65EUnee #BayArea http://t.co/0gPEiQKaJN
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Senate #TortureReport on CIA program has been released, detailing brutality and dishonesty http://t.co/BTMG0L8RsX
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A beautiful sight: #ShutItDown #berkeleyprotests #moonlight http://t.co/LaYkEfWQ9D
Retweeted by philtorIs There Going to Be a Wind Storm Thursday? Maybe http://t.co/035rFCbn3F via @wordpressdotcom
Retweeted by philtorBlog post: Is a Major Windstorm Headed for the Northwest?: For the last few forecast cycles, the U.S. global m... http://t.co/HfwtnZHQ6q
Retweeted by philtor@znmeb @peat even the Obama admin the other day decided it's just fine for Pentagon to weaponize police departments.@znmeb @peat just as in the Viet Nam era there will be a backlash from the Right Wing claiming to be the "silent majority".@znmeb @peat let's hope it doesn't get to that.i heard the u.s. president wrote javascript. i guess it means it’s too mainstream and we need to move to ocaml.
Retweeted by philtorIllinois General Assembly just passed a bill making it illegal to video cops (again). http://t.co/w1TLRfh99H
Retweeted by philtorDeep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled: http://t.co/9ZsnUCPCOQ converse of Szegedy et al 2013: http://t.co/iOSHOizvcI http://t.co/cUALcjH3WU
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The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate http://t.co/AxeaWiWEwm
Retweeted by philtorI can't believe this photo is of an actual officer of the law and not of a goth singles club reject http://t.co/U7soZEo1A0
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Wanting to start using Julia language for a lot of this stuff for the vectorization support + just seems like a well designed HPC language.Starting to work on the really fun problems now at work. So many research problems, so little time...
My Twitter feed is full of civil rights protests all over the U.S. and NASA at the dawn of a new space age. It may as well be the 1960s.
Retweeted by philtorQ: How many golf balls fit on a schoolbus? A: Just hire somebody else
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1928, NY Judge tells jury police can't just "shoot and kill any offender who may not yield to his command…" http://t.co/Ic3hRHnbT2
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Sorry US Govt but the TPP isn't a national security matter it's a corporate trade agreement. Publish it now for #transparency
Retweeted by philtor@built read recently that the Soviet Union sent in 600K "liquidators" to help mitigate in the days & months following the meltdown.Drone video from Chernobyl http://t.co/Ef0XTBa3eO
Retweeted by philtorLooked up Marine Animals. Was not disappointed http://t.co/kCIEINEnVD
Retweeted by philtorIt's only Dec 2 and it seems like we've already had more cold East wind than we than we typically have for a whole winter. #pdxstBreaking: Jackson says Tolkien estate rights prevent him from making more Middle-Earth films. In other news: I love the Tolkien Estate.
Retweeted by philtorGangnam Style has been watched -2,147,483,648 times. https://t.co/r1miLcwCs7
Retweeted by philtor@ChinoKellogg Is that for their Bankster defense fund?
@OReillyMedia How does one upgrade an ebook? I've got a 2011 1st ed & want to upgrade to the latest 2014 2nd ed. How to do?
I love Maryland but this might be the worse shape possible for a cutting board: http://t.co/E8D8Z0Gl87
Retweeted by philtorCake to celebrate the success of the atomic testing program, 1946 http://t.co/MBLMEUCfL0
Retweeted by philtorJohn Lennon signing an autograph for Mark David Chapman, the man that would kill him 5 hours later. 1980 http://t.co/S4JGOpdvmM
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Times Have Changed: Officer kills an unarmed Black man, spawning National protests. When I grew up, this was just local news.
Retweeted by philtor@t_sloughter woulda set a bad precedent having a president answer for crimes.
Strange thrust: the unproven science that could propel our children into space http://t.co/XZWTrcBwba@jiceman @mjambon in SiL's case, the rest of family has already moved out of SV.@jiceman @mjambon Bend has a pretty tight housing market at this point, too, but certainly not as expensive as SV.@jiceman @mjambon ...that its probably time to move.@jiceman @mjambon causes of homelessness are many and varied. Sometimes things around you change so fast that it takes a while to realize...@jiceman @mjambon ...either jobwise or lower rent. She's ~50 and has lived there most of her life so she's hesitant to leave.@jiceman @mjambon suggested she move up here and stay in our spare room, but she remains hopeful that something will come along...@mjambon my sister-in-law who has lived in SV all of her life is apparently on the edge of homelessness as of this month. Can't afford rent@mjambon found some info about it in The Merc.@mjambon where is that Jungle homeless camp mentioned in the article? (Largest homeless camp in US according to article)HOTEL 22: The Dark Side of Silicon Valley http://t.co/kN0a6qK9Dl
Retweeted by philtorOne of my dad's reef aquariums. http://t.co/RsrhQIkOXz
did you know that you can override arbitrary functions in any program with LD_PRELOAD and it's REALLY EASY? http://t.co/9gXODwu32l
Retweeted by philtorThese old photographs of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade are amazing http://t.co/zxMfMgNJmN http://t.co/qELtKqHBac
Retweeted by philtorChernobyl’s Hot Mess, “the Elephant’s Foot,” Is Still Lethal (2013) http://t.co/271G0OS3xm
Retweeted by philtorWhat are you thankful for, Isabella? http://t.co/8I2fPHqb83
Retweeted by philtor@Charalanahzard maybe if we can catch this behavior when they're young we can stop'em when they're older. Good on you.The New Yorker's next cover is incredible. http://t.co/aCtcI2lilI http://t.co/kLD9u1Aglz
Retweeted by philtorBlack Friday seems to have been designed to ensure our sense of gratitude doesn’t spill over from Thanksgiving into our ordinary daily life.
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Richard Scarry's Busy Town jobs for the 21st century: http://t.co/rP2AgOUAat http://t.co/pBqSemtn06
Retweeted by philtor@built kids in Russia have to wise-up fast.@ChinoKellogg @built Didn't we just decriminalize LEDs in Oregon?@built but have you tried local, handcrafted LEDs?
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