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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@ChrisReimer "Mayonnaise" for me.It's the shit, padded, forward throwing version of Rugby's cup final tomorrow right?
Retweeted by Paul Ryan9 Football-Friendly Dishes (hint: they're all #vegan): http://t.co/ewfQo3EHDs #whatveganseat
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@SeanCroftOnAir Isles look really flat today. Need to move their feet in the third if they want to pull this one out.When you're really hungry and the takeaway is even better than you imagined. http://t.co/lOWEUQj0ha
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe Menu for this evenings' sampling! http://t.co/46TKsDvoLJ
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Greg_Beau @halifaxrover I hate camping too much to even pretend.When I see SUV ads of couples with kayaks on their roof, I think we should do that with our VW Tiguan, but without actually going kayaking.Having some people over for #SuperBowl tomorrow? Why not order a party tray to feed your guests? #Sushi #Football http://t.co/QfobQMf3BJ
Retweeted by Paul RyanNoel Gallagher says songs about his own life would be 'more boring than James Blunt' http://t.co/0IWrSaRumO via @NMESuper Bowl tomorrow! $5 pints, pools, prizes!! Kick-off at 6pm! http://t.co/zKrlI7ld25
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@BlackBuffaloLPs More of a music nerd who listened to a lot of metal for a few years in the 80's@BlackBuffaloLPs I bought that album the day it came out. Skipped school and took the bus to Halifax Shopping Centre. Dangerous times.@PeterMoorhouse @ballyhewe You can still be in the club Peter. Cowie Hill is not known for being discerning about character or affiliations.@PeterMoorhouse @ballyhewe Pretty sure the Powerslave show in Halifax was @jerryleewilson's first concert too@MegBlumenthal That would actually be a great band name.@ballyhewe Yeah pretty cool, though I haven't entirely reconciled any of that completely, especially the short hair.@AngelaHenryHali Awesome. I have a bunch of those too. Good stuff.@ballyhewe That's cool. I saw them on the World Slavery Tour at the Metro Centre. My first concert. Pretty amazing.This is happening today #vinyl #ironmaiden #metal http://t.co/uHHPijpt6i
Study Shows These 5 Things That Are Better Than Pizza 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Morrissey & Pete Burns (Dead or Alive) http://t.co/S89zsqX0sA
Retweeted by Paul RyanOne Major Clothing Store Is About To Change the Way We Think About Gender https://t.co/8Efau5igveGas is under $2 a gallon and Suge Knight just killed a guy. The ‘90’s are back!!
Retweeted by Paul RyanGuess what? We are 2 years old! Come celebrate this weekend as we offer $10 1.89L growler fills Friday, Saturday... http://t.co/kzU0CtzQhv
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@entrevestor Haha. I think we've had some overlap over the years. I love anything that has it's roots in 60's Brit invasion stuff ;)@entrevestor Jeff Beck is a genius. I was listening to some Yardbirds recently, and even his work there sounds ahead of its time.@John_Gillis Haha. Nice.Eddie Murphy will appear on Saturday Night Live after more than 30 years on Feb 15 for their 40th anniversary show.
Retweeted by Paul RyanJust heard TNT by AC/DC. Made me want to start Friday by getting hammered and playing Aussie rules football with a bunch of kangaroos.This day in 1982, Hall and Oates went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'I Can Go For That, (No Can Do)' the duo's fourth US No.1
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@elliottkrista @John_Gillis That's a good look. Switch out the sweater for a cardigan and add a nice tailored blazer and it's less casual.@John_Gillis @elliottkrista As luck would have it, this is what I'm wearing today. Feels elegantly casual to me ;) http://t.co/iNHTmjxBN8@John_Gillis @elliottkrista Very kind. Not sure I've heard the expression, but If you go nice suit without tie, and add a nice pocket square
@NatalieBorden1 Too kind. I mostly listen to new stuff, but '77-'88 Brit new wave, synth, post-punk, goth stuff is kind of my sweet spot :)Are you more obsessed with #PeakyBlinders or @nickcave? How about both together? http://t.co/Cv3ZUvTtJ4
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow @rdio Is Localizing Its Online Music Streaming Mobile App For The Indian Market http://t.co/L6DbXCfYkM@ritaburglar So I guess I'll not make plans to have any other song stuck in my head for the rest of today. Thanks ;)I just trademarked "Write Better Songs"@Marc_G_Lewis Saving "Here Comes the Rain Again" for you guysDear @SarahPalinUSA, This is God. Thou shalt not run for president. Again, this is your OFFICIAL sign from God to not run. Thanks, God
Retweeted by Paul RyanLooking for a way to weird out six dogs at once? Sing "Love Is A Stranger" by Eurythmics with a poorly conceived and executed falsetto.http://t.co/gHOrHeoioE
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe Smiths’ Andy Rourke: “You can’t make an LP called Meat Is Murder then slip out for a burger" http://t.co/znhku7gLF2
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe aggressive delivery startup that’s proving it pays to play well with others http://t.co/IWfychNQMF@sack_vegas Haha. I would never tell you that.For people new to Twitter. Experts will tell you how to tweet. Honestly just try to be yourself. Unless you're a dick. Then be someone else.
@earlsmith_ca Indeed. Fair game.Uncle Leo seems like the kind of cat who would eat all your #StormChips and there would be nothing you could do. http://t.co/wkAmAJUPfH@huskermould @lauriecburns I think they would get along just wonderfully. Both sweetheart little pups.NHL player salaries higher than NFL on average, still lower than NBA http://t.co/fcgMrRegl6Cranking out proposals while eating many chips #StormChips http://t.co/FG2FmLsV05White Juan comparisons may have been premature, given that fact that during White Juan Halifax got 40 kazillion cm of snow in like 7 minutes@huskermould dude, most of my dogs don't even want to leave the couch right now@bessyn Haha. It keeps switching from snow to ice out here in the burbs, but indeed, could be worse.@aldelory That's really clear thinking. Looks like I'm heading out for a bit. Cheers.@AtomBombshell Worth the pain. Do it. Good luck :)Ice pellets are Mother Nature's way of saying, if you're stupid enough to be out in a blizzard it's going to hurt the skin on your face.#StormDogs http://t.co/OmzcYW6S6SSomeone said "There's no such thing as a free lunch". He's an idiot. Free soup and sandwich, with a bev purchase @splitcrowpub on #snowdays
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#StormSmiths http://t.co/gofN4FF7dH
@avidacridjam I would say Hannibal runs a close second.@gahanlebon You clearly haven't watched Peaky Blinders ;)How they use Twitter in Halifax. Smart (cc @SandySmithCBC) http://t.co/fwcQGsJm1d
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@gahanlebon To be fair, I never made it over the hump with MadMen. Will probably try again, but aside from wardrobe, just didn't hook me.@Leah_Morrison Sprys often bust the bags open and snack while they grocery shop, then tell the cashiers they had the chips when they came in@Leah_Morrison They actually just call that "Monday" at Sobey's in Spryfield.@Allisomething @Greg_Beau I actually thought the piece was a good bit of fun@grantisagrant The Damian dude from Homeland. Also British it turns out. Learned that last week.@TheSandyWalsh It's the only way they'll learn mate. You're a hell of a dad.@grantisagrant Yes they mostly are. Except Matthew Rhys, who I had no idea was Welsh. Also Kerri Russell is not a stupid idiot jerk.@grantisagrant Do not understand how that show is not more popular.CBC, tackling the tough stories no one else will take on - N.S. first big storm of 2015 brings panic for #stormchips http://t.co/Nr0hn4UkL0Matthew Rhys has a message for fans of #TheAmericans... and a reminder... https://t.co/w3rNCa1bk9
Retweeted by Paul RyanDidn't realize season 3 of The Americans premieres this week. Very cool. Maybe the best U.S. produced show on tv.@huskermould So many great artists on Merge.@huskermould Loved it. Perfect blend of jingle jangle and fuzzed out guitars, over California pop melodies.Can't wait for this kid's new album. Great new song - Mikal Cronin "Made My Mind Up" by MergeRecords via #soundcloud https://t.co/0hY5xmTQvpAll HRSB schools & offices will be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 27.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@NatalieErb Hardly seems fair to have so many tasty potato based snacks close by, yet to have consumption be dictated by meteorology.#NotWaiting http://t.co/BIMUPB4moOLet me drink my brandy in peace #Downton http://t.co/R7wMxPwPQWI will probably stop making sweeping generalizations about people who drive Pontiacs being terrible drivers when they stop proving me right.Kelly Clarkson's new song sounds exactly like Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" http://t.co/LH3MkQhZow@JCurryJ Definitely in the top quartile of today's posts.Un-Track Yourself: What We're Losing When We're Quantifying Everything https://t.co/OQAgjiEqGL@JessyO Did you listen to Lamb's album from last year, "Backspace Unwind"? Pretty great.@WayneCarterRad Agreed. Black Lake is a stunning track.@JessyO Not yet. It's on my hit list for tomorrow. Thought his first was just okay. Loved Supergrass.@JessyO Interesting choice. Very good album. I latched onto Homogenic a few years ago and that seems to continue to be my fave by her.@JessyO I think it's her best work since Homogenic.@WayneCarterRad What do you think of the new Bjork. Finally spent some time with it this morning. Best thing she's done since Homogenic imo.First listen to Vulnicura, the new album by @bjork this morning. What an absolutely gorgeous recording.Sam Smith forced to pay Tom Petty royalties for song 'Stay With Me' http://t.co/TX0GplyJ87 via @NMEPing Identity Corporation is looking for Sr. Development Engineer. Contact me directly for more i... http://t.co/cgJs6e8fLv #job
Retweeted by Paul RyanApparently The Charlatans have a new album out this week. Who knew? Should probably give that a spin.@martinclinton A mediocre hockey town from the look of things ;)@Earth_Balance Tried your #vegan buttery popcorn this weekend for the first time. Very nice. Love seeing you folks adding cool new products.
3 shots, 3 goals. #Tavares
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@AllanGates1 Yeah it's a good bit of fun, and a nice showcase for the game, but I'm going pack it in any time now.
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