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Less jail and less crime? @roomfordebate essays (mostly) argue it's not only possible, it's where policy must move. http://t.co/pGeywhw8tc
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Local Jails Are an Important Part of the Penal System http://t.co/gowiRfKZRoVery interesting piece about the cost of offshore drilling on the East Coast: http://t.co/WPJ8NQIq4Y Our debate: http://t.co/y85dh0qh4mWould society be safer if fewer people awaited trial behind bars? http://t.co/vWTKfR5R4l http://t.co/VRgNwsgSRtIs Home Birth Ever a Safe Choice? Multiple perspectives on a difficult topic, via @roomfordebate: http://t.co/m4QrGevutn #braindebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateStop placing the mentally ill in jails. Get them mental health care. - @NickTurner718 http://t.co/XDUHTJD6Df"Jail is now for those who can't afford bail." http://t.co/ND1RZzcKsRWould we be safer if fewer defendants awaited trial behind bars? @roomfordebate http://t.co/mRCXs6nPG1
Retweeted by Room for DebateCan we decrease the number of inmates in jail without increasing risk to society? http://t.co/fTyGlJqXiS http://t.co/q6ejasdwVaWould We Be Safer if Fewer Were Jailed? http://t.co/sg8bqUKnQF
Richard Lazarus argues there's no safety net for offshore drilling in Atlantic in @nytimes @roomfordebate http://t.co/NLIlXWqBLd
Retweeted by Room for DebateHow will a $655M verdict over 6 bombings affect the Palestinian Authority's future? @roomfordebate http://t.co/p7RCsQ2qUE
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat we're reading: "In Home Birth, What Risk Is Acceptable?" via @NYTimes, by OHSU's own Dr. Aaron Caughey: http://t.co/eJs9hbPz8z
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhat does $655.5 million in damages mean for the Palestinian Authority and the PLO? http://t.co/OqFJGge0SRHow will a $655M verdict over 6 bombings affect the Palestinian Authority's future? http://t.co/QPDs8J8hx2
Repercussions for U.S. Policy Toward Israel and the Palestinian Authority http://t.co/lPmNViW2KbHow will the Manhattan court verdict against the Palestinian Authority and the P.L.O. affect their future? http://t.co/6Aw4zw2UtXWow. I love that The New York Times is running a whole series of articles discussing home birth. http://t.co/OGgKYTVkLO
Retweeted by Room for DebateTerror and the Palestinian Authority http://t.co/3F4y8AWdxaIs home birth ever a safe choice? Join the discussion in Room for Debate http://t.co/tg0I3By2Ht
Retweeted by Room for DebateRoom for Debate on home birth on @nytimes is awesome! I just don't think we're evolved enough yet in the U.S. http://t.co/w2deI2dxi0
Retweeted by Room for DebateWhen, if ever, is home birth a safe option? http://t.co/YF6mVTD0mYHome births are increasing in the US but critics say it is always unsafe. Should more women have kids at home? http://t.co/ceAebLLB0IIs home birth ever a safe choice? http://t.co/fmT8g2aZxZ http://t.co/z1pXtmkqqwIs Home Birth Ever a Safe Choice? http://t.co/lnwyHxGcsp
Genetically modified mosquitoes. Because what could go wrong? http://t.co/ZnsxLYdjaP
Retweeted by Room for Debate"We often neglect to consider the risks that accompany not deploying" genetic engineering. @EmilyAnthes http://t.co/ZacGV1ZSUNGenetically modified mosquitoes could be released in Florida to stop the spread of dengue. Are there risks? http://t.co/IQG5rRiMc8Can genetically modified bugs save lives? http://t.co/jqsJYxc7ZJCan Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Eliminate Dengue Fever? http://t.co/XVXLOaGViU
Should homeless people be given homes? Join the discussion in @RoomForDebate http://t.co/QKL7skd7Xa
Retweeted by Room for Debatenew addition to our forum on housing the homeless: a board member @pthny who can speak from experience http://t.co/MF7SmK2EJq
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Ask the Homeless What They Need http://t.co/2QOctEiHwhDo Muslims need to defend their faith against extremists? http://t.co/FlcQ3JC9q4@pthny Would you be interested in sending in a paragraph or two in response to the question? DM your email!"Moderate Muslim leaders condemn jihadist ideology but they do little to critique its theological underpinnings." http://t.co/Qgy4B5AnNvWhat could supportive housing do for the homeless? Is it too costly? http://t.co/UrpY6MZsKP http://t.co/t2q70wfgd9Why solving homelessness will take more than just affordable housing http://t.co/spOA914ZR1 @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs giving homeless people homes more effective and sensible than making them stay in shelters or on the street? http://t.co/zrV2ZsvGH5Homes for the Homeless http://t.co/6VBhc0zrH6
Obama wants to open the Atlantic to offshore drilling. Why now, with oil prices low? http://t.co/rxrO44rFVX
Retweeted by Room for DebateFollow the NYTimes 4-way debate on the risks and merits of #offshore drilling: http://t.co/PYWnHUZYEn http://t.co/YNiQ1UB6Bc
Retweeted by Room for DebateUS court considers moving Boston Marathon bombing trial, http://t.co/XftZO0uEsk an issue for @roomfordebate http://t.co/Dm8EnsVXkOWith oil prices low, why has Obama moved to open up the Atlantic to offshore drilling? http://t.co/fwcTKJSRfT http://t.co/8fyhnIL6elShould the Atlantic coast be opened to off-shore oil and gas drilling? http://t.co/qSL1BydWQmDo you think A-Rod read @roomfordebate on teaching cursive? http://t.co/GusnsMxQCz His apology was handwritten. http://t.co/nME4e8TnukResuming Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in the Atlantic http://t.co/wiKKuQIfc8
Can network news survive declines in ratings, budgets and the reputation of a top anchor? http://t.co/PZGec8VdTpIs Network News Dead? http://t.co/4rBBxezJVE
Tourism is a major job creator in NYC http://t.co/fN9cotV9Po as @nicolegelinas pointed out in @roomfordebate http://t.co/HLpggYL4SX
A recipe from the @SpiceSpoon for healing a broken heart: http://t.co/8V4EfjYgyN"The temptation with heartbreak is to bury yourself in distraction" - @TracyMcMillan http://t.co/Xx5LROqrp8.@christianrudder of OkCupid on why, when it comes to love, the numbers game is actually a good thing: http://t.co/ZeVDeYEc1A"Soon you will have to pull up your socks, but it’s OK for a little while to cry openly on the subway"@isabelgillies http://t.co/xYQ6mxB33mAlexandra Fuller: "If you have been recently dumped, the first thing you need is a soundtrack." http://t.co/8YNZkERxRuI'm part of a fascinating discussion on heartbreak today in the New York Times. Just in time for V-Day... xo http://t.co/YrHAlw1RK0
Retweeted by Room for DebateNYT: 10 Ways to Handle Heartbreak on Valentine's Day http://t.co/2iBYd0txYS
Retweeted by Room for DebateTrying to survive Valentine’s Day with a broken heart? Wife @isabelgillies and others weigh in on @RoomforDebate http://t.co/vk6TU0csJU
Retweeted by Room for Debate.@fakedansavage on surviving a breakup: hole up in your apartment, watch Broad City. http://t.co/7MyHOJtWAt>@DrHelenFisher gives advice on how to handle heartbreak: Treat it like an addiction. http://t.co/SqvmAtHBKn
David Carr stood out because at a time when the news industry is struggling for its soul, he exemplified both soul and integrity. RIP
Retweeted by Room for Debate"David Carr vs. Some Guys from VICE" (from @pageonemovie) https://t.co/u7U2KUudog What a loss.
Retweeted by Room for Debate"You can’t run from most problems in life, but heartbreak is different." - @dinawmengestu http://t.co/iyo07rxxUn10 ways to survive Valentine's Day with a broken heart: http://t.co/69jpSff28h http://t.co/VOOOBThUtKDealing with heartbreak? @ChrisGethard has a very simple solution: http://t.co/rM4P7iEbJq.@fakedansavage on @roomfordebate Every relationship you're ever going to be in is going to fail — until one doesn't. http://t.co/Uq0WFw3n91
Retweeted by Room for DebateRely on Time and Science http://t.co/e4iEtxNbgJ"I say 'Basta!' and cut the lover off completely." - @isabelallende in our forum on handling heartbreak http://t.co/wqK36o7M9MFBI head Comey says cops need systems to overcome race bias http://t.co/d8Dy87avWO @roomfordebate asked about it. http://t.co/PQ3XT7yqM7How should a person handle heartbreak? Advice, for Valentine's Day: http://t.co/YRVuODqmAC http://t.co/kuNb7McSJiHow to Handle Heartbreak on Valentine's Day http://t.co/GrKtCdJ0jGZoning Should Work for Renters and Builders http://t.co/DMW8GriOUzIf the cease-fire doesn't hold, should the US give Ukraine lethal arms? http://t.co/kQkRb0goGz
Lethal Aid to Fight Rebels in Ukraine? http://t.co/rxGWI1vBBUHere is our @roomfordebate on whether the rich are taking over too much of Manhattan (probably) and why. http://t.co/EXdD1qcXGe
Retweeted by Room for DebateWe noted economists are quoted a lot. http://t.co/d2WB90PKcS Room for Debate asks if economists are overrated. Well? http://t.co/n6RoRnyveX
Retweeted by Room for DebateDoes helping condo developers hurt NYC? http://t.co/zE5BIUpeFu http://t.co/CqdMYSWXTjOur debate about tax breaks for condo developers in NYC, after stories by @louisestory @stefsaul @xanic http://t.co/GuwyIEFZ74In Manhattan, have tax breaks for condos benefited the wealthy at the expense of others? http://t.co/D6DaP2XlvE http://t.co/LrvoLa12hN
Retweeted by Room for DebateHave tax breaks that fuel condo development unfairly benefited the rich? http://t.co/NpXQ4SrTKfSociologist Marion Fourcade in NYT on both impact & navel-gazing of economics profession @roomfordebate @pogourinchas http://t.co/i2DtsIPhpn
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs there any need for tax breaks that encourage high-priced condo developments that raise housing cost? http://t.co/ygdYBvArvw
A Tax Break That Is a Boon to Housing http://t.co/NSsN7gbrdGDoes Helping Condo Developers Hurt the City? http://t.co/6SX7Diqdo7The drinking age limit of 21 is working says Christopher Carpenter @VanderbiltU http://t.co/TGkmax6PkARaising the drinking age to 21 was a disaster say former @KenyonCollege pres @NugentGeorgia http://t.co/TGkmax6PkALowering the drinking age would have serious consequences says Tara Williams @WilliamsCollege http://t.co/TGkmax6PkALower the drinking age to 19 says @ldsteinberg http://t.co/TGkmax6PkAKeep the drinking age at 21, and communicate the risks to young people says @IUPUI's Tamika Zapolski http://t.co/TGkmax6PkALower drinking age to 18 and enforce it says @GabrielleGlaser http://t.co/TGkmax6PkAShould the drinking age be lowered? I think so. Weigh in with me at http://t.co/Hw2k5fUpWv @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateShould kids be allowed to drink at 18, 19, 21? Check out the arguments on all sides at The New York Times - Room... http://t.co/2rT9550fO3
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs there a better way to deal with underage drinking? Should the drinking age be lowered? http://t.co/DRZZSvKLuB
Retweeted by Room for DebateUS intel fears Iran learned from cyberattacks on them https://t.co/afglgalMqX @roomfordebate weighed that fear http://t.co/4lKEOHkDP6You Must Be 21 to Drink http://t.co/uYAzYt3gfX
Are Economists Overrated? http://t.co/tJnbPXUBAz A fascinating @roomfordebate forum spurred by my recent column: http://t.co/xAG5qfYxto
Retweeted by Room for DebateDo economists have too much authority, given their mixed record at forecasting & planning? http://t.co/lucxPN8X0t http://t.co/9UKw3Whz0p"Governments clearly find economists more useful than other kinds of social scientist." http://t.co/ZGazxZ12PlThe social sciences weigh in: Are Economists Overrated? http://t.co/XxxcX0YMEq -- with Orlando Patterson Marion Fourcade & Philip Cohen
Retweeted by Room for DebateHave we given economists too much authority? http://t.co/1gq4EqD4sS http://t.co/LK8wkdtrvD
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