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Don’t forget to add #GhostTown to your @Spotify playlist – http://t.co/3ixgv0JX0J #nowplaying
Retweeted by SpotifyStream our second single from Drug for the Modern Age, "Talk To Me" exclusively on @Spotify this week! http://t.co/iAB66cJi54
Retweeted by Spotify@CharlushkaG Try these latest top tracks: http://t.co/uzftmE206s@vaderfame + removing their tracks from your collaborative playlists #relationshipburn@javaplusjava http://t.co/eWRY1SN2MW@pussysticks Break-ups are never easy :( http://t.co/ldfVbdsLH7@TheBumbys Ok, our turn: http://t.co/b3AZpvH3J1 http://t.co/skncL9oSHU
@Smooth_Orator agreed!@Tuuuuurnbill Hey, Jacob! Try making the switch via this link: http://t.co/1gQIPkVtFd@charliehtims welcome to the... http://t.co/X27wq9u6sH!@gracethomason did someone say BFF, Grace? http://t.co/2hyrOP4OKn@Pwincess_Britt well that doesn't sound right, Brittany! @SpotifyCares can take a look at your account to see what went wrong. Thanks!@Cristopher1305 You know it! We've even gone and made you something special: http://t.co/qPf6ofhyNV@JdeJong311 The struggle is real, Jana! Try these tips to keep the beats pumping in the classroom: http://t.co/yTG0ChNjgB@Ben_Barker1989 Manchester? Sun? Surely some mistake? If you're sure though, try this: http://t.co/7LCI3Lxk8L@Cristopher1305 Cristopher, you just made our list of awesome people today.@drowningnumbers Hey! Here's some picks to get you started :) http://t.co/uWRFS2fS66@itay101 *waves magic wand* Happy to help! http://t.co/CUXWwx6QfZ@RachaelVulgaris Hey Rachael, how about this one? http://t.co/3dTaKPfsLD@hannahsarney So glorious! We always wanted to be Tenenbaums...@knzalmighty It's Thursday morning, what better time to get on your "Dancing Shoes" and go "Look Good on the Dancefloor"?@cmariee You're welcome, Christie! (And please tell your roommate that we're very, very sorry)@RachMS Go Rae, go! http://t.co/iHsY5TgRQs@stringfellow Reason #145: the "Play URLs in desktop app" option at http://t.co/UG55Q5KXMl (let us know if it doesn't work for you!)@stringfellow Reason #144 why Spotify is good: We have you as one of our users <3 http://t.co/YqKxC0ln68@stfulandon Good question! This explains it pretty well: http://t.co/Q0In8XDRVe http://t.co/A264MNw0M9@jordannricee It's okay Jordan, just listen to this on repeat: http://t.co/Tb1XtAbtVI@BigDaddyBriggz BFFs, right? From now until forever? <3 http://t.co/3wusmIeEzv http://t.co/EqE9iV45p5@jessievajayjay Our pleasure, Jessie! That's what the repeat button is for: to listen to stuff http://t.co/MC86II1HLP
@00Zeb have you tried it out, Sebastian? Maybe you just need to find the perfect jam.@SedloAFC awesome suggestions! EDM goes with everything..@NathanSykes Your visit meant more than you'll ever know—thanks for stopping by! http://t.co/MSLxPrCdHg@kstephenson93 We're glad you're loving it and... http://t.co/XainEmzJKI! ;)Heavy metal for a shooter? EDM for sports? Indie rock for an RPG? http://t.co/6SdfFOCm4J@t_robs_ the feeling is mutual, Taylor! http://t.co/1yUCl4jdLB@rightleftbrainE No shame, EJ! That's what the repeat button is for ;)@Ncarr2 Hey, Jerome. @SpotifyCares is here to help! Hang tight and they will get in touch..@onedirection Can we pick *all* of them? http://t.co/BKGnyOjqk7@christinaperri @ColbieCaillat @RachelPlatten @edsheeran awesome! we love it.@davidTstevens so true. Which one do you have streaming this trip, David?@fazi0alyssa http://t.co/5Y82xCxzMN ;)2 billion streams on spotify is nuts too. Well chuffed with that
Retweeted by Spotify@lovinittttt http://t.co/LhTX42PNsX xox@bizegrls3 We hope that brightens up your day! http://t.co/oGqOnloZwM@THayward32 http://t.co/qCykq03u4U :)@vincejsalas http://t.co/LhTX42PNsX <3
Much love to @Spotify for streaming my EP exclusively this week and including me in #NMT !! Listen now : https://t.co/0idFZMOXh1
Retweeted by Spotify@patrickdmusic Sounds like the start of a beautiful love story. You rock, Patrick. Pass this along to your friend: http://t.co/xQZTTC8dH9@Sully_JF We're glad to hear it! Sounds like we can start the party now that you're here: http://t.co/3UCm5lj1ND@Krissy1Gervais Hey, Kristen! Try signing up via our website. That might fix the issue while we look into this: http://t.co/vOvRbhR8Gf@Sully_JF Hey, Jordan! Try using this link and let us know if that still doesn't work: http://t.co/vOvRbhR8Gf@ashleyctuttle That's not right, Ashley! Would you mind sending a message to @SpotifyCares with your account info so they can look into it?@simonvingram we're glad to help, Simon! http://t.co/yugy0Ae1rK@chipoltezouis what's up!.@passionpit's new album is even better with these exclusive Unveiled tracks, powered by @Bose! http://t.co/zNMMyVySxp#Whoa—@edsheeran just became the first British artist to hit 2 BILLION streams! Congrats, Ed! http://t.co/lJvAWu598k http://t.co/bFAqsvT0pO@bellamorinelli Psst. Turn on Private Session (click on the Menu in the top right of the desktop app and you'll see it)...@softsheaux Yeah! They're the bezzzzZZZZZzzzzzt!@KINDLYLUCKYY http://t.co/Y7wcmOiNXt ;)@Will_MerryEsq On it! http://t.co/3qrmLEl9jg@benallthetime It's okay, you're here now and that's all that matters! /highfive@bizegrls3 Let's start fresh today, Jodi. This should provide a little lift: http://t.co/CzJrVRFyRR@kmbrlies Here's a little something to go with dinner, Kimberly: http://t.co/gO7v1zsuPp@dani_thorns Hey Dani! Hopefully the weather is just as good tomorrow, we made this for you: http://t.co/p0W37VbxjN@jonp__ Here's some aptly named metal to help you out, Jon... http://t.co/lWwmdlckXK Keep us updated.
Happy b-day @KillerMikeGTO! Now go light up those... birthday candles. #Happy420 (Photo: Dominick Mastrangelo) http://t.co/GQgVpsx85DWith Spotify on @PlayStation™Music, taking a five-star joyride never sounded so good. http://t.co/xUg4A3YLc2 http://t.co/YCsFaJYfFZ@beckydyrdek are we invited, Becky? http://t.co/mLvKZVt0xu@michelleeep We know one thing you can check off your list, Michelle. Good tunes ✔️ http://t.co/CjZ0Jwodc7@_shatzyy we'll keep you company during the drive with these tunes! http://t.co/fwxkzhG7tR@__zainabx Agreed, Zainab. Get moody with this playlist: http://t.co/J1xo8JP1EQ@TheMostSwaggy_C don't worry about a playlist the next time you remember those headphones, we've got you! http://t.co/eue4PL8E0h@OliverT yep, the perfect playlist definitely helps, Oliver. http://t.co/8zz0DkmLDp@hockey_wench We get you. So much that we made this playlist for you to jam at your desk to! http://t.co/VFNepsVjF9@shelbytibbetts3 these mash-ups are bound to get you jumping around, Shelby! http://t.co/51VQpOFnXn.@PanicAtTheDisco How we feel about #PATDHallelujah: 😍🙏💯 http://t.co/VHlSxNuxxH@ariannadavis13 Hey, Arianna. Well that doesn't sound good! If you reach out to @SpotifyCares, they can take a look to see what's happening.@kelceypiper @leonbridges played our #SpotifyHouse and it was *amazing*. If you want a soulful pick-me-up, check it: http://t.co/pdbt8ZvElY@blueautomatic_ yeah, we've got a little something called... http://t.co/YQy93oG4zm@blueautomatic_ you don't start your day like that?@kelceypiper we love hearing how you discover music from friends, Kelcey! Who are some of your favorite new discoveries?@itsbcimjbrandl the perfect way to kick Monday's butt, Jennifer!@AymeeTay_Castro here's some laughs to get you through it, Aymee! http://t.co/bydAS1kcHl@StaceDiva get on it with these jams! 🙌💯 http://t.co/38WBRM2XwC@ericawacker Hurray for new favorites, Erica! You should try out @headandtheheart next. http://t.co/78NU1Y4uga@goodnesGRACEous We're sad to see you go, Grace. Anything we can do to help?@panpielgrzym we've got your (playlist's) back!@ciaraelizabethb Yay! which playlist has you jamming out this Monday, Ciara?It's April 20th—Inhale artist-curated mixes & the most streamed songs from every #420 playlist http://t.co/ocTbP6sGHp http://t.co/SZ19Qj04jQ
Retweeted by Spotify@SunflowerLit Just so you don't forget... http://t.co/BvK1x5ZEEC#HandwrittenOnSpotify now! Make a @Spotify playlist of album songs & share it to win a plaque! http://t.co/oAFirbnm3w http://t.co/RJX0PQsUkA
Retweeted by Spotify@PriestClass Morning! Next time, try this instead: http://t.co/6NzXk2y4mh@stonegregory http://t.co/W7x0krZx4W ;)@Chicaned02 Give this a go, Scott. Just made it. Added a picture of a majestic eagle too: http://t.co/06zh28Bkcx@austfisch We're glad you think so, Austin! http://t.co/9yAoQaWkuv@antipolo_girl :) http://t.co/GqL01SefLl
@NeoNancyBoy We'll pass on the feedback! Also, have you checked out the Discover section in Browse?
@SinfuL_sB you're going to want to get behind this one - definitely will get you motivated! http://t.co/ghufQ6XFop@paulasolanoy are you feeling motivated to #MakeItHappen and celebrate kicking this week's butt, Paula?! http://t.co/yRpiKzQRJB@jking2jam and you walk out of class like a boss 😎 - definitely a #TGIF moment! http://t.co/PsBMh7idNV
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