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@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk NFL is usually a short for me but this is good you will defend them to your grave, that we already know.@Nebrewska if I was in the media right after that I would have asked him "a sphincter says whaaat?"@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk yes Toledo called on account of rain. PS - This is cheeky @Nebrewska MACtion @Nebrewska god bless Ferentz@SpartanRyan where the hell is Drake Harris?@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska Harbaugh getting out coached.Harbros shedding getups for civilian clothes & will try to slink back to bus unmolested@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska Harbaugh loves Butt@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk @ryanprociuk looks like there is no D in Harbaugh. Makes sense@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska I don't think he will be able to play in this game until he tightens the cleat laces and the media stops blowing him@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk in olden days they would frequently claim the National Championship that belonged to othersRegulators & stock exchanges are re-examining rules designed to ensure orderly trading in equities it was abby normalKrom River Closes Commodity Hedge Fund another one bites the dust@ArbCowboy welll Good Harbor was one of their high profile clients, he even did a video with them, and they are not beating Bridgewater@Nebrewska death to Harbaugh! Fuck the Harbros too@ThemisSal they really need a wise old Owl on that Board@Nebrewska the way I understand it is that the faculty hates football team and events from past week are not gonna help@montoyan I would settle for Peter Thiel's Butler@Nebrewska Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when Rutgers Faculty comes for you "ESPN basically shit on the conference (B1G) for a good chunk of the last decade"
@WineRex the sharks are circling Glencore cc @BathosMan@Malcolm_McD @hmeisler Two US Open tickets: $400 Hilll Country BBQ and a Grey Goose Tonic: $65 Losing $1.4 Billion in August: Priceless@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk they are getting pretty chippy for a family that sucks she has been playing very well lately too, that was a big surprise. Are you going to a few more day/night sessions? Fun!@AppFlyer from few weeks ago? anyhoo it makes sense to me@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk I love the Sark after Dark meme it has lotsa potential uses and applications@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk this has been an entertaining off season but its time to settle some stuff on the field. Hope it matches last year@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk icymi The Devil Wears Khakis @Nebrewska crazy. maybe Jim will deck an opposing coach or player on the field like Woody did & get fired after a year or two@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk read it & weep. John Offerdahl was a fraternity bro of mine dont know how he put up with them @ryanprociuk when I was undergrad Hoke was on our staff along with these two -I cannot escape these people alt roundup I just posted calls it a "bear fund" but market neutral category is recent they had him elswhere for many yearsDid Alternative Mutual Funds Stand Tall or Fall Down? Late August provided a stress-test @Morgan_03 risk happens fast, on a bike dunno how Ader cud call a fund Hayground never name ur baby after a place that can be reached by Hampton Jitney when a jet will do@maoxian they need a shot in the arm it has been tough ever since the Sands brothers ditched Canandaigua Wine for Constellation Brands name@maoxian the Indians should have gotten naming rights for Nantucket named hedge funds and they would never have had to sell Manhattan@maoxian then you have Ira at Brant Point and then of course Coatue, many others Nantucket is the holy grail of hedge fund names@sharkbiotech tuff to come in every day like some of these guys do and have something notable to say. 6-8x a month maybe, not 22x@maoxian yes I raised a little money for them early on and it has been good, very happy clients the numbers/track record quite solid imo@sharkbiotech would like to see a rotating cast of characters and less Carter since I had my fill of him when we shared an office@sharkbiotech they are good that way, they just blow in the wind its an exercise in behavioral-they really need to cast a wider net 4 talent@maoxian my guys who r named after airport code for Nantucket are up 8% YTD & down less than 1% in August is that nautical or aero-nautical?@sharkbiotech I cannot really defend him but he is far better than BK or Grasso. 5pm show is a wasteland tho@DavidSchawel @conorsen was sort of a dig at his morningstar classification not sure how they can put him in that category@sharkbiotech he has his moments but I think sometimes he falls into this trap but u have 2be naive enough to actually get long ocassionally, and skeptical enough 2 short em too.I dont get the one way guys@sharkbiotech in the interview he did with Eric Jackson he explained that he started in biz late 90s and that big bad bear mkt scarred himTwitter CEO Search Gains Urgency as Stock Slips, Executives Exit @DavidSchawel you know what they say, never bring a market neutral manager to a knife fight. Or something like that@hmeisler i hope it was not a Babolat those are expensive I did this to a few phones on the desk u know@scs1977 of course, is like saying all the new alts funds suck after travails of Marketfield but theres special place in hell for F-SquaredGood Harbor Financial's AUM down almost $8 billion in 12 mos ended 6/30 AUM now $1.6 B as ETF strategists blow upHave not seen SHAK ticker on my stream in at least 2 weeks, funny how this place works@BluegrassCap yes so take advantage of those situations all other things being equal@DavidSchawel a few small insiders selling IBKR with window open if u liked it at $40 u must love it here@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk thank god he was not allergic to New Zealand beer loan balances down 10% in August at IBKR and the rest of the stats@Fullcarry people seem to value a dollar made short 3x a dollar made long as it makes them feel clever which is ridiculous@PaulMyerberg how many TV's should I have - including my bathrooms@WineRex looks like WSJ just put out a piece on them but I just figured they were proxy for most part jeez lookit Glencore's stock again today hiding out in Switzerland cannot save them from Mr Markets wrath
@LWinthorpe you could make more money selling a pint of plasma and a kidney@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk I would settle for pithy quotes from him but we keep getting this weird stuff HallelujahOil market displays its irrational side 157 million barrels short on Aug 25th
@georgepearkes speaking of serial killers tbh all of a sudden I don't have much of an appetite how much do they charge in the big city is it under $5 like flyover country?@Nonrelatedsense what going on with daily prices back to May 29th with a starting NAV at 10.00 they sort of incubated and now for public?DoubleLine Strategic Commodity Fund launches their first alts fund DLCMX@Nebrewska Dunno how u pass up one of best in-state guys in a State like that. What state has most players on NEB roster...TX?@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk is the stock market open Thursday on National Harbaugh Day? Banks and Post Office?I don't know what to say to trend followers who have not yet covered oil shorts other than Denali ain't a river in Egypt
@kyles09 @DavidSchawel more trend following
@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk wonder if he will be up to speed by 9/12.@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk did not realize he is another transfer. But that kid sure can danceSports Illustrated gears up 4 the college football season with the launch of its newest digital vertical, Campus Rush @Nebrewska doh
@Nebrewska I am still upset about the bucknuts who peed off the 4 fl of parking garage onto a sparty tailgate in EL enjoyed that Scarlet & Gray thing on BTN liked the players more than I thought I would and realize now its their fans I hate lol@Nebrewska needed 2 beat Urbs last yr I recently rewatched game was not as bad as I remembered then OSU had maybe best finish 2a season ever@Nebrewska last 4 bowl wins over Georgia TCU Stanford Baylor but apparently he is not in their company, lost 17-16 to Urbs 2012 then split 2@Nebrewska is 4-3 against top 10 beat Richt and Shaw in only matchups. 3-1 against Hoke, beat Bielema lots & wud be .500 vs ND w/o bad refs@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk okay now I gotta hassle him about lack of Dantonio@DavidSchawel btw I heard about this recently with all the talk about goings on in Champaign and ur earlier tweets we all aged in dog years that is for sure@BathosMan ur sayin they were not a seller? what kicked off RP situation then? have not left desk all week eating crap food and still behind@BathosMan i think market found its legs a few days ago when the dots were connected Scaramucci is using it or similar examples as reasons u should give him the money@azdeandobbs I guess last month has not been so bad for him but they will never get that money to flow back in and he sullied the categoryI hereby nominate the Federal Reserve as a finalist for the Ray Guy Award as the nation's top punter@IvanTheK @Morgan_03 @Kelly_Evans just read Jesse Kornbluth's 1992 book on Milken lets not forget what gov't did to screw up HY in late 80sFCX was almost $22 when this was approved what is the marginal cost of production these days?@EddyElfenbein aka the Merchants of Doom
@griffinmcgee started spending summers there in '76 cousins went to Mar Vista I have some good Dogtown stories that was gritty hood loved it@griffinmcgee I should be in Manhattan Beach this fall will cart over a 1L and hand deliver to u if u can meet up in general vicinity/WestLA@griffinmcgee we hooked up with Campari based on success of Negroni's in Spain etc over summer/holiday. Now have US distribution with them
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