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RunBidenRun @theonlyadult Counting down to January 2017.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Joseph Goebbels, Fox News Founding Father.

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@JeffersonObama yeah, I've noticed he REALLY doesn't like giving credit to anyone but Bernie Sanders. He did same with SCOTUS ACA decision.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Bernie is kidding himself if he thinks he can win a primary w/o @POTUS's supporters. We won't forget tonight's chicanery at the ballot box.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Sanders needs a *LARGE* percentage of the Obama Coalition he brazenly poked in he eye tonight to have a snowball's chance. Good luck emos.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @BobbyC_TheTribe why is he running AGAINST Barack Obama? Not against Hillary, definitely not against the GOP, but against Obama. As a DEM.It's like all the racist liberals finally found home.@theonlyadult @vulcan1963 @SusanDanzig219 If you ask them President Obama hasn't done one good thing in 8 years.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @vulcan1963 @SusanDanzig219 fuck you, "baby".Right wingers send me the same tweets. Childish memes and bunch of crap. https://t.co/QpWBtkzs6tLOL. https://t.co/3yppdv41wT@matthewswaite @admiralmpj @JeffersonObama yes, we jumped the shark. A non Dem runs As a Dem against the Dem president.3) That ain't happening. Too many black kids are killed with these crap guns, and Bernie says we have no right to sue the Gunmakers. NO.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun 1) Gunmakers flood the market with cheap weapons that serve no purpose than to support Crime. Bernie gave those gunmakers legal cover.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun 2) Bernie supporters are so in love with his anti Wall St. message, they expect me to forgive him for giving those Gunmakers legal cover.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @taiping2 well, he's running in our primaries.And none of them has answers, they know I'm right. They run, as Dems, AGAINST Barack Obama, the best president we had in decades. As Dems..@Lawrence Is it OK that @NicholsUprising is writing about @BernieSanders and participating in his campaign rallies? https://t.co/UVdudLoZ1F
Retweeted by RunBidenRun To be honest, all Dem candidates are going to look like crap in comparison with what we've got now.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Is Bernie Sanders using GOP talking points to smear the President's economic record? Someone straighten this (or him) out please.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @thenakedemporer @SenSanders so you agree with the GOP that Obama cooks the unemployment numbers.@NYTNarrative I'm sure it's true.@thenakedemporer @SenSanders "truth"?@theonlyadult @SenSanders stated truth about unemployment numbers for many (>7) YEARS. #PBOADMIN only reports data #wakeup #TRUTHisGOOD
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Shit, at least fake some manners and don't trash your host.@admiralmpj this is outrageous.@EricaERucker @JeffersonObama I've heard four Hillary speeches since she launched. In each one, she praised Obama. At least twice.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @admiralmpj so why is he allowed to run as such?Fun Fact in 24 years Bernie Sanders only got 1 bill passed. He Sponsored 236 & Cosponsored 3,928.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun The guy runs as a DEM and has zero respect for the Dem president or the party.@postpolitics @WaPoSean the age of anti gay marriage, climate change doesn't exist and women can decide on their own?@thenakedemporer @SenSanders he is running as a Dem and he trash a great Dem President like he's the enemy. He'll never get my vote.@BRios82 yes, feel the bern using GOP talking points against Barack Obama. He can kiss my ass. https://t.co/oQAzWVlnzk@mayread3 @MTmarilyn2 @ALforBernie @LiberalPhenom Bernie Sanders just called Obama a liar. He can kiss my ass.@MattMurph24 with the magic wand Obama refused to use.@theonlyadult @MTmarilyn2 @ALforBernie @LiberalPhenom Obama voters, don't be fooled Hillary talks pretty but will all but her WS backers!
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @mayread3 @MTmarilyn2 @ALforBernie @LiberalPhenom can you be a bit more condescending? And don't forget to call Obama "liar" again.Bernie Sanders is 100% Bullshit. https://t.co/XjBJTZbU66
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Both the GOP and Bernie Sanders accuse Obama of cooking the unemployment numbers. https://t.co/oQAzWVlnzkAgree that crediting @POTUS for accomplishments in office is an important contrast btw @HillaryClinton & Sanders https://t.co/nOtRh3Svmr
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @Only4RM @Kennymack1971 @CultureInStereo @pinkbunny70 https://t.co/oQAzWVlnzk@owillis your thought on this, Oliver? https://t.co/oQAzWVlnzkBernie Sanders is the candidate of white Emoprogs that never accepted the black President.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @ALforBernie @LiberalPhenom Obama supporters can't understand that when Sanders calls Obama a liar he doesn't really call him a liar.@boknowsbo @pinkbunny70 @mini_you what's the problem with being linked to the best Dem president since FDR?@MrNegroMilitant Bahhhhh. Pathetic. You can't even be an interesting pice of shit. How sas.There you have it: a "Dem" presidential candidate just called his president "liar". https://t.co/oQAzWVlnzk@Sekhmetnakt @msnbc @maddow @TheLastWord LOL, sure.@redsteeze nothing like good old "left" racism to end the day.Also, fuck you Bernie Sanders. https://t.co/oQAzWVlnzk@MrNegroMilitant LOL, you piece of shit still not on jail?Fuck you, Bill Cosby. https://t.co/zmL502pmtrI feel like white "progressives" need to figure out how they gonna deal with their anti Black racism
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Basically the only criteria for being a "real progressive" is what you think about Wall Street. https://t.co/SVM6s1kxCT@PatOppa @TheObamaDiary oh, I always wanted to meet the guy who decide who's a real progressive and who isn't.@TheObamaDiary is that the same piece of shit?@Dani_Knope @allanbrauer @TheObamaDiary "love fest"? How about just acknowledging the best Dem president since FDR?If you have been thinking that bashing President Barack Obama is gonna get Bernie Sanders nominated for POTUS, in all truth: get help.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun White #Texas family had black guest over and woke up to find 'KKK' painted on their truck: http://t.co/IPFlKwxisS http://t.co/5Op95LbfDw
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Texas Republican Officials: Schools Should Teach That Slavery Was ‘Side Issue’ To Civil War http://t.co/LeSGPXW6v8 http://t.co/Ck0nG9V6CE
Retweeted by RunBidenRun In 7 years Barack Obama didn't get from @msnbc the love they give to Sanders in one night. They think we're all stupid. @maddow @TheLastWord@nypost and what aren't YOU troubled by it, you ugly racists?.@caramelwithsalt agreed. Plenty of people allowed this to happen. And notice-- not one major magazine investigation. TV either. Why?
Retweeted by RunBidenRun The Obama coalition is just too simple to understand the greatness of Bernie Sanders. Good strategy, guys.@AmbassadorRice Here's an idea. Don't give anyone in the Middle East weapons ever again. Ever.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @maureenfox @TheWanjiru @TheObamaDiary @BernieSanders @POTUS Doing what? I mean beside talking.They don't care about the immigrants, they don't care about the broke people who they've convinced are losing their jobs to immigrants
Retweeted by RunBidenRun New hotness: the people who got a black guy named Hussein elected POTUS twice aren't smart enough to appreciate Bernie Sanders.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @allanbrauer that's because a lot of them are black and they're just not smart enough. (Still working on an excuse for us, white).A battle won in SC, but this is what losing the war looks like in TX. http://t.co/8dZbEpn6v0 http://t.co/O77kH1OzRE
Retweeted by RunBidenRun So people are willing to believe all immigrants are rapists with no evidence, but 30 women weren't enough to convince them about Cosby.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Weird! If only the book was doing well too. "@ryanbeckwith: This story doing well today even though it's from 2012 http://t.co/dQpdsTN6Bf"
Retweeted by RunBidenRun This story doing well today even though it's from 2012 http://t.co/cpgVs6mamu cc: @MikeGrunwald
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Why Bernie Sanders is the left’s Ron Paul. http://t.co/shnMT59AVI@chemoelectric 😢 so sorry.@ciaogirl9 @theonlyadult @pari_passu @SenSanders they attack Bernie, idiotically, knowing Hillary is vulnerable from the Right. Disgusting.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Anyone else except @theonlyadult and me notice @BernieSanders is literally plagiarizing @POTUS, only he's white & louder so it makes sense?😳
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @ciaogirl9 @pari_passu @SenSanders you didn't get my point. Never mind.@ciaogirl9 @pari_passu @SenSanders I thought he was running as a DEM.VIDEO: Here's all five U.S. goals from today's Women's World Cup final, as called on Telemundo by Andrés Cantor: http://t.co/pwyP9TTrpJ
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @admiralmpj @ShroudSciuridae @maddow Still waiting.@LiberalPhenom @SenateDems Hard line demands for a Jobs bill or confirmation of Obama's judges too tough for these gentlemen.
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Colorado offered free birth control — and teen abortions fell by 42 percent http://t.co/BX1t0NVj45
Retweeted by RunBidenRun As a reminder: The Cosby Show: fake Bill Cosby: real Another reminder: Sitcom fatherhood: fake The real life drugging of women: real 👍🏾
Retweeted by RunBidenRun President Obama on failed austerity: "You cannot keep on squeezing countries that are in the midst of depression." http://t.co/h5CSEXH8DQ
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @ShroudSciuridae @admiralmpj @maddow are we talking about Maddow who called Barack Obama liar and sexist?@ShroudSciuridae @admiralmpj @maddow I eagerly await her exposure of his view about gun laws.@mtaibbi @dvdeal of course, Obama wasn't going to do anything unless the "left" forced him.@ChemiShalev Dennis Ross?So say the douches who took us into an Iraq war based on lies Shut the fuck up and support your fucking president https://t.co/mzHeJzK8hg
Retweeted by RunBidenRun Oh, they "made" Obama do it. https://t.co/sKEzcdRUud@mtaibbi "Obama's battle for acceptance" line is such a classic subtle "left" racism, I'm kinda disappointed by the cliche.Hey @SenateDems no one gives a shit what you and your AIPAC masters think. https://t.co/90LS0jO50n@admiralmpj @KnowDTruth44 LOL, they misquote him.@LiberalPhenom @allanbrauer was that FEMA CAMP???@allanbrauer the arrogance to think that they can win without us.WATCH Lovely reception for the Williams sisters as they embrace at the net #ManicMonday http://t.co/EoayLv4thG
Retweeted by RunBidenRun @allanbrauer did you survive the "bern"?@Rach_S Asshole.According to this "Bishop" black men are rapists. I expect him to be on Fox in 3...2...1. https://t.co/dCKF2hr4ypCondescending, smug and dishonest. Obama is running away with it, and the so-called "Left" meltdown is hilarious. https://t.co/JoAcC8kekx@Rach_S I don't read anything from Taibbi. He's peak left "well actually" and he lied about Obama more times than I care to remember.
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